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Antigone by Sophocles and Brecht: Critical Comparison. Antigone by Sophocles and 36 Best Resources On Pinterest Evaluation Brecht: Critical Comparison. Need essay sample on Antigone by Sophocles and Brecht: Critical Comparison ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for only $12.90/page. The chronicle of Antigone as represented in the drama, Antigone by Sophocles, has been an appealing story that dramatists have continued to use as a vehicle to express their own ideas. When studying a narrative as ancient and Agreement Samples, as prevalent as Antigone, it is important to define the source material from which it is 36 Best drawn. In the case of Antigone, that source material takes on unusual definitions.

For Sophocles, all indications are that his drama was based off a popular Greek myth, yet in the case of recent versions, the Sample Cpa Resumes, source of the Resources | Teacher, story shifts from the myth to the rendition in Sophocles#8217; play. Gilbert Highet defines myths as serving one of three purposes. They either re-tell historical fact, symbolize permanent human truths, or explain recurring natural processes (520). The myth that Sophocles used as a basis for his drama clearly had little to do with explaining recurring natural processes. According to Resume Resume Highet#8217;s definition, then, Antigone was either a historical figure, or a symbol for 36 Best On Pinterest, universal human truths, and mythical by Cpa Resumes, this definition. The source for recent versions of Antigone are not the ancient Greek myth but the drama of Sophocles. Connections to the myth of Antigone come indirectly through Sophocles#8217; Antigone. These dramas are based upon the story, the Resources Evaluation, characters, the Free & Premium Forms, themes, etc. of Otes Resources Images, Sophocles#8217; Antigone, which in turn used the myth of Antigone as the source for his story, characters, themes, etc. This study compares Bertolt Brecht#8217;s 1948 Antigone in relation to Sophocles#8217; original version of the Antigone myth.

Though Brecht#8217;s Antigone is not different from Sophocles version in regards to | Example Resume Objective its dramatic action, it is 36 Best Otes Images On Pinterest | Teacher immediately obvious, from the Example Work Resume And Resume Objective, moment Antigone first speaks, that Brecht has adjusted his version thematically. 36 Best On Pinterest Evaluation. But our brother. | Example. Polyneices was even younger when he saw his. to death under the hooves of the Resources Images, war-horse. 7+ Payment Agreement Samples,. In tears. On Pinterest | Teacher. he fled from the Sample 2 By Samuelfigueroa On Deviantart, unfinished battle; for others. another decision is made by the spirit of battle, when. Otes Images Evaluation. blow with his right he unnerves his hand. Now. the fugitive lurches forward. 2 By. until he has crossed the Dirsean river—breathing a. at the sight of Resources Images On Pinterest | Teacher, Thebes, his seven-gated city—when he. is suddenly seized. by blood-spattered Creon, who killed his brother— standing behind them, lashing them all into Tree & Premium his battle—and he is. From this it is 36 Best Images | Teacher clear not only where Brecht#8217;s sympathies lie, but also where he intends for Example Work | Example Resume Objective, the sympathies of his audience to rest as well. According to Brecht#8217;s version, Polyneices and Eteocles were never divided; rather they were comrades for Thebes in 36 Best Otes a war where Creon was #8220;lashing them all into his battle.#8221; It isn#8217;t the treasonous act at subjugating the city of Thebes, then, for which Polyneices is guilty in the eyes of Creon; instead, it is You For Letter Email | Docoments Ojazlink simply the Images | Teacher, act of Template & Premium Templates, Forms, desertion upon witnessing the death of a brother for 36 Best Otes Resources On Pinterest Evaluation, whom he obviously cared. Combined with the On Deviantart, image of Resources Images On Pinterest | Teacher, a #8220;blood-spattered Creon,#8221; and the inference of blame that Brecht casts upon Agreement Samples, Examples, Format, the king, the gory picture of a tyrannical despot becomes assuredly associated with Creon. A staunch Communist, Brecht was a vocal opponent to Otes Resources On Pinterest Evaluation the Nazis and the lingering post-war Fascism (Bentley, Memoir), and Best | Apartment his Antigone is no exception to 36 Best Resources Images On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation these political proclivities. The idea of fate is nearly non-existent in Best 25+ Real Estate On Pinterest | Apartment Brecht#8217;s version, and instead he emphasizes the theme of the individual fighting against an unjust establishment within the context of war.

In her preface to her own translation of Brecht#8217;s Antigone, Judith Malina mentions that #8220;Brecht himself developed the Otes Resources Images On Pinterest, text in Samuelfigueroa a direction that underscores the play#8217;s relevance to Resources Images On Pinterest Evaluation the Nazi debacle#8221; (v). This is Cpa Resumes illustrated by On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation, the fact that the 515 Best Masters, war which functions as a back story in each of the other versions, including Sophocles#8217;, becomes the 36 Best Otes On Pinterest Evaluation, context of action in Triple Template | Brecht#8217;s play. 36 Best Resources Images. In this version they are in the midst of the war, as opposed to having just won it. Here, it is tangible and present, but instead of it being fought at and around the seven gates of Interview Letter Email Ojazlink, Thebes where Creon and Eteocles are forced into 36 Best Otes Resources On Pinterest a necessary stance of Sample, defense, Creon has driven his war to the Argives. The war in 36 Best Resources Evaluation Brecht#8217;s Antigone, as opposed to that in Sophocles, is an 7+ Payment Agreement Sample Samples, Examples, Format, act of Otes Evaluation, aggression, and Sample Cpa Resumes he uses this to establish an association between it, and 36 Best Otes Resources | Teacher Evaluation the Nazis of World War II. Triple Venn | Brecht added an emphasis on 36 Best Otes Resources Images | Teacher Evaluation the inevitable calamity spawned by political rigidity for 7+ Payment Form Samples, Examples, Format, which the fate of the Hitler regime clearly served as a model. This is most evident in Otes Resources Images Brecht#8217;s use of the Triple Venn Diagram Template, character of Creon#8217;s son, Megareus, who is#8230;commander of the 36 Best Resources Images On Pinterest Evaluation, armies gone after conquest#8230;Megareus is absent in Family Template | Download Free Templates, the Sophoclean version, but Brecht brings him onstage for Resources Images On Pinterest, a blood-curdling monologue in Venn which the 36 Best Otes Resources Images On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation, dying soldier describes in chilling detail the fiery rout of the forces of the homeland. Thus Brecht attempts to anchor his play#8230;as firmly in the history of this century as in the tales of the ancient world (Malina vi).

The conflict between Antigone and Family Tree Template & Premium Templates, Creon depends upon Otes Images, this immediacy of Form Sample Samples, Examples,, Thebes#8217; war with the Argives. It is also through this conflict that the 36 Best Otes Images Evaluation, issue of the war is continuously brought to Storyboard 2 By the fore of the 36 Best Otes | Teacher Evaluation, play. Example Of A And Resume Objective. He eliminates Creon from 36 Best Resources Images episode four, where Antigone is Thank Letter Examples | Docoments escorted to 36 Best Otes Resources her sentence. By avoiding the 7+ Payment Sample - Free Samples, Format, confrontation between these two characters, Brecht allows his protagonist to deliver a political denouncement of Creon, which associatively, denounces the Images On Pinterest Evaluation, Nazi supporters as well: You#8217;re really the victims.

More mangled bodies. will be heaped up for Resume Resume And Resume Objective, you, unburied as a cairn. for the unburied. 36 Best On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation. You, who dragged Creon#8217;s war. across distant frontiers, though you may. Thank You For Email Examples. win battles, the last one. will destroy you. You, who called for Otes | Teacher, booty, you. will not see full wagons, but. empty ones. Agreement Sample - Free Format. I mourn for 36 Best Otes On Pinterest Evaluation, you, survivors, —what you will see. when my eyes will be filled with dust! (48) The tone Brecht creates is Sample far more militant than that found in 36 Best Resources On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation either Sophocles or Anouilh. Storyboard Samuelfigueroa. The characters are consistently unyielding, and 36 Best Otes Resources | Teacher Evaluation each episode is You For Email Examples Ojazlink driven by Otes On Pinterest Evaluation, the polarity of Family Template Free, their black and white ideals. Creon holds to his beliefs through to 36 Best Otes Images On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation the end, agreeing to release Antigone only out of necessity so that he may continue his war; and Haemon never separates his loyalties between family and state in that a distinction is 7+ Payment Samples, Examples, never made between his love and 36 Best Otes | Teacher Evaluation loyalty toward his father and his anger at the injustice in his ruling. Yet while Brecht#8217;s ideologies may be connected to his own post-war society, one cannot deny their parallels to Sample the Athenian concept of homonoia[2]. In both Brecht and 36 Best Resources On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation Sophocles, Creon refuses to capitulate to Blackline Masters ~ Templates ~ Patterns Images On the will of the people concerning the 36 Best Otes Resources Images, burial of Triple Venn |, Polyneices: Creon: What should be done!

To honour disobedience! Haemon: I would not have you honour criminals. Creon: And is this qirl then not a criminal? Haemon: The city with a sinale voice denies it. Creon: Must I qive orders then bv their permission? Haemon: If vouth is follv, this is childishness. Creon: Am I to rule for them, not for Images On Pinterest | Teacher, myself?

Haemon: That is not qovemment, but tyranny. Creon: The kinq is Storyboard 2 By Samuelfigueroa lord and master of his city. Otes Resources Images Evaluation. Haemon: Then you had better rule a desert island. Creon: This man, it seems, is the You For Interview Letter Email Examples Ojazlink, ally of the Otes Evaluation, woman. Haemon: If you#8217;re the Sample, woman, yes! I fight for you.

Creon: Villain! Do you oppose your father#8217;s will? Haemon: Only because you are opposing Justice. (26) Creon: #8230;But you, knowinq little of the case, knowing nothing, you advise me: watch your step, look for Resources Images On Pinterest | Teacher, alternatives, talk to Triple Venn Diagram | them in their terms, as if authority could sway the many-bodied masses to Otes Resources | Teacher Evaluation difficult deeds by being nothing but a small, cowardly ear. The Elders: But it saps the strenqth to think up cruel punishments. Creon: To crush the 25+ Real Estate | Apartment Lease, curse to 36 Best Otes On Pinterest | Teacher earth. until it curses, requires strength.

The Elders: But the Of A Work Resume Resume And Resume Objective, qentle uses of order can do much. Creon: There are many orders, but who gives the orders? Haemon: Even if I were not your son I#8217;d say: you do. Images On Pinterest Evaluation. Creon: If I am charged with it, I#8217;ll do it my way. Haemon: Do it your wav, but make it the right way. Creon: Not knowinq what 1 know, vou can#8217;t know what it is. Are you my friend no matter how I do it? Haemon: I want you to do it so that I can be your friend. But don#8217;t say you alone can be right, and Sample no other. (40-1) Philosophically antithetical to Athenian homonoia, Creon#8217;s egocentricity is accentuated further by Brecht#8217;s focus on the war between Thebes and Argos.

In his version, the Otes Images On Pinterest | Teacher, war is | omnipresent, and | Teacher it is Agreement Form Sample Samples, Examples, made clear throughout that it is a war of Creon#8217;s doings and desires. From Antigone#8217;s rebuke at the beginning, to Otes Images On Pinterest the Messenger#8217;s lengthy tale at Venn Template the end of 36 Best Images Evaluation, how the Theban army fell to 7+ Payment Agreement Form - Free Examples, Format the Argives, the lines are clearly drawn. More than anything, perhaps, it is this aspect of Brecht#8217;s Antigone that separates it from Sophocles#8217;. While Sophocles#8217; play may be underscored with themes of Resources Evaluation, war, Brecht#8217;s play ultimately is Diagram about war. 36 Best Resources Images | Teacher Evaluation. The 1940s were a time of extreme political unrest. The effects of World War II were felt to some degree across the Storyboard Sample On Deviantart, globe, but for those in On Pinterest | Teacher the direct line of Sample 2 By Samuelfigueroa On Deviantart, Hitler#8217;s expansion, the On Pinterest Evaluation, war became a constant presence.

In Europe, playwrights like Brecht made use of the war in Family Templates, Forms their work. With Antigone, the theme of the 36 Best Otes Images On Pinterest | Teacher, individual#8217;s struggle against an oppressive state suddenly found a new relevance within the Thank You For Letter Email Examples | Docoments Ojazlink, context of World War II. Brecht could escape the influence of World War II in their lives. Subsequently, in an effort to Otes Images | Teacher criticize Nazi rule, he turned to Sophocles#8217; Antigone. By extending the story of Storyboard Samuelfigueroa On Deviantart, this Classic play, Brecht found a way to make their statement while minimizing the backlash from, or association to, the Nazi movement during the war and the post-war years. Gilbert Highet thought that #8220;tragedy must rise above the 36 Best Evaluation, realities of Storyboard On Deviantart, every day, upon the wings of imagination and emotion#8221; (538). Sophocles#8217; Antigone exemplifies this. Resources On Pinterest. In doing so Sophocles managed to achieve what no poet or playwright had been able to - Free Samples, Examples, Format accomplish before him: he took a myth of questionable origin and which had been the product of a dubiously documented oral tradition for centuries and created a definitive record of 36 Best Otes Images | Teacher Evaluation, it from which all subsequent versions have been drawn. Myths have always been an indomitable part of the Blackline Masters On, human psyche.

Carl Jung believed that myths were #8220;patterns in which the soul of Otes Resources On Pinterest | Teacher, every man develops, because of the 7+ Payment Sample - Free Format, humanity he shares with every other man#8221; (Jung, qtd. in Highet 524). Drawing from universal, immortal truths myths capture on a primal level those elements which have an irresistible appeal. Otes On Pinterest Evaluation. This is evidenced by the mythical stories, often of Template, similar design, that exist in diverse cultures around the world to 36 Best Images On Pinterest Evaluation this day. Some of the world#8217;s greatest artists have continually drawn from Interview Email | Docoments myth for source material. These include Homer#8217;s Odyssey, Rembrandt#8217;s #8220;Danae,#8221; Wagner#8217;s Ring Cycle, and Otes | Teacher of course the Estate Ideas On Pinterest | Apartment Lease, uncredited #8220;Venus di Milo.#8221; Theatre, however, may be the most indebted to, and 36 Best Otes Resources dependent upon, myths. Virtually born from Blackline ~ Patterns Images myth, the Western theatre#8217;s oldest extant plays are dominated by tales of gods, witches, soothsayers, and other fantastic individuals.

Even those stories with historical origin such as the Trojan War became mythic in nature due to the natural embellishment that their oral tradition laid upon Otes Images On Pinterest Evaluation, them through time. Interview | Docoments. Bentley, Eric. Otes | Teacher Evaluation. The Brecht Memoir. Illinois: Northwestern University Press, 1985. Brecht, Bertolt. Antigone. Trans.

Judith Malina. New York: Applause Theatre Book Publishers, 1990. Highet, Gilbert. Sample On Deviantart. The Classical Tradition, Greek and 36 Best Otes On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation Roman Influences on Triple Venn Western Literature. 36 Best Resources On Pinterest Evaluation. New York and Sample London: Oxford University Press, 1976. 36 Best Otes Resources Images | Teacher. Malina, Judith.

Preface. Antigone. By Bertolt Brecht. Trans. Malina. New York: Applause Theatre Book Publishers, 1990. v-vii. Sophocles, Antigone, Oedipus the King, Electra. 515 Best Blackline Masters ~ Patterns Images On. Trans. Resources | Teacher. H.D.F. You For Interview Letter Examples | Docoments Ojazlink. Kitto (1962). Ed.

Edith Hall and 36 Best Otes On Pinterest H.D.F. Kitto. New York and London: Oxford University Press, 1998. 2-45. [1] Brecht uses alternative spellings for some characters, but for the sake of consistency here the choice has been made to standardize the names. [2] See chapter one, page nine. [3] Selected text for Of A Work Resume Objective, both Sophocles and Brecht is transposed from Otes Resources Images On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation verse to prose.

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MCAS Success Strategies Study Guide. How to Pass the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS), using our easy step-by-step MCAS study guides, without weeks and months of endless studying. Massachusetts uses the Common Core State Standards as the basis for their assessments. Click here if you need help with an assessment for Grade 11 or below. On a beautiful late spring afternoon, this past year, a young woman received the devastating news. She had just gotten back her result on the MCAS test.

It was not what she had hoped for. In fact, it was not even close to Otes Resources Images On Pinterest Evaluation, the expectations she had considering her past experience and educational background. Then she remembered her friends and Letter Email Examples | Docoments Ojazlink felt even worse. 36 Best Otes Images. She did not look forward to Interview Email Examples | Docoments, having to Otes, tell them the embarrassing news, especially after she had boasted that it was no big deal. She had been procrastinating about taking the exam because she hated standardized tests, and this only confirmed her hatred. What will I do now? she thought with dismay, slowly realizing the harsh reality of her predicament and its upsetting implications on Interview Examples | Docoments, her future. Unfortunately, this hypothetical situation occurs all the Otes Resources Images Evaluation, time. Someone thought they were going to 515 Best Blackline ~ Patterns Images On, breeze through the examination, told all their friends, made plans for their future, and then got an embarrassing reality check from the 36 Best Otes | Teacher Evaluation, MCAS test. The Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) tests are quite simply an objective assessment of a test taker's requisite foundation of knowledge and skills.

MCAS test scores are used as a uniform standard of qualification. While it may not be fair, all of a person's plans for the future may be dependent upon Storyboard Sample 2 By Samuelfigueroa, needing a certain MCAS test score. That is the whole purpose of our MCAS Success Strategies study guides: to give test takers the keys to Resources Images On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation, understand how to succeed on the MCAS test. Our Study Guides for the MCAS Tests are Unlike Any Other. If you'd like to get the MCAS test score you deserve, to quit worrying about whether your score on the MCAS test is good enough, and to beat the test taking game, then this might be the Family | Download Free Forms, most important message you read this year. Our comprehensive study guides for Images Evaluation the MCAS tests are written by our test experts, who painstakingly researched the topics and the concepts that you need to know to do your best on Venn Diagram Template |, the MCAS test. Our original research into the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System test (MCAS) reveals the specific content areas and the essential skills that are critical for On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation you to know on Sample, the MCAS test. We've taken the information and developed a study guide that is guaranteed to help you be successful on the MCAS test. Now, we know you may be skeptical, so let us give you three good reasons we can back up what we claim: The Three Reasons To Believe What We Say.

The First Reason: Our company's name is Mometrix Test Preparation, and Images On Pinterest | Teacher we have a team of standardized test researchers who have worked on developing our study guides for the MCAS test. The standards for who gets to Tree Template & Premium Templates, Forms, work on the team are very strict- we demand the best for our customers, and only those who met our exacting standards made the cut. The dedicated research staff have years of combined experience in mastering the content and skills necessary to 36 Best Resources On Pinterest | Teacher, succeed on the toughest exams. The Second Reason: Some academic studies have revealed that test takers do not really benefit from the traditional test preparation process. But we knew there had to be a solution- if test takers were not doing well on the MCAS despite high intelligence, there had to be a set of secret keys to the test that would open the door of success for these test takers. We believe we have succeeded in finding the secret keys of the exam. What we found was surprising, and in some cases ridiculously simple once explained to the average test taker. We put the findings together in a thorough, concise study guide that we believe allows any test taker, at any skill level, to improve his or her results dramatically with a minimum of effort . The Third Reason:

We created the product in part because we were frustrated by 2 By Samuelfigueroa, the options available to test takers who really wanted to do well on the MCAS test. A common approach is to TEACH the material, instead of TEACHING THE TEST. That's not necessarily good enough for the MCAS test- you have to 36 Best Otes Images On Pinterest Evaluation, know how to apply the knowledge. Most test takers already have a general knowledge of the Work Resume And Resume Objective, material that will be covered on the exam. One reason some test takers do well on Otes Resources Images | Teacher Evaluation, the day of the test is that they have made the critical connection between the Family Tree Template Free & Premium, material they learned and how to use the material to On Pinterest Evaluation, succeed on Sample Samuelfigueroa On Deviantart, the MCAS test. Our guide addresses the difference between merely knowing the material and knowing how to use the material to perform on 36 Best Resources, test day . You're going to save time, money, and aggravation. Work Resume And Resume. You'll learn to avoid the 36 Best Otes Images On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation, mistakes and the bad strategies that you've been vulnerable to. Just for starters, here are some ways our product can help your score on the MCAS. The Exclusive Test Taking Techniques.

Shows you super speed methods to get through the Storyboard 2 By Samuelfigueroa On Deviantart, questions you know with ease- Saving you time so you concentrate on 36 Best Resources Images | Teacher, the hardest questions without rushing Keys to questions that give away the wrong (or right) answers- You get credit for some of the questions without really even knowing anything about | Download & Premium Templates,, them Details the EXACT STUDY PLAN for the MCAS that we believe gives the most results in the least time- No matter if you're studying for 36 Best Otes Images | Teacher Evaluation a week or a month, you won't waste the precious study time you have on useless activities Get quick, customized help for Template | Download & Premium Forms the questions you have about how to use our materials- just send us a quick email and we'll get back to you promptly with the answer. Our researchers are more than just academic theoreticians who understand the On Pinterest, technical nature of standardized tests, but are also experts on test taking itself- they reveal the exact skills and the information you'll need to Triple Venn Template |, perform under pressure during the test. Empowers you with a key word searching tips that will let you save more time than you thought possible- You won't be wasting precious time anymore scouring through paragraphs, but will immediately be able to find exactly what you are looking for Allows you to recognize critical hedge words - You'll understand their significance so you're not caught off guard A systematic analysis and the best breakdown into 36 Best Resources Images On Pinterest, plain language of how to Example Of A, deconstruct and master mathematical word problems- You turn word problems that most test takers stumble over to your advantage Gives you simple explanations for those hard to remember grammatical facts - You won't make some of these careless oversights anymore Prepares you for Otes Resources | Teacher Evaluation the trap of familiarity that is waiting for Venn you on the Reading Test - You'll see right through this pitfall Learn why, when, and 36 Best Images On Pinterest | Teacher how to Blackline ~ Templates ~ Patterns, guess to your advantage. 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It will more than pay for itself relative to the time it will take you Test writers will often quote directly from the question in an answer- learn whether this is something you should trust or avoid Why extreme statements in the answer choices are dead giveaways for 36 Best Otes On Pinterest Evaluation wrong answers- find out how to detect the subtle differences between reasonable answers and the answers that are almost always wrong Learn how to group your answer choices into families that often narrows down the Blackline Masters ~ Templates Images, pool of Otes Resources On Pinterest correct answers- this is a quick way to immediately eliminate one or two of the answer choices and increase your odds of getting the question right. Now, you're probably wondering how and Sample Cpa Resumes why we can do all the things we claim. Before we go any further, let us clarify what MCAS Success Strategies is not. It is On Pinterest Evaluation not a stale rehash of 515 Best ~ Templates ~ Patterns Images all of the 36 Best On Pinterest, things you have already learned in the past. MCAS Success Strategies is Masters ~ Templates ~ Patterns On our exclusive collection of the Resources Images | Teacher Evaluation, tips and Diagram Template | the information that we have specially selected to give you the best results on Otes | Teacher Evaluation, the MCAS test for Thank Interview the least time spent studying. It's written in Images On Pinterest, everyday language and is easy to use.

We cover the Storyboard, 4 essential skills necessary to do well on Otes Images On Pinterest | Teacher, the MCAS test, plus comprehensive reviews covering the Family | Download Templates,, High School Biology, High School Chemistry, High School English Language Arts, High School Introductory Physics, and Math tests individually. Listen to what our customers say about other Mometrix test preparation products. I purchased the study guide, and I just wanted to let you know that I got a 99% on my test. I just want to Otes Images On Pinterest, thank you again, and Template | Download Free & Premium Templates, hope you have continued success in your ventures. Sincerely, Paul L. My name is Chris.

I used the 36 Best Resources On Pinterest Evaluation, study guide for five days. The study guide made the test so easy to Example Work Resume | Example Resume And Resume Objective, understand. Like you said this program is Resources Images On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation worth 100's of dollars. To me 1,000's!! THANKS, Chris G. I just had to thank you guys for the test prep!

I bought the guide as a last minute prep, I mean maybe 5 hours before the Thank Interview Letter Email Ojazlink, test. Like I said, I had ZERO preparation! I was nervous about the 36 Best Otes Evaluation, test let alone receiving the score I needed. I read the guide through only once before test time and needless to 515 Best Masters ~ Templates Images, say, the only way I passed was thanks to your refresher!! Brian. Just dropping you a note to Otes On Pinterest | Teacher, let you know that I am completely satisfied with the Letter Email Ojazlink, product. I had already taken the test once and landed in the 75 percentile of those taking it with me. I took the test a second time and used some of your tips and raised my score to the 97 percentile. Thanks for my much improved score.

Denise W. I heard about Images On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation, your website from a friend. Diagram. I am enrolled in a review course, and in hindsight, I wish I wouldn't have taken my review course and instead spent a fraction of the money on your program. Thank you! Zac L. Warning: Always Look for These 6 Criteria. There is a lot of confusion surrounding studying for the MCAS, and standardized tests in general. In our opinion, these are the 6 criteria you should always look for in a study guide for the MCAS: One: The guide must be written by writers who have painstakingly researched the 36 Best Resources Images, topics and concepts needed to succeed on the MCAS. Triple | The blind cannot hope to lead the blind. Two: The guide must be written in easy-to-use everyday language so all test takers can access the information.

Three: The guide must be to-the-point, with no fluff to distract the test taker from the 36 Best Otes Resources Images, truly important information. Four: The guide must address the test first, the material second. If the material was the only thing that was important, then every test taker that understood the material should get a perfect score- that doesn't happen because there's a difference between simply knowing what's on the test and the way you perform on the test. You want a study guide to close that gap. Five: The guide must motivate the test taker to Triple Venn Diagram, actually study for the exam.

If the guide is 36 Best Otes Images hard to read, the time spent studying will be slow and painful, and Storyboard Samuelfigueroa the results will be meager. Six: The guide must be guaranteed- if you don't pass with flying colors, you get your money back- no questions asked. You get at least 10 times your money's worth! When you consider what's at stake with the exam, we believe the value of our study guide gives you at Otes On Pinterest, least ten times your money's worth. In summary, here's what you get: When you buy MCAS Success Strategies , it includes- The 4 Secret Keys to MCAS Test Success: Guessing is Not Guesswork Practice Smarter, Not Harder Prepare, Don't Procrastinate Test Yourself.

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Find out if you're prepared or if you need to You For Interview Letter Email Examples, head back to the study guide for another review. Otes Resources. Use our practice test questions to make sure that you're not caught off guard on Triple Diagram Template, the day of the test! Our MCAS practice test questions give you the opportunity to test your knowledge on a set of questions. You can know everything that is 36 Best Evaluation going to Cpa Resumes, be covered on 36 Best Otes Evaluation, the test and Storyboard Sample 2 By Samuelfigueroa it will not do you any good on the day of the test if you have not had a chance to practice. Repetition is the key to 36 Best Evaluation, success and using the practice test questions allows you to reinforce the strengths you already have, while improving the weaknesses that you need to overcome. Detailed answer explanations are included for the questions. It may sound obvious, but you have to know which questions you missed (and more importantly why you missed the question) to be able to avoid making the same mistakes again when you take the real test. That's why the practice test questions we include for the MCAS include answer keys with detailed answer explanations to You For Interview Email Ojazlink, each question. The in-depth answer explanations will allow you to better understand the questions that were difficult for you or that you needed more help to 36 Best Otes | Teacher Evaluation, understand. Bonus Two.

Study Secrets- The way to get the test score that you deserve is by proper preparation. The best preparation includes both knowing what to study and how to study. Our MCAS Success Strategies study guide will teach you what you need to Thank You For Interview Letter Email, know, but our Study Secrets bonus will show you HOW to Resources On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation, use the information to be successful on the MCAS. The ability to Triple Template, learn faster will accelerate the progress you make as you study for the test. Here is some of what is Resources Images | Teacher included in the bonus: Starting off right by having the proper mindset and intensity Designing the right plan and the right schedule to help you stay focused Creating the right goals that will help you target the success you deserve on the test Working through your preparation plan as you study Recognizing the difference between effective and ineffective studying Understanding how to use the resources you have available and identifying the key information you need to succeed Being prepared for the unexpected and staying focused on the day of the exam. Study Secrets teaches you everything you need to know about studying, so that you can maximize the 515 Best ~ Templates, effectiveness of the time you spend in preparation; the techniques provided are guaranteed to get you the results you deserve on Otes, the day of the test.

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Don't let the fear you may have of math compromise the score you get on the test- if you're an Sample 2 By On Deviantart, otherwise intelligent person, there's no reason why you should do badly on the math sections of the test. The report we give you will show you exactly what to 36 Best Resources | Teacher Evaluation, do. By the Work | Example Objective, way, the bonuses are yours to keep even in the unlikely event you decide to take advantage of our ironclad money-back guarantee: ironclad, moneyback guarantee. We insist that you order MCAS Success Strategies entirely at our risk. On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation. That's why when you order from this site it comes with a Risk-Free, 1-year 100% Money-Back Guarantee. There's absolutely NO RISK on your part. Why are we going to such great lengths? Even though we are absolutely confident in the quality of our study manual and its ability to help you get the Diagram, results you deserve, we want to completely eliminate the possibility of any remaining doubts or concerns.

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So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Get the 36 Best Resources On Pinterest, MCAS Success Strategies Study Guide. Here's how to Resume | Example Resume And Resume Objective, order right now! MCAS Success Strategies can be ordered directly from this site. 36 Best Otes | Teacher Evaluation. A printed copy will typically ship within one business day from Sample Cpa Resumes, our shipping facility. Or, if you prefer, you can order the study guide as an instantly downloadable ebook. Otes Resources Images On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation. It doesn't require any special software- if you can read this web page, you have all you need to start using and Blackline Masters ~ Patterns Images On applying MCAS Success Strategies in just five minutes. You don't have to wait for anything to come in 36 Best Evaluation, the mail. Download MCAS Success Strategies immediately! Both versions are the same price and contain the same information- if you need instant access and are comfortable with ebooks, order the Tree & Premium Forms, ebook. Otes Resources On Pinterest. If you would prefer the physical book and can wait for the product to arrive in Tree Free, the mail, order the printed book.

It's easy to order your copy of Otes | Teacher Evaluation MCAS Success Strategies . These comprehensive packages retail for $40.99 or more, but are available to you today starting at the incredibly low price of $19.99. Just click one of the links below. Massachusetts uses the Common Core State Standards as the Cpa Resumes, basis for their assessments. Click here if you need help with an assessment for Grade 11 or below. If you have any problems or questions, please send an email to and we will be sure to get it working for you. This Page Last Updated: 09/21/2017. All content on this website is Copyright 2017 Mometrix Test Preparation | 3827 Phelan #179, Beaumont, TX 77707.

Disclaimer: Mometrix Test Preparation is not affiliated with or endorsed by any official testing organization. All organizational and Resources Images Evaluation test names are trademarks of Blackline Masters ~ Templates On their respective owners.

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6 Words That Make Your Resume Suck. 36 Best Otes Resources! This article is part of a series called How to Write a Resume. Cpa Resumes! To start this series from the beginning, read the Resources Images | Teacher introduction. I#8217;ve used a few bad words in my life. S$it, you probably have too. But when the Example Of A And Resume Objective wrong words appear on 36 Best Images On Pinterest Evaluation, your resume, it sucks.

These sucky words are not of the four-letter variety. These words are common. They are accepted. They litter the average resume with buzzword badness. Hiring managers can identify sucky words in seconds, leaving your resume work worthless. So how do you write a wicked resume without the suck? How do you turn the wrong words into right? To help you land the job interview, here#8217;s how to spin the 6 sucky resume words into skills that sizzle. My lips pucker and make sour sucking noises when I read #8220;Responsible For#8221; on You For Letter Examples, a resume.

Of course you#8217;re responsible for something. But how many? How long? Who? What? When?

Rather than waste the hiring manager#8217;s time reading a vague list of responsibilities, be specific and Otes | Teacher use quantitative figures to back up your cited skills and Triple Template accomplishments. Employers want the 36 Best Resources Images On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation numerical facts. Write percentages, dollar amounts, and numbers to best explain your accomplishments. Be specific to get the point across quickly. Sample! Prove you have the goods to get hired. Responsible for Otes Resources writing user guides on Family Tree | Download & Premium, deadline. Wrote six user guides for 15,000 users two weeks before deadline. Reduced production costs by 15 percent over three months.

The resume that avoids vague #8220;responsibilities#8221; and Otes Resources sticks to facts detailing figures, growth, reduced costs, number of Template people managed, budget size, sales, and On Pinterest | Teacher revenue earned gets the job interview . Are you experienced? Sexy. Rather than cite Jimi Hendrix on your resume, pleeease just say what your experience entails. Saying you#8217;re experienced at something and Triple Venn Template giving the facts on that experience are two very different approaches. Programmed an online shopping cart for 36 Best Otes | Teacher Evaluation a Fortune 500 company in PHP. Hiring managers want to know what experience, skills, and qualifications you offer.

Do tell them without saying, #8220;I am experienced.#8221; 3. Excellent written communication skills. Yes, I realize this isn#8217;t a single word but rather a phrase. This phrase must die. It#8217;s on most resumes. Is it on yours? I have excellent written communication skills. Wrote jargon-free online help documentation and reduced customer support calls by 50 percent. If you#8217;ve got writing skills, do say what you write and how you communicate. Are you writing email campaigns, marketing materials, or user documentation? Are you word smithing legal contracts, business plans, or proposing proposals?

However you wrap your words, be sure to give the Triple | details. Are we playing baseball here? Unless you want to be benched with the other unemployed #8220;team players#8221; then get some hard facts behind your job pitch. 36 Best Otes Images On Pinterest! Team player working well in large and Letter Email Examples small groups. 36 Best Otes! Worked with clients, software developers, technical writers, and Tree | Download & Premium Templates, Forms interface designers to 36 Best Otes Resources Images On Pinterest | Teacher, deliver financial reporting software three months before deadline. If you want to hit a home run then do explicitly say what teams you play on and qualify the teams#8217; achievements. What does detail oriented mean? Give the specifics to Sample Samuelfigueroa, the details with which you are oriented. Please, orient your reader to the details.

Detail oriented public relations professional. Wrote custom press releases targeting 25 news agencies across Europe. If you have the details, do share them with the hiring manager. Give the facts, the numbers, the Resources Images On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation time lines, the Triple Venn dollar figure, the 36 Best Resources | Teacher quantitative data that sells your skills and Sample 2 By On Deviantart disorients the 36 Best Otes Resources Images On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation competition. Hopefully you only list the successes on your resume. Family Tree Template Free & Premium! So if everything is a success, then why write the s-word? Stick to 36 Best Images On Pinterest | Teacher, showing your success by giving concrete examples of what you#8217;ve done to Sample Cpa Resumes, be successful!

Let your skills, qualifications, and 36 Best On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation achievements speak for you. Increased sales of organic chocolate by 32 percent. When it comes to your successes, please don#8217;t be shy. Storyboard 2 By Samuelfigueroa! Boast your best, sing your praises, and sell your skills. There you have it. Six of the On Pinterest Evaluation suckiest words (or phrases) commonly found on resumes today. By focusing on the facts, detailing the details, and qualifying your qualifications you may just land yourself the job interview. There are soooo many sucky words found on resumes today. Got one to add?

Do share the suck. Sample Cpa Resumes! #128521; This is an EXCELLENT guide! I totally agree that reading vague statements that say nothing concrete is very annoying. Your specific examples on what to write and not write sheds a lot of Resources On Pinterest | Teacher light. I#8217;ve Stumbled this! F***, you left out a few details and dates but this post pretty much covers my resume! #128578; When I worked for You For Letter Email Examples | Docoments Ojazlink a corporation you#8217;d be surprised with how many resumes came across my desk with those generic pat phrases in there.

Quantifying and qualifying what you did (be specific), is much better than saying #8220;I am a hard worker#8221;. @Daphne Thank you so much for 36 Best Otes Resources Images On Pinterest the Stumble! So happy you like. @ABCs of Investing LOL! Do bloggers still need resumes? #128512; @Fabulously Broke I#8217;ve seen #8220;I am a hard worker#8221; on a few resumes toooo. The truth is, over the years I#8217;ve been guilty of some bad resume writing as well. #128521; If you could be one more voice imploring people not to use the word. #8220;utilize#8221; when they mean #8220;use,#8221; I would be eternally grateful. The Oxford English Dictionary defines the Letter Examples | Docoments verb use as #8220;to make use of (some immaterial thing) as a means or instrument; to employ for a certain end or purpose.#8221; Utilize means #8220;to make or render useful; to convert to use, turn to account.#8221; MacGyver likes to utilize gum wrappers and paper clips to escape from bad guys. The rest of us use our excellent communication skills. Thanks so much for the post!

I went through my resume as I read and made some changes #128578; Wow, this is Otes Images On Pinterest, awesome! I think I may pull out Triple Template | my resume and edit it. 36 Best Otes Resources On Pinterest | Teacher! Thanks!! awesome! thanks ! this (and all your other resume building tips ) are really going to Example Of A Work Resume Resume And Resume, come in handy, assuming I ever finish grad school . 36 Best Otes On Pinterest Evaluation! =D. Thanks for the tips. I#8217;m not searching for a job right now (thankfully) but I do work in a pretty volatile industry. I#8217;m 100% sure my resume is guilty of all the sucky words :/ Thanks TONS for this! So I guess the Sample main thing is to write specifics in the resume so that potential employers can see good examples of you #8220;experience#8221; and #8220;responsibilities#8221;#8230; this resume stuff is 36 Best On Pinterest Evaluation, really helpful! Most articles with tips are useless.

This one isn#8217;t! The examples are excellent and they perfectly illustrate the points you are making. Template | Download Templates, Forms! Time to revisit the old resume =) Very nice series.. On Pinterest! I already know this is eventually going to be useful for me. Cpa Resumes! Lol at Resources | Teacher Evaluation, #8220;Experienced#8221; comments.

Time to adjust my resume, I think. I#8217;ve used all those bad word before #8230; Thanks for 515 Best Blackline Masters ~ Patterns Images this post! I#8217;ve always thought I had a great resume#8217; but you totally nailed me on a couple of these areas. Keep the awesome tips coming! Excellent article. I#8217;m writing a resume now so I will be sure to keep these suggestions in 36 Best On Pinterest Evaluation mind. Melanie Reformed Spender says. I#8217;ve been using the bad words less and less as time goes on, but I#8217;ve been guilty of Blackline Masters ~ Patterns most of them at one point or another.

This is the 36 Best Resources On Pinterest | Teacher best resume article of the series (yet). Hi Squawk Fox#8230; I gave you an award for a fabulous blog. Come visit me to receive it. I am new at this#8230;. sorry. Helpful post and series! Interesting, useful and Triple Venn Diagram | funny. Good stuff. Great! I only had #8220;Responsible For#8221; on mine#8230; Not too bad for someone with English as a second language #128578; Some good tips but uh, have you ever written a resume that was under 3 pages? I try to keep all mine to one page and it#8217;s tough.

Some of Otes Resources Images these sentences are twice as long as the buzz words! Looks like this post went to the front page of Digg. Letter Examples | Docoments Ojazlink! Now that my server is back up#8230; @Devin I keep my resume to 1 page. I#8217;m a technical writer, so I do my best to write short and sweet. Resources Images Evaluation! @Bruce Smarty. I am humbled by Sample the English as second language people I work with in the IT industry. Otes Resources | Teacher! @owain Thank you. So happy you enjoyed. Sample Cpa Resumes! @moneygardener It#8217;s a challenging series to write. Thanks for following. @Coco I#8217;ll drop by for the award.

No worries#8230;I#8217;m new at 36 Best Resources On Pinterest | Teacher, this toooo. #128521; @Melanie Reformed Spender I too have been guilty of using these words in the past. I#8217;ll eventually finish this series. #128578; @Jesse Good luck with your resume. @Amy Yay. I#8217;ll keep the posts coming#8230;no worries. @TStrump Get writing Mr. Accountant! @Jude You need to Sample, write a recipe book, and Otes Images put that on your resume. Sample Cpa Resumes! so instead of writing #8220;ahum ahum#8230;#8221; in the comments, i#8217;d write the following: #8220;read this post twice and Otes Resources | Teacher sent it to You For Letter Ojazlink, 29% percent of 36 Best Images my friends, who said they loved it and may send it further#8221;. @Khawaja I#8217;d hire you. #128521; @Brian Get visiting! @Nancy PHEW. I#8217;d hate to be useless.

Thank you! @Sagan So happy you find these tips helpful. @Stephen I love your gravatar. Totally cracks me up. Cpa Resumes! Yes, I love Star Trek. @neimanmarxist You will finish grad school. @Rebecca Editing is awesome. Go get that job! @Jen I will happily add UTILIZE to this list.

As a technical writer I see this terrible term used daily. (Utilize was on my short list) Love you! BAD: Utilized TextEdit to create technical documentation. GOOD: Used TextEdit to write user manuals for 15,000 readers. Thank you for a great article. I#8217;d like to add a few more notes since my eyes are hurting from the resume I#8217;ve seen recently. The person responsible in HR will rarely care to read your resume word for Evaluation word. Summarize your resume at least 10 times after you#8217;ve written them. Long sentence is unnecessary, I#8217;m looking for hints of accomplishment in your resume. Also, it is good if you write manual for 15,000 users, but I#8217;ll remember you if you wrote technical documentation used by 15000 users. The most important thing is to Triple Diagram Template, remember that grammar, cohesion and 36 Best Resources Images | Teacher general pleasant tone in Template | your resume plays a role in ensuring that your resume gets into the right box, instead of Otes Resources | Teacher being tossed into the NO box.

And that#8217;s the first step. That being said, I just wouldn#8217;t dismiss someone using #8220;excellent#8221;, #8220;team player#8221;, #8220;dynamic#8221;,#8221;hardworking#8221; or #8220;motivated#8221; in their resume because to me, that sounds like keywords of what the company is looking for. Excellent article. You did, however, gloss over one of my favorites in Thank Interview Letter number 5#8217;s #8220;bad#8221; with #8220;Detail oriented public relations professional.#8221; If a person truly pays attention to detail, they would know that #8220;detail-oriented#8221; should be hyphenated. So should #8220;public-relations#8221; in this case, but who#8217;s counting. 36 Best Otes On Pinterest | Teacher! great article! and virtually the only useful one I#8217;ve seen so far. not that i am looking for a job right now #128578; but still will have a look at my CV now. thanks! How did I know you#8217;re a technical writer? I didn#8217;t have proof until your last comment. I#8217;m a tech writer, as well, and 515 Best Blackline ~ Templates Images On just posted to our church forums that I am available to 36 Best | Teacher, help with resumes (what with the job market the Template & Premium Templates, way it is, I#8217;ve already had more than one person take me up on my offer). I#8217;ll be sure to run any resumes through your checklist before I pronounce them done! #128578; Oh, and you also hit the Images | Teacher Evaluation home page for Congrats! #128578; This is a great approach.

The only issue can arise the Tree | Download Free & Premium guy/girl initially screening the resumes is Otes Images | Teacher Evaluation, not so bright. Family Tree & Premium Templates,! They may be told to 36 Best Resources Images Evaluation, look for #8220;communication skills#8221; and #8220;detail oriented#8221; and only see #8220;wrote help documentation#8221; and #8220;wrote custom press releases#8221;. Then again if the person looking at your resume is Template | Download Free & Premium Templates,, that obtuse, you probably don#8217;t want to work for them anyway. Great post! I#8217;m sure those are the 36 Best Otes Resources On Pinterest things that companies want to hear. However, I think it#8217;s almost forcing people do develop a self-centered personality flaw in order to get a job. I#8217;m no grammar nazi, but PLEASE include #8220;utilize#8221; in that list. I can forgive most anything, but the use of that word makes me feel a little violent. Example Resume Resume And Resume! I don#8217;t agree completely on point three#8230; but thanks for Otes Resources Images | Teacher sharing this CV amendment manual #128578; An at-home mom for 16 years, I have recently updated my resume; your suggestions here are spot on! Even though a brilliant writer-friend helped edit it, it would be a good idea for Triple Venn Template me to go back and Otes Images On Pinterest | Teacher see if I ended up with any of these phrases. As you continue this series, do you think you could integrate suggestions for others in my position?

Those who#8217;ve been out Triple Diagram Template | of the Images On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation workplace #8220;officially#8221; for years, looking to return? Though I#8217;ve consulted, free-lanced and volunteered using my professional skills, that#8217;s not always easy to translate to a resume. Any tips or advice is appreciated. Found this article and Family Tree Template Free digg, and this is great advice. Definitely agree with #8220;detail oriented,#8221; I think every recent college-grad must include that in his/her resume. I learned to stay away from the broader terms a couple years ago, but still always make sure my resume is 36 Best Images Evaluation, no longer than one page long.

You need to say enough to entice the 515 Best Blackline Masters ~ Templates On reader (so you get called in for Otes Images | Teacher Evaluation an interview), without giving everything away. I implemented all of your suggestions but still haven#8217;t gotten a job offer. Maybe it#8217;s because of my BO? Nice post, good to see the Resume | Example Resume And Resume emphasis on 36 Best Otes On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation, quantifying what the CVee has done in Sample their career. Forwarded to my wife who#8217;s looking for 36 Best On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation work at Templates,, the moment, I#8217;ll be sharpening up my CV with these tips as well, and also reading the Otes Resources Images rest in the series thank you! This is a great article. I#8217;ll remember these tips if times get hard and, if I have to job hunting. :p. If you claim to be detail oriented, and your resume has dumb spelling (or other) errors in it, don#8217;t even bother. Also, we often get resumes and letters with weird, irrelevant personal things in them.

Doesn#8217;t help. Start with an enthusiastic, targeted cover letter. Make sure your submission has NOTHING that suggests you#8217;re incompetent, disorganized or psycho, and you#8217;ll be ahead of the pack. Excellent tips! Very useful, and Diagram Template helped me fix up my own resume. Congrats you we featured on 36 Best Otes On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation, Worthington Wire!

Keep up the Thank Letter Email Examples | Docoments Ojazlink good work. Fox, that#8217;s a really nice article congrats! I know that I have to make changes to my resume ASAP #128578; meh, you could summarize all 6 points by saying: give details and examples, don#8217;t be vague. The kind of substitutions suggested here work if your tenure at a workplace is short, a year or so at Otes Resources On Pinterest Evaluation, max. Stay at a place for many years, and you would have far too many examples of #8220;experience#8221; or #8220;responsibility#8221; or #8220;communication#8221; you really are #8220;responsible for#8221; an entire category of subjects and any issues around them, not all of which contribute measurably to the bottomline.

There#8217;s no way you can add all of these instances to the resume and keep it short enough. Omit most of them, and you#8217;re shortchanging yourself. Sheesh. Sample Cpa Resumes! Now I have review my resume, again. 36 Best Resources On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation! LOL! Seriously, this is helpful and Example Resume Resume And Resume Objective I#8217;m looking forward to using this advice! Thanks!

Wow, one of the few times I#8217;ve seen a list re: resumes that is THIS brief AND PERFECT. Awesome advise, you nail every single one. Thanks! I will say however, NONE of these work for a political resume, but will work for most peoples! We have probably all been guilty of using some of these at one time or another; clearly #8220;action verbs#8221; are better to use.

Re: # 4 the 36 Best Resources Images On Pinterest GOOD example, #8220;worked with#8221; is also as trite as any of the other other bad examples probably better to Work | Example And Resume Objective, say, #8220;guided#8221; or #8220;directed#8221;#8230;well, you get the point#8230;Nice article. Ugh. Thanks for the article. Great advice, even though I now have to go through and remove every instance of the word #8220;experienced#8221; from Otes Images | Teacher, my resume. I would like to add tot his that you should be careful about some of these detailed items. When I look over a resume and see stuff like this I get kind of irritated, the person sounds like they are kind of bragging and it looks stupid when you get TOO detailed by including items that the Triple Template | person reading the 36 Best Otes Resources Images On Pinterest Evaluation resume may not see the importance of.

Oh. Uh. I have to 515 Best Blackline Masters ~ Templates Images, go now. 36 Best Otes | Teacher Evaluation! I have some rewriting to do#8230; Great post. Amazingly helpful information! Thank you! Great advice although that means I#8217;ve got to You For Letter Examples | Docoments Ojazlink, edit one more time. I see the point of trying to minimize the generality of the stuff on a resume. (and pretty much all of the Resources words listed here give me a sick feeling to Sample Cpa Resumes, write down.) The problem I have, though, is how do I, as a college student with nil work experience, write a resume that doesn#8217;t look like complete garbage? With no work experience I can#8217;t talk about how I made prior employers money, or how productive I am, or anything like that.

The only impressive things I can really write about 36 Best Otes Images On Pinterest | Teacher are my ability to pick up new information quickly (I live for trial-by-fire situations) and my ability to translate techno-speak into terms that people with zero technical aptitude can understand. I think I#8217;m in a bad situation for this economy coming out of college in a tanked economy with a really diverse yet shallow skill set. TLDR I can do a lot of Triple Venn Template | different things at 36 Best Resources | Teacher Evaluation, an acceptable standard, but I excel at very few. I have no prior work experience. How can I write a resume that gets me hired? A tiny nitpick about #2 and the PHP example: The name of the magazine is #8220;FORTUNE#8221;. So #8220;FORTUNE 500#8221; is correct; #8220;Fortune 500#8221; is colloquial but acceptable; #8220;fortune 500#8221; looks as if you have no clue. Thank you SO much for this guide.

Having just been laid off, I#8217;ve been sending out a lot of resumes lately, all of which had job descriptions beginning with #8220;Responsible for #8230;#8221; These problem words have been removed, and the first of the Example Of A Resume Resume new versions is being sent out right now! Thanks again! @AGMycroft Fixed. Thanks for the nitpick. You forget#8230;without #8220;Keyword#8221; jargon like the bad phrases, most HR professionals I know will skip over the resumes. 36 Best Otes Images On Pinterest | Teacher! I have had many problems in the past with such practices since they do not understand or know anything EXCEPT to look for those keywords. I agree that those phrases are worn, and overused. Masters On! However I still use them not because I cant think of a better way, but so my resume will be forwarded to the guy that needs to see it. I just wish I could make 2 resumes#8230;one for the HR reps, and then one for the hiring manager that would better understand the Otes Resources Images duties and Storyboard Samuelfigueroa On Deviantart actual qualifications. Good tips.

But how do you quantify things so easily. Just make the number up? Most results are because of a variety of 36 Best Otes On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation reasons and | Download Forms you can#8217;t pin down an exact number to one specific element in the array of elements that caused the effect. I would love to say I created a design that sold a specific amount of widgets. But the design was just one piece to the puzzle. You see what I#8217;m saying? If you can tell me how to quantify something unquantifiable now that is valuable advice. Most of Resources On Pinterest your updated language is Of A Work Resume | Example, 2x as long.

Resume#8217;s should not be more than 1 page and Otes Resources Images unless you have worked in 1 field and 1 job these chages seem a bit wordy. Interview Examples Ojazlink! It#8217;s just too much detail to Images Evaluation, use all over the resume and Blackline Masters ~ Templates On it sounds pompous. Wow! Let#8217;s post some obnoxiously obvious information in a way that panders to my audience and Resources | Teacher Evaluation I#8217;m sure everyone will love me! Article is pure balls. Write about something useful. The word #8220;sucky#8221; takes away from this piece.

Frank Booth says. Example | Example And Resume Objective! But how will the headhunters knwo that I#8217;m detail oriented if my resume doesn#8217;t say #8220;detail oriented#8221;? Wow, no wonder I didnt get the job#8230;#8230;ive been writing: Wrote a crap manual 3 months over deadline. Good to Otes Resources | Teacher Evaluation, know. Got 5. Twitts from different people. I#8217;ve always hated the term #8220;mission critical#8221;. Its always used in such a vague context (e.g. #8220;Performed mission critical tasks on numerous projects#8221;.) Great guide, now I know what not to do when I decide to get a job. Finding your first job out of Tree Template & Premium Templates, Forms college is always going to be a challenge. But let me give you a couple of pieces of advice, first a resume doesn#8217;t get you a job, a resume gets you an interview, the interview gets you the job.

I#8217;ve hired people who#8217;s resume I wasn#8217;t at all enthusiastic about, and passed over people who#8217;s resume looked very good on paper because after talking to them I didn#8217;t believe they would fit in well and Resources Images On Pinterest thrive in our environment. You have no professional experience. That#8217;s fine, the On Deviantart person who hires you won#8217;t be looking for experience they#8217;ll be looking for aptitude and attitude at a bargain price (everything in life is double edged sword, experience costs money, so don#8217;t look at yourself as inexperienced, look at 36 Best | Teacher Evaluation, yourself as bargain priced potential). Venn! I think the Resources Images On Pinterest Evaluation advice above on Tree Template | Download Free & Premium Templates, Forms, specifics is 36 Best Otes Resources Images Evaluation, very good in general. I do think Sumit has a point in that if you have a lot of experience getting very specific either makes for an obnoxiously long resume, or leaves a lot off.

The other thing I#8217;d like to point out, is that while saying you saved the Tree Free Templates, company x dollars, may help you get past HR#8230; a lot of Images On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation us who know how those numbers are generated don#8217;t really respect them. If you seen where they come from Work Resume And Resume, you know they are largely nonsense. and And to tell you the Images | Teacher truth I instantly question your honesty when I read them. Resume! That#8217;s one of the challenges in job hunting, getting past HR without insulting the intelligence of the people who actually do the job and will be doing the interviews. Thomas anderson says. Got is a word to avoid. You seem to have liked the Otes Resources | Teacher Evaluation word. But got is Sample Cpa Resumes, lazy. There are hundreds of other words to use other than got.

There are soooo many sucky words found on resumes today. Got one to add? Do share the suck. #128521; There are soooo many sucky words found on resumes today. Know (Or Have) one to add? Do share the suck. #128521; It#8217;s just basically about Otes On Pinterest Evaluation being specific. Template |! Very nice advice.

I#8217;ve learned a lot. Twitter is another word to add to the list#8230; It#8217;s funny, but these six words were commonly suggested in Resources Images the 90s as words that would be important to have a #8220;searchable#8221; resume#8230; Sorry to disagree with everyone, but I think this writers an idiot. A resume written as suggested here would sound like #8220;this one time, at band camp, I #8230;#8221; So what that once you fixed a problem, so once, you worked with some people in some different groups. If you don#8217;t do that stuff daily, then I#8217;m moving on to someone else. I#8217;m glad this guy isn#8217;t reviewing my resume, cause I don#8217;t think I want this guy hiring me, though he obviously needs my help. Way to help people stay unemployed. If you can#8217;t show that you are educated and Triple Diagram experienced in a page or two, you won#8217;t get the job regardless of 36 Best Otes Resources what words you do or don#8217;t put on your resume. Also, if you work in HR, and are throwing out applications because these words and phrases are in their resume, you should be burned at the stake. It#8217;s not these words, it#8217;s how horribly vague people are. They do this intentionally, to try to You For Interview Letter Email Examples | Docoments Ojazlink, fool you into Resources On Pinterest, thinking they know what they#8217;re talking about.

All of these words and phrases can be good, so long as the sentence or short paragraph they are in are descriptive to the point of interest. Oh crap! my resume has almost all of those sucky words, and I already had my #8220;mission critical#8221; interview this morning. Should I redo my resume and Thank You For Interview Email Examples send it with my thank you letter? Great article. I#8217;m in the middle of a thrilling job hunt, and these tips will go a long ways towards my weekend resume clean. Keep up the good work! Never mind the resume, Fox this is Resources | Teacher, sound advice for any type of 515 Best Masters ~ Patterns On writing!

It would be advantageous if you could also include the notion that passive voice in a resume (or in most technical writing) is not good and something to be avoided! (Or in other words, Use Active Voice. Avoid Passive Voice.) I actually do a combination of using the #8220;sucky#8221; words AND listing out related accomplishments because most companies these days use software to scan resumes for keywords. 36 Best Otes Resources | Teacher! So I use the buzzwords for the software, but elaborate for the people. Yes it is nit-picking, but as a career journalist, editor and publisher in New Zealand, the UK and Australia I have to disagree with AGMycroft, at least in the media context in these countries. As a journalist or in any similar role it is your job to You For Interview | Docoments Ojazlink, communicate in straightforward English. Images On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation! You are not obliged to follow someone#8217;s marketing strategy. This is especially true when that strategy is, essentially, illiterate. Fortune is the proper noun for the publication. FORTUNE is just a typographical logo. Apply for a professional writing job in | Download Free & Premium these countries and using FORTUNE rather than Fortune will send your application straight to the discard pile. Images! It may be different in Venn Template the US.

I also meant to point out, I was made redundant last year and was referred to Otes Resources On Pinterest, an outplacement consultancy to Of A Work Resume And Resume, update my #8216;old fashioned#8217; CV. Because it was old-fashioned, I didn#8217;t use any of the sucky terms. The professional hired to spruce up my CV recommended I included three of them#8230; well said. i even the hate word #8220;professional#8221; in resume.. let it show by Otes On Pinterest | Teacher work, not by the word. Of A Resume | Example And Resume! This advice is for people who have done very little. If I was to list every application I made for Otes Images Evaluation them and Sample 2 By On Deviantart how many users, etc, my resume would be 40 pages long. This is really ridiculous advice in Resources On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation my opinion, unless you just just finished your studies and need to make it look bigger than it is. Otherwise, you have no choice but to be vague. Noone wants to Cpa Resumes, read a cv that just goes on 36 Best On Pinterest | Teacher, and on with pointless details.

wow, love your post! I really need this tips to polish up my resume. Thanx. I agree with @Jen on Sample, the extreme usage of #8220;utilize#8221;. I would also like to Resources Images On Pinterest Evaluation, add #8220;orientated#8221;, which AskOxford says is a British variant, but I#8217;m pretty sure was a mispronounciation like #8220;fustrated#8221; that worked its way into Storyboard On Deviantart, the dictionary, (similar to Homer Simpson#8217;s infamous #8220;doh!#8221;). Got here by following a tweet by my colleague /@rahelab.

The web is wonderful. On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation! Thanks Fox, you definitely have excellent written communication skills. Sorry, but I did not find this article very helpful. If people are actually enlightened when someone tells them that their CV should actually say something concrete, they have totally missed the point of a CV. Which words one uses is of less importance than what those words say#8230; Love it, love it, LOVE IT! First time came across this blog, and this series. And I am proud to say that if this series was a test, I would#8217;ve scored 100%. I started reading this post with resume alongside, and was quite happy by Family Tree | Download Free & Premium Forms the end. Then I thought, eh, why not try the previous 4 posts? I was sleepy at Otes Resources On Pinterest | Teacher, 2AM, and I#8217;m PUMPED at 3.15 right now. I got some good advice early on, and Templates, one thing I would want to share with younger readers is this: Start Early!

It#8217;s never too early to write a resume. Get started from Sophomore year of college, and you#8217;ll have a shiny piece to flash at the folks sitting on the other end of the table. Thanks for these incredible posts. Looking forward to the last part of 36 Best Resources Images | Teacher this series. I have to disagree on some of this, as I#8217;ve seen some resumes with too much detail and it bores the crap out of me. Having to expand on Family Tree Template | Download Free & Premium Forms, every little tasks you do also extends the length of Images | Teacher your resume, which means reader will simply get bored.

I think, you have to find a balance (not too long, not too short). My resume has a summary at the top (with 4 bullet points), and I show the details of experience, skills, education. Senior executives must never write their own resumes, judging by the phrases that litter their emails: #8220;.. drive more linkage among our priorities across all functions#8221;, #8220;Innovating in a more organized fashion.#8221;, #8220;.. on a go-forward basis#8221;. Great article! I think most people resort to Storyboard Sample Samuelfigueroa, these phrases when they don#8217;t really have much to put on Resources, a resume to begin with (someone with not a whole lot of work experience), but if you really have something to put on Triple Venn Diagram Template, it yeah you should never generalize it or anything -details details details! So, what if you aren#8217;t given the data to quantify? I#8217;ve worked in teams of 36 Best Otes Images Evaluation 20-40 and I honestly don#8217;t know what my contribution netted, let alone a percentage, a dollar value or time saved. I know that I completed the work presented to me, and my work was favorably reviewed. For example, I worked on Sample, a command and control system for Otes a space agency. I don#8217;t know if we shaved any time off the development, whether it was any more efficient than the prior system#8230; heck, I don#8217;t even know what the Family Template Free Templates, Forms previous budget versus our budget was.

All I know is that my work was on time (sliding time scale based on various variable milestones) and favorably reviewed (it worked too, but that is Images On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation, especially hard to quantify). How do I quantify these? Overall this is good advice but if you say that you increased sales by 15% you better be able to prove it. You For Email Ojazlink! Don#8217;t just make up some number, don#8217;t exaggerate, and most of 36 Best Resources On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation all don#8217;t lie. If you are caught in a lie, your not getting the job.

I thought those were the #8220;buzzwords#8221;! Oh well, time to Sample On Deviantart, un-become a responsible, experienceed, software developer with good communications skills who is also a team player, detailed oriented and successful. I think you left out #8220;working knowledge#8221; what does that mean, you barely know enough to 36 Best Otes Resources Images On Pinterest, work? At some point in your carreer don#8217;t you have better things to do than send a resume to a hiring manager ? isn#8217;t #8220;word of Example Of A mouth#8221;, networking a much better way to get a job ? It is Resources Images | Teacher, always better to Family | Download Templates,, list accomplishments rather than what you think of yourself. 36 Best Images | Teacher! I can add a word: #8220;I know#8221;, which is somehow similar to Storyboard, experience in.

Eg. : I know/Knowledge in Java, C++, etc#8230; Better: Participated in the development of a robust Java application connecting to real time servers and 36 Best Otes Resources Images On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation getting stock quotes. You get the point. PS: For those applying to ~ Patterns Images, be project managers, I have published an excellent list of Images | Teacher Evaluation project management interview questions, check it, most of the interview questions nowadays can be found in this list. I agree resumes shouldn#8217;t be vague, but in my job searches I#8217;ve noticed that most employers fail at job description writing. Cliched, nebulous catchphrases galore.

I tailor my cover-letter and resume for each place I send it, and Family Template Templates, part of 36 Best Otes Images | Teacher Evaluation that includes using some of the ~ Patterns Images On same vocabulary they do when they describe what they#8217;re looking for. I really, really hate the phrase #8220;team player#8221; (and I personally haven#8217;t used it yet), but depending on Resources | Teacher Evaluation, the audience I think it would be appropriate to include it along with something concrete about it. (It can be an Family Template | Download Free & Premium, interesting exercise to try to figure out what they actually mean by something like #8220;team player.#8221; Do they mean #8220;obeys boss without arguing#8221;? Maybe #8220;cares about the good of the company#8221; or #8220;won#8217;t spend all day browsing the 36 Best Resources On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation Internet for personal reasons#8221;? Or perhaps #8220;gives clients a good feeling about the company over the phone#8221;? It may have nothing to do with working with groups.) For writing I#8217;ve been told #8220;show, don#8217;t tell,#8221; but I#8217;ve realized that good writing usually shows AND tells. Quite an unprofessional way to impart good information. Sample Cpa Resumes! Your points are well taken just a little appalled at your use of words. Maybe you go so many comments because the terminology used was as if two teenagers were behind a building smoking cigarettes during class time. Sucky.

Thank you for publishing this article. I edited my resume as I read through the 36 Best Resources information. I must have done something right as I only used three of the Blackline ~ Templates ~ Patterns On #8220;no no#8221; words/phrases. I now have a better resume to send out and I will take the updated version with me to an interview. Excellent points essentially, you have to show people who you are, not just tell them. You also hit Lifehacker! Thanks for highlighting these common mistakes! I agree with other commenters, though, that if you#8217;re going to include a separate summary of skills along with your itemized work experience, it makes sense to use more general language in that tiny section. (By the 36 Best Images | Teacher Evaluation way, re: capitalizing FORTUNE, that#8217;s really just type styling for the cover.

The publisher calls it _Fortune Magazine_ #8212; see page titles, subscribe-to links, c. Personally I wouldn#8217;t consider it #8220;wrong#8221; either way.) @Mike Yep. Over the span of 24 hours this post hit the front pages of Digg, Delicious, and Lifehacker. It#8217;s a mystery to me. Having recruited for a dozen years, one of my pet peeves is the phrase #8220;Involved in#8230;.#8221; Similar to your previously noted #8220;Responsible for#8230;#8221; (which I actually like!) in rationale, #8220;Involved in#8221; is just so namby pamby, and Storyboard Sample 2 By On Deviantart noncommittally vague. Honestly, I only read a few comments, so I#8217;m not sure if this was answered, but *Azurith* pretty much wrote what I want to! My resume is Otes Resources Images | Teacher, fully guilty of..hmm#8230;4 of the 515 Best Images 6 #8220;sucky words/ phrases#8221;.. but thing is, I#8217;ve only worked in 1 terribly generic entry-level job#8230;then I did my BSc., and now I#8217;m job searching again, while on contract at another administrative job#8230; so, how can I really make my resume unsucky#8230; Hmm, maybe: #8220;Efficiently answered all telephone calls that came in 36 Best Otes Images Evaluation and routed them#8230;#8221;#8230;but still, that is to Sample On Deviantart, make someone hire me? Please help though..I need a job..and the state of the economy is not helping! How to sound like yet another slave. Why does everyone want to Otes On Pinterest Evaluation, work so hard at being yet another pointless slave? Yes you get the job.

Woopdy f#038;^%ing do. Start your own business. Stop trying to please the Venn | man like a little bit$h. It#8217;s so pathetic. Of course the Resources Evaluation problem with heeding the advice in this column is if you don#8217;t have any valid examples to back up your experience. For example, I can say I am responsible for #8220;writing user guidelines on deadline,#8221; but if I have not done anything great like writing #8220;six user guides for 15,000 users two weeks before deadline,#8221; I can#8217;t very well say I did. What if I only Work | Example And Resume Objective wrote one user guide for 2 people?

That#8217;s not quite as impressive, therefore I will only say that I am responsible for writing the guidelines and not be more specific. 36 Best Resources Images | Teacher! @CK What type of guides? Which users? What product or service? Who benefited? Any user feedback? How much time did the Sample Cpa Resumes users save by learning from your guide? Who did you help?

What did you learn from Resources Images On Pinterest Evaluation, writing the guide? Pick up any new skills? New technologies? What groups did you work with? (My list of possible quantitative elements can go on.) My point is, there is more to Triple Venn |, you than just #8220;wrote user guidelines on deadline.#8221; #128578; Congrats Mort on disagreeing with Squawk and#8230; then saying nothing in Otes Resources Images Evaluation your post.

You proved her right with your proof that you#8217;re right. I don#8217;t quite agree with Squawk either, altho#8217; I dearly love her (she saved my life after a motorcycle crash by feeding me strawberries and cream). One can#8217;t always be concrete on a resume because#8230; the truth sometimes hurts: lack of experience, lack of concrete details that you want this employer to know, lack of wanting your details to BE concrete and out there for people to Sample On Deviantart, read. So my resume is a combo of sucky and 36 Best Otes Evaluation socky (sock-it-to-me) Some times its better to use those SUCK words , because it gives some abstract higher level impression. What we expect from a cv is to Venn Diagram, project some good impression to the employer. Only the 36 Best On Pinterest Evaluation employer needs more details. So if we can give a good expression from a cv , at the time of the interview we might stand to chance. So i believe this post is not good for the people who seeks jobs. Example Work Resume | Example And Resume! Thanks so much for the post! I went through my resume as I read and 36 Best Otes Resources Images | Teacher Evaluation made some changes.. Very fun post about Thank Letter Email Examples Ojazlink resumes and the sucky words#8230; couldn#8217;t agree more#8230; Check out another humorous paper that hits home with resume writing: called #8220;How to Write a Resume that Truly Portrays Your Business Strengths While Saving Time and Deoderant on Images On Pinterest, an Interview#8221;#8230; Kinda long title but funny.

I think the worst statement I#8217;ve seen on Interview Letter Email | Docoments Ojazlink, a CV (regrettably, under the #8220;Responsibilities#8221; section) was from Resources Evaluation, a developer who proudly claimed he was resonsible for #8220;Developing and implementing bugs#8221;. Admittedly his first language was not English, but I still suspect it was probably the most honest thing on Thank You For Letter Email Examples Ojazlink, his CV#8230; I agree that these phrases suck, but as with most resume tips I wonder what you#8217;re supposed to Otes Images | Teacher Evaluation, write if you#8217;re not a superhero who single-handedly increased sales by 2 By Samuelfigueroa 30%, made the entire customer service department obsolete, and cut production costs by Resources On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation 15%? There#8217;s a generic way to Storyboard 2 By Samuelfigueroa, think about writing one#8217;s resume: Focus on the achievements, and reviewers would infer the candidate#8217;s qualities on their own. What applicants usually end up doing is writing down the qualities using these sucky phrases without any substantiation. And that doesn#8217;t cut ice with many reviewers. haha#8230; I love your article. My uncle taught me how to write a good techinal resume a few years ago. These are the exact things he showed me.

I#8217;ve been told twice in the two jobs that I#8217;ve started in the past 4 years that my resume sold me. They just wanted me to come in to 36 Best Images On Pinterest, the interview so they could see I was real. Whoa, thanks! I will take #8220;responsible for#8221; off my resume right now and replace it with what I actually do and have done. What an easy fix! Thank you for making this public, as this is a major issue that affects a lot of workers. I may turn this into Cpa Resumes, a post of my own just to 36 Best Otes Resources Images Evaluation, spread the word, as this is something that EVERYONE should read.

Thanks again! Late to the game, but I enjoy your career posts. Sometimes I think action verbs and descriptions have to be sacrificed for brevity#8217;s sake. Things that are most relevant to Triple Venn Template, the job should get the detail, of 36 Best Otes Resources Images On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation course. Liked your examples. I don#8217;t think you should burn at the stake, either, for throwing away less-than-stellar resumes. You can only 515 Best ~ Patterns Images hire one person for the job and if a resume catches your eye and proves that the person can do the job, then it makes sense to talk to them. Otes Images | Teacher! If you#8217;ve got obviously qualified candidates, you don#8217;t need people you#8217;re unsure about. Hello. I#8217;m Canadian and now live in Britain.

I find that the resumes I receive in Britain are even worse than the ones above. I am not sure whether the British don#8217;t want to *brag* but I never see accomplishments in their resumes. I#8217;ve been looking at resumes for some time and I always want to Of A Resume, see what someone accomplished or initiated rather than what is 36 Best Resources | Teacher Evaluation, obvious. In other words, great tips! Plus I think most north americans#8217; resumes could teach the British a thing or two. Add to You For Interview Letter Email, the list of bad/banned words these: #8220;References available on request#8221; I mean, of course you#8217;ll provide references it should go without saying that, if asked, you#8217;ll provide them. One final note: I always write my resumes in present, active tense. Drives some disinterested readers crazy but it#8217;s appeals to the interviewers I look to impress. My resume gets noticed and the interview always works out.

Go figure. 36 Best | Teacher Evaluation! mazza aa gaya.It#8217;s amazing how beautifully we can manipulate words to achieve our requirement. I never thought they sucked until you pointed them out. Great work! I am an out-of-work writer who has more experience working as an Administrative Executive Assistant. I have a solidly written resume that gets me absolutely NO responses for admin positions. I am constantly told, #8220;Relax, go easy on yourself. Unemployment is higher than it has been in Triple Template | years. It#8217;s not your resume or you, it#8217;s a tough time to look for a job.#8221; All of that is true but doesn#8217;t change the fact that I need a job!

Obviously all of the Otes tips in your series are great for someone who has written handbooks and saved the company X dollars, etc. etc. But what about someone like me looking for an Administrative/Secretarial position? How does one make answering phones, filing, opening the exec#8217;s email and snail mail, scheduling meetings, planning travel, etc. sexy on Template, a resume. I should also mention that I don#8217;t have a degree beyond a high school diploma. I#8217;m starting to wonder if that is hindering me. I am going back to Images | Teacher, school in Family Tree Template | Download & Premium Templates, the summer or fall, but that won#8217;t allow me to 36 Best Otes | Teacher, add a degree to my resume NOW. Example Of A Work Resume And Resume! Please help. I seriously need a job and I#8217;ve been actively looking for one for 36 Best Otes Resources On Pinterest Evaluation a solid 8 months now after being a freelance copywriter in the field of Sample On Deviantart advertising for the past five years. I need help.

A lot of help. Again, while all your tips are great, they just don#8217;t apply to Otes Resources Images, a resume for a job as an admin assistant and I refuse to Family & Premium Templates, Forms, lie on my resume. [email protected] if you want to email me. Otes On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation! Any help from anyone who CAN help would be very appreciated! Sam Sweiti says. The points listed in this article could have been put in a single recommendation: Use action verbs. I don#8217;t think there is a single rule but in Of A Work Resume Objective reality the best practice is to 36 Best Otes Resources On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation, simply edit the resume according to the job you#8217;re about to apply for. If you have the skills they need then you might as well mention them clearly. I never enjoyed writing my resume. I always do a much better job when I#8217;m writing it for a friend. That said, I#8217;d suggest if you#8217;re trying to write something for Thank Interview Examples yourself you might as well consult a friend, a former co-worker or perhaps a family member.

Kelly McPhee says. Let#8217;s add having your email address as a blue hyperlink in the print out of Otes Images On Pinterest Evaluation your resume to the bad column. It takes 2 seconds to mouse over your email address and take away the 515 Best ~ Patterns Images On hyperlink and really does make a difference! It seems like a lot of people think that it#8217;s the Images | Teacher Evaluation resume that gets you the job. If you#8217;re not using your networking contacts to get an interview, the resume gets you the interview and it#8217;s up to Work Resume | Example And Resume Objective, you to back up what you put on your resume. 36 Best Otes Images On Pinterest Evaluation! I always think of the resume as the trailer to Blackline ~ Templates ~ Patterns On, the movie and your interview as the feature film. If the trailer sucks or looks like something you#8217;ve seen a million times before, you#8217;re likely not going to see that movie; but if the trailer intrigues you and draws you in, chances are you want to go see the movie in theatres.

I am pretty sure that weak metaphors are a bad thing to 36 Best Resources | Teacher Evaluation, put on your resume, too. Great post! Thanks for sharing. Girl Japan says. I just found this post from Live Door News Japan #8212; first of all #8220;excellent post#8221; I think I#8217;ll give my resume a polish. Sample Samuelfigueroa On Deviantart! The person who translated into Japanese was by Miho Akutsu for Slow Media Work, she is a writer for 36 Best On Pinterest | Teacher #8220;All About#8221; as well. Glad to have found your site. Helpful post. Thanks! Well, Jan is right.

You could just summarize all this by Cpa Resumes #8220;Don#8217;t be vague about your experiences#8221;. Moreover, in most of your exemples you incitate the candidate to Images | Teacher, detail his awesome realizations instead of being vague. But if he had no great successes on a specific point(which does not mean the candidate sucks#8230;) ? Is he obliged to lie ? Or is he obliged to use the Blackline Masters Images sucking word you ban ? What is the alternative if you are experienced but not superman in Resources | Teacher a specific domain ? Great article! I#8217;ve been meaning to update my resume for a while#8230; this gives me a good excuse to do so. #128578; Is it bragging to proudly say I don#8217;t have any of these in my resume? I did a check just now, while I read the article and#8230; not a#8217; one of these words was in there! #128578; Actually, I have a resume question. Triple Venn Diagram! I#8217;m applying for theater jobs and internships I#8217;m graduating college in just a few weeks, but my degree is not in theater. I have a little theater experience during my college career (one big job), but my main experience is from high school. Should I include that experience on my resume, even though it#8217;s from high school? got it basically don#8217;t be vague. on 36 Best Resources Images | Teacher Evaluation, the flip side of the coin i think you should give examples of when being too specific isn#8217;t good as well. Cpa Resumes! Melanie Reformed Spender says.

Fox, where are you? It#8217;s been too long since I#8217;ve had a post to read from Otes Images Evaluation, you. I miss you! @Melanie I#8217;m here. ~ Patterns Images! I#8217;m working on a crazy writing project which I can#8217;t spill the beans on yet. I miss you guys lots. I miss posting to the blog lots. (tears) I hope to talk about 36 Best Otes Images On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation what I#8217;m up to sooooon. I promise to be back as Squawky as ever. I am so touched you miss me. #128578; Melanie Reformed Spender says.

I suppose I can forgive you since it#8217;s for a writing project. My regular round of PF blogs is good, but I like the Foxy flair. Good post, If you have any experience with big notable companies.. do not be afraid to Example Resume Resume Objective, throw the name around, it will only improve your self branding. Excellent article! Very insightful. 36 Best Otes | Teacher Evaluation! I reviewed my resume and I did pretty good. Interview Examples Ojazlink! I had a lot of 36 Best Images On Pinterest | Teacher #8220;responsible fors#8221; which will be removed. I thinkt he reason so many resumes have thes words/phrases is because they appear in many of the job descriptions.

So people think if I parrot their requirements on my resume I will look better to the hiring manager. I#8217;m a junior in college. I have been preparing my resume for my graduation. We have a career services department at my college. I had one of the women look over my resume. Some of the corrections she made were adding these words to the resume.

Maybe she should take a look at this site. Foxy! Your legions of You For Interview Email Examples | Docoments Ojazlink fans miss you#8230;. Otes Images On Pinterest Evaluation! Man, you could be writing a book in this time. Hope the Of A Resume Resume And Resume project is going well #128578; Dustin Klein says. Great article, and very true.

The number one thing to remember when writing resumes has to be DETAILS. 36 Best Otes On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation! What an awesome series! Thanks for helping me punch up my resume. Interesting you are advising people to demonstrate they over estimate as a rule of thumb. Not sure that adds value to CVs. You For Interview! #8221; #8230; three months before deadline#8221; highlights poor estimating skills. There is a balance between bullish advertising and On Pinterest Evaluation making yourself look like a grabbing budget player. | Download Free & Premium Templates, Forms! At the end of the day even if one was given a lofty deadline by a client, professionalism should compel us all to tell them so and re-plan. I love this post.

Thanks for the info. I need to check my resume to make sure that I#8217;m doing things right. 36 Best Images | Teacher Evaluation! I am reading everywhere about Thank Examples computer systems that scan for key words. Many of these terms you veto are #8216;key words#8217; that are in the job advertisements. Wouldn#8217;t getting rid of these terms hinder your resume because of this? @Mary Scannable resume keywords are mostly found in these categories: * Degrees or Certifications. * University or College Names. * Software or Hardware Packages. I#8217;ve never searched a resume for the words #8220;responsible for#8221;. Seriously. #128521; Great article and content. I wonder your thoughts on brevity. Many of the examples you provided here have a longer string of words to 36 Best Otes Resources Images Evaluation, replace the one #8216;sucky#8217; word#8230;. I just got this link via Twitter, and have shared it with many already! GREAT advice!

I#8217;d like to add that using industry and job specific keywords when detailing your accomplishments, and Family Template Templates, tailoring your resume to the actual job posting will also help. Again, great tips, and I will be adding a link to this post for my clients. Otes! Love this article. I do have one more tip and/or something to keep in Cpa Resumes mind when editing your resumes: although phrases such as #8220;detail-oriented#8221;, #8220;team player#8221;, and #8220;hard working#8221; are generic and more often than not just FILLER words in a resume, it#8217;s important to note that most companies don#8217;t have the resources to On Pinterest, individually review resumes#8230;so they use software that scans resumes for keywords and only selects those which have a high percentage match of those specific keywords which directly affects those which fall onto the Hiring Manager#8217;s desk. So sometimes those filler words will get your resume into the right hands. And sometimes they just suck! It#8217;s important to Thank You For Interview Examples | Docoments Ojazlink, tailor your resume to Otes Images, the specific job posting#8230; Great list of sucky words. I have two additions#8230; #8220;Synergy#8221; this word makes me want to spew. #8220;Proven track record#8221; if everyone read your article, they will understand why this is a frustrating phrase. I also read recently that it is the most commonly used phrase on resumes. Letter Examples! Great list. I see resumes every day that have these mistakes and no factual backing.

I call them #8220;fluff resumes#8221; and 36 Best Images On Pinterest | Teacher am sure that when I was looking for Venn Template my first job had all the same mistakes in my own. 36 Best Otes On Pinterest | Teacher! Well it doesn#8217;t hurt or loose anything if you try to keep up with this article. For me I think this is helpful insight but not absolute. Vacancies have a lot of elements -timing, personality, skills and more. UnFortuantly there is a very simple explination as to why So many resumees today have these #8216;sucky words or phrases#8217;. I was In highschool 4 years ago for a very #8216;important#8217; class Called Co-operative education, where they teach students how to work with others, how to Family Tree Template | Download & Premium Templates,, write resumees and how to 36 Best Resources Images On Pinterest Evaluation, successfully do an Cpa Resumes, interview. They taught us 10 phrases to put on a resumee,the six Shown on Otes Images, this site were 6 of the 10. When i went for my interview, the employer said to me that everything i did was wrong, that typically she would not have hired me#8230; but she did because she had to. I have had resmuees out on potential employers desks with these 6 phrases on Resume | Example Resume Objective, them for 5 years, and have never even gotten a call back, i knew something is Images On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation, wrong and this site is the proof. The only thing worse than #8220;detail oriented#8221; is #8220;detail orientated.#8221; That one makes my teeth hurt! I think if these are suck words then employers should not be writting them in Sample the job description either.

So many companies are looking for #8220;team players#8221; and #8220;detail oriented people#8221; that it#8217;s no wonder people put those words in Otes On Pinterest their resume. THEY WANT THE JOB! My two cents#8230;. I#8217;m just about to Sample Cpa Resumes, write a CV (resume) to apply for an internship in 36 Best | Teacher Evaluation New York (I#8217;m from Manchester, UK) and had no clue where to start and how to make myself stand out from all the other aplicants#8230; All the information provided above is excellent! I really feel inspired and hopefully will at least get an interview now with my new CV. Please understand that I went to 515 Best Masters Images On, school when teachers required us to use words carefully and 36 Best Otes | Teacher appropriately. Use of #8220;suck#8221; in your title demeans your hard work.

Suck is 515 Best Blackline Masters, not a professional word and has no place in Otes Images On Pinterest any publication for 2 By On Deviantart adults. 36 Best Otes Resources | Teacher! I believe you used it to Of A And Resume, get attention and to On Pinterest, make a point about using words that don#8217;t advance your cause. But when I read anything with suck in the title, I just shut down and turn off. How did this word become such a throw-away, such an Thank Letter Examples | Docoments Ojazlink, easy stand in for so many other words? I say that we take the more difficult road and say what we mean.

In this case, you mean words that deter HR representatives and prospective employers from taking your resume seriously. You can consult a thesaurus or dictionary. 36 Best Resources | Teacher Evaluation! I think that #8220;inappropriate#8221; would be a much better choice, especially if some of us older folk are reading your customers#8217; resumes. Very HELPFULLLL, I#8217;ll try to fix up my resume. I think it contains many sucks cause I used a some bad words#8230; and all that I can say is. I love this advice. We advise against the use of words like this and I think it really matters. Nice blog #128578; Amanda Higgins says. I couldn#8217;t agree more with this blog.

I#8217;m a hiring manager and Example Resume | Example Resume Objective run a job search support group and I see hundreds of Otes Images On Pinterest | Teacher resumes that just don#8217;t say enough to me. I want tangible descriptions of what you#8217;ve done and how it was successful. I have a problem. Show me you are the solution. I agree with some of the posts that you do need a summary or headlines that quickly define your professional profile, but then get to the action. Good advice that I will pass on to my group. If you have little or no experience one thing you could say is, #8220;Recently graduated from (name college) seeking first job with fresh open mind to tailor work routines to fit (Company#8217;s) procedures.#8221; Recently graduated from University of Utah with an Sample Cpa Resumes, Associate Degree of Paralegal Studies, seeking first job with fresh open mind to tailor work routines to Otes Resources Images On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation, fit Bittle and Bitterman#8217;s procedures. Remind the Sample Cpa Resumes employer that with an inexperience comes the prospect of training you the way he wants you to 36 Best On Pinterest, work. No bad habits to undo.

Get the point. I#8217;m sure someone can come up with a better way of saying it but this get#8217;s the ball rolling. I would like to Storyboard 2 By, share that some MNC uses a system to generate resumes based on 36 Best Otes Images, some of the keywords meant for the position advertised. Resume | Example! This saves time for 36 Best Resources On Pinterest processing which equals cost-saving. You never know, that it#8217;s the system that is Storyboard Sample 2 By, generating the conclusion, even though you thought you might have did your best and Otes Resources Images | Teacher Evaluation the top-notch for that job. Triple Venn Template! Nice article indeed. #3,4,5 often appear in job descriptions and I assume are key words used for electronic scanning of 36 Best Otes Resources Evaluation resumes.

Yes, some of them are in my resume and will stay there. I#8217;m having enough trouble getting responses from my resumes and I don#8217;t want to make it harder by eliminating key words from 515 Best Blackline ~ Templates ~ Patterns On, them. 36 Best Resources Images! Too bad this author hasn#8217;t realized that #8220;you#8217;ve got#8221; sucks, too. Template | Download Free & Premium! some i agree with some i don#8217;t. but i guess every opionion is at least worth a read in these hard economic times. I think this article makes a great point but not all careers can be measured in 36 Best Otes Images numbers like most of the good examples. I don#8217;t think I have a single example where I reduced x by 15% or increased revenue by Example Resume Resume 10% over 3 months#8230;etc. but I am good at what I do. 36 Best Images | Teacher Evaluation! Besides, does this really mean anything to anyone? I don#8217;t know the answer here but for some careers I think replacing vague buzz words with BS numbers and statistics isn#8217;t much better. Thoughts? Thanks, very helpful.

Well I agree that language is stupid, but I take great exception with: #8220;Hiring managers can identify sucky words in seconds, leaving your resume work worthless.#8221; What planet are you from? Hiring Managers invented these sucky phrases they are on every job ad that#8217;s why they appear on people#8217;s resumes. People don#8217;t talk in Tree & Premium stupid, bureaucratic phrases by nature, they learn to do so in trying to work the system now the system is telling them not to? I originally PAID to 36 Best Otes On Pinterest Evaluation, have a professional resume written. Guess what term they used all throughout my resume? You guessed it #8220;Responsible for#8230;#8221; Now that really sucks! For those who think that words like #8220;Responsible for#8221; or #8220;detail-oriented#8221; are keywords: try to understand that not all words in job description are #8220;keywords#8221;. They merely state that they need someone responsible for such and such tasks. They don#8217;t want to see them in Sample your resume.

Unless you want to look like absent-minded profane. #8220;Keywords#8221; are technical words, or words specific to the industry. Don#8217;t #8220;copy#8221; job descriptions blindly yes it#8217;s less work, but it makes your resume useless. Just what I needed! and yes my res was guilty of all 6 of your sucky words. It is too bad that rtard HR people screen resumes, but that is the 36 Best Otes On Pinterest | Teacher way it is. Thanks again, this helped me! I disagree with pretty much every single thing wrote here. These are things that are considered almost mandatory by almost every single employer I know and even things I require when I look at resumes. You For Interview | Docoments Ojazlink! I don#8217;t care about explicit facts, they take up too much room. I want brief descriptions and we#8217;ll cover the rest in 36 Best Otes Resources Images an interview. I#8217;ve got the #8220;qualify and quantify#8221; pat under my word history, but I have some of those things in my #8220;Objective#8221; paragraph at the top.

Is that just as bad? Is my objective opener a dim witted dinosaur? Thanks, some of these helped me. Venn! The advice is Resources, sound, even if the examples aren#8217;t always very creative (almost all referenced a numerical stat to prove value, the absolute easiest scenario!). Plus, saying you worked within a diverse group of Sample people #8220;to deliver financial reporting software three months before deadline#8221; doesn#8217;t even suggest your team dynamics are a strength. You may have accomplished that in spite of you being a poor team player, meaning something else unmentioned is the actual strength. Otes Images Evaluation! These things can all be very hard (or impossible) to do when you don#8217;t have an easy out and you#8217;re intent on doing them correctly. Having said that, you being so specific in your article is part of what made it more useful than most, as well as more open to criticism, so kudos!

How about this one#8230; As opposed to . a dog person? cat person? The above statement is Thank You For Letter Email, often seen on resumes for Human Resources or other service oriented jobs. Don#8217;t tell me you are one demonstrate it instead! @Steve Now that#8217;s a good one. You gave me a good laugh. #128578; I like every thing you have mentioned. I have seen so many resumes with #8220;who cares#8221; type words!

However, I think everyone should write their resume appropriate to the position they are applying for. Some resumes need to be detailed and others need to be very brief. If I am applying for a job to Otes Images | Teacher Evaluation, be a manager i will definitely put in more information. If i am applying for a server job at a restaurant, I would hope I dont have to Tree Template Templates, Forms, explain too much. It all is dynamic to the position one is Otes On Pinterest Evaluation, applying to. These aren#8217;t really words but phrases.

Just wanted to say, it#8217;s all good really. Very helpful, I just got a better idea on how to Family | Download Free & Premium Forms, sell mey skills being more specific, providing numbers, percentages costs#8230; etc etc rather than just saying, I contributed to company#8217;s costs reduction by reducing man power, down times and material expenses. Thanks for 36 Best Otes Images | Teacher Evaluation these very helpful tips!#8230; I have been applying for Free Templates, administrative jobs for months, but I have only interviewed once. I am qualified for Otes Resources On Pinterest Evaluation these positions, though I need to add more quantitative evidence to my resume. Cpa Resumes! My question for FOX is, should I change my name? It is Tamsi#8230; and I think there is a chance it is holding me back. Your Mother says. Otes Images On Pinterest | Teacher! this is helpful. A phrase like reduced customer support calls can be misleading. Storyboard Sample 2 By Samuelfigueroa On Deviantart! How did you do it?

Reduced support staff. Implemented and massive confusing phone menu system that customers hung up on. Or even made it so bad they didn#8217;t bother ever to phone again. Otes Resources On Pinterest! I want to make it clear that this is neither a comment on the usefulness of the Work Resume | Example Resume And Resume post nor it is a personal vendetta against 36 Best Resources Images | Teacher Evaluation any of you out there who have contributed to Sample 2 By Samuelfigueroa On Deviantart, the quality discussion of course including the blogger. Yes, it is a justified rant. My honest opinion is an Otes Resources Images | Teacher, outcome of experiences over many years of the so called HR industry which has become inefficient and fussy. It has become a machine with almost zero tolerance in terms of the input that it can process.

It is so limited by Sample its narrow compatibility with the human reality. Otes! Where is the Sample Cpa Resumes H in the HR? [#8220;#8230;oh it was right there yesterday..god knows where is it now..huh! right they are loaded with work, isn#8217;t that good? right, you work at work, that#8217;s work!, that#8217;s how it works, but does it really work?#8221;] Listen up, you are not sitting there to get impressed by the stuff (resumes) that you read (. ). You are there to find a right match for the job. That#8217;s it! Somebody teach that wisdom to those thoughless recruiters?? If they choose to 36 Best Otes Resources Images On Pinterest, use some of Cpa Resumes that H in the HR, they#8217;d always remember that people are looking for jobs! and that most of them are probably desperate! The industry, always, starts a new trend/fad it wants jobseekers to follow so that you can sit on its seats comfortably and not get bored by the so called sucky words. 36 Best Images Evaluation! Well, eventually to jobseekers#8217; misfortune, you get bored:) That simply means that you are not enjoying your work!:) isn#8217;t it?:) What#8217;s the whole deal about Thank Interview Letter Examples | Docoments #8216;if you cannot sell yourself well, you probably won#8217;t sell the org either#8217;?

Come on.. throw away your inertia. Don#8217;t sloth yourselves. Resources | Teacher! Analyse! Understand! Yours is You For Interview Ojazlink, not the 36 Best Resources Evaluation place to behave like audiences of entertainment shows! Do the damn job! If you have no spheres to accept greater responsibility for the industry that you are working within, then you quit! Words are words.

Unfortunately they do not match telepathic perfection. ~ Templates Images! They are USED to communicate. That#8217;s the ONLY purpose. Otes Resources Images On Pinterest | Teacher! And HR industry is supposed to practice the Storyboard Samuelfigueroa On Deviantart art of 36 Best On Pinterest | Teacher subtle magic, to be the instrument of change for organisations not to change the bloody trends (. ). Jobseekers are not there to scratch your ego or please your senses. When irritation starts riding your sense of judgement, it#8217;s time for reflection. Don#8217;t give them jobseekers reasons to wonder why the HR industry is thriving all over the globe. Surely, if it did its job well, right people would find right jobs, right companies would find right candidates and one word #8216;stability#8217; would replace the whole HR conspiracy theory. 515 Best Blackline Masters ~ Templates Images On! But so far a fat fussy spoilt bored brat throwing a fit rules the sad reality. Best advise I have came across on the use of key words #8212; the examples are great#8230; #8230;reworking on my CV and Cover Letters. Thank you for the information.

I#8217;ve read all this article and Otes On Pinterest learned a lot. But this topic about words or phrases that suck is a little contradictory as many of those words are actually listed in the job descriptions and Storyboard 2 By are keywords. Words like: Experienced, Excellent communication skills, detail oriented, a team player, etc. are very common in job descriptions for restaurant servers for instance. Do you recommend to avoid those words in all cases? Thank you again for your information.

This isn#8217;t really useful to me since I#8217;ve never had a job before, so I have to be vague about what I did. Giving away that I have no experience is worse than being unclear. So what do you do when what you were #8220;responsible for#8221; doesn#8217;t lend itself to Otes Resources Images On Pinterest, numerical results? I#8217;m in the legal profession and while the number of Storyboard 2 By cases won might suffice, that#8217;s far from the kind of description of skills and 36 Best Resources Images Evaluation results employers are looking to receive. Prepared 37 cases for litigation at once? Drafted 42 demand letters in one day? I really like the post, but finding it hard to use in my particular profession. Totally agree that these terms are meaningless on resumes, but what about in job postings by Work Resume Objective companies? Can you make another post entitled #8220;6 words that make your job description suck#8221;? I keep hearing that you need to quantify your resume. 36 Best Resources Images | Teacher Evaluation! However, I am in marketing, not sales and have no access to the numbers.

They usually say marketing has no ROI, so how do I get around that? Colleges need to instruct students about writing useful resumes. I#8217;m still underemployed. How can I erase dead-end jobs I#8217;ve had to accept in hard times? Since I#8217;ve graduated I#8217;ve been unable to get meaningful experience.

Internships don#8217;t always provide the experience you need in the field you want to work in. Example Resume And Resume Objective! My love for my career has made me think about other avenues. I never worked in sales or had to 36 Best Otes Resources Images Evaluation, beat deadlines in a business environment. Oh, well! I don#8217;t know#8230;in IT one common and useful type of hybrid resume includes a short Skills section followed by a more detailed chronological Experience section under which you include highlights and accomplishments. I think it#8217;s unnecessary to 515 Best Masters Images, turn your skills section into a redundant experience section if the those skills are validated by specific accomplishments in the other section. You have made some interesting points. I find that I am inclined to bang my head against the desk at this point. Otes Resources On Pinterest Evaluation! I am now concerned with how many mistakes may be found in the cover letters and resumes that have left my mailbox for points across Ohio.

Thank you for a taking the Triple Venn time to 36 Best Resources Images Evaluation, put this together. Best part I now have something to do with the four hours I usually sleep! Seriously though, thank you. Great tips, as valid today as when they were written. Possibly more so with so many resumes out there on the market. Have a small bone to pick with #4 though from a recruiting standpoint, it#8217;s good for Triple Template | your audience to know that yes, you#8217;re a great team player, but if you#8217;ve also worked solo on projects, say that as well. 36 Best Resources Images On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation! Anything mentioning #8220;team performance#8221; needs to Family Tree | Download & Premium Templates,, emphasize *your* role on Resources On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation, the team. Great post, though. I found most of 515 Best Blackline Masters ~ Templates ~ Patterns these mistakes in my first heading #8220;Qualifications#8221;, but the 36 Best Images On Pinterest | Teacher rest is Triple Diagram Template, full of quality details!

Wow, I#8217;m guessing many recruiters didn#8217;t read the 36 Best Otes Images Evaluation real stuff#8230; The advice in this article is Of A Work, fine if you#8217;re looking for a sales job, but what about regular jobs that are just ordinary such as waitress, barista, receptionist, day are worker, CNA, custodial#8230;the jobs MOST new non-college grad jobseekers are looking for? You can#8217;t measure those kinds of Otes Images On Pinterest Evaluation jobs by Venn Diagram percentages. Vanessa Naylon says. #8220;Spearheaded#8221; would be my #7. 36 Best Otes Images | Teacher Evaluation! I#8217;ve heard the exact opposite of this. 515 Best Blackline ~ Patterns Images On! I just graduated from College 2 years ago and I am still seeking work, so perhaps my professor is wrong, and I need to change things, but I was told that professionals still have very busy schedules to keep and that hiring someone is usually just thrown on top of 36 Best Otes On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation those duties. Therefore, the first thing they will often look at is how wordy the Triple Venn Diagram Template resume is, and throw it out 36 Best Otes Resources Images based on that. Writing #8220;Short and Sweet#8221; was always what I was told. #8220;Tell them what they need to know in as little words as possible. No fleshing out the Thank Interview Letter Email Examples | Docoments english and Otes Resources Images being proper. Builtpoints, lists, and Example Of A 1-4 word sentences are a resume-readers favorite things. Now I know this was written a few years ago, so have things changed again, or am I being taught wrongly?

The only difficulty with applying this advice today (3 years after it was written) is Otes Images On Pinterest, that a lot of | Example Resume organizations that collect resumes through an online portal use computer programs to sift through the first cut of resumes. In my experience, a number of the Images Evaluation #8220;sucky#8221; words/phrases are often precisely what that first-cut computer is looking for (in some cases one gets the best results by nearly repeating the qualifications listed in the job ad). 515 Best Blackline Masters! Very aggravating, to be honest. When I worked in 36 Best Resources On Pinterest | Teacher retail probably 95% of all the resumes came through me, and I could share some horror stories (one kid came in with their mom and Example Of A Work Resume | Example And Resume she filled out the application form for him). But one of the worst was a guy who came in Images Evaluation with a three page resume (it was a slow day so I did read it), that had nothing to do with the Storyboard 2 By Samuelfigueroa On Deviantart job he was applying for (or any other in the store) and was so obnoxiously rude to me it wasn#8217;t even funny.

So while I agree with the merits of this article, it means nothing if what you put on Otes Images On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation, your resume isn#8217;t relevant. Masters ~ Patterns Images! And it doesn#8217;t hurt to be nice to 36 Best On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation, the person you#8217;re giving it too either. Blackline Masters ~ Patterns On! (The way I see it, if you#8217;re rude to them, you#8217;re not going to be polite to the customers, now are you?) Enjoyed this post. Just ran a search on my CV for all of those 6 terms and was quite pleased that I#8217;ve used none of 36 Best Otes | Teacher Evaluation them! Something I learned a few Years ago has always kept me in good stead: F.A.B = Feature, Analyse, Benefit. For example if you are a Team Manager, that is the Sample Cpa Resumes feature. So #8216;analyse#8217; it#8230;..

Team Manager of 36 Best Otes Resources Images how many people, what did you do to Of A Work Resume | Example Resume Objective, support those people, etc. What was the #8216;benefit to those people and to the company? So, #8216;Team Manager#8217; suddenly becomes: Effective Management, Coaching and Development of a 12 member team ensuring demanding national sales/service targets and business objectives are achieved whilst delivering an 8% Year on Year increase in turnover. I just made that up in around 10 seconds#8230;.but if you think about Otes Images On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation it and ~ Patterns Images On apply it to Otes Images Evaluation, your situation you could probably come up with something better, whilst being factual. Loved the article! I have written and read several articles on what to avoid or what to include in a resume. Your straight forward approach gets the job done.

You made me giggle to myself as I read through your examples. Thank Interview Email Examples Ojazlink! I see them so often and they just make me shake my head. Thank you for the blunt and entertaining method. 36 Best Otes Resources Images | Teacher Evaluation! Thank you for Of A Resume | Example And Resume the information. I’ve read all this article and learned a lot. Otes Resources | Teacher Evaluation! But this topic about You For Letter words or phrases that suck is a little contradictory as many of those words are actually listed in the job descriptions#8230;#8230;Colleges should also teach the Otes Resources On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation students about Sample 2 By how to write resumes#8230;.Otherwise a well written blog#8230;. Excellent post. Quantifying your results via numbers, percentages, or awards, is an excellent strategy to use to Images | Teacher Evaluation, ensure your resume is Ojazlink, effective. In addition, only include information which is relevant and recent (within the past 10-15 years) to Otes Resources Images On Pinterest, avoid age discrimination.

Great advice! Drew Roark, CPRW. I#8217;m starting to think that half of the posters on here are mediocre workers who have no accomplishments to Triple Venn, list because they haven#8217;t strived for more than the bare minimum. 36 Best Otes Images On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation! If this isn#8217;t the case, one should be led to Storyboard Sample, believe that they could find a way to quantify their experience and not necessarily in 36 Best Otes Images terms of numbers. On a side note, I#8217;ve also come to the realization that applications and resumes aren#8217;t a one-road route. It varies by industry and employer. Everything from a large corporation to an entrepreneur looking for their next investment consider different resume approaches appropriate or desirable. | Example Resume And Resume! Jack Matov says. Um, how exactly are you going to quantify without numbers? #8220;A lot#8221;, #8220;a little#8221;, #8220;some#8221;, #8220;very few#8221;, #8220;not very many#8221;. Not much of a quantification.

I have tried both these styles. I can honestly say I saw no difference in 36 Best Otes On Pinterest outcome. It is almost impossible to quantify a secretarial or reception job. Masters Images On! But you can give examples of 36 Best Images | Teacher Evaluation unique responsibilities you were given, or new skills you acquired. Work Resume! I currently tailor my resume to the job description, but if you are attempting to apply for several positions in one company via an online tool, that is Otes, impossible, so it becomes generic.

My last employer has cut almost 2000 positions from a 6000 strong work force. I was laid off, rehired within a month, laid off the following year. My co worker had a BA and Thank Letter Examples was working as a receptionist, and had been averaging 3 applications a month for 36 Best Resources On Pinterest Evaluation 4 years. It seems it is no longer what you know but who you know. For example, for Family Forms three jobs I sent applications for there were 55, 69 and 36 Best Otes 93 acceptable applications passed to the search committees.

Two I did not get interviews for. Triple Venn Diagram Template |! Unfortunately this company also has a rule that the committee must interview 4 applicants, but most of the positions are already taken by the interim worker. The third is my best hope, as I have a friend who has spoken to On Pinterest Evaluation, the manager for me. That particular manager is Storyboard Sample 2 By Samuelfigueroa On Deviantart, old school, and will probably be looking for the buzz words. I also have glowing written references from previous employers, but as most applications are placed online, I have no way of submitting them, so I usually fall back on the #8221; written references available upon request#8221; line but have yet to be asked for them. Excellent article! So many of us who are over 50 and in the habit of writing resumes using these words have had a hard time rewording these phrases. Your article really help me see in back and while how I could better present and sell myself in my resume!

Thank You! Edward Dickinson says. the most important thing is to explain what you done. This will set you apart. Otes Images On Pinterest! when you take your ownership. If you want to say you helped in some way give an example of what you did to enable the benefit to the company or others in making it transpire. 515 Best Masters ~ Templates ~ Patterns On! just saying: helped 5 people is too bland. you have to Otes Resources Images On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation, show them and Triple Venn | explain. Remember you only have seconds to get the 36 Best Resources Images employers attention. the power statements have to flow and Blackline Masters ~ Patterns Images On the words have to be in away that entices the Otes Resources | Teacher Evaluation employer to interview you or hire you on Masters ~ Templates ~ Patterns Images On, the spot. follow this frame work#8212; what you done , then what was the issue that needed to be resolved, then finally what was the benefit to 36 Best Images, the companies and others were when providing the solution if any. The employer would ask you such things in an interview as well but they want what results you have provided.

Numbers, percentages, and comparisons. In doing so you position yourself to the employer as if in a way that says this is what i have done and Thank You For Interview | Docoments Ojazlink this is what i can do and this is Resources On Pinterest | Teacher, what the Storyboard Sample Samuelfigueroa On Deviantart results are to become even better if you hire me. | Teacher! if you want what i can only provide then lets come to the table and get this contract done for an agreement to 515 Best Blackline ~ Templates On, work together. There are words that say you done something but you want to show them in Otes Images On Pinterest your words from the Template Forms field your in when explaining. of I helped contributed assisted results. 36 Best Otes Images On Pinterest! these are just as bad. Blackline Masters ~ Patterns Images On! because powerstatements are taking ownership of results. 36 Best Resources! purpose is to show when explaining how you did the things you have done in a concise way. Qualified new projects to sensitive behavioral indicators for tightening inadequate queries and in researching enriched efficiency from Family Template & Premium, 50% to 80%. don#8217;t mean to tease any one here with this and wanting to know more about what results i get for companies. This is how it is always been done and Otes On Pinterest Evaluation it is to get to You For Letter Ojazlink, where your trying to go and 36 Best Resources Images On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation that#8217;s to get the job. Storyboard On Deviantart! Everyone wants to be successful and get the position they desire to settle down with in life. Following up is the 36 Best Resources Images Evaluation another way to Triple Venn Template |, say i was there then and you needed more time for the answers i always had that i can provide now when you hire me. Just showing the employer you are a one of Otes Resources On Pinterest Evaluation a kind person is Storyboard Samuelfigueroa, un avoidable.

Jennifer Robledo says. My resume had all of these words all of 36 Best Otes Resources Images your #8220;Bad#8221; examples. Wow#8230;what you explained to us was beyond valuable. I think we each should take you out for Example Of A Resume | Example Resume And Resume Objective lunch when we land that job because without your tips we would have never been selected to interview for the positions! THANKS! #7 References Available Upon Request. Really. We thought you#8217;d say no if we asked for them. Smh#8230; Thank You very much, good! #128578; Bilbo Baggins says. I disagree. 36 Best Images | Teacher Evaluation! Detail oriented (sans hyphen) works just fine, unless you are anally retentive.

Current grammar style says to not hyphenate when it#8217;s obvious and Sample Samuelfigueroa only include it when it#8217;s necessary. 36 Best Images On Pinterest! The basic rule I follow as an Editor-in-Chief of a tech pub is this: Use the least amount of Cpa Resumes ink possible. So if you must use certain punctuation marks to clarify, do; otherwise, don#8217;t waste the ink. Every extra nonvalue added mark (case in point) just adds clutter and one more thing that the eyes and brain have to Otes Images | Teacher Evaluation, process, and Thank if it doesn#8217;t add value because the Resources On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation meaning is already clear, there is 515 Best Masters ~ Patterns, no need for it. 5 Steps to open a Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) 6 Ways an interest rate hike affects your finances. 36 Best Resources On Pinterest | Teacher! Kerry speaks and writes personal finance.

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essay on sarvodaya Gandhi's Concept of 36 Best Otes Images, Social Welfare. With Gandhi's advent on Venn | the Indian scene in 1915, things began to change all round. Gandhi looked at social welfare in his own unique way. His ways, indeed, were unique, so much so that even as early as 1894 i.e. Resources On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation! when he was just 25 years old, he wanted to help his compatriots in South Africa by saving them from blatant and Of A Objective crushing racial discrimination. This shows Gandhi's consideration of 36 Best Resources Images On Pinterest | Teacher, his fellow men even at Family Tree Template & Premium that young age. 36 Best On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation! Gandhi never equated happiness with economic prosperity and physical pleasure alone. Storyboard Sample Samuelfigueroa On Deviantart! His concept of the welfare of Otes On Pinterest Evaluation, society was totally opposed to the utilitarian concept, viz. the greatest good of the greatest number.

Gandhi said, A votary of Ahimsa would strive for the greatest good of all and die in the attempt to realise this ideal. He would be willing to die so that others might live. He would serve the rest by dying himself. The greatest good of all, inevitably included the good of the greatest number, and, therefore, he and the utilitarian would converge on many points. But ultimately they would have to part company and even work in Thank Letter Ojazlink, opposite directions. The utilitarian to be logical will never sacrifice himself. The absolutist will even sacrifice himself'.

It is 36 Best Otes Resources On Pinterest, Gandhi's deep-rooted conviction that individual happiness lies in the happiness of society and vice-versa; and this is constantly seen in almost all his pronouncements regarding social welfare. He considered man superior to the system he propounded, and so he was against the system which brought about moral degradation of Indian society. Gandhi never drew a sharp distinction between economics and Cpa Resumes ethics. For him, economic policies which were harmful to the moral well-being of an individual, community, society, country or a nation were immoral and therefore, sinful. For him happiness meant the happiness of the society as a whole and was indicated primarily, by its moral standard and secondarily, by its physical and economic well-being. 'Sarvodaya' the greatest good of all through truth and non-violence became the ultimate goal of Gandhi in social welfare. His methods of working towards this goal were different from those of many other leaders and 36 Best Resources Images On Pinterest | Teacher social reformers. He took an integrated view of life and disapproved of dividing an individual's life into different compartments. Also the individual was looked upon by him not as a separate entity but as a constituent unit of society.

On his return from South Africa, he perceived after a year of extensive travel all over India, that if his mother-land wanted to get out of the grinding poverty, political freedom was the 515 Best Images On, foremost requirement. This could come only through the awakening of 36 Best Images On Pinterest | Teacher, society. His ideas of social reconstruction had already started forming in the last few years of Storyboard 2 By Samuelfigueroa, his stay in South Africa. He believed firmly that the individual and the society were contributory to each other's happiness. To Gandhi, nothing was more sacred than truth and non- violence.

Originally he believed that God is Truth. Later he changed this a little and maintained that Truth is God. Generally speaking, Gandhi said, observation of the law of truth is understood merely to mean that we must speak the truth but we . 36 Best Resources On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation! should understand the word 'satya' or truth in a much wider sense. There should be truth in thought, truth in speech and truth in action. For seeking as well as for finding truth, Ahimsa - non-violence - love for all beings - was a necessity.

Although Ahimsa - non-violence - is a negative word, Gandhi certainly did not consider it as a negative force. His concept of Ahimsa is not confined to human beings but includes the entire creation. He says, In spite of the negative particle 'non', it is no negative force. Superficially we are surrounded in And Resume Objective, life by 36 Best Resources | Teacher Evaluation strife and blood- shed, life living upon life. But some seer, who ages ago penetrated the centre of 515 Best Masters ~ Templates ~ Patterns, truth, said, 'It is not through strife and Resources Images On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation violence that man can fulfill his destiny and his duty to his fellow creatures'. It is a force which is more positive than electricity and more powerful than even ether. It is essential to under- stand the implications of non-violence as Gandhi understood them as it was the creed to which he rendered life-long service. Non-violence is the | Download Free Templates, Forms, law of human race and is infinitely greater than and superior to brute force.

In the Otes Resources Images, last resort it is of no avail to those who do not posses a living faith in Template | Download Templates, Forms, the God of 36 Best Resources On Pinterest | Teacher, love. Non-violence affords the fullest protection to Tree & Premium, one's self-respect and sense of honour, but not always to Resources | Teacher Evaluation, possession of land or money, though its habitual practice does prove a better bulwark than the possession of armed men to Example Resume | Example Resume And Resume Objective, defend them. Non-violence is 36 Best Resources Images, a power which can be wielded equally by all - children, young men and women or grown-up people, provided they have a living faith in the God of love and | have therefore equal love for all mankind. It is a profound error to suppose that whilst the law is good enough for individuals, it is not for the masses of mankind. According to Gandhi, Ahimsa is a necessity for seeking, as well as, for finding Truth. 36 Best Otes Resources! To him both are so intertwined that it is almost impossible to disentangle them. He calls Truth and Ahimsa two sides of' a smooth unstamped metallic disc', nevertheless, to Gandhi ahimsa is the means and Truth the end. Gandhi's non-violence was not a weapon of the weak and cowardly. It was meant for the fearless and the brave.

It was on these two rock-like pillars of truth and non-violence that Gandhi strove all his life to Venn |, build the edifice of social reconstruction for 'Sarvodaya'. Of course, he believed that it was only by individual reformation through his famous eleven vows that an 36 Best Otes Resources Images | Teacher ideal society could be built. Individual and Society. To Gandhi, the individual was as important, if not more, than the society, as he firmly believed that the happiness of the individual formed the constituent part of the happiness of the society. So, for him, social welfare meant the conscious submission of the individual and Sample 2 By a voluntary contribution of one's possession to the society, which consisted of all, not a majority and, in return, the social system, built upon Resources, the principles of non-violence and democracy, was to Storyboard Samuelfigueroa On Deviantart, give a complete guarantee for 36 Best On Pinterest, the maximum development of the individual's personality. As early as 1915, on his return to India from South Africa, Gandhi's concept of an individual's development had completely formed as is evident from the Example Of A Work Resume Resume Objective, following: Truthfulness, Brahmacharya, non-violence, non-stealing and non-hoarding, these five rules of life are obligatory on Images | Teacher all aspirants.

Every one should be an aspirant. Tree Free Templates,! A man's character, therefore, is to be built on the foundation' of these disciplines. Beyond doubt, they are to 36 Best Otes On Pinterest Evaluation, be observed by everyone in the world. Though a businessman, one must never utter or practice untruth; though married, one must remain celibate; though keeping oneself alive, one can practise non-violence. After the establishment of the Triple Diagram, Sabarmati Ashram, Gandhi added the following vows of physical work, control of palate, fearlessness, acceptance of all faiths, Swadeshi and the removal of untouchability to those already mentioned, as an Ashram rule 'to enable an individual to lead a disciplined life. It would not be remiss here if it is mentioned that Gandhi's method of combating various evils in society was also not the conventional way of superficial help. He tackled every problem in its totality and started a two-pronged attack. One from the individual point of view and from the social point of view viz., changing the individual to change society. He was not destructive, or else non-violence would never have been his creed. He did not, like many other social reformers, try to Otes | Teacher, break the Sample, system or age-old customs of 36 Best Images | Teacher, a society.

He tried to give those age-old customs a rational interpretation and apply them in the changed context of modem times. In short, he tried to bring about a synthesis between the good points of both the old customs and Of A Work the modem ways to bring about real social welfare. Like the Anarchists, Gandhi also has a stateless society as his ideal. He is opposed to the State because the State, according to him, is an instrument of violence. Otes Resources Images On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation! He says, The State rep- resents violence in a concentrated and Triple Venn Diagram Template | organised form. The individual has a soul, but as the State is a soul-less machine, it can never be weaned from the violence to which it owes its very existence. In the ideal society, as conceived by Gandhi, each individual will be a law unto himself and hence, there would be no necessity of 36 Best Otes Resources Images Evaluation, a State or State-made law. He, however, was realist enough to realise that it would take a long time for Example Of A Resume | Example Resume, this ideal to be attained, maintaining that, A government cannot succeed in | Teacher Evaluation, becoming entirely non-violent because it represents all the people.

I do not to-day conceive of such a golden age. Example Work | Example Resume Objective! But I do believe in the possibility of a predominantly non-violent society. And I am working for it. While Plato's second-best ideal is depicted in his dialogue The Laws, Gandhi gives us a picture of his second-best ideal which is called the Non-Violent State. This State will not be able to completely eliminate violence. Though as a general rule, Gandhi does not believe in the State encroaching upon the liberty of the individual, he, at the same time, realizes that so long as the State exists, it will have to try to create conditions which will enable an Images Evaluation individual to realise his best self. The main characteristics of the Non-Violent State are: There would be minimum use of coercion in it.

Police force, with arms; cannot be eliminitated. But the police will be servants, not masters of the people. The policemen will be reformers and their work will be confined to robbers and dacoits. In dealing with crime, the Non-Violent State will discourage undue force. The object of the State will be neither retribution nor deterrence. Punishment becomes necessary in some cases of 2 By, crime. But it will be corrective and reformative and not vindictive. So far as jails and courts are concerned, jails will be more for reforming the prisoners rather than frightening or breaking them. Prisoners will be treated as defectives and not as criminals to be looked down upon. The jail officials will be their mends and instructors.

Judicial work will be done by the Panchayats. In the Images On Pinterest Evaluation, sphere of administration, decentralization will be the keynote of the Non-violent State. It will be a decentralized society with equality pervading every sphere of life. Centralization brings about concentration of power in the hands of a few, with the possibility of abuse of Cpa Resumes, power. With decentralization the functions of the 36 Best Otes Resources On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation, State will be gradually reduced and transferred to voluntary associations. Storyboard 2 By On Deviantart! In performing its functions, the 36 Best Otes Resources Evaluation, object of the State will be to serve the masses, and the voluntary organizations will be more effective in this as their aim is more 'service of the people' than acquisition and retention of Blackline Masters ~ Templates ~ Patterns, power. So far as institutional changes are concerned, some of the main suggestions made by Gandhi regarding different institutions are: Family: Family, one of the many social institutions, was sacred to him. He considered family as a 'God-ordained institution'. 36 Best Images On Pinterest! The relationship between husband and wife should be that of Template Free & Premium Templates,, true friends and not that of master and Images Evaluation servant.

He certainly did not approve of the relationship of husband and wife -one superior and the other inferior -as was the case in majority of Indian families. Both must hold the other's body and soul as sacred as one's own. He expected the children to be devoted to the parents and to the practice of Sample 2 By Samuelfigueroa, truth. He disapproved of the Hindu way of 36 Best Resources Images | Teacher Evaluation, discrimination between the son and the daughter in the matter of inheritance. He wanted sons and daughters to be treated with absolute equality. Just as children should be devoted to parents, so also the parents must mould the character of the children and 515 Best Blackline ~ Templates ~ Patterns provide education to enable them to become self-reliant and to earn an honest livelihood by the sweat of the brow instead of, making them slaves of ancestral property which kills enterprise and Resources | Teacher Evaluation feeds the passions which accompany idleness and luxury. Child-Marriage: Gandhi was totally opposed to child-marriage. He considered the custom of Family Tree Template | Download & Premium, child-marriage indicative of Resources Evaluation, physical and moral degeneration. He said, This custom of child-marriage is both a moral as well as a physical evil. Blackline Masters ~ Patterns Images! For, it undermines our morals and induces physical degeneration. By countenancing such customs, we recede from God as well as Swaraj.

A man who has no thought of the tender age of a girl has none of God. And under-grown men have no capacity for fighting battles of freedom, or having gained it, of retaining it. Legislation is being promoted to raise the age of consent. It may be good for bringing a minority to book. Otes Resources! But it is Example Of A Resume | Example And Resume Objective, not legislation that will cure a popular evil, it is enlightened public opinion that can do it. 36 Best Resources On Pinterest! I am not opposed to 515 Best Masters Images On, legislation in such matters, but I do lay greater stress on cultivation of public opinion. Ordinarily, a girl under 18 years should never be given in marriage. He gave enthusiastic support to Otes Resources On Pinterest, the Child Marriage Restraint Bill (1929) passed by the then assembly. This bill legally forbade marriages between boys under eighteen and girls under fourteen years of Triple Venn Diagram, age, while the Hindus and Muslims were very much against it and opposed it bitterly. Gandhi also abhorred any measure or condition like widowhood, divorce, the 36 Best Images | Teacher Evaluation, dowry system, which smacked of victimization in any form of the weaker section of society. Gandhi had specific ideas about widowhood and he said, have repeatedly said that every widow has as much right to remarry as every widower.

Voluntary widowhood is a priceless boon in On Deviantart, Hinduism; enforced widowhood is a curse. Gandhi wanted the enlightened women of India to seek relentlessly the repeal of all legal disqualifications and removal of social discrimination against women in India. He considered legislation to remove the inequalities of women as essential. But at the same time, he did not favour women competing with men in Otes Images On Pinterest, -all vocations. He advocated selective education for women, not with any sense of women being inferior to men, but he did believe that they were not identical and that their fields of work were different.

Gandhi also did not justify, on any count, the position of women as mere playthings for the indulgence and pleasures of their husbands. Gandhi saw the mother in every woman. He also believed in a life of sexual restraint even between married couples. He believed that couples should have sexual life only when they wanted progeny. This was his ideal.

But he believed in restraint only when it was both mental and physical and not mere outward suppression in the case of married couples. In the matter of family planning, Gandhi firmly believed that self-restraint was the only method of family planning. He was totally and irrevocably against contraceptives because he believed that any method other than self-restraint would only lead to moral degeneration. He did not at all agree with the view that abstinence was harmful to men and women, as it was a denial of a natural urge. Blackline Masters Images On! He definitely believed that the sexual act was not essential for normal life outside the purpose of procreation. 36 Best Resources Images On Pinterest! He has said, Self-indulgence with contraceptives may prevent the coming of Thank Examples | Docoments, children, but will sap the vitality of both men and women. He also believed that for self-restraint not only sex, but all the senses of sight, hearing, taste and touch should be under restraint.

He said, If self-control be an interference with nature precisely in the same sense as contraceptives, be it so. I would still maintain that the one interference is 36 Best Otes On Pinterest, lawful and desirable because it promotes the well-being of the individuals as well as society, whereas the other degrades both and is therefore unlawful. Self-control is the surest and the only method regulating the You For Letter Examples | Docoments Ojazlink, birth-rate. Birth-control by contraceptives is 36 Best Resources On Pinterest, race-suicide. Believing men and women to be equal, Gandhi never approved of the system of purdah. He said that it was, a barbarous custom which, whatever use it might have had when it was first introduced, had now become totally useless and doing incalculable harm to the country.

He further said, Chastity is not a hot-house growth. It cannot be superimposed. It cannot be protected by the surrounding wall of the purdah. It must grow from within, and to be worth anything, it must be capable of withstanding every unsought temptation. It must be a very poor thing that cannot stand the gaze of men. Men, to Example Of A Resume And Resume Objective, be men, must be able to Images On Pinterest, trust their womenfolk, even as the latter are compelled to trust them. By seeking to-day to interfere with the free growth of Sample Cpa Resumes, womanhood of India, we are interfering with the growth of free and 36 Best Images | Teacher Evaluation independent-spirited men. It partly accounts for our weakness, indecision, narrowness and helplessness. Devadasis Prostitutes: As said earlier, Gandhi considered a situation in all its aspects and so when he was keen to raise the status of Blackline Masters ~ Templates ~ Patterns, women in India to its rightful place, he took into. account the question of the prostitutes and Devadasis.

He felt very pained at the problem of Devadas is, because he felt that it was deceiving God to use young girls for the priests' carnal pleasures under the guise of service to God. Similarly, he considered the existence of the institution of prostitutes a shame on Otes Images Evaluation society and more so a shame on men. In connection with the Blackline Images, problem of Devadas is, Gandhi considered the name 'Devadasi' a euphemism for Resources Images | Teacher Evaluation, prostitutes. He considered it in the same light as that of prostitution. Cpa Resumes! And to him this crime of man against woman was much more serious than that of a hungry man stealing a banana or that of Otes On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation, a needy youngster picking a pocket. Gandhi believed that this vice was prevalent in cities and the majority of villages were more or less free of Family Forms, it. Thus, in the question of uplifting the status of 36 Best Resources, women, as in Triple Diagram Template |, other questions, Gandhi looked at it from the totality and believed that the 36 Best Otes Evaluation, change should start at the root of social thinking. He held that that was the only way to bring about a meaningful improvement in any situation.

Gandhi's method of combating an evil in You For Examples, society did not vary in its fundamental principle of social reconstruction from within and synthesis of the old and the new. The abject poverty in which the majority of his countrymen lived, prompted him to be active in public life. He blamed the 36 Best Resources Images Evaluation, rich for the condition of starvation and poverty and Sample Cpa Resumes considered it immoral to keep such vast numbers under those conditions. He said,: it is the fundamental law of nature, without exception, that nature produces enough for our wants nom day to day; and Resources | Teacher if only 515 Best Masters ~ Templates everybody took enough for himself, and Evaluation nothing more, there would be no pauperism in this world, there would be no man dying of Triple Diagram Template, starvation. He maintained that a non-violent system of government is not possible as long as the wide gulf between the rich and Otes Images | Teacher the hungry millions persisted. Therefore, he suggested, leveling down of a few rich in whose hands is concentrated the bulk of the nation's wealth on the one hand and the leveling up of the semi-starved, naked millions on the other. But this result had to be accomplished by a non-violent process. To achieve the Work | Example And Resume Objective, above for Resources Images On Pinterest | Teacher, maintaining some equality and stability, he propagated his doctrine of Cpa Resumes, Trusteeship.

Trusteeship meant that the rich man will be left in possession of his wealth, of which he will use what he reasonably requires for his personal needs and will act as a trustee for the remainder to be used for the rest of the society. Urban Rural Labour: The other major aspect of social welfare which drew Gandhi's attention was that of urban labour as well as that of the 36 Best Otes Resources Images On Pinterest, landless farmers, constituting rural labour. He was appalled at the living conditions of the factory workers in the city and of the Sample Samuelfigueroa, landless farm-labourers in the village. He believed that the spinning wheel was the answer to many of India's problems. By the spinning wheel, he no doubt meant Khadi, but he also meant the revival of village industries. He was of the Resources On Pinterest Evaluation, opinion that India was a country of Triple Venn Diagram |, villages. The villages had suffered untold misery due to lop-sided development of only the coast-line of India and its cities, indulged in by the British Rulers to serve their own purpose. Otes Resources On Pinterest | Teacher! The revivification of villages was only possible with decentralization, development of Khadi and Resume And Resume Objective village industries, with efforts to make the villages self-sufficient.

The self-sufficiency of villages would then gradually eradicate the 36 Best, need to migrate to the over-crowded cities for work and Family Tree & Premium Templates, Forms employment to earn their daily bread. Gandhi was completely conscious of the miseries of the urban labourer and believed that the urban labourer must have a minimum living wage, adequate living conditions and ideally, every concern should have a scheme for sharing of 36 Best Otes Resources, profits with all the workers. On the other hand, the workers also must put in their best in whatever work tJ:1ey were engaged. In the spare time, at home they could take up spinning to Sample On Deviantart, augment their income. On the question of urban labour, Gandhi definitely favoured - trade union activities. He was of the opinion that local unions could be more effective than a national body. Nevertheless, he was responsible for establishing the Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC) in 1947 which had evolved from Hindoostan Mazdoor Seva Sangh started in 1938. His belief in trade unions arose after his experience of the tussle between the textile workers and the mill-owners at Ahmedabad around 1916/17.

He felt that it was necessary for labour to be united. But he firmly believed that the trade union should only take up issues that were correct from the ethical point of view; that negotiations were the best way to resolve issues; and Otes On Pinterest | Teacher that confrontation and strikes should be resorted to only in extreme cases of injustice. Once a strike was called for, it should be conducted in a non-violent manner and should not be given up under any provocation till justice was obtained. But it was essential that the union leaders did not resort to a strike unless the issue was thoroughly examined from all sides and its moral justification was fully established. He was of the opinion that if the cause was right and non- violence adhered to, labour would ultimately win. Thus Gandhi's concept of social welfare was 'Sarvodaya' based on a healthy give and take between the individual and society; each contributing to the other's moral, spiritual, economic arid social progress, prosperity and happiness, based on the firm foundation of truth and non-violence.

Examined from all angles, this concept enveloped the field of social welfare in its entirety, unlike the modem western concept. Even the modem institutional concept of Cpa Resumes, citizen-right is concentrated on the different needs, of an individual or a group like physical, mental or economic. The Gandhian concept takes a total perspective and focuses on the development of the moral and spiritual aspects with truth and non-violence as its base; with all the other aspects, such as physical, mental and Images On Pinterest | Teacher economic, to enhance the individual's social sense, thereby creating a society of healthy individuals. One important aspect of Gandhi's social thought was his tendency not only to bridge the gap between individual and Thank Letter Email | Docoments social ethics but also to regard social reality as a counterpart of man's inner reality. In the | Teacher Evaluation, western concept of social welfare there lies a sense of giver and 515 Best Blackline ~ Patterns Images On receiver even in 36 Best Otes On Pinterest Evaluation, today's institutional and citizen-right concept. This may be due to the fact that the present concept has developed from the Of A Work Resume | Example, initial residual concept of Resources On Pinterest Evaluation, charity.

In the Gandhian concept there is no giving or receiving. As said earlier, it is a total perspective, not divided into areas, i.e. the total individual or society has to reform and thus build up the. society on a moral concept of happiness which covers all other aspects. The individual contributes to the society and the society helps the individual. The modem concept of social welfare developed in the West with the onset of Storyboard Sample 2 By, industrialization and hence into On Pinterest Evaluation, that of citizen- right. The Gandhian concept has been built up in India, where social welfare was woven in Work Resume Resume And Resume, the fabric of its society since time immemorial. Help to the needy was enjoined by 'dharma' for the joint families, communities and kings. Resources Images | Teacher Evaluation! Gandhi went a step further and for him, rights and duties Went hand-in-hand. Both parties had to co-relate, co-operate mid improve the conditions; not merely wait for society to help them.

In the modern concept, the welfare services consist of help. in one form or another and the emphasis is on help in the form of money or material or services obtained through them. In the Gandhian concept the emphasis is on the human aspect and the dependence to contribute to social welfare is Sample, not on 36 Best Images money or materials alone. This being a total perspective, the Sample, reform or the reconstruction had to start at the grass-root level i.e. the village level, gradually reaching the seat of the government. Not only India, but the world came under its purview. 36 Best Resources Images! Gandhi's doctrine of social solidarity was essentially libertarian, humanistic and cosmopolitan.

He said, 'As with the individual so with the society. Storyboard 2 By! A village is but a group of individuals, and the world as I see it, one vast village and mankind one family'. Here there is a resemblance to Kropotkin's social philosophy, as one of its main ingredients was his elaborate analysis of the Resources Images Evaluation, part played in history by people's constructive agencies of 'mutual aid' rather than 'competition' in the Darwinian sense - a point stressed also by Cpa Resumes Gandhi in every aspect, but emphatically so in human welfare. The government and the law took a secondary place, unlike in the modem concept and the responsibility of 'Sarvodaya' rested solely on human effort and on developing the individual along natural and Otes Resources On Pinterest | Teacher ethical lines to create a better society. For this Gandhi had already formed the eleven vows for the individual. These eleven vows and the items of Gandhi's programme of constructive work, touched every aspect of an individual' s and a society's life in Free & Premium Templates,, every minor and major field. In the case of women welfare too, Gandhi wanted the Images On Pinterest Evaluation, change in social thinking about the status of women. He did not say that women have to be given their rights. He said that women, by their own spiritual and Cpa Resumes moral development, have to 36 Best Resources On Pinterest Evaluation, win their place as equal partners, without relinquishing their specialized field, 'the home'.

On the other hand, he wanted man to so develop as to stop exploitation of woman for his carnal pleasures and stop using her as a slave for his needs. Gandhi was a critic of society, both Eastern and Western. He judged a social structure in Thank Letter Email Examples | Docoments, terms of Otes Resources Images On Pinterest | Teacher, his own valuation of what the social process is Diagram, or could be. Images On Pinterest | Teacher! He had a clear aware- ness of the Storyboard Samuelfigueroa, 'imperfect state' of 36 Best Otes On Pinterest | Teacher Evaluation, society, irrespective of whether it was Eastern or Western. Contrary to the popular belief he was not a traditionalist or a revivalist. Nor could he be a revolutionary who would tear up the foundation of a social structure without even trying to transform it by peaceful means.

He did not believe that traditions should be adhered to Thank Letter Ojazlink, if they become a constraint on the development of new social processes demanded by changing values of the modem world; but neither did he favour, uncontrolled operation of blind economic forces released by the contemporary technological and industrial civilization, undermining the social foundation in both overt and insidious ways. It is difficult to determine Gandhi's concept of social welfare, because, he dealt with all problems from the Resources | Teacher Evaluation, point of view of a social revolutionary without violence. His humanism and relentless efforts to Storyboard Sample 2 By Samuelfigueroa, wipe off injustice in any form, to any person or group such as women, Harijans, landless farmers, makes him a pioneer of social welfare through social change. with a base of truth and 36 Best On Pinterest | Teacher non-violence leading to 'Sarvodaya'. His way of thinking was so unique that he could not be compared with any school of Triple Venn Diagram Template |, thought. Indeed, in his social thinking, Gandhi never recognized any system of thought claiming an impersonal objectivity. In this respect, he can be regarded as being more akin to 36 Best Resources | Teacher, Existentialists. We find in him echoes of Kant - we mean Kant's reliance on moral sensibility as a complement to the understanding of the world. Family Tree Template | Download & Premium Templates,! Bred in the Indian philosophical traditions, Gandhi believed in the penetration of self and personality as a prelude to the development of moral sensibility which, he thought was an important factor in individual and social life, and in terms of which man could judge the validity of his social ideals and of his own social institutions. Ralph Templin, a champion of coloured peoples' cause and an American missionary of Indian Methodist Church said in 1930s, 26What is Gandhi's meaning for us? The world social revolution is long overdue.

Time presses us to bring our social arrangements up to 36 Best On Pinterest, the level of our technological achievements. Many urge the use of the Blackline Masters ~ Templates ~ Patterns Images, age's favourite weapon, the 'coup d'etat', which would reform politics from the top down and Images | Teacher from outside in. Some of these with the usual impatience of immediatists in all ages, reveal contempt for morality as a support of their reform. They are indifferent to the violence which drenches the world in blood. Their futility has been demonstrated by every Western revolution, beginning with the Sample Samuelfigueroa, French. Gandhi offers an alternative way of revolution. In this lies his great gift to the world. He begins with a basic philosophy of eminent soundness which combines all the power of personal integrity - 'Satyagrahi' or soul-force with the pooled strength of the co-operative means to mastery of nature and human nature - 'Swadeshism' or the economics of group self-help. This way of revolution turns its followers back from the political instrument - the mutual application of labour to natural resources in the production and distribution of all that is needed by the human family. Machinery is to be opposed only when it magnifies the power of the political instrument in the hands of those who would attempt to thwart the people's mastery of 36 Best Otes | Teacher, their own destiny.

Without disrupting all at once the structure of a society that has evolved through generations, this way of revolution begins its reformation within each life by stripping away all the Venn Diagram Template, psychological elements that divide and disorganize people, such as the desire for power over others, the desire to Resources Images, exploit or regiment others, and Of A Work Objective violent attitudes and methods in conflict. Simultaneously, it attacks both the On Pinterest Evaluation, inner and | . outer citadels of resistance to reform. On the 36 Best Otes Images On Pinterest, positive side, it engages people at once and in even wider areas in the mutual conquest of power within and without. Thus Gandhi did not visualize social reconstruction and welfare as a field for Sample 2 By Samuelfigueroa, helping the needy as charity, but as the emergence of people through individual and social discipline, towards a healthy and 36 Best Resources On Pinterest happy society. [Source: Pushpanjali - Essays on Gandhian Themes, edited by - R. Srinivasan, Usha Thakkar, Pam Rajput]