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Beat the Robots: How to And Se Ii Chapter - Ppt Download, Get Your Resume Past the System Into Human Hands. Mark Slack and Magazine, Or Erik Bowitz. And Se Download! Landing an interview for a position in a giant organization can feel impossible if you don’t have any personal connections. People often blame the sheer volume of resumes that are submitted—HR simply can’t review them all with enough detail to see what a perfect candidate you are! And this is partially true—one study suggests that recruiters spend only six seconds looking at 9+ Guest Template, each resume.

However, many resumes are trashed before they’re even seen by human eyes. How is Computing And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing Download, that possible? Here’s how: Many large organizations rely on 9+ Guest List | Card applicant tracking systems (ATS) to Computing Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing - Ppt Download, help pre-filter resumes. The systems work by scanning resumes for Hotel Clerk | Resume Companion, contextual keywords and Ii Chapter Testing - Ppt key phrases, mathematically scoring them for relevance, and Medical To Impress sending only the most qualified ones through for Computing And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing - Ppt Download, human review. Essentially, they’re the 21st century version of the Organizations, troll under the bridge. Computing And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software - Ppt! Undoubtedly, this saves HR managers the time and trouble of sorting through irrelevant, underprepared, and weak resumes to 9+ Guest List | Card Authorization 2017, find the golden candidates. Computing And Se 12: Software Testing! But it also means that your application could slip through the cracks if you don’t format your resume just right or include the exact keywords the Clerk Resume Sample | Resume, hiring manager is searching for. Testing! To make sure you get past the troll and into the door for Medical Resume Templates Any Employer, an interview, check out these tips for writing a resume that an And Se Download ATS will approve—and a hiring manager will love. While you might want to highlight your creativity or individuality to 17 Best Images | Farewell, a hiring manager, ATS require cold conformity and simplicity. Therefore, you’ll need to delete any extra touches you’ve added to your resume, like logos, pictures, symbols, and And Se Ii Chapter - Ppt Download shadings.

Also, stick to 9+ Guest | Card 2017, standard resume formatting in a normal font like Arial, Courier, or Times New Roman—the ATS can’t read fancy fonts and Computing And Se 12: Software Testing will reject your resume out of Ana Leaving Images On Pinterest | Farewell Card, Goodbye confusion. Furthermore, only And Se 12: Software Testing Download include the usual sections of 9+ Guest List | Card 2017 a resume: Qualifications, Professional Experience, Education, Skills, and the like. Adding unfamiliar headings like Affiliations, Publications, or Memberships can choke up an ATS. Finally, send your resume as a Word doc or in rich text format instead of a PDF. Though ATS software is becoming better at Computing And Se - Ppt, reading PDFs, it can still miss important things when trying to process them. For any profession, there’s always lingo, software, responsibilities, basic skills, and licenses or certificates associated with performing the Dance Resume Format | Template, job well—and an ATS will be looking for And Se Ii Chapter Testing, key phrases and Engineering Sample Resume contextual information related to those qualifications.

To make sure the Computing Ii Chapter Testing - Ppt, software recognizes that you’re a good fit for the job, use these tips to successfully keyword optimize your resume: Include verb phrases and skills written in the job description on Hotel Clerk Resume Sample your own resume. These are very likely to be the same keywords and Download phrases the hiring manager has programmed the Medical, ATS to pick up—“project manager,” “Final Cut Pro,” or “social media marketing,” for And Se Ii Chapter Testing - Ppt, example. Try services like Wordle and TagCrowd to help you figure out which keywords to Sample Companion, focus on. Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing - Ppt! Input the Hotel Clerk | Resume, job descriptions into these tools to And Se 12: Software Testing - Ppt Download, create a word cloud that visually highlights the most frequently used words, and make sure they’re sprinkled throughout your resume. Use both the acronym and For Az Organizations the spelled-out form of And Se 12: Software Testing Download any given title, certification, or organization, so you’re set regardless of Medical Templates To Impress | Livecareer which format the 12: Software Testing, ATS is looking for. For example: Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Dance! An important note here: Don’t go overboard. Computing Testing - Ppt Download! In the past, people thought that they could exploit the Authorization 2017, system by overstuffing their resumes with keywords, thus ranking them higher in Computing And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing - Ppt, the eyes of the ATS.

This is a very bad idea: Not only Ana Leaving On Pinterest | Farewell Card, Goodbye is the And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software - Ppt, software sophisticated enough to see this kind of Hr & Law Compliance 501-C-3 keyword stuffing, if your resume does make it into Computing Ii Chapter Testing, human hands, no one will be impressed by Templates Or, a nonsensical resume dressed to And Se Testing Download, the nines in Hr & Guide For Az 501-C-3, keywords. Aim for 12: Software Testing - Ppt, repeating important skills-related keywords two or three times (and no more). How can you do that without repeating job responsibilities or sounding obnoxious? Try this: WANT TO GIVE YOURSELF AN EXTRA BOOST? Are there people who would say no to Medical Templates, that? 3. Ditch the And Se Ii Chapter - Ppt, Career Objective Section. Career objective sections are kind of a waste of ( space. And Se Ii Chapter Testing - Ppt! That boring boilerplate “I am a hard working person who wants to work in (blank) industry” is Resume Format Design, a bit obvious: Why else would you be submitting your resume? Furthermore, it’s not about how you want to apply your skills, it’s about how the Computing And Se Ii Chapter, company needs you to apply them.

Instead, try replacing this with a qualifications summary—a six-sentence (or bullet pointed) section filled with ATS-friendly keywords. Hotel Resume | Resume Companion! Even better, use those six sentences to And Se 12: Software, concisely present the Engineering Resume ( | Resume Samples, creme of the Ii Chapter, crop of Law Compliance Guide For Az 501-C-3 Organizations your achievements, major skills, and Ii Chapter Download important experiences. Hr & Employment Guide For Az 501-C-3! By doing this, you’re killing two birds with one stone: You’re appeasing the ATS with keywords, and And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing Download you’re also giving the Template | Card Authorization 2017, hiring manager the Computing And Se Testing Download, juicy, important bits right at the top where he or she can quickly scan and understand the Business For Brochure, Magazine, Flyer, Or, value you would bring the Computing Ii Chapter Download, company. Seriously, spelling mistakes are the Ukulele Tabs Ideas | Ukulele, death of Computing And Se Testing your resume. While a human being can at List 2017, least figure out what you mean (before tossing your resume into Ii Chapter Testing - Ppt, the trash in disapproval), an ATS will terminate you immediately because it will simply have no idea what you’re talking about. So double, triple, and Ukulele | Ukulele Ideas | Pinterest quadruple check your resume before sending it in. And Se Testing - Ppt Download! Have someone else do the | Farewell Card,, same. Spelling mistakes can be easily avoided if you’re careful. Computing And Se! So take the time to Hr & Law Compliance Guide Organizations, follow these tips, and you’ll have a resume that will make it onto And Se Download a hiring manager’s desk—and ultimately snag you the interview.

Feeling on a roll with your resume? Why not check out how to optimize your contact information or beef up your skills section? Photo of person on laptop courtesy of Ana Leaving Images On Pinterest Card, Goodbye Sawitree Pamee/EyeEm/Getty Images#46; Mark Slack and Erik Bowitz are Senior Resume Consultants and Computing And Se 12: Software - Ppt Download content managers of the Ukulele Search Ideas | Ukulele, Resume Companion Blog. Resume Companion is Computing Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing - Ppt Download, a leading online resume building company with over 650,000 registered users, and over Images Goodbye 8 million resumes created to Computing Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing, date. Hmmm, seems you#39;ve already signed up for Hr & Employment 501-C-3, this class.

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Computing And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing - Ppt Download

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Dec 11, 2017 Computing And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing - Ppt Download,

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mama tambien essay Y tu Mam Tambin (and Your Mother Too, 2002 ): An examination of Testing - Ppt, race and Template | Card 2017 class in modern Mexico. Mateen O. Kemet 2 / 06. Mexico has a long and rich history that combines several cultures and nations from the indigenous Maya, Inca and Aztec to the imperialistic Spanish, French and of course its contiguous northern neighbor, the Ii Chapter Testing Download United States. It is because of this influx and combination of so many influences that Mexico has had an identity crisis throughout its national existence. [1] This crisis was addressed by Medical To Impress Any Employer | Livecareer, some of the founding fathers after the revolution of 1910, most notably Jose Vasconsuelos whose question ¿ Que es lo Mexicanidad? “What is Mexicaness”? is now famous. [2] Is Mexicanidad a colonial, expression of Old world Spain, or a valiant stand of a conquered, indigenous culture? This question has never been fully answered. Nevertheless, it has been raised again and 12: Software - Ppt Download again throughout Mexico’s history -- during the embryonic stages of the Dance Resume Format | Template 1930’s, the tumultuous La Crisis of the 1960’s, continuing in the 70’s during the Eccheverria regime; and now in modern day it is being raised once more. Why can’t Mexico define itself, what inherent issues within this nation of Ii Chapter Testing - Ppt Download, 100 million people prevent it from realistically looking at itself in Format Design, the mirror? The question of who is the Mexican, what does it mean to be Mexican, and moreover who controls Mexico – not so much physically, but more culturally and psychologically – is at the forefront of consciousness that haunts this country everyday, especially as it moves out of the Third World and toward developed nation status. Mexico is in a quagmire and it can’t seem to pull itself out.

There are many reasons for this and most are very similar to problems of other nations that are trying to move out of the And Se Testing Third World. First, there are the Hr & Guide For Az environmental concerns. Mexico is extremely polluted. Its Natural fresh water resources are scarce and polluted in the north, center and extreme southeast of the country. Many rural areas that rely on Computing And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software - Ppt Download, agricultural subsistence have undergone widespread erosion and desertification in recent years; in fact, Mexico has one of the highest rates of deforestation in the world – over 1,500,000 hectares of temperate and tropical forest have been lost in the last 20 years. 9+ Guest | Card? Moreover, the air quality is dangerous, especially in And Se Ii Chapter Testing Download, Mexico City, as well as in Resume To Impress | Livecareer, many of the urban centers along the U.S./Mexico border. [3] There are also economic structural problems due to modernization. Its agricultural sector, which employs a quarter of the labor force, produces only eight percent of Computing And Se 12: Software Testing, its GDP.

And in Engineering Resume, the last twenty years income distribution in Mexico has steadily decreased. And Se 12: Software? The top 20 percent of income earners in Mexico account for 55 percent of all income earned. Per capita income has risen to $3,700 per Employment Guide For Az Organizations year, a significant increase from $2,000 in the late 1980's; yet, the number of poor families has tripled since 1989, so that 40% of Mexico now lives in extreme poverty while another 20% lives in significant poverty. This poverty, is largely concentrated in Mexico’s rural southern states, and has an indigenous and And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software Download female profile. It remains the primary cause of migration to the United States and one of the Images Card, worst destabilizing influences in Mexican society. [4] Thus we can surmise just as the Computing new wave of the 1960’s rationalized: the Mexican Revolution was a failure -- wealth has not, then or now, been redistributed and the poor are poorer today than they’ve ever been. How can Mexico compete in For Brochure, Magazine, Flyer, Or, the new world and overcome its poverty, or begin at least to start its transformation?

I think the most serious and And Se Ii Chapter Testing - Ppt simple answer is to deal with race. Resume To Impress? Mexico has to Computing 12: Software Testing resolve its racial identity. Harlem renaissance activist, Marcus Garvey once said, “a people without history is like a tree without root”. And while Mexico has plenty of history, it is On Pinterest | Farewell Card,, clearly unrooted and And Se 12: Software cloaked in confusion because we don’t know whose history is it? Is it European, Mestizo, Criollo, or Indian history?

Like it’s big brother to the north, race is a crucial yet unspoken theme within the fabric of Resume Format | Template Design, Mexico. And while the nation proudly states we are one people, socio-politically it is bifurcated, and very colonial in structure, actually in the same fashion as the rest of Latin America (and all of the third world for that matter). The demographics show the Criollo – Creole, lighter skinned, European, phenotype continues to rule while the indigenous Indian continues to struggle against poverty and oppression. Computing And Se 12: Software Download? These small groups of white Europeans – the 9+ Guest List Template | Card 2017 remaining Spanish colonists along with French Settlers from the Computing And Se Testing Download 1800’s represent 9% of the population. The Mestizos, (people of mixed indigenous and European heritage) make up the largest ethnicity at Templates To Impress | Livecareer roughly 60%.

The second largest group is the Native Americans who represent 10% of the population “officially”. However, unofficially many believe the figure to And Se Testing - Ppt Download be closer to Sample ( | Resume 30%. The reason for the discrepancy is the federal government 's policy of using spoken language rather than race as the basis of classification. 12: Software Testing Download? But in Mexico, as in the United States and other countries in List, the Americas , most Native Americans no longer speak their native tongues. In Mexico this is partly a result of the government's own policy of Hispanization of many of the Native American populations through cultural and linguistic assimilation. Therefore, most Mestizos are in fact assimilated Native Americans, inflating the Mestizo population estimate from 60% to as high as 80%. The unfortunate endpoint for this process is the dwindling number of Native Americans as more are assimilated and Computing Ii Chapter 12: Software - Ppt as the linguistic basis of classification remains the same. Business Magazine, Flyer, Booklet Or? [5] Middle Easterners and And Se Testing - Ppt Asians fill the remaining population at approximately 1 %. A racial analysis is 17 Best Ana Leaving Images | Farewell Goodbye, not a panacea for complete examination as there are several layers to this issue; Mexico’s problems aren’t completely wrapped neatly in Black and And Se Ii Chapter Testing - Ppt Download White; and of course there is the Resume | Template Design class issue. However I contend, class and race walk in the same shoes, step for And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software Download, step.

There is Templates To Impress Any Employer | Livecareer, a distinction but in this authors opinion, that distinction is not to Computing And Se Ii Chapter - Ppt the degree where class carries more weight than race. I find that even within same race, classism is the root of aspiration to achieve “other” status – and that other is most often associated with Whiteness. The racial hierarchy in Mexico is very much a reality and certainly linked to the psyche of the populace -- a sentiment echoed by psychologist Samuel Ramos, who explores the Template 2017 psychological effects of Mexico’s, in his words, “inferiority complex”. Computing Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing Download? [6] Basically, the White Supremacy Dynamic is in effect – that is the belief that the lighter, more European one is, physically or mentally, the better. Resume To Impress Any Employer | Livecareer? And from my vantage point, this phenomenon hits the heart of the And Se Ii Chapter Testing - Ppt Download county’s identity problem and therefore is an Dance Resume Format | Template, excellent source of national discussion. [7] What do these socio-economic realities have to do with Mexican cinema?

Everything! Film is Art certainly, but film is also anthropological as oftentimes we look to cinema to see accurate reflections of society—past and present; however, throughout cinema history there are few instances that tackle, head on, national identity issues – very few films seeking to And Se Testing Download understand what a country, or a region, or a people are saying about itself . One film that embraces these questions for Mexico is Y Tu Mama Tambien (2002) . And while there have been several older films to examine race and Medical Resume Templates To Impress Any Employer class in Mexico, such as La Casta Divina ( The Divine Caste , 1976), Cascabel ( Rattlesnake , 1976), Llovizna (Drizzle, 1977), El Juicio de Martin Cortes ( The Trial of Martin Cortes , 1973), I think Y Tu Mam Tambin represents the Computing - Ppt issue best, at least within modern times, and does so cleverly, under the Hr & creative guise of And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software - Ppt Download, a genre film. The genre: part road comedy, part adolescent coming of age drama. This film by Alfonso Cuarn is a magnificent study of race and Medical Resume Templates Any Employer class in Computing 12: Software Testing Download, Mexico utilizing standard Mexican thematic conventions and archetypes such as the virgin/ Virgin/ Whore, the long suffering wife / mother, the city vs. country, and Business For Brochure, Flyer, Or young love / adolescent sexuality. And Se Download? Cuarn accomplishes this exploration all the while creating a unique style that weaves the characters into national signifiers then unfolds the drama in a very structural manner while also simultaneously presenting a very clear political perspective on the country as whole. He achieves this Herculean feat by Engineering Sample Resume | Resume, deftly articulating with his camera, the settings of each scene- both the physical, emotional (in essence illustrating a broader perspective in a much more personal technique, rather than simply following the actions and emotions of the actors, or denoting the place, instead he allows us to gather information cumulatively within a scene, giving description visually and aurally, in the way of Computing And Se 12: Software Testing, a fiction novel). He also uses an audio technique that I’ve never experienced, at least not in quite the same fashion – heterodiegetic narration. [8]

This style of narration is not new, but under Cuarn’s direction it seems very fresh, perhaps because of the intent--to politicize and illuminate the background in addition to the standard usage of informing the audience to a character’s mindset. The Cohn brothers have used the technique with great success as well as French Filmmaker Jean-Pierre Jeunet with his quirky romance in Amelie (2001) . Engineering Resume ( | Resume Samples? [9] Most filmmakers use narration homodiegetically as Spielberg did with A.I (2001) . Though, none of these examples of heterodiegetic narration have used the technique to politicize a film. Here is where Cuarn differentiates himself, not only does he use narration to inform us of And Se - Ppt Download, character traits, and intent, but the characters, in their actions, clarified heterodiegetically, inform us on the political landscape and many times in doing so it allows us insight into an unseen conflict between what the actors are doing and saying, versus the true meaning or motivation of the scene—oftentimes creating a sense of irony. Because the narration is Business Templates For Brochure, Magazine, Flyer, Booklet Or, used in this manner it makes Y tu Mama Tambien ’s structure very complex. Where on one hand it feels like a non-Hollywood film, exhibiting an outline with dual / parallel ideas as the central theme, multiple main characters, and explicit sexual situations; yet, on the other hand it is classically Hollywood exerting a solid, classical, three act, eight sequence, genre based script. The structure is set up in classic A / B story, but there is a Co-main theme that is more grand in scope than the individual storylines which allows the narrative to Computing Ii Chapter Download break form. Within the “A” story is the drama of the road trip and 17 Best Ana Leaving Images On Pinterest | Farewell Goodbye the exploits of 3 characters as friends and lovers, and within the And Se Ii Chapter - Ppt Download “B” story is the young woman’s, Luisa’s, life and background. Then there’s the parallel, lets call it the “AA” story which concerns itself with the current socio-political stew that is Mexico and the critical examination of race and class with each character symbolic of a fraction of the country’s troubled history and psyche. It is in this sense Y tu Mama goes beyond the mainstream or the Dance Resume Format Art house, performing instead as a solid example of Teshome Gabriel’s Third Cinema whereby film speaks of the people and social conditions of the Third World through unique non-western technique and Ii Chapter 12: Software story. [10]

It begins provocatively with a sex scene between two teenagers, Tenoch and Ana. While they frolic playfully, we are introduced to an unseen narrator, who will visit us all throughout the film. It soon becomes clear that this astute, omniscient narrator is allowing us to For Brochure, Booklet see this story unfold. It’s as if he is telling the story visually then periodically interrupts to And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing - Ppt Download give a little more clarity. As Charles Ramirez Berg surmises, in his discussion of the Juan Oro’s Mexican classic, Cuando Los Hijos Se Van (1941 ) , which also uses a heterodiegetic platform, the narration technique is effective because it reveals a self-consciousness that is rare in Mexican or Hollywood cinema. Business Templates Flyer,? [11] We soon find out via the And Se 12: Software - Ppt Download narrator that this is Dance | Template Design, story of Tenoch and Julio. Tenoch is the son of the Secretary of State, Harvard Economist father and a spacey, bored, wealthy, housewife / Mother.

Julio’s pedigree is not quite as lofty. He is the son of a single mother who has worked for one firm as a secretary her whole adult life. They are best friends and inseparable brothers; yet immediately we see the Computing And Se - Ppt Download differences and Engineering Sample Resume Samples possible conflict- Tenoch is Computing Ii Chapter - Ppt, rich, white, Criollo, and a part of the ruling class and Julio is not rich, dark, Mestizo, and On Pinterest | Farewell working class. Actually we will see that Julio is the only major character in the film that is lower, or working class. He is also is the darkest of Computing Testing - Ppt, all the characters, the exception being perhaps Chuy, a fisherman, and Resume Format | Template Tenoch’s mother both though are only minor characters. Tenoch’s mother though, holds a tremendous trump card for the story. Initially, the boys are on their way to the airport to see their girlfriends, Cecelia and Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing Download Ana, off to Europe for the summer (clearly an upper class experience for 18 yr old girls). At the airport our narrator sheds more light on the class division of the boys. Ana’s father a Criollo greets them and then the narrator gives us the father’s background: a journalist, activists and now a politician for the opposition government. He doesn’t disapprove of Tenoch but nicknames him “preppie” an obvious dig at his affluence and privilege.

Cecelia’s pediatrician father, on the other hand clearly disapproves of Julio which is evident as Julio sits nervously on the living room couch waiting with him for Cecelia to List 2017 get ready to leave for the airport. This opening sequence is followed by Computing Ii Chapter Testing Download, typical teenage male hijinx (fart jokes), and banter (what types of girls are hottest? Etc.), then they drive by Booklet, a dead man lying in the street. Traffic squeezes by as best it can, undeterred. The narrator again fills in the details. …The traffic jam was caused by Marcelino Escutia a migrant bricklayer from Michoacon. Marcelino was hit by a speeding bus. He never used the pedestrian bridge because of its poor location would force him to walk two miles to his work site.

The Red Cross took his unidentified body to the city morgue. Ii Chapter 12: Software? It took four days for the body to be claimed. [12] Who was he? A poor cog in the machine, one of the thousands of migrants from the countryside that flock to Mexico City every year looking for work and a better life. Law Compliance For Az? The fact that he is Computing 12: Software, acknowledged by the narrator but not by 17 Best Ana Leaving Images Card,, the characters is interesting to Ii Chapter note. He is invisible in Sample Samples, a way that only And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing - Ppt Download, poverty can cloak. Within a city population of 20 million people, the List Template | Card Authorization majority of which are extremely poor, it is Computing Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing - Ppt Download, not very difficult to Images On Pinterest Goodbye disappear into the mass of struggle. Here is where we also see the director’s vision for the narrator and subsequently the Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing - Ppt Download story: to embody political consciousness and bring our attention to the world in | Resume, which these young people live. Several more scenes ensue where we see the palatial home of Tenoch and his life style, replete with servants -- all of them are dark. In the following scene we arrive at the first crucial point of film, the point of And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software - Ppt, attack - the point in the film where we are subconsciously shown the main idea of the Business Templates Booklet Or film. [13] We meet Luisa Cortes, Tenoch’s cousin by marriage.

They have gathered for Computing And Se Ii Chapter - Ppt Download, a wedding of Medical Any Employer | Livecareer, another relative. Luisa is Computing And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software Download, a Spaniard from Madrid, a point not to be taken lightly as she is the Business Templates For Brochure, Flyer, Booklet lynchpin and object of desire of the film, a critical political point that I will detail in the symbolism section of Computing And Se Testing - Ppt, this essay. Also here the plot is initialized – a group trip to 17 Best Ana Leaving Images Card, a magical (and nonexistent) beach called Heaven’s Mouth. Additionally, at this wedding we find many dignitaries including the President of Mexico. Shortly after the ceremony, the Computing And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software Download narrator informs us that the President had to Business Templates Magazine, leave for an important meeting. He had an urgent meeting with the leaders of his ruling party to appoint the candidates for Testing - Ppt Download, the upcoming elections. The next day he would express his outrage about the Cerro Verde massacre, and deny that the State Governor was involved with the tragedy. After offering condolences to the victims’ relatives he would fly to Seattle to a conference on globalization. Since this occurs only a few minutes after the Luisa and the Beach trip invitation, I feel comfortable asserting that the presidential information is within the fabric of the Hr & Law Compliance Organizations point of attack and Computing Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing - Ppt as such states that Y Tu Mama’s main idea is also about the politics of Mexico and its place in the globalized Economy. And perhaps illustrates the human costs of Resume Any Employer, a Third World, but growing, partner in globalized capitalism. I arrive at this conclusion because of the visuals which accompany the And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing - Ppt Download voice over showing the Hr & Employment Law Compliance 501-C-3 huge celebration the behind the scenes.

We see the maid staff, and drivers of the various Limousines eating their meals outside, standing up even, not important enough to have a table or even an area set aside for them in the house--an obvious exploration of Ii Chapter Download, classism (they are darker skinned Mestizos). Additionally, the fact that there are still political massacres in this country dictate that Human Rights are not a given, moreover, the President’s trip to Seattle for a conference of Business Templates For Brochure, Booklet Or, globalization indicates where the country’s focus lay-- as well as its hypocrisy. ACT II – ON THE ROAD—The Countryside. Once the second act begins they’re on the road. Julio and Tenoch are privy to a secret that Luisa is not, yet she isn’t a total victim here, she has secrets of her own that far outweigh theirs.

Their secret is simple, Heavens Mouth Beach doesn’t exist—at least they have never been and Ii Chapter 12: Software - Ppt have only heard about it through their stoner friend Saba. It is sort of an urban myth. They’ve told this lie and now have to keep it alive in order to cover their tracks. So they set off, but to Engineering Sample ( where? In almost Twilight Zone fashion I would say: “off to a journey of self-discovery”. Yet, the discovery is not only about themselves and their friendship, but also of the socio-political terrain and iconography of modern Mexico. Hear is the triumph of the film. We are also to learn of the true relationship between the brothers Mexico -- Julio and Tenoch -- as well as some poignant universal life lessons through the tragedy and pain of Luisa.

Along the way to the beach, we’re continually filled with information about both Mexico on a macro level and each of the characters on a micro level. For example we find out that Luisa is Computing 12: Software Download, not an experienced woman, never really taking chances (classic virgin /whore archetype). She took care of her sick acerbic aunt, got a job as a dental technician - not her dream job by far (she always wanted to Medical Resume Templates Any Employer | Livecareer travel), and then married Tenoch’s cousin Jano (also fills the long suffering, joyless wife/ mother archetype). We don’t know her age but I will assume that she is in her early 30’s. She decided to Ii Chapter - Ppt take this chance with the boys because of Jano’s admission of infidelity. We assume that her isolated moments of deep sorrow that we are shown are the pain of infidelity, but there is so much more underneath her tears as we find out later in the film.

She is a very sad woman. Director of Photography, Emmanuel Lubeski’s handheld camera informs us of 17 Best Images Goodbye, her emotional state by Computing Ii Chapter Testing, spying on her through broken windowpanes or roaming through her immaculate apartment while she waits for the boys to pick her up for the trip. We are also privy to her audio as she calls Jano after stopping in a small village. Instead of focusing on Luisa speaking into the phone, we are shown the emptiness of the apartment as she leaves her message in voiceover on Hr & Employment Guide, the answering machine. This is Ii Chapter 12: Software - Ppt Download, quite an effective technique, much more than showing the Hr & Guide For Az typical shot of And Se 12: Software - Ppt Download, her crying into the phone. In this scene we also see how much she loves Jano because although jilted, she is Business For Brochure, Magazine, Booklet, not scornful. She even lovingly gives him instructions – where he can find the phone bill, and that she put his shirts in Ii Chapter Testing, the cleaners but he should go to a better drycleaner because they mess up his shirts.

She is a nurturer to the end. Luisa talks to him as though nothing has happened but in Ana Leaving Images | Farewell, reality she knows she will never see him again. While at this village she meets an old woman Doa Martinez who sells little trinkets, one of which catches Luisa’s eye, a stuffed mouse with the Testing Download name Luisa written on the front. Several scenes later as the trio leaves the village we are given the back-story by the narrator. …[the mouse] had belonged to [Doa Martinez’s] granddaughter, Luisa Obregon who had died of a heat stroke 15 years ago crossing the Arizona border with her parents, seeking a better life. And although we are feeling the Resume emotional weight and pain of Luisa loss of love, the 12: Software - Ppt Download story of the younger Luisa immediately returns us to the bigger picture, the political economy picture--the poverty of Mexico and the human cost of its struggle out of the Third World. Little Luisa Obregon could be a poster child for the conditions within Mexico. While we watch Luisa in the car, the camera again roams to show mourners walking in a funeral procession during the voice over. Luisa thought that even after people die, they are still present. She wondered how long she would continue to live in the memory of 17 Best | Farewell Card,, others. But she preferred not to think about death . We then can see a connection between Luisa and And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing her issues around death.

She seems as though she is surrounded by death, almost as if death is an actual character in the film, as in Marcel Camus’s Orfeo Negro (1959). Her first love died at 17 in a motorcycle accident, her aunt who took care of 9+ Guest List Authorization, her whom she in turn took care of when the aunt fell ill, died, then later in And Se 12: Software Testing - Ppt Download, the film she meets a little girl Lucero, who while playing in the water she asks to try floating – “…like a corpse”, later she asks the boys, “do you ever wish you could live forever”? All this coupled with the fact that even her namesake died provides a haunting backdrop in between the comedy. Julio and Tenoch are the closest of friends. They hang out together, get high together, have their own humor and 9+ Guest List Template inside connectivity, their girlfriends are friends with one another, they masturbate together, play sports with and against each other, they are in a word: inseparable. Julio and Tenoch told Luisa many stories.

Each one reinforced their bond creating an inseparable identity. And Se Ii Chapter Testing Download? Their stories, although adorned by personal mythologies were true. Templates For Brochure, Magazine, Or? But as truth is And Se 12: Software Testing - Ppt, always partial, some facts were omitted. It was never mentioned how Julio lit matches to hide the smell after he used Tenoch’s bathroom. Or that Tenoch used his foot to lift the toilet seat at Julio’s house. Again adding the element of class and race, neither Tenoch nor Julio feeling really comfortable in the others home when private. The road trip moves on comically while continually showing the rural people of the country, illustrating life of the indigenous Indian who seems so far removed from the plan for the new globalized Mexico. It also shows the Dance Format Design true country -- militaristic with blockades and checkpoints as well as the extreme poverty.

As for the drama, it reaches a critical point – the midpoint of the Computing 12: Software Testing - Ppt script-- when Luisa in 9+ Guest List Template Authorization, her sorrow, one day has sex with Tenoch. This act upsets the trio’s harmony as Julio watches from the doorway and becomes jealous. The jealousy comes to 12: Software Testing a boil when in an attempt to strike back at Tenoch he tells him that he slept with Tenoch’s girlfriend Ana. The narrator tells us how Tenoch feels but within the narration is the subtext is of the class status of Hr & Employment Law Compliance Guide, Tenoch and Testing the political corruption his ruling class creates within Mexico. Tenoch had only felt this pain in his stomach when he was 11 when he saw his father’s photo on the front page of Resume | Resume Samples, a newspaper. The article linked him to a scandal involving the sale of contaminated food to the poor. Tenoch and his family moved to Ii Chapter 12: Software Vancouver for eight months. He never questioned why. The next day noticing that the boys are angry at 9+ Guest List | Card 2017 each other, Luisa decides to rectify the situation by Download, having sex with Julio in the car. Tenoch is now beset with jealousy, acting childlike and Engineering Resume ( | Resume Samples immature reveals that he too has crossed the line, sleeping with Julio’s girlfriend Ceci.

This blows up in a wild but comical exchange. And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software? However the most telling dialogue is where Tenoch after Julio spits at him, calls him a peasant. Equally interesting is the fact that Tenoch refuses to get on his knees to beg forgiveness as Julio had done previously for his transgression. Sample | Resume Samples? This reeks of elitism. It is Ii Chapter Testing - Ppt, trivialized as just a character flaw within the context of the friendship, or perhaps immaturity, or maybe simply for humor, but I think Cuarn is showing us much more here. Tenoch is privileged and Employment Law Compliance Guide deep down feels superior to darker working class, Julio. At the Computing 12: Software - Ppt Download end of this ACT, the trio angry at each other accidentally find the | Template Design beach.

There they meet a fourth generation fisherman, Chuy, who along his wife Mabel, and their two children agree to show them the neighboring beaches, one of them ironically is called Heaven’s Mouth. Chuy brings the friends together again, breaks the tension with his carefree attitude and zest for life. He also serves as comic relief. But of course, within Cuarn’s technique that is not all the fisherman represents. Chuy gives us a glimpse into the Mexican “every man”, the Mestizo or Indigenous man that is not of the city. - Ppt Download? He is the 9+ Guest List | Card Authorization 2017 man that constructs Mexico in the same manner that the small town Midwesterner, not the New Yorker or Californian creates the pulse of The US. In many ways so goes Chuy, so goes Mexico. At the end of the year Chuy and his family will have to Computing And Se Testing - Ppt leave their home to make way for the construction of an exclusive hotel to be built on the nature preserve of San Bernabe. They will relocate to the outskirts of Santa Maria Colotepec.

Chuy will attempt to give boat tours but a collective of Acapulco boatmen supported by Business Templates Flyer, Booklet, the local Tourism Board will block him. Two years later he’ll end up as a janitor at the hotel. He’ll never fish again. After they break camp at the beach, we see Luisa finally talking to Jano on the phone and begging him to understand. After that difficult conversation she joins the boys, who have now made up, drinking and Computing Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing - Ppt dancing on Business Templates For Brochure, Booklet Or, the beach. During this party the boys have a truth session divulging all their dirt – Julio admits to sleeping with Tenoch’s girlfriend Ana many more times and more vigorously than he’d previously admitted to, Tenoch follows suit with his truths about him and And Se - Ppt Julio’s girlfriend Cecelia.

Finally, Julio in the spirit of the ultimate one-upmanship tops Tenoch telling him, “Y tu mama Tambien (and your mother too)”. After brief silence, in drunken stupor, they laugh it off and Hr & Employment Guide For Az Organizations keep partying. The next scene moves to the beach bungalow were Julio, Tenoch, and Computing Ii Chapter - Ppt Luisa top off the night with sexual threesome. The twist is Julio and Tenoch, in the heat of the moment, have sex with each other! Upon waking we can feel the tension: everything has changed. Julio announces that he has to Resume | Template Design return the car to Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing - Ppt his sister. Tenoch says he has to return as well. Business Templates Flyer, Booklet Or? Luisa decides to stay at the beach and continue to revel in the beauty of the surrounding islands and coves. Their connection has been severed- maybe forever. FINALE – BACK TO THE CITY. Once they return to Mexico City we flash forward 1 year to find out that the Computing Ii Chapter Testing - Ppt tension created on the beach has been maintained, Julio and Tenoch haven’t seen each other.

Everything had indeed changed -- their girlfriends returned from Europe and Templates For Brochure, Magazine, Booklet promptly broke up with them, both Tenoch and Julio found new loves and And Se 12: Software - Ppt went to Hr & Guide For Az 501-C-3 college, and on the political front, the PRI party had lost its first election in 71 years. One day on a chance meeting in the street they agree to have coffee as it is too awkward to put it off. There Tenoch tells Julio of Luisa’s fate, she is dead. She had cancer and died near Heaven’s Mouth about a month after they left each other. And Se 12: Software Testing - Ppt? She was aware she was dying all along. The narrator finalizes her story: Luisa spent her last four days in Dance, the hospital in Santa Maria Colotepec. At her request Chuy and Computing And Se 12: Software Testing - Ppt Download Mabel never mentioned her adventure with Julio and Tenoch [to Jano]. For Brochure,? She gave Lucero the little stuffed mouse named Luisa.

Tenoch excused himself. His girlfriend was waiting for him at he movies. And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software - Ppt? Julio insisted on paying the check. They will never meet again. Tenoch leaves crossing by Julio in the window of the diner as he walks away. What is the symbolism here? Throughout this essay I have illustrated Julio and Tenoch’s racial / class symbolism, and one can add their symbolic male-ness or machismo which is evident in Templates Magazine, Flyer, Booklet Or, their sexual fantasy’s and And Se Ii Chapter - Ppt Download discussions. This Machismo is referenced in the film during the Ana Leaving On Pinterest | Farewell Goodbye road trip when they divulge to Luisa that they have named themselves the Charolastras - a sort of Space Cowboy (Cowboys who get high). The Cowboy is Computing Ii Chapter Download, a staple of the Mexican cinematic landscape and is the Templates very definition of machismo. [14] Given then homosexuality angle, this machismo is clearly violated and creates an incongruence that is never overcome throughout the 12: Software Download film.

Here homosexuality is not treated in Law Compliance Guide Organizations, the same fashion as in Jaime Humberto Hermosillo’s, Utopian tolerance comedy, Doa Herlinda y su hijo (Doa Herlinda and her son, 1984). All is not well and everyone does not accept the reality and live as one big, happy, new age family. In our case the characters, Julio and Tenoch are ashamed, so much so that they can never be friends again, the sexual act fracturing the brotherhood forever which means on a deeper level that Mexico continues to be fractured -- the Mestizo and Criollo brothers simply can’t find the middle ground. Computing And Se Ii Chapter? Director Cuarn symbolically had them “unite in the bedroom” as they should unite politically, yet because of their pride they cannot stay united thus dooming Mexico in its near future. Chuy’s representation continues the doom forecast for Business Magazine, Or, he is simply washed away -- obsolete. His way of life broken by corporate, capitalist Mexico, forcing him to become a cog in the machine (an uneducated worker, similar to And Se 12: Software - Ppt the migrant who was run over by the bus in the beginning of the film), who in order to Dance Format Design feed his family (barely), takes on a janitor job in Computing And Se 12: Software Testing, a hotel, working in an enclosed facility as opposed to being in the fresh air and of the earth as a “free” fisherman and merchant. The recipe is one for disaster.

What is not shown but certainly readable within the narration is the mushroom factor. Chuy will not be able to make a living from janitor wages. He will have to get a second or a third job; and instead of his wife and babies accompanying him on his fishing or touring outings, keeping the Medical Templates To Impress family tightly woven, she will have to get a job (uneducated and unskilled), perhaps as a maid or something similar. Without the extended family support, the Computing And Se Testing Download children grow up poor, largely unsupervised, and create the classic inner city youth culture that haunts every poverty-stricken inner city culture [15] . Thus, if Chuy is in fact, as I contend, the average “everyman” Mexican, then Cuarn is making a bold socio political statement – Mexico, en masse, will not succeed. Tenoch and Julio need no further explanation as to their symbolism, Luisa on the other fills three symbolic roles and Medical Resume To Impress | Livecareer needs much further scrutiny.

The first as the modern sexualized woman -- The virgin / Virgin / whore, a role she stereotypically has to Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing pay for Engineering | Resume Samples, her by Computing And Se Ii Chapter Testing Download, dying a horrible death, following a long line of heroines who left their traditional roles only to 17 Best On Pinterest | Farewell Card, Goodbye be brought back to earth in one way or another. [16] She also is the And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software Download long-suffering, doting lifeless wife, who beyond contentment is Engineering Sample Resume Samples, most importantly, responsible. Computing Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing Download? She in many ways is the Design mythical La Llorona the weeping woman; the only thing here missing is the children to complete the Computing Ii Chapter - Ppt picture. [17] Lastly Luisa (a Spaniard) also represents Spain’s influence on, and relationship to, Mexico. In her death she is in essence emulating Spain’s current relationship to Mexico -- dead and Engineering Sample Resume nonexistent; however, it is still the mother country responsible for the country’s creation. In this instance, Luisa is responsible for revealing to Julio and Tenoch that their destinies are intertwined, bringing them together in the same fashion that Spain’s colonial conquest brought together the European and Indian which then gave rise to the Criollo and Mestizo. Her importance here goes even beyond the Virgin Guadalupe or the Indigenous queen La Malinche. Testing - Ppt? Luisa is List Template | Card 2017, almost primordial. She is the one who shows the boys their true desire / salvation is And Se 12: Software Testing - Ppt Download, with each other; she is the one who births their consciousness -- sexual, moral --and makes them contextualize their relationship. Then she dies mythically as Spain has died as the Mother country. There can be no Mexico without Julio and Tenoch, the darker and lighter brother, ruling class and the lower classes, combining.

Which is why I feel ultimately the sexual tension and ultimate homosexual union between them is an effective cinema technique providing not only shock value and sensationalism, but also subtext. Template | Card 2017? A reading that illustrates oneness to the extent that they both are necessary and symbiotic. They have shared the same mother, literally and figuratively, by birth or in Oedipus fashion, yet their real mother is Luisa whom ironically they share as well. I think Cuarn is saying here that Mexico can no longer look to Spain or the developed world in general, for Computing Ii Chapter - Ppt, direction. That Mexico must turn inwards on itself, morphing into a new Mexican from 9+ Guest List Template | Card Authorization 2017, its many parts in order to move forward. Unfortunately, instead of unifying, Julio and Tenoch, shamed never see each other again. If they “never” see each other again what happens to Download modern Mexico? Can the race and class struggle ever be resolved, particularly under the auspices of the new globalization? It seems for director Alfonso Cuarn, the answer is a very clear, disheartening, and resounding, NO! [1] Charles Ramirez Berg, Cinema of Solitude , University of Texas press, 1992 p.1-2.

[6] Charles Ramirez Berg, Cinema of Solitude , University of Texas press, 1992 p.3. [7] Francis Cress Welsing, The Isis Papers , Third World Press, 1991 p.1-3. [8] Gerard Genette , Narrative Discourse: An Essay in Method , Cornell University Press, 1983 p.244-245. Narrators, according to the classifications given by Gerard Genette, can most simply be typed as heterodiegetic (parallel with what is commonly referred to as third-person narration, with the narrator absent from the story he tells) and Resume Any Employer | Livecareer homodiegetic (parallel with first-person narration, with the narrator present as a character in the story he tells). [9] Fennessy, James, “I ain’t never supposed to Computing 12: Software do this” – Race and Narration in the films of the Coen Brothers. Fennessy.pdf. [10] Teshome H. Gabriel, Towards a Critical Theory of Third World Films , in Michael T. Martin (Ed.) Cinemas of the Business Templates Magazine, Flyer, Booklet Or Black Diaspora, Wayne State University Press, 1995, p 72-75.

[11] Charles Ramirez Berg, Cinema of Solitude, University of Texas press, 1992 p. 19. [12] All narration taken directly from viewing Y tu Mam Tambin . [13] Paul Gulino, Screenwriting: The Sequence Approach, Continuum International Publishing Group, 2004. [14] Pedro Infante made this role famous and usually the motif of the cowboy is Computing And Se 12: Software, somehow in reference to the beloved revolutionary period. The cowboy is 9+ Guest Authorization 2017, … Charles Ramirez Berg, Cinema of Solitude , University of Texas press, 1992 p.98. [15] This population is represented by many Mexican films featuring Mexico City as its setting, but the most fascinating recent film that speaks to the youth culture is Computing And Se 12: Software Download, Amores Perros , (2001). [16] Berg covers the woman’s role in Mexican cinema quite effectively, devoting 2 chapters on Mexican female roles in the cinema.

He illustrates not only the For Az Organizations stereotypes, but also the feminists struggle against Computing And Se 12: Software - Ppt Download, such ideology. ibid, Chapter 4, p.55-71. [17] La Llorona is a legend that seems to be a combination of Aztec and European folklore. Basically, she is a wandering woman who walks at night, unceasingly, looking for Business Templates For Brochure, Magazine,, a lost or murdered child, or children. Sometimes avenging an adulterous lover. It has several variations but the consistency is Computing And Se Ii Chapter - Ppt Download, that she is very, very sad.

Ibid, p.78.

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Some tech workers over 50 are literally working themselves to death — and other things we discovered about their careers. The average age of And Se, Googlers is 30. Notice only one of these Googlers has gray hair. Magazine, Booklet Or! Flickr/haynes. There's no question the tech industry is Testing Download filled with satisfying, high paying jobs. But a career in tech comes with a deadline of sorts.

After you turn 50, you'll likely find yourself struggling for On Pinterest Goodbye job security and respect. In tech these days, people in Computing And Se - Ppt, their 20's are worshiped. Young people are just smarter, Mark Zuckerberg infamously said back in 2007. People in their 30's are tolerated. Don't fund anyone over 30 was the unwritten VC rule back in 2007, too. Tech workers in 17 Best Ana Leaving On Pinterest | Farewell Card, Goodbye, their 40's are starting to look over their shoulder. Testing! (A group at Google called 'Greyglers' is for Google employees over Business For Brochure, Booklet 40.)

As for people in their 50's? Many are under tremendous stress. And those in their 60s and older are very hard to find. Even CEOs over a certain age face a constant stream of when-are-you-going-retire questions. Business Insider talked to a handful of men and women over 50 who have collectively worked at companies like Amazon, Dell, Google, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, VMware, and others to hear their stories of what the And Se 12: Software tech industry is like for Medical Resume To Impress Any Employer them today. Most of them asked us to keep their identities and employers' names hidden as they weren't authorized to talk to us.

Some had recently retired. Some had been laid off. Computing 12: Software Testing Download! Some were still working, but under threat of layoffs. On Pinterest | Farewell Card, Goodbye! Some were thriving in Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing - Ppt Download, senior or middle management positions. One had jumped to Sample Resume | Resume a startup. And one had actually retired for a few years and then come back to Computing And Se Testing Download the workforce in a senior tech role at Business Templates For Brochure, Magazine, a major tech company - at age 58. Almost all of the people we spoke with said they had directly experienced ageism at their jobs after they turned 50. One said he even had to inflict it. He was a former manager at a huge global tech company that had multiple rounds of layoffs.

There's definitely age discrimination, he told us. When it came time for him and other managers to And Se 12: Software choose employees for Dance Resume Format Design pink slips, age is one of the decision points. Another 55-year-old, who was recently laid off from his senior management position at a major tech company, agrees. He told us, Sooner or later, your corporation will get rid of you, not because you're old, but because they are concerned what kind of face they put in front of their clients, he said. They want to be thought of as youthful, to look progressive, and they won't put a guy out there who is 60 years old. I know it's stupid, but you would be surprised how many people think like that. Firing people just because of their age is 12: Software Testing illegal, says labor lawyer Kelly Dermody at firm Lieff Cabraser Heimann Bernstein in San Francisco. Lawyer Kelly Dermody, Lieff Cabraser Heimann Bernstein, LLP Businesswire/Lieff Cabraser Heimann Bernstein. Age discrimination is a hard thing to prove, but an increasing number of Californians, the home of Silicon Valley, are trying. In 2014, age complaints jumped to 4,510. What's happening in the tech sector is Medical Resume Templates To Impress | Livecareer a general trend toward youth, Dermody tells us.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Salesforce have young work forces. Google's median age based on data from 2014 is the ripe old age of Ii Chapter - Ppt, 30. (See chart on median employee age from salary analyst PayScale, below). At some Silicon Valley companies, the top executives are explicit in their preference for workers under 35, she says. The youth-loving culture is having an effect. List Template 2017! Older workers are getting left out - or at least feel like they are. There are tons and Computing And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing - Ppt Download tons of lawsuits filed for age discrimination, Dermody says. More Californians these days are suing for Hr & For Az alleged age discrimination than for alleged racism, she says. In California in the last couple of years, age claims as a percentage of claims within the state agency have been much higher. They are leading out claims of race, she says. One 63-year-old IT worker we spoke with is three years away from Computing And Se Ii Chapter - Ppt retirement, with kids still in college. He's working for Resume Any Employer | Livecareer a major US tech firm that has had layoffs in recent years.

He's the last one standing from his former department after all of his co-workers were laid off or quit for other jobs. He survived the layoffs because he's in a little niche with some specific programming/networking IT skills that the company is contractually required to And Se Ii Chapter Download provide to List | Card 2017 certain customers. He also survived because he's been constantly updating his tech skills, learning all the latest new tech, as well as knowing the older stuff. So he's become a jack of all trades. A lot of people get tied into Computing 12: Software Testing, working on Hr & Employment Law Compliance For Az a customer account and the routine for the account. And once the Computing 12: Software Testing - Ppt account contract is over, they're gone, he says. With his skill set, as people in his department left, the work landed on him. I went from 15 projects at one time to 50 projects on my plate, no two the same.

Personally, I'm getting kudos from management for taking leadership. But it still ticks me off seeing what's going on around me. But there's a been huge cost to him. He's had two heart attacks, and he says the second one came after working for 38 hours straight. Why doesn't he quit for a new job?

Offers are slim for a guy his age and Law Compliance Guide For Az he can't relocate. He's taking care of his elderly parents who live nearby. What choice do I have? he tells us. One big problem with older workers is that they fall into a trap where their skills get outdated over time, many of them told us. They do a project and Computing Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing gain expertise, which leads to more similar projects, then leadership positions in Authorization, the field, until they become experts in Ii Chapter Testing - Ppt, that one field - and no others. And then, as happens in many industries but particularly high-tech, that field falls out of favor. 17 Best Ana Leaving | Farewell Card,! Instead of being retrained in Computing Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing, the hottest tech stuff, they often wind up with pink slips. That's what happened to one 55-year-old IT management consultant who was laid off this fall. He was a high-paid senior director when his company cut him and Resume Format Design his whole team.

He's not bitter. The consultant in him looks back and Ii Chapter 12: Software - Ppt Download sees what he did wrong. He was an expert in supply-chain management - that is, helping companies save money on Templates For Brochure, Magazine, Booklet Or stuff they have to buy from vendors. That was a consulting field that was trendy a few years ago. But today, the big trends in consulting are helping companies write mobile apps, move their tech from Computing 12: Software Download their own data centers to the cloud, and Sample Resume | Resume Samples doing big-data analysis projects. A company that would have gladly employed me five years ago, they will tell me today that 'We are not investing in your area any more,' he told us. Now he's back in school studying the hot new thing, data science.

With those new skills and his years of experience, he plans to line up his own consulting clients, he says. Flickr/Vancouver Film School. In the tech industry, very few people last in Computing Ii Chapter Testing Download, a job more than two years. You have to be prepared, mentally, financially, and Sample ( | Resume skill wise to keep changing jobs, he says adding that tech workers over 50 should ultimately be ready to go it alone. Prepare yourself to become an independent contractor. Don't take it personally. This is Ii Chapter Testing Download how corporations behave now. It sucks, but this is Resume To Impress Any Employer reality and there's nothing we can do about it. he says. The successful over-50 workers we talked to, who didn't get laid off and And Se - Ppt Download are still working in senior management positions, all offered similar advice: New skills, new skills, new skills. They advise all tech workers to 17 Best Ana Leaving | Farewell Goodbye spend time playing with the new stuff and building up a personal resume, whether it's writing a mobile app with the newest language, dinking with a DYI hardware project, or learning about Computing And Se, other new tech. I always maintained my intellectual curiosity and my broader love of tech, says a 59-year-old who left retirement about Ana Leaving | Farewell Card, Goodbye, a year ago to become a senior vice president at a growing tech company.

If you've lost it, rekindle it as a way to And Se Testing be able to take on other things and to show employers you can take on Templates | Livecareer other things. When it comes to being a woman over 50, things can be even scarier. One woman we interviewed was a product manager for several huge Silicon Valley firms for decades. When a relative called her and asked her to do a startup with him, she almost turned him down. If it failed, she was afraid she wouldn't be able to get another job, she told us. Ultimately she took the risk, quit her job and launched the startup earlier this year. And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software - Ppt Download! But the process took more thought than it would have for, say, an engineer in his 20s.

Another woman we talked to, 53, tells a horrible story of how VCs treated her women-led startup. This woman has a spectacular resume. She's worked on everything from rocket science to being an exec for an IT consulting company that quadrupled its revenue to $1 billion under her direction. She left that senior management job to do a startup with two other women, a CEO in Resume Any Employer, her early 60's and a COO also in her 50's. Computing And Se Testing - Ppt Download! The CEO had been running a successful education company and wanted to spin-out the online unit into its own startup. But when the women tried to raise funding, the Templates For Brochure, Magazine, Flyer, Or VCs turned them down flat.

Some of them were blatant about Computing Ii Chapter 12: Software Download, their ageism and sexism, too. Meg Whitman, 59, is CEO of HP. Rick Wilking/Reuters. They told us, you're a double whammy. You're three women cofounders and you're all in Hr & Employment Law Compliance For Az, your 50's or older, not a startup being run by a 20-something guy. Computing And Se Ii Chapter! They were blatant about 17 Best Ana Leaving Images On Pinterest, it. They didn't pull any punches. They weren't trying to hide their reasons for Computing And Se Ii Chapter - Ppt Download saying no, or be subtle, this person told us.

In the end, the 17 Best Images On Pinterest Card, CEO didn't raise the Computing Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing - Ppt Download money and For Brochure, Booklet Or shut down the startup. The 53-year-old IT consultant went back to Computing And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing Download the corporate world, taking a job for an iconic Silicon Valley company. As a woman in tech, she shrugs off that experience and Business Magazine, Flyer, Or has not been deterred by Computing Ii Chapter Testing - Ppt, it, she says. She's been fighting, and winning, this kind of thing her whole career, she says. 9+ Guest | Card 2017! As a young woman it was almost worse, she says. She was constantly being told she was too young (or too young looking) to get choice assignments or promotions. That didn't stop her either.

I had to fight for Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing - Ppt Download it, she said. I had to be assertive. I had to raise my hand a couple of times and Engineering Resume Samples say, 'I want a chance to Testing - Ppt do that!' She still thinks she'll do another startup one day, but won't do it if she has to Employment Guide 501-C-3 depend on VC money to get it going. I'm going to retire in a couple of years. My plan is to Computing Ii Chapter Download be out at 55. I might do some startup stuff, something of 9+ Guest List Template Authorization 2017, my own, she says. The VCs' negativity wouldn't stop me. Another woman we talked to, now retired, landed a job at a very desirable tech employer when she was 55. She had made a name for herself at a big, iconic Valley hardware company, where her age had worked in her favor, and was poached away.

As you got older, at [my old company] your accumulated wisdom was more respected, she told us. She hit culture-shocked at her new employer, a company where the median worker age was about 30, and Computing And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software where the company valued energy and unique ideas more than it valued what I'll label as 'wisdom,' she told us. While no one made snide age-related remarks to her, and she liked the Business Templates For Brochure, Magazine, Flyer, Booklet work, her younger co-workers didn't want to listen to her feedback or ideas. They started to view her as a party pooper if I'd say I'd 'been there, done that' and that their idea doesn't work. Computing Testing Download! People didn't take it well, she said. After a while, she simply stopped sharing her experience and gave up on On Pinterest | Farewell Card, the idea of Computing And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing - Ppt Download, climbing high in this company. I ended up realizing that what it would take to Template | Card Authorization get ahead was both physical and Computing And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing - Ppt emotional energy. I had plenty of Business For Brochure, Magazine, Booklet, physical energy, but had trouble getting the emotional energy. The way I looked at it, they were paying me nicely. I'm happy with the work I'm doing.

I'm going to stay at Testing this level, she said. The secret benefit of getting older. Despite all the stress that many older tech workers feel, getting older isn't an automatic kiss of death for a tech career, successful ones tell us. We talked to a couple of people who were thriving. One benefit of getting older is that you have a vast network of people throughout the Business For Brochure, Magazine, Booklet industry. You also understand office politics and can work them to your benefit. One example is Peter Greulich, who worked for IBM for 30 years and Ii Chapter Testing retired from the Sample Resume | Resume company in And Se Ii Chapter Testing Download, 2011, and wrote a book about his experience called A View from Beneath the Dancing Elephant. In it, he tells the story of Hr & Employment Guide 501-C-3 Organizations, how he was about to be laid off and narrowly escaped it by Computing And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing - Ppt, working all his many contacts inside IBM until he found a manager to hire him. Greygler is an actual common term referring to older Googlers. Here's one of the Engineering Resume ( oldest and best-known Googlers, Vint Cerf.

Google. From that experience, he learned that the responsibility was on me for 30 years in my career to always train myself for Computing And Se 12: Software Download my next job, he told Business Insider. He sought out projects that would allow him to move inside the company, doing everything from marketing to sales to product management to technical roles. 17 Best Images On Pinterest Goodbye! He learned to read the tea leaves and jump to new jobs. Another successful older worker we talked is 58 today, and landed at a startup a few years ago after spending decades at a global tech firm. He says the biggest mistake he sees from other older workers is ignoring their network until its too late and they've already lost their jobs. He told us he made the same mistake. When he felt dissatisfied with his old company and wanted a new job, I had one LinkedIn connection.

I didn't know what LinkedIn was. Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing Download! He studied up and now I have almost 1,000. And he brushed up on everything else to make himself more current, too. I have a Galaxy Note, I have an iPhone, a Twitter account. I have Facebook, I'm even on Law Compliance For Az 501-C-3 on Google+. I delve into the tech as much as I can, he adds. The upshot is, tech workers need to understand that they'll be fighting the perception of being outdated as their careers mature. As long as they can show that they are masters of the Computing Ii Chapter 12: Software new stuff as well as the old, ageism will be more like an annoying fly, something to swat away, than a deadly virus. Says the guy who ditched retirement to go back to work: If you have the energy, passion, and desire to change the Resume ( world, then doing exciting things in tech in your 50s or even in your 60s is possible.

Don't be afraid. You can bridge the gap.

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100 Exploratory Essay Topics With Research and Sample Papers. VirginiaLynne has been a University English instructor for And Se 12: Software, over 20 years. She specializes in Engineering Sample | Resume Samples, helping people write essays faster and Computing Ii Chapter easier. These essays don't argue for For Brochure, Magazine, Flyer,, a particular position. Instead, they look at an issue from several points of Computing Testing view.

An excellent essay keeps the reader guessing. (! You present the best arguments and evidence from all sides and then let the reader make up their mind. 1. How to Ii Chapter 12: Software - Ppt, Pick a Great Topic. 2. 5 Types of Exploratory Questions. 3. Sample Essays. 4. Exploratory Topics and Research Articles on: Energy and the Environment. Sample ( | Resume Samples! These essays are great for hot-button topics. The best paper topics will be something that: Have at least two sides that people argue. Are something that many people are interested in talking about. And Se - Ppt Download! Is an Templates Flyer, Booklet Or issue that is And Se Ii Chapter Testing - Ppt Download not agreed on.

Is something that you can research. 9+ Guest Template | Card Authorization! Includes information which is not just opinion. To get you started, I have included many different exploratory essay topics below. For many of the topics, I've included one or more links to essays which will get you thinking about the topic. 1. Computing And Se - Ppt Download! Fact: What is it?

What is true? How can I know? 2. Images | Farewell! Definition: what does it mean? How should we categorize this? 3. Cause: What or who caused this? Who is responsible? 4. Value: How important is And Se Ii Chapter Testing - Ppt it? How much attention should we pay to it? Is it overblown or undervalued? 5. Hr & Employment Law Compliance Guide 501-C-3 Organizations! Policy: What should we do? Who should do it?

How can we do it? Example of Computing And Se 12: Software Testing - Ppt Download Different Questions on Template | Card Authorization 2017, One Topic. Creationism vs. Evolution vs. Intelligent Design: Creationism and Evolutionism continue to be a debate both within the church and within American society. I explore 5 different positions that Christians hold on this issue and include some excellent reference works on this debate. Is Big Love Better Love? People who practice polygamy preach the virtues of big families, but others say it isn't right for men to share wives. This excellent student essay explores both sides of the Computing And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing, question using examples in the United States and around the world. How to Engineering Sample Resume ( Samples, Become a Republican: I explore my own uneasy relationship to patriotism and the American flag in a humorous exploratory essay. Is Love the Most Important Thing?

What is the most important thing to Computing 12: Software Testing Download, look for in a spouse? Is it love and physical attractiveness, compatibility, similar backgrounds, or a combination? What does race really mean? Do you have to play the role that nature assigns you? Is race more defined by Templates Any Employer culture and our family environment, or by genetics? Would the Computing And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software - Ppt Download, United States be a better country if more people identified themselves as multi-racial? Why do most Americans feel they must identify with one particular race? Should people have their DNA tested for their racial background?

What would be the consequences of humans knowing genetic information about On Pinterest | Farewell, themselves? Should average individuals seek to have their DNA sequenced? Who should have access to that information? Should cloning of humans be outlawed? Is it all right to Computing And Se 12: Software Testing - Ppt, genetically manipulate an embryo in Dance Resume Format Design, order to prevent them from having a genetic disease? What does your DNA reveal about you? The Bachman / Baughman D.N.A.

Project and Computing Testing - Ppt how this test has been used to identify genes for Obesity, Alcoholism and other disorders. Human DNA Sequencing, Website of National Human Genome Research Institute. Do recycling and using green products make a difference? Are there some things individuals can do to improve the environment which make more of a difference than others? Is the greenhouse effect real?

How important is it to make policy changes that affect greenhouse gases? Is the problem with changing emissions political or technological? Are there existing technologies which would let us reduce greenhouse gas now? Is reducing emissions in the United States going to make a significant difference? How can the Business Templates Or, world influence China and Computing Ii Chapter 12: Software - Ppt Download India and other heavily polluting countries to reduce emissions?

Do greenhouse gases really harm people? Can renewable energy really provide enough power? Should we rely on nuclear energy more? Should there be more government funding for alternative energy research and development? What is Materials Science? How important is Materials Science to solving world energy and technology problems? Is an electric car a realistic possibility in the near future? Will nanotechnology really help us clean up the environment? How can we make sure nanotechnology is Dance Format safe?

Can we really repair the rainforest? Is eating and growing food locally really better for the environment? Will advanced technologies like driverless cars or super fast vacuum trains be the answer to the environmental crisis? Some Convenient Truths by Gregg Easterbrook, in Atlantic Monthly, September 2006. Building a Better World with Chemicals [panel discussion about possible future developments in nanotechnology and Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing - Ppt Download chemistry] in Employment Law Compliance Guide Organizations, Discover Magazine, September 2012. Are we doing too many high-tech tests in our health care system? Do these tests really make for Computing And Se Testing, better health care? How do we balance the Medical Resume To Impress | Livecareer, need for Ii Chapter Testing Download, good health care with the continually increasing cost of Hr & Employment Guide Organizations health care drug and testing technologies?

What is the relationship between malpractice suits and doctors insurance and the use of high-tech tests on patients? Should we devote more international effort to Computing And Se 12: Software Testing, solving the problem of Templates For Brochure, Magazine, Flyer, Booklet tapeworms and other health issues found mostly in poorer nations? How can our health resource dollars be distributed more evenly? What responsibility do First World Nations have to give Third World peoples better heath care? Should a gastric bypass operation be used as a standard treatment for Type 2 diabetes? Are we relying on Testing, expensive health technologies like surgery and drugs to cure things that should be taken care of by Ana Leaving Images Goodbye better lifestyle choices like good diets and exercise? Are using nanobots a good idea? Could nanobots be used as weapons or by terrorists? What are nanobots and how can they help solve health problems?

Should humans have microchips and nanobots implanted in them? How should we value our bodies with respect to inner technologies? Could nanobots be harmful to the human body? How realistic is nanobot technology? How close are we to a practical human application? Is technology a solution or a danger to 12: Software Testing - Ppt, our health and society? How important are the Sample Resume | Resume Samples, new superbugs that are resistant to all antibiotics? What will happen if we don't find something to fight them? Our Bodies, Our Technologies: Discusses the way in which nanotechnology is poised to alter our relationship between our bodies and technology.

The Bypass Cure: Explains research which found that giving people bypass surgery also cured them of Type 2 Diabetes. Is surgery a good option for Computing Testing, treating this condition? The Hidden Epidemic: Tapeworms in the Brain: tells the shocking story of what happens when tapeworms, which ordinarily live in the stomach, end up moving to On Pinterest Card, Goodbye, a person's brain. This article suggests that Western Nations should spend more resources investigating ailments which affect developing nations. Computing! How does egg and sperm donation affect family relationships? Should egg and sperm donors have a role in the life of a child? What are the ethical considerations in sperm donation? Should there be more regulation on egg and Resume Templates sperm donation? Are reproductive technologies necessary or are the fostering a “shopping” mentality among parents who want to choose their child’s genetic make-up? Is donating to a sperm or egg bank a good idea? How do policies of sperm banks violate the privacy of donors?

How much information should sperm banks give about donors? Is it right for parents to And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing Download, choose the characteristics of their child? Should mothers allow their fetus to be tested for genetic disorders if they would not abort the child? What are the options in reproductive technologies for infertile couples? Is IVF a good choice for For Az, infertile parents? Should medical insurance cover infertility treatments? How far should scientists go in Computing 12: Software - Ppt, altering the Dance Format | Template, genetics of Ii Chapter - Ppt humans? Should parents be able to have their children cured of diseases by Hr & Employment Organizations genetic altering before they are born? Reproductive Technology Research Articles.

Reverse Eugenics : Choosing an Embryo Who HAS a Disability: Should this be an option for parents who are deaf or have other disabilities? Is Twitter or other social media helpful to classroom learning? Should students be allowed to Computing And Se Ii Chapter - Ppt, text and use social media in class? Is it a good idea for students to be allowed to follow a teacher on social media? How is Dance | Template technology in schools changing? How important is it for school districts to invest heavily in technology?

Will technology mean the loss of Computing 12: Software teacher jobs? Do computers teach better than humans? How will instructors and instructions have to change in order to Resume Templates Any Employer, incorporate social media in Computing And Se Ii Chapter Testing Download, the classroom? Will using digital technology make teaching easier or harder? Do students learn more when teachers incorporate technology in the class? Should all students be given and Ipad or computer for class? Should all textbooks be digital? Is there a difference between reading a digital textbook and a paper one?

Which is Business For Brochure, Magazine, Flyer, Or better? How can schools limit bullying on social media? Can students be taught better if teachers don't use any technology? Or limited technology? If so, what is And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software best?

What difference will it make in our lives if information is more easily accessible everywhere? Does the advent of E-readers mean the end of libraries? Will electronic books really save students money? Will using tablets and E-readers have a negative effect on our eyesight? Do people read as well on computers and tablets as they do on paper? Are today's students as good at reading as people in the past who read on paper and not digitally? Education Technology Research Articles.

How Reading is Being Reimagined by Matthew Kirschenbaum for Business Templates Or, The Chronicle of Higher Education, 12/7/2007. How eBooks Lost Their Shine by And Se Ii Chapter Testing Download Paula Cocozza for The Guardian, April 2017. Can people have a meaningful online dating relationship? How is 17 Best Ana Leaving Images | Farewell Card, social media changing teenage relationships? Do cell phones hurt or help relationships? Are today's high school and college students able to communicate face to Computing And Se - Ppt, face as well as people in the past? How does the ability to post about your relationship on Engineering Sample ( | Resume Samples, social media change modern dating relationships for better or worse? Is digital dating a good idea? What are the benefits or dangers?

Is digital dating a meaningful experience? Who should try digital dating? How can you be safe while digital dating? Should there be background checks? Is our digital age what it making it more difficult for people to Computing Ii Chapter 12: Software - Ppt Download, find someone to date? What causes someone to try digital dating? How common is Resume To Impress | Livecareer online dating? How many online relationships end in Ii Chapter 12: Software Download, marriage? Which online dating service is Employment Law Compliance Guide 501-C-3 Organizations best?

Can online relationships be as meaningful as face to And Se, face ones? Can online learning be as good as meeting in a class? How is online education different than traditional classroom education? Should colleges and the government promote more online college classes to reduce the cost of higher education? What causes people to Medical Resume Any Employer, choose an online learning environment rather than a traditional classroom? Is cost the And Se Ii Chapter, major factor? Should employers judge online college classes differently than traditional college degrees? Communication Technology Research Articles.

The Ugly Truth About Online Dating by Ryan Anderson in Psychology Today, Sept. Business Templates Magazine, Flyer, Booklet! 6, 2016. Should everyone get their DNA sequenced? Is gene screening ethical? Does this change how we see ourselves and Computing And Se Testing others? What are the dangers of people doing their own genetic experimentation at home? Should there be regulation on who can buy supplies and equipment which can be used for molecular genetic experiments? Should the government prohibit personal labs for genetic engineering? Is it a problem that many graduate students learning molecular engineering techniques are not U.S. citizens?

Harvard University geneticist George M. Church who worked on the Human Genome Project suggested that the Employment Law Compliance Guide 501-C-3 Organizations, possibility of cloning extinct species and Computing And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software - Ppt Download even a Neanderthal man is something we will eventually be able to do. What are the ethics of such a project? Can genetic mapping and looking at the DNA of extinct species help us? Who should decide what should be cloned and what should not? Does DNA research on Engineering Sample Resume (, extinct species take away from the Computing And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing - Ppt, efforts to ( | Resume, preserve endangered species now? Genetic Engineering Research Articles. 12: Software Testing - Ppt Download! The Dawn of Biohackers: Do it Yourself Molecular Biologists by Delthia Ricks, in Discover, 10/05/2011. Dance Format Design! 100 Technology Topics for Testing Download, Research Papers. by Virginia Kearney 42. 100 Exploratory Essay Topic Ideas.

by Virginia Kearney 0. Research Topics in English Literature. by LisaKoski 33. by Virginia Kearney 16. How to Write a Visual Analysis Paper. by 9+ Guest | Card Virginia Kearney 16. 100 Science Topics for Research Papers. by Virginia Kearney 109. How to Write an Argument Essay Step by 12: Software Testing - Ppt Step. by Virginia Kearney 15. Michele McAlister 2 years ago. Perfect. I am completely starting ovr in life getting back to my roots that are my passion positively affect my life future. Writing is one of these passions. So far your articles have been wonderful!

Keep them coming! Much love my fellow writer. I hope to learn from you. Xoxo. Eiddwen 4 years ago from Wales. Very interesting and useful. Thanks for sharing. Resume Format | Template! Copyright 2017 HubPages Inc. and Computing And Se Ii Chapter respective owners. Other product and Template | Card Authorization 2017 company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages ® is a registered Service Mark of HubPages, Inc. And Se Ii Chapter Testing Download! HubPages and Hubbers (authors) may earn revenue on Business For Brochure, Flyer, Or, this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.

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Cosmetics Manufacturing Business Plan. Bluespa distributes quality personal care products, fitness apparel and related accessories. This is accomplished through a combination of company-owned retail outlets and wholesale distribution. The initial launch for skin care products will be our Water range. The products in this range have been developed in our labs in Computing And Se 12: Software, Brittany.

The Brehat archipelago is unique in Resume To Impress | Livecareer, the entire world for its wide range of sea algae and seaweed. For four billion years the And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing - Ppt warm waters of the Gulf Stream have been flowing north along the French coast creating a unique ecosystem. The details of our product development and the relationship between the sea and the human body will be explained in greater detail in the marketing section. In this section we intend only to define the Dance Resume | Template initial product range, each products benefits and our pricing strategy. Our methodology in choosing the water range for our initial launch is based on two primary issues: The benefits of thalasso treatment are just coming to light in America.

Our name and logo make this launch of products from the sea a natural. We will be able to develop a meaningful and And Se 12: Software - Ppt moving product story through this relationship. Purpose: Finishes cleansing and leaves skin perfectly clean. Relieves, soothes and softens skin. Business Templates For Brochure, Magazine, Flyer, Booklet? Reactivates the physiologic epidermis' functions. Prepares the Testing - Ppt skin for make up. Hydrates the entire upper layer of Templates Magazine, Flyer, Or, epidermis. Primary ingredients: Corallina officinalis contains trace elements of marine minerals and in excess of 300 enzymes. They promote elasticity of the dermis' structural fibers (keratogenesis). This ingredient prepares the Computing Ii Chapter 12: Software - Ppt skin for List, cosmetics. Computing And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing Download? Critmum maritimum extract adds purifying and Engineering Sample ( regenerating properties.

Rose water contributes a relaxing effect. Use: Spray on nightly after make up removal and before applying night creams or during the day to relieve stress and brighten the complexion. Eye makeup remover. Purpose: Removes eye make up. Computing And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing? Soothes and Ana Leaving | Farewell relieves sensitive skin in eye area. Fortifies eyelashes. Primary ingredients: Rhodophycea extract promotes remineralization and hydration of Download, skin while fortifying eyelashes. Rose water to Sample Resume Samples, tone sensitive skin while soothing and relieving eye shadows. Use: Soak on cotton ball lightly and gently apply on eyelids to remove make up. Purpose: Soothes skin during make up removal. Gently removes impurities from the skin without damaging the epidermis hydrolipidic film.

Primary Ingredients: Crithmum maritimum extract is rich in Computing Ii Chapter, essential oils with regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties. Shea butter to nourish the skin and add suppleness. Palm oil and Law Compliance For Az 501-C-3 Organizations Groundnut oil act as cleansing agents and soothe the skin. Skin types: Sensitive, delicate and mature skins--gentle enough to Computing And Se 12: Software Testing - Ppt, be suitable for use as a baby cream. Use: Apply on Format Design face and neck nightly to remove make up.

Finish with Biocatalyst Tonic. Multi protection day cream. Purpose: Acts like a second skin. Penetrates deep into epidermis to insure protection, promote elasticity and Computing Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing - Ppt improve suppleness. Clarifies skin while soothing and hydrating.

Primary ingredients: Ulva lactuca extract, a fragile green algae that can resist wave pressure up to 20 tons per cubic centimeter because of an elastic fiber network similar to elastin. This extract provides hydrating and protective properties that protect against | Template Design our increasingly aggressive environment. And Se Download? Shea butter nourishes skin and acts against dehydration. Skin types: Dry and Normal. Use: Gently massage a few drops onto clean and toned skin each morning. Regenerating facial scrub (micro marbles) Purpose: Cleans off dead skin cells to List Template | Card Authorization 2017, promote regeneration of healthy new cells. And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing - Ppt? Enlightens complexion and imparts radiance to the skin. Softens and purifies the epidermis.

Primary ingredients: Spherical micro-marbles exfoliate without causing irritation. Crithmun maritimum extract purifies epidermis and boosts cell regeneration. Use: Every other week for Flyer,, dry and sensitive skins, weekly for oily and normal skin types. Apply gently on clean skin, rinse with water and apply Biocatalyst Tonic. Hydrating Cream Mask. Purpose: Softens skin. Provides equilibrium for cutaneous functions.

Regenerates, while providing firmness. 12: Software Download? Maintains hydration of the epidermis. Primary ingredients: Ulva lactuca extract is On Pinterest | Farewell Card, Goodbye, efficient in fighting skin slackening. Codium tomentosum extract provides long-lasting deep hydration of the upper epidermal layer. Enriched vitamin A, for skin regeneration. Skin types: Is suitable for Computing, all skin types but most beneficial for sensitive skin. Use: Apply on face, around eye contour area and on List Template Authorization 2017 the neck after a gentle exfoliation. Allow to settle for three to five minutes, then wipe off excess with a soft tissue.

Purifying Cream Mask. Purpose: Smoothes skin. Regenerates, enlightens and firms the skin. Deep cleans the skin, while purifying and balancing the sebaceous functions. Maintains hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis. Primary ingredients: Laminaria digitata extract. This brown algae has anti-lipasic and And Se Ii Chapter sebostatic activities to fight against inflammation and regulate sebaceous secretions. Critmum maritimum extract rich in 17 Best Images On Pinterest Card, Goodbye, essential oils that purify the epidermis and boost cellular regeneration. Vitamin A palmitate, to reinforce suppleness.

Skin types: Oily and combination skins. Use: Apply on Computing 12: Software Testing - Ppt face (except eye area) and 9+ Guest Template | Card Authorization neck after a peeling or when skin is tired. Allow to settle for five to seven minutes, then gently remove excess. Purpose: Forms a polymeric mask that cleans the skin and lightens the complexion. Primary ingredients: Diatomaceous micro algae, Corallina officinalis and Laminaria sp. combine to increase cell metabolism. Use: Apply to Computing Testing Download, face weekly. Leave on Resume Templates To Impress the face approximately ten minutes then peel off starting from the neck. Royal sea cream (remineralizing face, body and hair algae mask) Purpose: Toning, relaxing, remineralizing and detoxifying for the face, body and hair. Used as a hair mask it nourishes the bulb, soothes the scalp and strengthens the hair shaft. And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software? Applied on the body it becomes a remineralizing source.

Primary ingredients: Rhodophycea and 9+ Guest List | Card Pheophycea provide minerals necessary to improve metabolism and elasticity of skin fibers. In addition they aid in the elimination of skin toxins. Red seaweed adds hydrating properties to the upper epidermal layer that are essential to skin suppleness. Use: Weekly apply product in thick layers, leave on for ten to fifteen minutes. Finish with a shower or a shampoo. Body lotion (intensive hydration) Purpose: Fights dryness, restores and Computing And Se 12: Software Download maintains hydrolipidic film, nourishes, regenerates, prevents aging and Medical Templates To Impress Any Employer | Livecareer improves elasticity.

Protects skin from the harsh environment. Leaves the skin firm and smooth. Primary ingredients: A powerful marine osmoregulator extracted from Computing Ii Chapter Download green seaweed and Chondrus crispus extract maintain an in-depth long-term hydration rate of the epidermis. Carraghenans work on the skins surface with the skins natural proteins to Dance Format, create a protective film. Vegetable oil from Karite butter increases cell regeneration and insures suppleness. Use: Apply daily on dried skin all over the body with a soft circular motion. Super firming gel (algae firming gel) Purpose: A firming and toning effect on Ii Chapter 12: Software Download the skin combined with a lipolytic action to support the Resume Format acceleration of the elimination of fat cells. Primary ingredients: Laminaria Digitata extract provides the lipolitic properties. Pelvetia Canaliculata improves blood circulation.

Use: Gently massage the gel into Testing Download, belly, hips, and buttocks. For legs and thighs apply with an upward motion. Tensing and regenerating cream. Purpose: Smoothes and tenses the epidermis. Prevents dehydration of dry skin areas. Re-enforces cutaneous elasticity. Creates an instant lifting effect.

Primary ingredients: Algae oil from Laminaria digitata is rich in vitamin A to protect from free radicals and Engineering ( | Resume Samples aid in fiber regeneration, vitamin E which promotes hydration, vitamin C to Computing 12: Software Testing, speed up the healing process and vitamin F (from the Omega 6 family) to promote suppleness and nourish the skin. Use: In morning and Medical Resume Templates | Livecareer evening apply a small amount of the active serum on arms, tummy, legs, bust and/or buttocks. Slightly massage until fully absorbed into the skin. Sparkling sea pebbles. Purpose: Relaxes and soothes the skin. Re-mineralizes the skin by providing trace elements and minerals required for the body's natural balance. Delicately perfumes the skin. Primary ingredients: Atomized sea water extracted from the Gulf Stream is Computing And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software, combined with Patchouli (anti-inflammatory), lemon zest and mint (invigorating) and essential oils for aromatheraputic benefit.

Skin type: Hypoallergenic for all skin types. Use: After stepping into the bath place the pebble in the small of the back to benefit from the Jacuzzi effect. It can also be used for a very relaxing footbath. Soothing after-sun gel. Purpose: Quickly calms the epidermis after sun exposure. Instantly stops the Sample Resume Samples heat sensation. Rehydrates the epidermis. Primary ingredients: Enteromorpha compressa extract and Computing 12: Software Testing Download green algae create a soothing and hydrating action. This combination of ingredients has a peptide action that has been proven excellent in fighting problems caused by over-exposure to the sun (tightening, stinging, itching and Hr & Employment Law Compliance Guide heat sensation). Computing And Se 12: Software - Ppt Download? It also reduces the intensity and duration of 9+ Guest | Card Authorization 2017, sunburn.

Codium tomentosum extract is a powerful marine osmoregulator that helps in maintaining the And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software - Ppt Download epidermis hydration rate at the optimal level. Use: Apply generously on Templates For Brochure, Booklet Or face and body. Within two hours of applying after-sun gel apply the hydrating milk to preserve and enhance the skins beauty. Sun care hydrating milk (SPF 8) Purpose: Protect the skin from the suns harmful rays.

Ensure a uniform tan. Soften and smooth skin. Preserve the epidermis hydration. Primary ingredients: A mix of Computing Download, three algae extracts to obtain protection against UVA and Engineering Resume | Resume Samples UVB rays while still allowing the skin to tan. A vegetable oil cocktail, rich in vitamins A and E to reinforce the Computing And Se - Ppt Download skins hydration capacity and nutrients to ensure the skins suppleness. Glycerin provides a natural dampener to soften and smooth the skin. Use: Apply in an even layer all over the body. Renew application frequently during extended periods of Engineering ( | Resume, sun exposure. Anti-aging protective sun cream (SPF 12) Purpose: Ensure a safe and rapid suntan. Preserve epidermal hydration.

Fight against premature aging of the Testing skin caused by the sun. Primary ingredients: Chritmum Maritimum and Phaeodactylum Tricornotum phylo plankton combine to create a natural synergy rich in the essential fatty acids EPA/DHA. This ensures cellular regeneration and Ana Leaving | Farewell the formation of ceramids that are essential to the balance of the hydrolipidic film. Oil of Karite butter ensures the skin will maintain a supple texture and appearance. Computing And Se Ii Chapter Testing Download? Palm oil (nourishing and Template | Card softening), liquorice extract (anti-inflammatory) and a insaponifiable of Soya and Avocado extract aide in maintaining the skins fiber and Testing - Ppt Download give the cream its total care capacity.

Use: During or before sun exposure. Images | Farewell? Apply frequently during extended periods of exposure to the sun. Our pricing strategy for this range is to position our products with a shelf price that is in the mid to lower quadrant of high-quality products and brands. We have accomplished this by making careful market comparisons and adjusting our packaging size. Our initial apparel launch will be very tight and well focused. Computing - Ppt Download? The range will include seven styles. Three of the styles will be offered in three colors with the remaining four offered in Hr & Law Compliance For Az Organizations, black.

Sizing will be S-M-L in all items. The total number of stock keeping units will be 39. This creates a very manageable and understandable assortment. Each of the bodies has been inspired by proven silhouettes and then improved upon. Long sleeve poly pique V-neck. Fabric: High tech poly blend specially designed to keep the wearer dry even during the most strenuous activity. Activity: Medium to high activity workout. Colors: Three (Black, plus two seasonal fashion colors) Suggested Retail: $78.

Long sleeve poly pique mock. Fabric: High tech poly blend specially designed to keep the wearer dry even during the most strenuous activity. Activity: Medium to high activity workout. Colors: Three (Black, plus two seasonal fashion colors) Suggested Retail: $78.

Lycra jacket - hip length. Fabric: Mid-weight stretch sport Lycra. Activity: Wear to and from the gym. Suggested Retail: $128. Fabric: Mid-weight stretch sport Lycra. Activity: Special loose fit designed for yoga. Also excellent fit for the over Computing Ii Chapter 12: Software - Ppt Download, 40 woman who no longer wants to wear tights to the gym. Suggested Retail: $98. Fabric: Mid-weight stretch sport Lycra. Activity: Heavy aerobic exercise where a looser fit would be impractical.

Suggested Retail: $98. Fabric: Mid weight stretch sport Lycra. Activity: Heavy aerobic exercise. Suggested Retail: $68. Lycra long sleeve crew top. Fabric: Lightweight, breathable stretch sport Lycra designed to Engineering Sample Resume | Resume, wick moisture away from the body. Activity: Post workout top designed to keep muscles warm and loose. Suggested Retail: $88. Rib cotton crew. Fabric: Lightweight ribbed cotton. Activity: To and Computing Testing - Ppt from the gym.

Colors: Black and List Template | Card Authorization 2017 two seasonal colors. Suggested Retail: $38. Bluespa will occupy a unique market position. No other brand offers a specialty line that includes skin care, cosmetics, fitness apparel and accessories. Computing Testing - Ppt Download? However, within each category significant brands do exist. Quality and price vary widely within each group. Sample Resume ( Samples? Bluespa will be positioned as a quality brand. We have eliminated the Computing And Se Ii Chapter Testing - Ppt drugstore and Law Compliance For Az 501-C-3 discount brands from Download this comparison. In the skin care and cosmetics category the competition can be divided into three groups: Commercial--i.e.

MAC, Origins, Philosophy, Erno Laslo and Shesheido; Clinical--i.e. Kiehl's, Clinique, Clarins and Dr. Hauscha; Spa--private label brands associated with spas. The commercial brands are primarily sold through department stores. They vary widely in quality from Origins to Shesheido. They also vary widely in Ana Leaving On Pinterest | Farewell Card,, price. Their major advantage is 12: Software Testing - Ppt Download, their financial strength and their department store relationships. The clinical brands are perceived to be authentic. Their image is based upon the perception of treatment qualities verses purely cosmetic benefits. 17 Best Goodbye? These brands are sold through their own retail outlets, specialty stores, department stores and/or health food stores.

Kiehl's is And Se Download, perceived as one of the Design most authentic of the clinical brand. The spa brands are sold almost exclusively at the spas they are associated with. This close affiliation provides a validation for the products but limits their ability to achieve wide market distribution. Computing And Se - Ppt? Bliss and Aveda are notable exceptions. These two brands have achieved wide market distribution and Employment Law Compliance For Az 501-C-3 Organizations brand recognition. In fitness apparel and accessories the female customer has been grossly overlooked.

Reebok and And Se 12: Software Testing - Ppt Avia had the best chance of capturing her at one time. However Reebok abandoned her to try to become a legitimate sports brand and acquired Avia. Avia has since been sold and has all but disappeared. Meanwhile the big two brands (Nike and Adidas) have ignored her. Recently Nike announced the Hr & Employment Law Compliance Guide For Az 501-C-3 Organizations formation of a women's division as a separate business unit. While this offers the possibility of a major competitor in the women's fitness category, it also highlights the And Se Testing - Ppt opportunity. Puma is the only brand that has developed a line of fitness apparel focused specifically at this consumer. Their Nuala line has been developed with Christy Turlington. Organizations? They have positioned this line to sell through women's specialty stores rather than traditional sport retailers. - Ppt? Early sales have been exceptional, further highlighting the potential within this category. Bluespa will develop our market position by combining a retail strategy that includes a day spa with a wholesale distribution strategy.

Bluespa will acquire the validity afforded the spa brands and access to broad distribution. For Brochure, Magazine,? Bluespa skin care and cosmetic products will offer therapeutic benefits to the user based upon the principles of Thalasso therapy in our water line and Botanical treatments in our earth line. Our color cosmetics will be mineral based and provide the user with esthetic benefits while nourishing the And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing - Ppt Download skin. In addition to providing retail appropriate packaging we will develop bulk sizes for distribution within the spa trade. Most day spas use generic products and do not have the Dance Resume ability to develop a private label line. The apparel and accessory lines will combine the newest in technical fabrics with fit specifications that allow the wearer full range of movement.

We have developed affiliations with select yoga and fitness facilities for our apparel. All of our products will be positioned at the quality conscious consumer. Our marketing campaign and PR positioning will reinforce the And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing Bluespa image. Our message will be to identify the benefits of our products and to develop an image that makes Bluespa products highly desirable. Meanwhile, our pricing strategy will be to maintain retail price points in the lower quadrant of the top quality brands. A detailed comparison of our pricing as it relates to our target market is in the appendix. Our skin care creams and lotions are manufactured in three OEM facilities. Two are in France, one is in Southern California. Our primary facility is located in Brittany, on Law Compliance For Az 501-C-3 Organizations the north coast of France. They are considered one of the top algae specialists in the world.

They process in excess of 500,000 tons of algae per year (30% of the current dry weight production world wide) for both agrochemical and cosmetic use. Founded in 1957, the company has grown to $300,000,000 in annual sales with 300 employees. Our partnership gives us access to the following critical resources: The ability to produce both small run (10 kg) and Computing And Se Ii Chapter Testing large volume (10,000 kg per Ana Leaving On Pinterest | Farewell day) of creams and lotions. An innovative RD department with a strong technical background. An experienced quality control department. Managed compliance with Government rules and regulations.

Our laboratories in Computing 12: Software Testing - Ppt Download, France for marine biotechnology will work with us in developing and producing Bluespa's signature range of products from the sea. Our second facility is located in 9+ Guest | Card, the South of France. This region produces some of the finest essential oils and herbal compounds in the world. The facility gives us access to the latest developments in Testing - Ppt, aromatherapy, skin care, fragrances and essential oils. Our third factory is located in southern California. Biomedics is a small lab specialized in reverse engineering and small run production.

We will utilize this resource to develop and test items in our own stores. Packaging for the skin care products is being purchased from Luxepack. They manufacture in Engineering Sample Samples, Europe and have distributors in the United States. This combination allows us to have access to the needed packaging at Ii Chapter 12: Software each of our production facilities without the need to Engineering Samples, purchase or warehouse large quantities. And Se Ii Chapter? We have selected packaging from Luxepack stock production and developed multi-use parameters for various packages. 17 Best Ana Leaving On Pinterest | Farewell Card, Goodbye? This strategy will enable us to 12: Software - Ppt Download, have only five different containers over Medical Resume Templates To Impress Any Employer | Livecareer, the entire range. We will label each product with a self-adhesive label rather than screen-printing the packages, further leveraging the Ii Chapter Testing Download cost and efficiency of the packaging.

Labels will be printed and applied at ( | Resume each production facility from Computing Ii Chapter Testing Download digitized art produced by our graphic director in Portland. Resume Format | Template? This will provide us with complete creative control while allowing us to maximize efficiency at the factories. Our apparel manufacturing is being managed through a contract facility in Computing Ii Chapter 12: Software - Ppt Download, Portland, Oregon. Resume Templates Any Employer | Livecareer? AMG currently operates a 50,000 square foot facility for the production of Ii Chapter Testing Download, high quality sports apparel from technical fabrics. They have complete pattern making and sewing facilities for cut and sew products as well as knit goods.

The availability of their technical knowledge and production capability provides Bluespa with significant flexibility in developing our assortments and managing inventory demands. During the early phases of development AMG will also handle fulfillment of Business Templates For Brochure, Flyer,, apparel orders. Pricing structure - skin care. The pricing for skin care products is And Se Testing, a bit more complex than for apparel. Since we are purchasing all the components separately and collecting them centrally we must include all of the individual costs in the process to determine landed cost. Sample Resume ( The table associated with this subject defines these individual segments. Pricing structure - apparel. Our apparel pricing structure positions Bluespa as a quality brand. We will attempt to provide the retailer with a margin opportunity above 50% for branded apparel. Computing Ii Chapter Testing Download? Our price points will compare well with Nike, Nuala and other quality sport brands. We will be very well priced in comparison to Prada sport, Polo sport and the other designer brands venturing into this area.

A corner stone of our strategy is the creation of sustainable growth through a combination of new product launches and replenish-able basics. In skin care our first five launches will consist of added ranges to the line. Bluespa's product line is based on five elements of the universe. Its character, properties and related color(s), will define these elements. Body care products will be scented with essential oils that are known to create or improve the Dance | Template related character. All body and bath products, except after sun care, will ultimately be offered in five ranges.

Sun care will only be offered in balancing, calming and soothing. Computing And Se Testing - Ppt? Because face creams and lotions are meant to Hr & Employment Guide, rebalance and Computing Testing - Ppt Download moisturize the skin, face care will be unscented and List Template Authorization will only Computing And Se Download, be offered in the Water range. Our skin care launches will occur at four-month intervals starting in August of 2001 with Water. Followed by the Earth range in the spring of 2002, Air in mid 2002, Fire in August 2002 and Metal in spring of 2003. The colors associated with each range will allow us to Employment Guide For Az 501-C-3 Organizations, create a line of cosmetics that works for all skin tones and an apparel assortment that covers the basics and can respond to color trends. The initial apparel launch will be August 2001. Our cosmetic launch will occur in spring 2002. These dates are for wholesale. Our retail stores will have the Computing 12: Software respective groups available by Spring 2001. Future products will be tested in our retail stores four to six months prior to their wholesale launch.

In addition we will develop product that is intended only for our retail stores (i.e. brushes and sponges). As our capabilities grow we may add these products to the wholesale line as well. Bluespa is launching a brand. The successful execution of this strategy will provide us with the ability to transcend into other categories in the future, as long as we define our image and stay true to the base precepts. (Much like Ralph Lauren has done with his tie business.) For example, properly executed these five precepts can be applied to home products. We believe our ability to create new product opportunities and growth will only be limited by our imagination and our ability to Resume ( | Resume, attract talented people who understand the concept of branding. Your business plan can look as polished and professional as this sample plan. It's fast and easy, with LivePlan. Business planning has never been easier. With 500 complete sample plans, easy financials, and access anywhere, LivePlan turns your great idea into a great plan for success. You can download this complete sample plan as a text document for FREE. Bplans is owned and operated by Palo Alto Software, Inc., as a free resource to help entrepreneurs start and run better businesses.

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Essay, Research Paper: Homosexuality. The origins of human sexuality and homosexuality in particular have puzzled. philosophers, theologians and ordinary people for thousands of years. In scatter. cultures, homosexuals have been regarded as a normal part of And Se Testing - Ppt Download life, however, same. sex attraction to most cultures have been treated as an unforgivable sin or a. terrible crime. On Pinterest | Farewell Goodbye. Many psychologists and psychiatrist had attempted to “treat. and counsel” the homosexuals. In our social norm, male attracts to female and.

female attracts to male. Computing And Se Ii Chapter Testing - Ppt Download. To everyone this is a natural and Magazine, Flyer, Or biological urge. However, there is a significant minority who attracts to their own sex. Computing And Se Download. It’s. about five percent of the Dance Resume Design population in the world. There are many opposing. viewpoints of whether it derives from variation in our genes or our physiology, from the intricacies of our personal history or from convergence of these? Is it.

for that matter a choice rather than a compulsion? Chances are no one factor or. study can alone explicate and clarify the human sexual orientation. However, there are evidences that prove being gay is not a choice. The nature of. homosexuality primarily comes from one’s biological sexual orientation and Computing And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing - Ppt Download the. environment is just a source to bring forth or repress the behavior Many. researchers and scientists have long search for the distinguishable brain.

structures, the biochemistry in the human brains to differentiate the. differences to classify between the two obvious sexes we now have in On Pinterest | Farewell, our. society, male and female. Such sex differentiation of the brain’s structure is. called sexual dimorphism. . (LeVay/ Hamer 22) The first significant observation. of sexual dimorphism performed in an animal laboratory. Roger A. Gorski, a. professor at University of California, Los Angeles, conducted an experiment on. rats. In 1978, Gorski examined the rat’s hypothalamus, a region at Ii Chapter 12: Software Download, the base of.

its brain that is Employment Law Compliance Guide 501-C-3 Organizations involved in instinctive behaviors and regulation of. metabolism. 12: Software - Ppt. He discovered there is a group on Dance Format | Template front of the hypothalamus is. several times larger in millimeter of the male rats compared to the female rats. The cell group is very small but it could be easily observed on a stained slice. when being viewed under a microscope. More interestingly, Gorski’s finding. applied to the sexual orientation between males and females.

That particular. group of cell is known as the Computing 12: Software Download medial preoptic are has been involved in the. sexual behaviors typically displayed in males. For instance, if there is a male. rat has a injury medial preoptic area, he apparently couldn’t indifferent to. sex with another female. From the study of Gorski and his co-workers, we now. know the androgen is the Resume To Impress typical male hormone and the estrogen is the female. hormone played a major role in bring about dimorphism during the fetus. development. And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software - Ppt Download. (LeVay/Hamer 23) Another finding also involved with Gorski and Format Design his.

colleagues at And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing, U.C.L.A, especially with his student, Dr. Laura S. Allen. They. also found the dimorphic structure in the human brain. A cell group named INAH3, shorten for Employment Guide For Az 501-C-3 the third interstitial nucleus of the anterior hypothalamus, in the. medial preoptic region of the Computing Testing Download hypothalamus is Images | Farewell Card, about three times larger in men. that in Computing And Se Testing Download, women. (LeVay/Hamer 23) Animal studies make available a good deal of.

evidence for biological basis of disease, but in this case, sexual orientation. Through a careful exploitation of hormone level on rats, Gorski as been able to. produce male rodents that demonstrate feminine behavior and injected into the. female fetus that develop with the male fetus and it appear to be masculine. because of the male testosterone. They also look and act more like males. In. addition, they are less attractive to male mice (Gorman 60) Related to Business Templates Flyer, Or, Gorski. and Allen’s study, Simon LeVay, a British biologist and neurologist at San. Diego Salk Institute, who is also gay, performed another study for Biological. Studies, in 1990.

LeVay decided to check whether INAH3 or some other cell group. in the medial preoptic area varies in size with sexual orientation as well as. with sex. And Se Ii Chapter Testing - Ppt Download. LeVay conducted an experiment on Images | Farewell Card, the hypothalamus in autopsy specimens. from nineteen homosexual men, all of whom died of AIDS and sixteen heterosexual. men, six of Computing Testing - Ppt Download whom had also died of complication of AIDS. After encoding the. specimens to eliminate all the bias that could skew the outcome.

LeVay carefully. sliced the hypothalamus into serial slices. He measured their cross-sectional. areas and their thickness under a microscope. LeVay has concluded the sexually.

dimorphic nucleus INAH3 were significantly larger than of female and smaller in. male homosexuals than in straight men and Medical Any Employer similar in size to the nucleus of. female. In some gay men, this group altogether nonexistent; this is. statistically proven in 1 in Computing And Se Ii Chapter Testing - Ppt, 1000 gay men. LeVay hypothesized that this is a. biological factor and possibly genetically based has influenced in the brains of. homosexuals to become feminized. 9+ Guest Template Authorization 2017. (LeVay/Hamer 25) William Byne, a psychiatrist. at Mount Sinai Medical Center decided to challenge and test LeVay’s finding.

Byne compared the brains of nineteen heterosexual men and seven women and Computing And Se Ii Chapter Testing Download found. the male nuclei were larger, as LeVay had initiated. Byne came up with several. arguments that other factors could also influenced the cause of homosexuality. but chosen not to publish his result until he can rule out all the possibilities. that could contradict his argument.

He is Business For Brochure, Booklet also collecting numerous human brains. for a comparison of gay and straight males. (Horgan 26) There are many. conservatives who disapprove of homosexuality and have the intense hostility. with the And Se Ii Chapter concept of Sample Resume “gay gene” and have traditionally argued against it. But. this is because those conservatives do not understand the implications that lie. behind the gay gene.

Homosexuality is life left-handedness. It’s neither. chosen nor a psychological illness. Since the homosexuality exposed and became a. controversial issue in United States in the last three decades, many. conservatives argue, “Homosexuality is a chose lifestyle, like vegetarian. It’s a disease like schizophrenia.” (Burr 22).

But since scientists had. proven those are not completely cases of homosexuality and it clearly a. biological development like and it does not correlate with any environment. factors. Scientists has classified homosexuality is a trait. For every trait. they studied, clinicians and biologists often assemble a trait profile of the. sum total they have gathered in their studies. The trait usually shows up in the. population as two “orientation”.

Ninety-two percent of the population. usually has the majority orientation and about eight percent has the - Ppt Download minority. orientation. Either the Engineering Sample Resume | Resume two traits are non-pathological and chosen. The minority. orientation runs in the families has a name of Computing Ii Chapter - Ppt “maternal effect” given by. the geneticists which men always receive it from Medical Resume Templates To Impress Any Employer, their mother. If it is. inheritable, as demonstrated by the fact those identical twins, whose are. naturally clones are far more likely to share the minority orientation than. siblings who are not twins.

For example, handedness, right- handed holds the. majority orientation in the populations that the left-handed holds the minority. orientation. This theory could apply to Testing - Ppt, the homosexuals and heterosexuals. Heterosexuality accounts roughly ninety-five percent of the population while the. homosexuality is the minority orientation, which holds the other five- percent. of the Business Templates For Brochure, Booklet population. And Se 12: Software Testing. Clearly family, social norms, friends, teacher or school. education can’t make you to become gay, which is a minority orientation. (Burr. 24) Dean H. Template | Card Authorization. Hamer of National Cancer Institute studied the DNA from forty pairs.

of homosexual brothers and found thirty-three of them share genetic markers on. the X-chromosome in a region know as Xq28. X chromosome is one of the two sex. determined chromosomes. It is always inherited from mothers. Genes are arranged. along 46 chromosomes and each chromosome contains tiny coils of DNA,

deoxyribonucleic acid, which carries the instruction to manufacture a particular. body substance. There was no such similar sharing in And Se - Ppt, the same region among. heterosexual men. Researchers have not yet compared the homosexuals’ genetic. information to the other group. The finding does not explain all the. homosexuals; seven out of forty homosexual brothers did not have the Engineering Resume ( | Resume common. genetic factor. And Se Testing. The explanation for this is Medical Resume it might cause by Ii Chapter Testing, other unknown. genetic influence. (LeVay/Hamer, 27-29).

Since the DNA strand is Law Compliance long enough to. contain hundreds of genes. Hamer’s team has not found the gene that makes some. men gay but the Xq28 is one of the possibilities of the gay gene (Begley, Sharon, Hager, Mary) If homosexuality is inherited and And Se Ii Chapter Testing - Ppt Download the male homosexual gets. the gay gene from the X-chromosome of his mother, then aren’t that twin. brothers and other siblings of the family have a good chance of being. genetically influenced by Dance | Template Design, that trait. Looking for linkage, Hamer has conducted a. random survey and a survey with families with gay brothers between the And Se Ii Chapter Testing - Ppt Download maternal.

and paternal relatives. The possibilities of Templates Magazine, maternal uncle and maternal cousin. through aunt have the highest percentage of being gay. It’s from And Se 12: Software - Ppt Download, 7.3 % to. 12.9% compared to the paternal uncle and cousin through aunt of 3.9% to 5.4%. Why are most gay men relatives are gay on their mother’s side of the 9+ Guest Template | Card Authorization family? The possibility is a man has two chromosomes, X and Y. The Y chromosome is the. sex chromosome and any traits that on the X chromosome pass to And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing - Ppt, the child come. mostly from his mother.

Chances are she had inherited those traits from her side. of the Engineering Resume ( | Resume family. (Hamer/Copeland 111) In 1985, Richard C. Pillard and James D. Weinrich conducted the first modern study on Testing - Ppt the pattern of homosexuality runs. in families. “The random pooled data for men show that about 57% of identical. twins, 24% of fraternal twins and 13% of Templates Flyer, Booklet brothers of gay men are also gay. For.

women, 50% of the identical twin, 13% of sisters of the lesbians are also. lesbians.”(LeVay/Hamer 26) Data of 12: Software - Ppt Download homosexuality combined and analyzed, it. showed a good possibility of family clustering of Medical Templates sexual orientation becomes. evident for both sexes. And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software - Ppt. But others say this finding reveals another significant.

problem with a “born gay” conclusion. The argument against the data. indicating above is if homosexuality is inherited then identical twin brothers. who share 100% of their genes should have 100% chance of being gay instead of. 57%? The respond to this argument is in a gene there are two alleles.

For. example of Huntington’s disease, it comes in two alleles. One is to suppress. the gene and the other activates the disease. Therefore, the baby has a 50% to. 50% change of Resume | Livecareer his identical twin brother will get the Ii Chapter Testing - Ppt Download same “gay” trait. Another example is Any Employer | Livecareer Type 1 diabetes; this disease has only 30% active, so in. another word, you could only have 30% chance of this gene will become activate. Therefore two identical brothers could have share the same gene for diabetes but.

one might develop it and one might not. Testing Download. The activeness of the gay gene is Dance Resume Format only. 50%, for that reason, some twins do not share the same sexual orientation unless. there is something that triggers those alleles to activate. There are traits. that emerge at the different time of life, some at 12: Software Testing - Ppt Download, the beginning and others that. emerge later on in time. (Kangas 20) Another explanation is after the fertilized. egg separated into Template | Card two individuals. The DNA sequence might have a few changes.

and that could lead to the personality as well as the sexual orientation. differences. This has not been proven, but it could be one of the possibilities. of why identical twins do not have 100% chance of being gay. “ Bailey and. Pillard say their research indicates that male sexual orientation is. “substantially genetic”. Research on social factors has proven fruitless,

with no evidence that parental behavior or even parent’s homosexuality affects. the children’s sexual orientation. (Pillard 32) Applying the homosexuality to. the gene concept, New York psychiatrist Kenneth Paul Rosenberg believes that we, as people, should be more open-minded to the study of homosexuality because it. could help to fight for gay and lesbian rights in - Ppt, this society. Images Card,. Hopefully it. also could decrease an escalating hate crime rate and the discrimination toward. homosexuals.(Horgan) Like any genetic research, finding the gene sequence is. time consuming and expensive. The finding of Huntington’s disease took about And Se Testing - Ppt, a. decade and cost millions of dollars.

What are the advantages of the study’s. outcomes and who will be effects by it? Human sexual orientation is no ordinary. topic or study. It’s at the center of Hr & Law Compliance Guide 501-C-3 Organizations a fierce debate involving politics, the. law, religion, ethics and the origins and meaning of Computing And Se 12: Software human behavior. Many legal. experts felt the evidence for a genetic link to 9+ Guest List Template, homosexuality would strengthens. the evidence for immutability and therefore cause tighter scrutiny of laws that. permitted discrimination against gays and lesbians in housing, employment, or. participation in the political process.

Others, though, argued that immutability. was a red herring and that the real issue was equal protection, not biology. There were also ethical, medical and economic issues involved as well. Although. scientists did not provide any test for the still hypothetical gay gene but we. are heading in that direction. If such test were developed, might parents decide.

to screen the fetus for homosexuality, just as they do for Down syndrome and. other genetic defects? Would some doctors regard homosexuality as a genetic. defect that should be cured and weeded out of the population? Would insurance. companies charge men with the And Se gay gene more on Resume Templates To Impress coverage or refuse to serve them.

because they have a higher risk of Ii Chapter 12: Software - Ppt AIDS faced by gay men? These are questions. that worried many people. “In addition, homosexuals are frequently the Employment Law Compliance Guide 501-C-3 targets. of discrimination and And Se Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing violence. The treat of violence and discrimination is an. obstacle to Employment 501-C-3 Organizations, lesbian and gay people’s development. In a 1989 national survey,

5% of the gay men and 10% of the Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing lesbians reported physical abuse and/or. assault. 47% report some form of Medical Resume Any Employer | Livecareer discrimination over Computing And Se Ii Chapter Testing their lifetime. Other. research has show similarly high rates of discrimination or violence toward. homosexuals” (, APA QA) Personally I do hope the genetic surgery.

will reveal the true nature of homosexual and find the right loci of the gay. gene in the near future. Booklet Or. Optimistically with finding of the Computing Ii Chapter 12: Software Testing - Ppt Download biological. influences on the gay gene can help to eliminate the discrimination and the. escalating hate crimes rate toward the homosexuals.

Homosexuals are normal. people like the heterosexuals. They have feelings and their sexual orientation. of attracting the same sex is innate. They have no control over this destiny. Counseling, therapy or the environment can’t change this so since we can’t. convert this then why don’t we accept this and give those homosexuals all the. respects and rights that they deserve like any other heterosexuals.

BibliographyAPA Public Communication. * * · Begley S.; Hager M. (July 26, 1993) Newsweek. Vol. 122 Issue 4 Does DNA Make. Some Men Gay? P59 2/3p, 1c · Burr C. (Dec 16, 1996) Weekly Standard. Suppose. There Is a Gay Gene. What Then?

P 22-26 · John, H. (Nov 95). Scientific. American, Vol. 273 Issue 5, Gay Genes, Revisited p26, 5/6p, 1c · Kangas S. (1999) Homosexuality Is Biologically Determined. Homosexuality: Opposing. Viewpoints. Mary E. Williams, Greenhaven Press.

17-21 · Gorman, C. (Sept 9, 1991) Time Magazine. Dance | Template. Are Gay Men Born that Way? P 60-61 · Pillard R. (1999) The. Causes of Homosexuality Are Probably Genetic. Computing 12: Software Download. Homosexuality: Opposing. Viewpoints. Mary E. Williams, Greenhaven Press. 27-34. Help other users to find the good and worthy free term papers and Templates Any Employer trash the bad ones.

Free papers will not meet the guidelines of Computing Testing - Ppt your specific project. If you need a custom essay on Sexuality: , we can write you a high quality authentic essay. While free essays can be traced by Turnitin (plagiarism detection program), our custom written papers will pass any plagiarism test, guaranteed. Our writing service will save you time and grade.