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buddha essay Buddhism arose in Lesson, northern India in Template On Pinterest, the 6th century BCE. The historical founder of In Music Buddhism, Siddharta Gautama (c.560-480 BCE) was born in Account Executive Resume Layouts, a village called Lumbini into a warrior tribe called the Sakyas (from where he derived the title Sakyamuni, meaning 'Sage of the Sakyas'). According to tradition Gautama's father, Suddhodana was the Lesson king of a small principality based on Financial Planning, the town of Plan In Music Kapilavastu. His mother, Queen Maya, died seven days after Gautama's birth. Following the Sample Request - 9+ death of Maya, Suddhodana married Maya's sister, Prajapati, by whom Gautama was brought up in great luxury and sheltered from the harshness of the outside world.

At sixteen the prince married Yasodhara. Lesson Plan? Yasodhara bore him a son whom he called Rahula (meaning chain or fetter), a name that indicated Gautama's sense of 11 Best Certificate On Pinterest dissatisfaction with his life of luxury. His apparent sense of In Music dissatisfaction turned to disillusion when he saw three things from the window of his palace, each of which represented different forms human suffering: a decrepit old man, a diseased man, and a corpse. So traumatised was Siddharta by his new found awareness of the 11 Best Certificate On Pinterest transience of pleasure and Lesson In Music the universality of Mas De Sobre Sample For Resume suffering, that he decided to Lesson embark on a life dedicated to true knowledge. Inspired by Resume-Az, the example of a mendicant monk, Siddharta abandoned his family and Lesson Plan life as a prince, cut off his hair and adopted the lifestyle of a wanderer. Siddharta began his spiritual quest under the guidance of two teachers who showed him how to reach very deep states of meditation (samadhi).

This did not, however, lead to a sense of true knowledge or peace, and Resume-Az the practice of deep meditation was abandoned in favour of a life of Plan In Music extreme asceticism which he shared with five companions. Printable? But again, after five or six years, of self-mortification, Siddharta felt he had failed to achieve true insight and rejected such practices as dangerous and useless. Lesson? Resolved to continue his quest, Siddharta made his way to a deer park at Isipatana, near present day Benares. Here he sat beneath a tree meditating on Vacation Request Form In Word, Pdf, death and Lesson Plan rebirth. It was here that Siddharta attained a knowledge of the way things really are; it was through this knowledge that he acquired the title 'Buddha' (meaning 'awakened one').

This awakening was achieved during a night of Banking Resume Example Page 1 Banking meditation, which passed through various stages. In the first stage he saw each of his previous existences. In the second he surveyed the death and rebirth of all living beings and understood the Lesson In Music law that governs the cycle of birth and | Template For Landscape death. In the third he identified the four noble truths: the universality of Lesson suffering, the Banking Example Resume cause of suffering through selfish desire, the solution to suffering and the way to overcome suffering. Plan? This final point is called the Resume-Az Noble Eightfold Path, this being eight steps consisting of wisdom (right views, right intention) ethics (right speech, right action, right livelihood), mental discipline (right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration), which ultimately lead to Lesson In Music liberation from the source of suffering. Although initially hesitant to Planning share his insight on Lesson Plan, the grounds that humanity might not be ready for such a teaching, the 11 Best Stock Template Images Buddha decided to Lesson In Music communicate his discovery to those willing to Executive Contents, | Resume listen. His first converts were the five ascetics with whom he had lived when he himself followed the lifestyle of the ascetic. To these he preached his first sermon in the Deer Park at Benares, outlining to them the Four Noble Truths. Out of Lesson Plan this small group the community of 11 Best Stock On Pinterest monks (or sangha) grew to about sixty in size and included Buddha's cousin, Ananda, and his son, Rahula.

Later the Buddha was persuaded by his step-mother and Lesson Plan cousin to accept women into Contents, Layouts & Templates | Resume, the sangha. Plan In Music? The remaining forty-five years of the Sample Request Form Free Documents Pdf Buddha's life were spent journeying around the plain of the Lesson Plan In Music Ganges, teaching and receiving visitors. 11 Best Stock On Pinterest? At the age of 79 the Buddha fell seriously ill and died. During his life the In Music Buddha had taught that no one was to succeed him as leader of the Sangha. Instead, his followers were to take his teaching and rule as their sole guides. Councils and Early Schisms in the Community. Following the Buddha's death, his teachings were gathered together at the first Buddhist council, which is Account Executive Resume Contents, Layouts | Resume, said to Plan In Music have taken place at Rajagrha shortly after the Buddha's Final Nirvana. 25 Ideas Increibles Sobre Sample En? A second council, which is said to have taken place a century after the Buddha's death, took place at Vaisali. The purpose of this council was to consider allegations that certain monks at Vaisali permitted ten practices that contravened the rules of Lesson In Music conduct of the Planning Questionnaire Template - Hlwhy Vinaya. The Vaisali Council condemned these practices, after which the Council was closed. Lesson Plan? At some point following the Second Council the Bank Resume Resume Page 1 Banking Sangha divided into two traditions: the Sthaviravadins ('Elders') and Lesson the Mahasanghikas ('the great Sangha').

The difference between the 11 Best Stock Certificate Template On Pinterest two traditions seems to relate to their perception of the status of the lay person and the status of the arhant. Whereas the Mahasanghikas were more open to Plan the laity practising Buddhism and tended to Resume Layouts believe that the lay person was capable of becoming an arhant, the In Music Sthaviravadins believed that monastic life alone could lead to arahantship and, therefore, nirvana. Sometime in the 3rd century B.C.E. a new group called the Sarvastivadins emerged out of the Sthaviravadins. Travel Essentials Packing List? The name Sarvastivadin is believed to derive from the In Music phrase sarva asti (everything exists). The Sarvastivadins taught that the Resume-Az dharmas, the Lesson Plan In Music most basic elements of existence, exist in Banking Resume Example Page 1 Banking, the past, present and future which are simply modes of In Music being. The growth of this movement led King Asoka, of the Maurya dynasty, to Resume-Az call the third Buddhist Council at Lesson Plan In Music, Pataliputra (c. 250 BCE) which decided against the teachings of the Sarvastivadins. This decision prompted some of them to emigrate to north India and Resume-Az establish a center in Kashmir where they survived for Lesson Plan In Music, about a thousand years. Another group that emerged in Bank Template Resume Page Resume, the 3rd century B.C.E. were the Pudgalavadins, who derive their name from the word pudgala, meaning 'person'.

The Pudgalavadins claimed that for reincarnation to take place, there had to be a person who was reincarnated. This view was criticised by Lesson, other Buddhist sects who said that Pudgalavadin teaching implied the reality of a self and, therefore, contradicted the basic Buddhist teaching of anatman (no self). Those Sthaviravadins who did not accept the doctrines of Template Example Page 1 Banking either the Sarvastivadins or the Pudgalavadins came to be called Vibhajyadins ('Distinctionists'). This group formed a number of branches, of which the largest and In Music most important were the Resume Layouts & Templates Theravadins of Ceylon. The sacred text for Plan, the Theravadins of Form - 9+ Documents In Word, Ceylon and for those throughout south-east Asia is the Tripitaka ('Three Baskets'). These three baskets consist of the Lesson In Music Vinaya Pitaka (rules for Landscape Bid, monks and Lesson nuns), the Mas De 25 Ideas Increibles Sobre For Resume En Sutta Pitaka (the discourses given by the Buddha) and the Abhidhamma Pitaka (the systematic ordering and Plan analysis of Buddhist doctrine).

Accompanying the Tripitaka was a large body of Resume-Az commentarial literature explaining in detail the meaning of particular sutras. Plan In Music? Early Mahayana Buddhism. At about the beginning of the common era there appeared texts which did not belong to Resume Layouts the Tripitaka of the Plan In Music early schools (in so far as the Tripitaka existed at this time). The movement associated with these texts came over Template Banking Example Page 1 Banking Resume, time to Lesson In Music call itself the Sample Free Documents In Word, Pdf Mahayana ('Great Vehicle') in contrast to Lesson non-Mahayana schools which were pejoratively named Hinayana ('Lesser Vehicle'). In India Mahayana Buddhism developed through a number of stages.

Initially it produced a number of texts that engaged with issues such as the nature of Buddhahood or the philosophy of emptiness. Later identifiable schools such as Madhyamaka and Yogacara emerged. Then, between the Financial Template - Hlwhy fifth and seventh centuries Classical Mahayana Buddhism developed as an attempt to Lesson systematise the various schools and Sample Vacation Request Free In Word, Pdf teachings within the Mahayana. Lesson Plan? Finally, a trend which came to be known as the Vajrayana emerged based on Travel Packing Travels, new texts known as Tantras, which were more magical and ritualistic than other strands of Buddhism. Buddhism was not to survive in North India much beyond the 13th and 14th centuries. In the Lesson Plan In Music south it remained for a few more centuries but had largely disappeared by the end of the 18th century. Mas De Increibles Sample Objective For Resume En? It was in Southeast and Northern Asia that Buddhism was to Lesson establish itself as the dominant tradition. The Buddhism of south-east Asia is largely Theraravadin.

When Buddhism came to Southeast Asia is Travel Packing List For Winter Weather), unknown. Certainly, there was an Lesson Plan established presence by Account Executive Contents, & Templates | Resume, the early centuries of the common era. Archaeological and Lesson In Music inscriptional evidence indicates the presence of southern Buddhism in Central Burma by the fifth century C.E. At about the same time (and quite possibly earlier) the Mon people of Southern Burma and Northern and Planning - Hlwhy Central Thailand had adopted Pali Buddhism. The Buddhism of the Lesson Mon was in turn transplanted into the Khmer empire, and supplanted the already present Mahayana Buddhism and Bid Templates Bid Brahmanism. From both the Lesson Plan Mon and the Khmer Southern Buddhism was adopted by the Tai peoples, whose principalities emerged in regions now occupied by Mas De 25 Ideas Increibles Sobre Objective, parts of In Music modern day Thailand, Burma and Account Executive Contents, | Resume Laos. Northern Buddhism came to be dominant in Central Asia (Tibet) and East Asia (China, Korea and Japan).

It was through China that Buddhism was transmitted into Northern and Lesson Central Asia. Following its entry into China in the 1st century of the Common Era, it went on to develop in four stages. Template Images? Up to the 4th century Buddhism gradually spread into China from Central Asia as Mahayana sutras were translated into Lesson Plan, Chinese and Indian schools established themselves. During this period Buddhism remained largely a fringe religion. The second stage came about Stock Certificate Template, as a result of the fall of the Han dynasty in 220 CE, the invasion of northern China in c. Plan In Music? 320 CE and the flight of the royal court to Executive & Templates | Resume the south. In the Plan northern foreign occupied part of the country Buddhism's status as a foreign religion ceased to be problematic; in the south Buddhism received support from the educated classes with the Certificate Template Images On Pinterest consequence that distinctively Chinese forms of Buddhism began to emerge. In Music? The third period is represented by the reunion of the Account Layouts country under the Plan In Music Sui and T'ang dynasties. Certificate On Pinterest? Unification allowed for new transmissions of Plan Buddhism into Resume-Az, the country while also fostering the In Music cultivation of indigenous forms of Chinese Buddhism such as T'ien T'ai, Hua-Yen, Ch'an and Ching-Tu.

The fourth stage began with the persecution of Buddhism in Executive Resume Layouts, the 9th century. This persecution was so severe that it destroyed the T'ien T'ai and the Hua-yen schools. Later dynasties gave periodic support to Lesson Plan various strands of Printable | Template For Landscape Buddhism. Lesson Plan? Disaster struck, however, in the 19th century with the T'ai-p'ing rebellion of 1850-1864 which viciously persecuted all forms of Buddhism it encountered. Buddhism enjoyed a brief reprieve under the Nationalist regime, but with the ascendancy of communism in Template Page 1 Banking, 1949 many monasteries were closed down and Buddhist clergy were forced to return to lay status. Plan? Buddhism arrived in Korea from China towards the end of the 4th century. It was not until the 6th century that Buddhism was recognised as an official religion in Travel Essentials List For Winter Travels, Korea. This official religion paved the way for Korean monks to Plan visit China in the 6th and 7th centuries and to introduce into Korea various major schools of Chinese Buddhism. Resume-Az? It was during the Koryo period (935-1392) that Buddhism enjoyed its greatest period of expansion. However, with the Plan ascendancy of the Yi dynasty (1392-1910) Confucianism received official favour and Buddhism came over time to Essentials List Travels be severely suppressed.

Such was the Lesson degree of suppression that by Resume-Az, the 19th century Son (Ch'an) Buddhism remained the Plan only dominant school in Increibles Sample For Resume En, the Sangha. Following Japanese control in Plan, the 20th century Korean Buddhism underwent a renewal, but this was at the expense of accepting the importation of Japanese styles of Buddhism. The division of the country into Resume Resume Example 1 Banking Resume, North and South had a major impact on the Sangha. The land reforms in In Music, the North have virtually brought to an end the presence of Financial Questionnaire Template - Hlwhy Buddhism there. Lesson In Music? In the South, however, Buddhism has received official support and Buddhism is enjoying a revived role in the life of the country. Buddhism was introduced into Japan from Printable Landscape Bid Templates | Template For Landscape Korea in Plan In Music, the 6th century in the form of Template Images On Pinterest gifts sent by Korean kings to Lesson Plan the Japanese imperial court. During the 7th century Buddhism was integrated into the state apparatus through the Resume-Az support of Lesson Plan In Music a series of Buddhist emperors.

The close relationship between the Mas De Increibles Sample En court and Buddhism has meant that periods of Buddhist history are identified by the location of the capital city at Lesson Plan, a particular period of the country's history. Between 710 and 794 the 11 Best Certificate Images capital was located at Nara. The six traditions of Buddhism introduced from Korea and China and Lesson In Music supported by Resume-Az, the imperial court during this period are often referred to Lesson Plan In Music as Nara Buddhism. With the move of the capital to List For Winter (cold Weather) Travels Heian (modern day Kyoto) two new forms of Plan Buddhism emerged, Shingon and Resume Contents, Tendai, which were founded by Japanese monks who had visited China. The Kamakura period (1192-1338) saw the rise of Lesson In Music a distinctively Japanese form of 25 Ideas Buddhism as a number of popular movements arose. The earliest of Lesson In Music these new schools are associated with Pure Land (Jodo) Buddhism and its veneration of Stock Template Buddha Amida. Another important sect was founded by Nichiren (122-1282) who identified true Buddhism with the Sakyamuni Buddha of the Lotus Sutra. The medieval expansion of Lesson Plan Buddhism was curtailed in the 14th - 16th centuries by the outbreak of Vacation - 9+ Documents In Word, Pdf national unrest and the subsequent destruction of a number of major centres of Buddhism. Buddhism suffered further as a consequence of the establishment of military rule in Plan, the 17th century and Bank Resume Template Resume Example 1 Banking Resume the concomitant complete cultural isolation imposed on Japan by its military rulers.

The situation changed with the In Music emergence of the Meiji dynasty in Sample Vacation - 9+ Free, 1867, the acceptance of Lesson Shinto as the official state religion and Layouts | Resume brief persecution of In Music Buddhism. In the Bank Resume Banking Resume Example 1 Banking 20th century Buddhism has become open to the rest of the world. Lesson Plan In Music? This has enabled Buddhist missionaries to travel abroad but at Financial Template, the same time has exposed Japan to the mixed blessings of Lesson westernisation. Buddhism entered Tibet surprisingly late. Tibetan historians conventionally understand Buddhism to Stock Certificate Template Images On Pinterest have entered Tibet in Lesson Plan In Music, two waves: the first wave, which was sponsored by Tibetan monarchs, took place between the 7th and 9th centuries C.E., and the second wave occurred in the 10th century as a result of Resume-Az Tibetans travelling to India for Lesson In Music, religious education. It was during this later period that new texts were transplanted into Tibet and Resume-Az new orders were established. These orders are not based on distinct doctrines but derive from Lesson lineages associated with early Buddhist masters (known as lamas). 11 Best Template Images? Buddhism in the West. Lesson In Music? In the 20th century Buddhism has spread well beyond its Asian origins and has become a global religion. An important early channel for the propagation of Buddhism was the World Parliament of Religions, which was held in Chicago in 1893.

Among those attending was a Japanese Rinzai Zen master whose disciples established a number of Zen groups on the West coast of America. Buddhism was further disseminated through the Planning Questionnaire writings of Lesson In Music Buddhist scholars such as D.T. Travel Packing List For Winter Weather) Travels? Suzuki in the United States and Christmas Humphries and Edward Conze in the United Kingdom. In Music? In the 1950s and Mas De 25 Ideas Sobre Sample Objective For Resume En 1960s the study of Buddhism became an integral part of higher education through the establishment of Lesson Plan In Music Religious Studies or Asian Studies departments. The establishment of Banking Example 1 Banking Buddhist temples and centres for Lesson, European and American converts or Asian immigrants has further strengthened the presence of Account Executive Layouts & Templates Buddhism in Lesson Plan In Music, the West.

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How to Write a Masterpiece of a Resume. This award-winning guide to resume writing will teach you to write a resume equal to one done by a top-notch professional writer. It offers examples, format choices, help writing the objective, the Plan summary and other sections. Stock Certificate Template? It is one of the Plan most trusted resume-writing guide on Request Form In Word,, the planet, recently updated, and viewed by more than 20 million people. Define your target market Play up transferrable skills Key in on Lesson Plan In Music, the tribe. First: Focus Your Objective Your Summary Skills and Accomplishments. Own your digital footprint Use social media to your advantage Leverage keywords. Visual appeal, format, and Resume-Az, length Consistency Details that matter.

Writing a great resume does not necessarily mean you should follow the Lesson Plan In Music rules you hear through the grapevine. It does not have to be one page or follow a specific resume format. Every resume is a one-of-a-kind marketing communication. 11 Best Certificate Images? It should be appropriate to your situation and Plan In Music, do exactly what you want it to do. Instead of a bunch of rules and tips, we are going to cut to the chase in Template Banking Resume Page 1 Banking Resume this brief guide and offer you the most basic principles of writing a highly effective resume. Who are we to be telling you how to write your resume? Our specialty at Rockport Institute is career change coaching, counseling and consulting. We help clients design and change to a new career or job, one they will love; work that makes full use of their talents, fits their personality, their values, and is also practical, from Fortune 500 C.E.O.s, mid and early career professionals, artists, technical people, millenials, and others in nearly every field of Lesson endeavor.

Our staff has been commended for excellence by two U.S. Resume-Az? presidents. Our first book, The Pathfinder: How to Choose or Change Your Career for a Lifetime of Satisfaction and Success was a top-10 national bestseller. That is Lesson our one and Bank Resume Resume Page 1 Banking, only specialty. If you think you may be in the wrong career, check out Lesson Plan our main website. The most difficult resumes to write are those of career changers since they depend on thinking out a clear marketing proposition. So, we are resume experts, but WE DO NOT WRITE RESUMES. Certificate Template On Pinterest? A resume for a mid-level professional can easily cost $1000. With this guide, you can do it yourself. The good news and the bad – The good news is that, with a little extra effort, you can create a resume that makes you stand out as a superior candidate for a job you are seeking. Not one resume in a hundred follows the principles that stir the interest of prospective employers. So, even if you face fierce competition, with a well written resume you should be invited to interview more often than many people more qualified than you.

The bad news is that your present resume is probably much more inadequate than you now realize. You will have to learn how to think and write in a style that may be new to you. If you’ve been online trying to Lesson Plan, make sense of all that’s out there about resume writing – much of it conflicting advice – stay right here. We have the final word on Certificate Images On Pinterest, those nagging questions (Length? Format? Font?

Keywords?). We have clear, no-nonsense guidance based on thousands of real-life success stories. Lesson Plan? Here’s how to do it yourself, broken down in Template 10 parts. Our guide is based on Lesson Plan, one fundamental premise: Your resume is a marketing document. It’s not the history of your past; it’s an ad. 11 Best Certificate? You’re selling yourself to the employer, and Lesson In Music, competing against other people who are attempting to do the same thing. A great resume doesn’t just tell them what you have done but makes the 11 Best same assertion that all good ads do: If you buy this product, you will get these specific, direct benefits . Lesson Plan? It presents you in the best light. Banking Resume Example Page 1 Banking? It convinces the employer that you have what it takes to be successful in Lesson this new position or career. It inspires the prospective employer to pick up the Template phone and ask you to come in. YOU’RE ADVERTISING YOURSELF.

Here’s a key thing we know based on deep research: Every resume is a one-of-a-kind marketing communication. Lesson Plan In Music? It should be appropriate to your situation and do exactly what you want it to do. The reality is Stock Template Images On Pinterest that most resumes fail to stir the Lesson In Music interest of prospective employers. So, even if you face fierce competition, with a well-written resume you should be invited to interview more often than many people – even people more qualified than you. A great resume doesn’t only tell the employer what you have done. It makes the same assertion that all good ads do: If you buy this product, you will get these specific, direct benefits. It presents you in the best possible light. It convinces the employer that you absolutely have what it takes to be successful in this new position or career. The very best marketing is research-based marketing.

So, do your research. Financial Questionnaire - Hlwhy? Visit the Lesson Plan In Music employer’s website often and Resume-Az, follow the organization on social media. (Do this of course after doing any necessary cleanup of your social media profile – more on that in Section 8 of Plan In Music this guide, WORK ALL THE DIGITAL ANGLES .) What types of Sample Request Form Free In Word, accomplishments do they celebrate and how can you weave similar accomplishments into your resume? What kind of language do they use to Plan In Music, describe achievements? If almost everything is “significant” or “breakthrough,” how do you tactfully place those words in Questionnaire Template - Hlwhy various sections of In Music your resume? You have to know your customer’s needs – and have a very clear sense of the skills they’re looking for in their ideal job candidate. Our experience shows that your resume must demonstrate that you have at Template least 70% of a job’s requirements to have a legitimate hope of landing an Lesson interview. Do all the research you can, from Vacation Form - 9+ Free In Word, Pdf online searches and Plan, social media tracking to Contents, Layouts & Templates | Resume, networking with people you know.

If you know anyone who works there, definitely approach them for a conversation – or better yet, coffee or lunch. TIP: Avoid HR at this stage: HR teams are constantly pushing back on unsolicited inquiries from people who want jobs. A sobering fact is that job recruiters spend an Lesson Plan In Music average of six seconds on every resume as they sort through digital stacks of applicants. So, focus on the employer’s needs, not yours . It is imperative that you take what you learn during your research and apply it as you customize your resume. There is no shame in adjusting your resume to appeal to your target audience; in Questionnaire Template - Hlwhy fact, the opposite Lesson Plan In Music, is true. Contents, & Templates? It would be inadvisable not to adapt your resume – even if slightly – for each job application. Imagine that you are the person doing the Plan hiring. This someone with skin in the game.

Often, it’s the person who is responsible for the bottom-line performance of the project or team you hope to join. This is someone who cares deeply how well the Stock Template Images On Pinterest job will be done. You need to write your resume to appeal directly to him or her: If this person thinks you can be an asset and help make them look good, you have a real shot. To reiterate: Your resume is a very informed, targeted advertisement. Lesson? At the Resume Banking Resume Example end of the day it’s an ad…nothing more, nothing less.

2. YOUR RESUME’S #1 JOB: LAND AN INTERVIEW. It’s critical to always bear in mind that your resume is a tool with one specific purpose: to win an In Music interview. If it doesn’t, it isn’t an effective resume. So how do you prevail? First, embrace some basic truths about the job-seeking landscape. First, let go of Financial Template any misguided preconceptions about Plan In Music what your resume is: It’s not about you. Account Resume Contents, Layouts | Resume? Like any strong piece of advertising, it’s not about the product being sold – it’s about the buyer and what they want. Plan? Consider Coke advertisements: They say very little about the Account Executive Contents, soft drink; they say a lot about how people who drink the beverage are happy and Lesson Plan, have a lot of happy people around them.

The focus is on the benefits of drinking Coke. Your resume is about the benefits of Account Executive Resume & Templates hiring you. Your resume is not a place to brag; nor is Lesson it a place to be modest. Its sole purpose is to generate interest in you. What differentiates you from the competition.

In addition to including all relevant information about your skills, background, accomplishments, etc. (see Section 5 and Section 6), find ways to include details that could generate curiosity. Were you born in a different country? Is there community or volunteer work that’s appealing? Are you fluent in multiple languages? Did you go through college in Images On Pinterest three years – or later in life? These are real people reading your resume, and maybe there’s a fact about you they’ll relate to or find interesting.

What does that mean? In The Pathfinder, we discuss how roughly 75% of Plan people have a personality type we describe as Tribal. They are group workers, usually most successful and satisfied working with and through other people as members of an organization, group, or ‘tribe.’” They are at their best when they are attuned to the tribe and contributing to its goals. (For the Account Executive Contents, & Templates | Resume record, the other 25% are what we call Maestros who identify as specialist – e.g., “I am a software developer” versus “I work for Plan In Music, Microsoft” – for more, see The Pathfinder.) Back to the tribe: If you’re selling yourself to an organization, you’re selling yourself to Bank Resume Template Banking, a tribe. The tribe’s members will have to be convinced that you’re “one of them.” Use the research conducted in Section 1 to inform your approach in how you construct and write your resume. Consider the scenario of Lesson two tribes living on opposite sides of Resume Resume Page Resume a lake. If you want to be hired by the tribe across the lake, you want to appear as though you’re already one of them. This will inform everything you put in your resume – from the adjectives you use to Plan, the aspects of your education and work experience that you emphasize, to the outside interests you include. Account Resume Layouts | Resume? If the employer’s mission statement includes language about Lesson Plan In Music “customer focus” and its website talks about “innovation,” those words should be reflected in your resume (in a not-too-obvious way). If the employer is “results-driven” and cares about Financial Template - Hlwhy “sustainable solutions,” make it clear that you are results-focused and understand the In Music importance of 25 Ideas Increibles Sample For Resume sustainable progress.

You have to learn how to write powerful but subtle advertising copy. An effective way to do this is to think of it as telling an introductory story. When you meet someone, you want to Lesson, know “their story,” right? It’s the same for Executive Resume Layouts & Templates | Resume, that hiring manager looking at your resume. It’s important that all of the information you present fits together cohesively, and helps the hiring manager understand your background, skills and capacities, and Lesson Plan, the educational and Stock Certificate Template Images, work experiences that have led to you to where you are today. While you are selling a product, you shouldn’t “hard sell” or make any claims that are not true.

Most employers respond to resumes that are both impressive as well as credible. They are not fond of hyperbole; they also have no way of knowing if you’re being overly-modest. Lesson Plan In Music? It’s a balancing act. 3. KNOW EXACTLY WHAT KIND OF RESUME YOU’RE WRITING. There are three basic types of Vacation - 9+ Free In Word, resumes: Chronological, Functional, and “Combined” Chronological – Functional. Generally speaking, we prefer the Combined approach – but this decision should be informed by Lesson, the type of job you’re seeking and Account Executive Resume Contents, Layouts & Templates | Resume, the type of employer you’re seeking to impress.

For example, if you’re applying for a job in a more traditional field such as law, science, or engineering, a Chronological approach would be best. If you are changing your career or returning to the job market after a break, a Functional resume is the way to Lesson Plan, go. & Templates? A Combined approach offers the Plan In Music most flexibility; and if you’re in a creative field, you might make modifications to a Combined format that showcase your artistic eye or style. At the Template Banking Page end of the Lesson In Music day, it’s all about generating the best marketing copy to Resume-Az, sell yourself. The chronological resume is the more traditional resume structure.

The Experience section is the focus of the resume; each job (or the last several jobs) is Lesson Plan described in some detail, and there is no major section of skills or accomplishments at the beginning of the resume. This structure is primarily used when you are staying in the same profession and in the same type of work. Planning Template - Hlwhy? It is Lesson Plan In Music also commonly used in certain fields such as law and Resume Resume 1 Banking Resume, academia. We recommend that the chronological resume always have an Lesson Plan Objective or Summary for the reader. Advantages: This approach may appeal to more traditional readers and may be best in conventional or conservative fields. It makes it easier to understand what you did in Resume & Templates what job, and may help the Lesson Plan name of the employer stand out Sample Pdf (if it’s impressive).

The disadvantage is that it is much more difficult to highlight what you do best. This format is Plan rarely appropriate for someone making a career change. The functional resume highlights your major skills and accomplishments from the Resume-Az very beginning. Lesson Plan? It helps the reader see clearly what you can do for them, rather than having to read through the job descriptions to Banking Resume Resume, find out. Actual company names and positions are in a subordinate position, with no description under each.

There are many different types of formats for functional resumes. The functional resume is a must for career changers, but is very appropriate for Lesson Plan In Music, generalists, for those with spotty or divergent careers, for those with a wide range of skills in their given profession, for students, for military officers, for Layouts & Templates, homemakers returning to the job market, and for those who want to Lesson Plan, make slight shifts in Vacation Request Form - 9+ Free Documents their career direction. Advantages: It will help you most in reaching for a new goal or direction, and it is highly recommended for such purposes. The disadvantage is that it isn’t easy for Lesson, the employer to quickly discern exactly what you did in each job (which could be a problem for some conservative resume reviewers). A combined resume includes elements of Mas De Sobre Objective En both the chronological and functional formats. It may be a shorter chronology of job descriptions preceded by a short “Skills and Accomplishments” section – or with a longer Summary including a skills list or a list of “qualifications”). It can also be a standard functional resume with the accomplishments under headings of different jobs held. There are important advantages to this combined approach: It maximizes the Plan advantages of both kinds of resumes, avoiding potential negative effects of either type. One disadvantage is that it tends to be a longer resume.

Another is Financial Planning - Hlwhy that it can be repetitious: Accomplishments and skills may have to be repeated in both the “functional” section and the “chronological” job descriptions. 4. GUIDANCE FOR A CAREER CHANGE RESUME. Clearly, career change has become a new norm of working. As we noted in Section 3, a career-change job search calls for a Functional resume. DEFINE YOUR TARGET MARKET. “Target market” in advertising refers to people a company aims to turn into customers. In your career-change job search, your target is the collection of Plan specific organizations that might hire you to do what you want to do…where you want to do it. Start with geographic requirements – is the world…. or Seattle? Within that geographic area, target the Mas De Increibles Sobre For Resume En type of Lesson In Music organization that interests you: profit-making, non-for-profit, or government? What kind of business or industry? What size organization?

Once you have your parameters, identify specific employers and learn all you can about Vacation Request Free Pdf them. What is In Music their history? What do they emphasize in their messaging? Who are the decision makers? What is their hiring philosophy? What kind of work culture is it? In addition to digging around online and in social media, use your networking skills to learn all you can to Certificate Template Images, help inform how you customize your resume. PLAY UP TRANSFERRABLE SKILLS. Jobs in very different professional fields can often have a number of similar requirements. Let’s say that you want to go from a marketing position in a pharmaceutical firm to a fund-raising role for a not-for-profit.

What are the Lesson skills you’ve already demonstrated that are applicable? They may be more than you think. Consider these possibilities: Time management Project management Collaboration Persuasive communicating Strong decision-making Composure under pressure Innovative problem-solving. You should also be prepared to speak to your motivation for a career change.

You can weave a little of Banking Example 1 Banking this into your Objective, then also be prepared to write about it briefly in your cover letter, and then of Lesson course speak to it when you land an interview. As a career changer, you are effectively moving from one tribe to another. Within the Mas De Sample Objective bounds of integrity, the story you tell has to explain why the tribe you now want to Lesson In Music, enter is really the right one for you (and not the other one). Sample Form Documents Pdf? This is another instance where research is critical. Go to LinkedIn and similar sites and take a look at a good number of resumes of people seeking similar jobs. Also, tap into Plan, your circle of colleagues, friends, and family. Tune into the axis we call the Resume-Az Quality of Transactions in The Pathfinder. The basic premise of this model is Plan that the closer you are to Request Pdf, connections that are “hot” (e.g., someone high up in the organization is willing to go to bat for you) versus “cold” (no connections and a basic resume submitted), the more likely you are to have quality transactions that can result in getting you hired. Even somewhere in the “warm” range – maybe you know someone who knows someone in Plan In Music a position to help – is highly preferable to coming in cold.

And create partners: Scan the connections of your connections on Executive Layouts | Resume, LinkedIn. Then follow up energetically (more on this in Section 7 on Digital Angles). TIP: There tends to Lesson In Music, be higher scrutiny of Stock Certificate On Pinterest career changers, so the Plan extent to which you can gain traction within the tribe is of fundamental importance. 5. THE JUICE: YOUR ASSERTIONS SECTION. In most cases, a great resume has two main sections. In the first, you make assertions about your abilities, qualities, and achievements. You write powerful, but honest, advertising copy that grabs the reader’s attention. (Exceptions to this are resumes targeting generally conservative fields such as law, science, or engineering.) The second section, the evidence section, is where you back up your assertions with evidence that you actually did what you said you did. This is where you list and describe the jobs you’ve held, your education, etc. Resume-Az? And if you have opted to pass on an Assertions section, you have to build a powerful evidence-based resume that builds the case for you as a candidate – with especially compelling skills and accomplishments summarized in the top half of the first page. The real juice in your resume is what you assert about yourself right up front.

This is where you shine. The hard truth based on research: Only one interview is granted for every 200 resumes received by Lesson In Music, the average employer. Research also tells us that your resume will be quickly scanned, rather than read. Stock Certificate Images? You have only seconds to persuade a prospective employer to read further. The top half of the first page of your resume will either make or break your chances.

Ask yourself: What does the employer really want? How would you fill those shoes? What would set a truly exceptional candidate apart from a merely good one? If you are not sure what would make someone a superior candidate, you can gather intel from the job postings you see, and/or from people who work in the same company or the same field. You could even call the prospective employer and ask them what they want. Don’t make wild guesses. Write down everything you have ever done that demonstrates that you’re the right fit for the job and the prospective employer.

You don’t have to confine yourself to work-related accomplishments. TIP: Use your entire life as the Lesson Plan In Music palette to paint with. Questionnaire Template - Hlwhy? The point is to cover all possible ways of thinking about and communicating what you do well. What are the talents you bring to the marketplace? If you are making a career change or are a new to the job market, you are going to Lesson Plan, have to be especially creative in getting across what makes you stand out.

This initial brainstorming focus will generate the raw material from which you craft your resume. So many resumes we see make a gallant effort to inform the reader. But we don’t want the employer to be informed; we want them to Planning Questionnaire - Hlwhy, be interested and curious. In fact, it’s best to leave your reader with a few questions they would like to ask you. In your assertions section, state your Objective – your intended job.

Ideally, your resume should convey why you are the perfect candidate for In Music, one specific job or job title. There is debate out there about whether to state an Objective, but generally speaking, we think it’s a good idea. If you’re in a creative field or have gained insights suggesting that the employer would prefer an outside-of-the-box approach, perhaps you forego an Objective. Keep it to Planning Template - Hlwhy, the point, and keep the employer front and center as your write. Consider this example. The owner of Lesson Plan In Music a small software company advertises for an experienced software salesperson. A week later they have 500 resumes. The applicants have a bewildering variety of Template Example Page backgrounds, and Lesson Plan In Music, the employer has no way of knowing whether any of them are really interested in selling software. Then the Account Executive Layouts & Templates employer spots a resume that starts with the following: “OBJECTIVE – a software sales position in Lesson In Music an organization seeking an Account Resume Contents, Layouts | Resume extraordinary record of generating new accounts, exceeding sales targets and enthusiastic customer relations.” This is a fit . Not only does this candidate want the job, they want to make a real contribution. Job-seekers often make the mistake of saying something like, “a position where I can hone my skill as a scissors sharpener.”

Examples follow. In all of these examples, the underlined words and phrases could be interchanged with words and phrases relevant to Lesson, your expertise, industry, and Sample Vacation Documents In Word, Pdf, the type of role you are seeking. In this example, the statement is not preceded by the word “Objective.” Experienced IT professional offering more than five years of hands-on experience in programming , web development , and IT trouble-shooting , and seeks leadership role in leading digital organization. In this example, you see a collection of brief descriptions versus a formally stated objective in a grammatically complete sentence. Strategic thinker and communicator . Lesson? Expert storyteller . A decade of deadline -driven on-air reporting . Ready to pivot to Mas De Increibles Sobre Sample Objective En, executive producer role.

In this example, the applicant uses a first-person approach to a creative role. “If the client wants a logo people will remember, I give them one people will never forget. In Music? If they want their brand to communicate , I make it sing .” In this example, the Planning Questionnaire Template job-seeker approaches a traditional job role with a traditional string of Lesson In Music statements. CPA and CIA with 15 years of experience in financial services for global organizations. Financial strategist with track record for onsidered and decisive recommendations , as well as thorough compliance with all federal, state, and internal regulations . Excels at individual as well as collaborative efforts.

Known for Resume-Az, work ethic and integrity. In this example, you see a more traditional approach by Lesson Plan In Music, a recent graduate seeking an entry-level role in a conventional job sector. OBJECTIVE: A starting position in an engineering organization where leading-edge skills and deep commitment to every project would be an asset to the company and its people. TIP: The point of using an Objective is to create a specific psychological response in the mind of the reader. Resume-Az? If you are making a career change or have a limited work history, you want the employer to immediately focus on where you are going, rather than where you have been. If you are looking for Plan, another job in your present field, it is more important to Resume-Az, stress your qualities, achievements and abilities first. It is In Music sometimes appropriate to Executive Contents, | Resume, include your Objective in Lesson your Summary section rather than have a separate Objective section. The “Summary” or “Summary of Qualifications” consists of several concise statements that focus the reader’s attention on your most important qualities, achievements, and Executive Resume & Templates | Resume, abilities. (NOTE: If you are on LinkedIn, it is important that the summary in your resume be reflected in what you have in your LinkedIn summary.

You have a lot more space to work with in LinkedIn, so they needn’t match exactly, but they should be close enough that they show consistency. You should be recognizable as the same person!) The things you mention should be the most compelling demonstrations of why you should be hired – not the other candidates. Plan In Music? This is your brief window of opportunity to Mas De 25 Ideas Increibles Sobre Sample Objective For Resume, highlight your most impressive qualities – the spiciest part of your resume. In fact, this may be the Lesson In Music only section fully read by Mas De Sobre En, the employer, so it must be strong and convincing. The Summary is the Lesson Plan one place to include professional characteristics (highly energetic, a gift for solving complex problems in a fast-paced environment, a natural salesperson, exceptional interpersonal skills, committed to excellence, etc.). Gear every word in Resume-Az the Summary to your goal: getting that interview. Here are the most common ingredients of a well-written Summary. A short phrase describing your profession Followed by a statement of broad or specialized expertise Followed by Lesson Plan, two or three additional statements related to any of the following: breadth or depth of skills unique mix of skills range of environments in which you have experience a special or well-documented accomplishment a history of awards, promotions, or superior performance commendations One or more professional or appropriate personal characteristics A sentence describing professional objective or interest. You would not necessarily use all these ingredients in one Summary. Use the ones that highlight you best. The examples below show how to include your objective in the Summary section.

TIP: If you are making a career change, your Summary section should show how what you have done in the past prepares you to do what you seek to do in the future. If you are new to the job market, your Summary will be based more on ability than experience. A few examples of Summary sections: Highly motivated, creative and versatile real estate executive with seven years of Template - Hlwhy experience in property acquisition, development and construction, as well as the management of large apartment complexes. Especially skilled at Lesson building effective, productive working relationships with clients and staff. Bank Resume Resume Example Page? Excellent management, negotiation and public relations skills. Seeking a challenging management position in the real estate field that offers extensive contact with the public.

Over 10 years as an organizational catalyst/training design consultant with a track record of producing extraordinary results for more than 20 national and community based organizations. A commitment to human development and community service. Lesson Plan In Music? Energetic self-starter with excellent analytical, organizational, and Mas De Increibles Sample Objective En, creative skills. Lesson In Music? Financial Management Executive with nearly ten years of experience in Increibles Sobre Sample For Resume banking and international trade, finance, investments and economic policy. Innovative in In Music structuring credit enhancement for corporate and municipal financing. Skilled negotiator with strong management, sales and marketing background. Areas of expertise include (a bulleted list would follow this paragraph.) Health Care Professional experienced in management, program development and policy making in the United States as well as in Bank Template Resume 1 Banking several developing countries. Expertise in emergency medical services. A talent for analyzing problems, developing and simplifying procedures, and finding innovative solutions.

Proven ability to motivate and work effectively with persons from Lesson Plan other cultures and all walks of life. 11 Best Images? Skilled in working within a foreign environment with limited resources. Commander – Chief Executive Officer of the Lesson U.S. Navy, Atlantic Fleet. Expertise in all areas of management, with a proven record of Resume Template Banking Resume 1 Banking Resume unprecedented accomplishment. History of the highest naval awards and rapid promotion. Proven senior-level experience in executive decision-making, policy direction, strategic business planning, Congressional relations, financial and Plan In Music, personnel management, research and development, and aerospace engineering.

Extensive knowledge of government military requirements in systems and equipment. Committed to the highest levels of professional and personal excellence. Performing artist with a rich baritone voice and unusual range, specializing in classical, spiritual, gospel and rap music. Featured soloist for two nationally televised events. Accomplished pianist. Request Form - 9+ Free Documents Pdf? Extensive performance experience includes television, concert tours and club acts. Plan? Available for commercial recording and live performances. SKILLS AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS. In this final part of the assertions section, go into Sobre Objective For Resume, more detail.

In the summary, you focused on your most special highlights. Now you tell the rest of the best of your story. Plan In Music? Let the Template 1 Banking Resume employer know what results you produced, what happened because of your efforts, what you are especially gifted or experienced at doing. TIP: Don’t tell them everything you’ve ever done. It’s okay – in fact, advisable – to leave to Lesson In Music, your readers wondering about Banking Example Page Resume a thing or two in Lesson In Music a positive way. Sometimes the “Skills and Accomplishments” section is a separate section. 11 Best Certificate Template Images? In a chronological resume, it becomes the first few phrases of the descriptions of the various jobs you have held.

We will cover that in a few minutes, when we discuss the In Music different types of Resume-Az resumes. When it is a separate section, it can have several possible titles, depending on your situation: SKILLS AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS ACCOMPLISHMENTS SUMMARY OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS SELECTED ACCOMPLISHMENTS RECENT ACCOMPLISHMENTS AREAS OF ACCOMPLISHMENT AND EXPERIENCE AREAS OF EXPERTISE CAREER HIGHLIGHTS PROFESSIONAL HIGHLIGHTS ADDITIONAL SKILLS AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS. There are options for how to structure your “Skills and Accomplishments” section. Lesson In Music? Whichever you choose, put your skills and accomplishments in order of - Hlwhy importance for the desired career goal. If you have many skills, the last skill paragraph might be called “Additional Skills.” TIP: Be sure to use action-oriented words.

These include words such as Delivered; Created; Solved; Boosted; Designed; Transformed; and Lesson Plan In Music, Elevated (for more see our Section 9 on Power Words). Here are a few ways you could structure your “Skills and Accomplishments” section: A listing of Financial Planning Questionnaire - Hlwhy skills or accomplishments or a combination of both, with bullets. SELECTED SKILLS AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS. Raised $1,900 in 21 days in canvassing and advocacy on environmental, health and consumer issues.

Conducted legal research for Lesson In Music, four Assistant U.S. Account Resume & Templates? Attorneys, for the U.S. Attorney’s office Coordinated Board of Directors and Community Advisory Board of community mental health center. Later commended as “the best thing that ever happened to that job.” A listing of major skill headings with accomplishments under each. The accomplishments can be a bulleted list or in paragraph form. The material under the headings should include mention of Plan In Music accomplishments which prove each skill. National Training Project / Conference Management.

Director of Outreach on Hunger, a national public education/training project funded by USAID, foundations and all the Bank Template Banking Resume Example Page major church denominations. Designed, managed and promoted three-day training conferences in cities throughout the U.S. Planned and managed 32 nationwide training seminars and Lesson Plan In Music, a five-day annual conference for Increibles Sobre, university vice-presidents and Plan In Music, business executives. Program Design: Universities. Invited by Resume Resume, Duke University President Terry Sanford to In Music, develop new directions and programs for the University’s Office of Summer Educational Programs, first Director of Duke’s “Pre-college Program,” first editor of “Summer at Duke.” Designed and successfully proposed a center for the study of Planning Template creativity at The George Washington University. A list of bulleted accomplishments or skill paragraphs under each job (in a chronological resume).

Director of Sales and Marketing. DELAWARE TRADE INTERNATIONAL, INC. Wilmington, DE. Promoted from Lesson Plan Sales Representative within one year of joining company to Director of Sales and Marketing. Responsible for Resume Layouts & Templates | Resume, international sales of raw materials, as well as printing and graphic arts equipment. Oversaw five sales managers.

Was in Lesson In Music charge of Planning direct sales and Lesson Plan, marketing in 17 countries throughout Europe and the Middle East. Recruited, trained and Executive | Resume, managed sales staff. Developed marketing strategy, prepared sales projections and established quotas. Plan In Music? Selected and Sample Vacation Form - 9+ Documents Pdf, contracted with overseas sub-agents to achieve international market penetration. Negotiated and finalized long-term contractual agreements with suppliers on behalf of clients. Plan? Oversaw all aspects of Vacation Request Documents transactions, including letters of credit, international financing, preparation of Lesson import/export documentation, and Bank Resume Banking Resume Resume, shipping/freight forwarding. Planned and administered sales and marketing budget, and maintained sole profit/loss responsibility.

Within first year, doubled company’s revenues, and Plan In Music, produced $7-9 million in Bank Resume 1 Banking Resume annual sales during the next eight years. 6. Plan In Music? THE NITTY GRITTY: YOUR EVIDENCE SECTION. The evidence section includes some or all of the following: experience, education, and possibly additional items such as awards, affiliations, and publications. While this section is secondary to Resume-Az, your assertions section, it is still incredibly important. TIP: Think of Lesson it as the Financial Questionnaire Template foundation holding up your assertions so they can shine. If this section isn’t strong enough, the resume doesn’t hold together and the hiring manager will question the credibility of your assertions. List jobs in reverse chronological order. Don’t go into detail on the jobs early in your career; focus on the most recent and/or relevant jobs. Lesson Plan? (Summarize a number of the earliest jobs in one line or very short paragraph, or list only the bare facts with no position description.) Decide which is, overall, more impressive – your job titles or the names of the firms you worked for Resume-Az, – then consistently begin with the more impressive of the two, perhaps using boldface type.

You may want to Lesson Plan, describe the employer in a phrase in parentheses if this will impress the reader. Mas De Sample Objective En? Include military service, internships, and major volunteer roles if desired; because the section is labeled “Experience.” It does not mean that you were paid. Other possible headings here include: “Professional History,” “Professional Experience”–not “Employment” or “Work History,” both of which sound more lower-level. A note about Lesson Plan dates throughout the Financial Planning - Hlwhy evidence section: Be honest but also strategic. Generally speaking, put dates in italics at the end of the job to de-emphasize them. Don’t include months, unless the job was held less than a year.

If you’re old enough to have considered botox, consider what you might “botox” in Plan your resume. The year you earned your degree(s) doesn’t have to be included. And as you summarize your early career, there is no need to include dates in Account Contents, & Templates this information. If there are gaps in your recent professional experience, use years versus months. Don’t put down anything that isn’t true – it’s too easy for employers to Lesson Plan, check information and discover mistruths. Vacation Request Form - 9+ Documents In Word,? But be prepared to speak to any gaps in a way that supports the overall story you’re telling about yourself. List education in reverse chronological order – degrees or licenses first, followed by certificates and advanced training. Lesson In Music? Set degrees apart so they are easily seen. Put in boldface whatever will be most impressive.

Don’t include any details about college except your major and Stock Certificate Template On Pinterest, distinctions or awards you have won, unless you are still in college or just recently graduated. Include grade-point average only if over 3.4. List selected coursework if this will help convince the reader of your qualifications for the targeted job. Include advanced training, but be selective with the information, summarizing the In Music information and including only what will be impressive for the reader. Planning Template - Hlwhy? No degree yet? If you are working on an uncompleted degree, include the degree and afterwards, in parentheses, the expected date of completion: B.S. (expected 20__). If you didn’t finish college, start with a phrase describing the field studied, then the school, then the Lesson dates (the fact that there was no degree may be missed). Other headings might be “Education and Training,” “Education and Licenses,” “Legal Education / Undergraduate Education” (for attorneys).

If the only awards received were in school, put these under the Education section. Mention what the award was for if you can (or just “for outstanding accomplishment” or “outstanding performance”). If you have received awards, this section is Resume-Az almost a must. If you have received commendations or praise from some very senior source, you could call this section, “Awards and Commendations.” In that case, go ahead and quote the source. Professional Affiliations. Include only those that are current, relevant and impressive. Include leadership roles if appropriate. Lesson? This is a good section for Planning Questionnaire - Hlwhy, communicating your status as a member of a minority targeted for Lesson, special consideration by employers, or for showing your membership in an association that would enhance your appeal as a prospective employer.

This section can be combined with “Civic / Community Leadership” as “Professional and Community Memberships.” Languages. Being fluent in more than one language is definitely something to Financial Questionnaire Template - Hlwhy, include. Civic / Community Leadership. This is good to Lesson, include if the Bank Template Example Resume leadership roles or accomplishments are related to the job target and can show skills acquired, for Lesson Plan In Music, example, a loan officer hoping to Resume-Az, become a financial investment counselor who was Financial Manager of Lesson Plan In Music a community organization charged with investing its funds. Any Board of Resume Layouts & Templates Directors membership or “chairmanship” would be good to include. Lesson? Be careful with political affiliations, as they could be a plus or minus with an employer or company. Publications.

Include only if published, and provide links where you can if you think the work is Financial Planning Template impressive and relevant. Summarize if there are many. Comments from Supervisors, Clients, other Professional Elite. Include only if very exceptional. Heavily edit for key phrases. Personal Interests. Tread thoughtfully here. While personal interests tend to Lesson In Music, feature prominently on Vacation Documents In Word,, social media platforms such as LinkedIn, you should weigh how much it can help you when applying for Lesson In Music, a job—ideally on a case-by-case basis. It you include a section like this, keep the following in mind. Advantages: Personal interests can indicate a skill or area of knowledge that is related to Resume Banking Page, the goal, such as photography for someone in public relations, or carpentry and wood-working for someone in In Music construction management.

This section can show well-roundedness, good physical health, or knowledge of a subject related to the goal. It can also create common ground or spark conversation, and/or help a hiring manager see you as someone who would fit in Financial Template - Hlwhy their tribe. Disadvantages: Personal interests can be irrelevant to the job goal and purpose of the resume. Listing such interests can also have unintended negative consequences. For example, if you’re highly athletic and the people interviewing you aren’t physically fit – or perhaps eve self-conscious about that – the fact that you’re super-fit might not play in your favor.If in Lesson Plan In Music doubt, do not include a Personal Interests section. Your reason for including it is most likely that you want to tell them about Questionnaire you. But, as you know, this is an ad. If this section would move the employer to understand why you would be the best candidate, include it; otherwise, forget about it.

This section may also be called “Interests Outside of Work,” or just “Interests.” References. You may put “References available upon request” at the end of your resume, if you wish. This is a standard close (centered at bottom in italics), but is not necessary: It is usually assumed. Do not include actual names of references. In Music? You can bring a separate sheet of references to the interview, to be given to the employer upon Account Executive Resume Contents, & Templates, request. 7. Lesson Plan In Music? WORK ALL THE DIGITAL ANGLES. Social media venues offer valuable possibilities for powering your job search, as well as a few potential downsides. Be sure your digital footprint is an asset as you prepare your resume. OWN YOUR DIGITAL FOOTPRINT. Social media is a primary vehicle for communication. You will want to Request Form Free Documents In Word, Pdf, include at Plan least one of your social media accounts on your resume.

Be sure that any e-mail addresses and social media handles look and Resume-Az, sound professional. If not, get new ones. You want to be [emailprotected]; not [emailprotected] Understand that most employers – 65% or more – use social networks to research candidates. Roughly half of them do so to see if the In Music candidate is likely to be a “good fit” for their culture – in other words, right for their tribe. It is documented that employers regularly review social media to see if there are reasons not to Mas De 25 Ideas Sobre Sample Objective, hire an applicant. Plan In Music? So, it is imperative that you review all of your social media postings and clean up any content that you wouldn’t want a prospective employer to see. And keep an eye on your accounts so that you can monitor and remove comments from friends that don’t serve your professional image. Social media posts that employers cite as detrimental include evidence of drug use or excessive drinking, bad-mouthing of Account Executive Resume Contents, Layouts previous employers, and discriminatory language.

TIP: Be sure that information on your various social media accounts is consistent. Plan In Music? You can’t assume that an employer will only check out your LinkedIn page. They may also look for you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Google+. It is Planning a good rule of thumb with social media posts to ask yourself whether what you are posting is something that you would be delighted for everyone in the world to see. USE SOCIAL MEDIA TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. Remember that you’re marketing yourself. Lesson Plan? Owning your digital footprint is also about taking advantage of an Sample For Resume En additional opportunity to make a good impression. Make an effort beyond any clean-up activity to create a strong social media profile.

This is an opportunity for you to appear thoughtful, well-rounded, positive, a strong communicator – the kinds of things employers are generally seeking. In addition, be active on social media in a way that advances your professional interests and possibilities. Engage on networking sites to increase your visibility and searchabilty with prospective employers. And while you’re active on social media, to In Music, accommodate search engines, be sure that you are using a consistent version of your professional name. If you’re “Robert L. Smith” on Vacation Form Documents, LinkedIn, you should be Robert L. Smith in your resume and on your other social media accounts – not Rob Smith here and there. Lesson In Music? Your professional “screen name” is probably your most important keyword. As mentioned earlier, follow your prospective employer on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the like. Think of Account Contents, & Templates what you see as an aggregated news feed about the employer. It doesn’t take long to begin to get a real sense of the Plan In Music organization’s culture, values, and work environment intel can help you prepare the most thoughtful resume possible – and can also help you immensely as you later prepare for an interview. And bear in mind: The beauty of Social Media is Increibles Sobre For Resume En that you can gain access to people you otherwise might not. If you see someone within your connections who is connected to a person of interest to you.

Perhaps they are in the field in which you are seeking work; perhaps they work for Lesson Plan, a company you wish to get in to – then ask your contact to introduce you. TIP: LinkedIn offers the opportunity for people to post recommendations. Be sure to Request Form Free, ask people to provide recommendations for you, in particular those people who can speak to the strengths that you most want to be emphasized. In addition to your professional name, there are many other keywords to Lesson Plan In Music, consider. Many employers routinely digitally scan resumes for Mas De 25 Ideas Sobre Objective For Resume En, keywords relevant to their companies and cultures, as well as field of Lesson work. You should assume that this is being done. Use keywords that are customized for the kind of Resume-Az position you’re seeking as well as your job field. For example: Consider that your current title is “Program Assistant.” But when you search online, you don’t see that title much. What you do see with high frequency on Indeed, LinkedIn, etc. is “Administrative Assistant.” It’s not a misstep in integrity to list your current title as “Administrative Assistant” if that’s accurate, and it will increase your find-ability for In Music, recruiters and hiring managers searching online.

Similar guidance holds true for skills and accomplishments. When customizing your resume for Bank Resume Resume Example Page, a specific position, take careful note of the skills required and use any number of those words in Lesson Plan In Music your resume. If you think of yourself as someone who “leads stakeholder communications,” but the employer uses the phrase “stakeholder engagement” – that’s right, you’re now an expert in Mas De Increibles stakeholder engagement. Lesson In Music? If you have “increased website and social media traffic” in your current job, but your prospective employer’s website discusses “online presence” – your resume should note that you “elevated online presence.” Then use this same approach to find more keywords that will appeal to that hiring manager. After conducting your research on the employer’s website and Financial Template, social media pages – as well as media articles about the In Music organization – comprise a list of words and phrases that appear regularly. Sample Form Documents? Be sure that these words and phrases appear in your resume, but in Plan In Music a way that doesn’t seem forced or like overkill. You have a bit of 11 Best Certificate Template Images On Pinterest a fine line to Plan, walk – these have to be words and phrases you can own in the context of selling yourself through your introductory story. Think of your resume as a visually appealing piece of Planning art.

This your masterpiece! No matter how closely you follow the guidance we’ve delivered here so far, if you fall short on the presentation of what you’ve written you do yourself a tremendous disservice. A note here about In Music using images or video. Of course, there have been instances where applicants have been hired after using creative visuals or creating “video resumes.” This kind of approach is highly situational, and should be carefully considered based on what you know about the job and the tribe. Resume-Az? For instance, if you’re a graphic designer, why not show off your stuff to a certain extent? Or if you’re applying to a video production firm or a start-up with a culture that would accommodate a video submission – go for Lesson, it. Mas De Sobre Sample En? That said, we also recommend that a more traditional PDF with written information accompany your video. VISUAL APPEAL, FORMAT, AND LENGTH. Everyone freely gives advice on resume length. There is no universal right or wrong. Our rule of thumb is In Music that shorter is better, as long as the resume contains all of your most relevant information.

If you’ve been in the workforce for a while or have many accomplishments or publications to list, you might need to exceed a page – but only Vacation Form Documents In Word, Pdf, if the content warrants it. And whether it’s one page or more, the same rules apply in Lesson Plan terms of the front end of the resume being your big, brief chance to make an Resume-Az impression. Use a simple, clean, symmetrical structure. Don’t make it to crowded with text; conversely, don’t have so much white space that it looks oddly sparse. A good rule of thumb is sections of writing that are no more than six lines, and shorter if possible. Be sure to design elements to Lesson Plan In Music, your advantage. For example, if there is information you want to highlight, consider using boldface. You can also draw the eye to something by Banking Example, ensuring there is In Music ample white space around it. Order information in a way that draw attention to your strengths; readers tend to focus on the first and last items listed.

NOTE: If you’re considering an infographic resume, be sure you give it very careful consideration. While one might make you stick out in a digital stack of resumes, I have never read one that didn’t make me work harder to get the information I wanted. Unless you are an infographic designer looking for Account Executive & Templates | Resume, that kind of work (or something close), I would veer away from In Music this route. Your resume must be error-free. There are no spelling errors, no typos. No grammar, syntax, or punctuation errors.

There are no errors of fact. Any recruiter or hiring manager will tell you that such errors make it easy to 11 Best Stock Template Images, weed out Lesson In Music a resume immediately. List information in a consistent way. For instance, every job should list this information in this order: Title, Name of Employer, City and State, and the years. Use boldface, underlining, and italics consistently. Account Executive Resume Contents, | Resume? If you decide to bold one job title, all titles are in boldface.

If you underline one section heading, underline them all. In addition, there is uniformity in the use of capital letters, bullets, dashes, hyphens, etc. Plan In Music? So, if there is Mas De Objective a period after one set of job dates, there is a period after all job dates. In Music? If one degree is in bold, all degrees are in bold. If one job is lasted as 1999-2001 (versus 1999 – 2001 or 1999 to 2000). Whatever you decide about such things stylistically, be absolutely consistent. There are any number of details that really matter. Consider all of the following.

Font. Use a font that’s universally readable such as Arial, Calibri, Garamond, Georgia, Times New Roman, Helvetica, or Didot (a good choice for creative industry). Whatever font you select, use it consistently. And use a font size that’s readable, but not distractingly large: 12-point is the way to go with some fonts, but sometimes 11-point can get the job done just as well. PDF. Save your resume file as a PDF. Form - 9+ Documents In Word,? You don’t want to risk what can happen if someone opens your Word document using a different version than you have, which can disrupt your careful layout, formatting, and Lesson Plan In Music, more. Certificate Images On Pinterest? File name. When saving your PDF file, be sure you give a distinctive and relevant name.

Definitively don’t give it a number (e.g., NickSmith_V3.pdf) and don’t call it NicksResume.pdf. If Nick is Plan applying for a Marketing Director position, a great file name would be NickSmith_MarketingDirectr.pdf). Keep track. As you customize your resume for each application, keep track of which resume you send to which employer. If you’re called for Account Executive Resume Layouts & Templates, an interview you will want to show up with nicely printed hard copies of that precise document. Don’t mix first-person and third-person. Use either the Plan In Music first person (“I) or third person (“he,” “she”) point of Sobre view, but do so consistently. Watch your verb tense. If the accomplishment is completed, it should be past tense.

If the task is still underway, it should be present tense. If the skill has been used in the past and will be used again in the future, use present tense – e.g., “conduct presentations on recruitment to professional and Lesson In Music, trade association.” Experience first. Certificate Template On Pinterest? Experience sections should come before Education. Plan In Music? This is because your qualifications are more related to your experience than your education. Exceptions would be (1) if you have just received or are completing a degree in a new field, (2) if you are a lawyer, (3) if you are an undergraduate student, or (4) if there’s something particularly impressive about your education – for example, a Rhodes Scholarship or an Bank Banking Page 1 Banking Resume MBA from Plan Harvard. Sell yourself – first and foremost.

Always bear in mind the needs of your customer – the employer. What do they need to know to assess that you’re right for the job and Mas De 25 Ideas Sobre Sample, will deliver for Lesson Plan, them? Customize your resume for each job application. Use keywords selected with your prospective employer in mind. Be sure you can back up what you say (pumping up is fine but within the bounds of integrity). Use dynamic, high-energy language. Resume & Templates | Resume? Tighten up sentences where you can. Space is at a premium. Use quantitative information when possible as you describe accomplishments (e.g., ($1 million portfolio, increased sales 30%, double revenues).

Look at everything you’ve written in your resume and add action verbs wherever possible. Make your resume long enough to include all relevant information. Be sure any e-mail addresses and social media handles shared are appropriate (not unprofessional). Use the same version of your professional “screen name” consistently. Be unduly modest.

You are selling yourself, period. Wing it. Lesson? Real preparation and homework is required – no matter how lucky you’ve been in the past. Include information – even if you’re proud of Questionnaire Template it – that could be construed as controversial or possible be off-putting to the employer (e.g., fringe personal interests, religious activity, political affiliation). List everything you’ve ever done. It’s better to leave an employer a little curious and more apt to In Music, interview you. Include salary information. Banking Resume Example Page? It is appropriate for you to provide this information only Lesson In Music, when asked. Mention reasons for Contents, Layouts & Templates, leaving jobs. You can have tactful, professional reasons ready for interviews. Lesson In Music? Include references.

Provide them when requested, and Template Example 1 Banking Resume, be sure your references know that an inquiry is on the way. In Music? Try to be funny or cute – no matter how great your personality, these things don’t translate on paper. Bank Resume Banking Example Page 1 Banking Resume? Include every single piece of information about In Music yourself – this is not your resume’s job. Resume-Az? If the employer wants to know more about you, they’ll ask you for Lesson In Music, an interview. 25 Ideas Increibles Objective? Get wordy. Don’t use three examples when one will suffice. Lesson In Music? Be hyperbolic. Increibles For Resume? Don’t use more than one power word or adjective in Plan one sentence. Resume-Az? Underestimate the power of reading the job posting carefully and doing all of your homework.

An astute hiring manager will recognize that you’ve done your advance work and will respect that about you. 10. USE YOUR WORDS (POWER WORDS) This isn’t about using fancy or unique words. Plan In Music? It’s about 25 Ideas Sobre For Resume En using words that connect with your customer.

Remember: This is customized ad copy. accelerated accomplished achieved acquired addressed administered advanced advised advocated aligned allocated amplified analyzed answered appeared applied appointed appraised approved arbitrated arranged assembled assessed assigned assisted assumed assured attained audited authored authorized awarded. blocked boosted bought briefed broadened brought budgeted built. campaigned capitalized cascaded cataloged caused changed chaired charted clarified classified closed coached collected combined commented communicated compared compiled completed computed conceived conserved concluded conducted conceptualized considered consolidated constructed consulted continued contracted controlled converted conveyed convinced coordinated corrected counseled counted created critiqued cultivated cut. dealt decided decreased defined delegated delivered demonstrated described designed determined developed devised diagnosed digitized directed discovered discussed distributed documented doubled drafted. earned edited educated effected elevated eliminated endorsed enforced engineered enhanced enlarged enlisted ensured entered established estimated evaluated examined exceeded executed expanded expedited experienced experimented explained explored expressed extended. facilitated filed filled financed focused forecast forged formulated fostered found founded. gained gathered generated graded granted guided.

halved handled headed up helped hired. identified illustrated implemented improved incorporated increased indexed initiated influenced informed innovated inspected inspired installed instituted instructed insured integrated interpreted interviewed introduced invented invested investigated involved issued itemized. launched learned leased lectured led leveraged licensed lifted listed lobbied logged. made maintained managed mapped matched maximized measured mediated merged met mobilized modified monitored motivated moved. named navigated negotiated. observed opened operated optimized orchestrated ordered organized outperformed overhauled oversaw. participated partnered perceived performed persuaded pioneered planned prepared presented processed procured produced programmed prohibited projected promoted proposed provided published purchased persuaded promoted pursued qualified. qualified quantified questioned.

raised ranked rated reached realized received recommended reconciled recorded recruited redesigned reduced refined refocused regulated rehabilitated related reorganized repaired replaced replied reported represented researched resolved responded restored restructured revamped reviewed revised revitalized. saved scheduled secured selected served serviced set set up shaped shared showcased showed simplified sold solved sorted sought sparked spearheaded specified spoke staffed standardized started streamlined strengthened stressed stretched structured studied submitted substituted succeeded suggested summarized superseded supervised surpassed surveyed sustained systematized. tackled targeted taught terminated tested took toured traced tracked traded trained transferred transcribed transformed translated transported traveled treated trimmed tripled turned tutored. umpired uncovered understood understudied unified united unraveled updated upgraded used utilized. verbalized verified visited. waged weighed widened won worked wrote. ability capable capability capacity competence competent complete completely consistent contributions demonstrated developing educated efficient effective effectiveness enlarging equipped excellent exceptional expanding experienced global increasing knowledgeable major mature maturity nationwide nuanced outstanding performance positive potential productive proficient profitable proven qualified record repeatedly resourceful responsible results significant significantly sound specialist substantial substantially successful stable thorough thoroughly versatile vigorous well-educated well-rounded worldwide. 10124 Lakewood Drive.

Rockville, MD, USA. Receive a FREE GUIDE to designing the Lesson perfect Career.

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Food Service (Waitress Waiter) Resume Samples. Click the images to expand the resumes to a larger size. We have three resumes, and detailed explanations for Lesson Plan how to write your own below. If you are an entry-level candidate (or have never been a waiter before), click here. If you need a food service cover letter, click here. Attention line cooks, prep cooks, chefs, and other food service workers — Don’t see your job here? Please view our full list of Bank Template Banking Resume Page 1 Banking Resume food service resume samples here. Click here to download. This MS Word Food Service Resume. Food Service Resumes (Text Versions Quick Facts)

Restaurant Server (Chrono) Candidate uses a Reverse-Chronological resume format, and introduces the resume with a strong Career Objective Candidate emphasizes 7+ years of Plan experience, and presents hard numerical evidence to prove she are a strong salesperson Candidate emphasizes depth of Resume-Az wine and entree knowledge to play up her competence. RESTAURANT SERVER (REVERSE-CHRONOLOGICAL) 8870 Haven Street, Bloomington, IN 44590(141)-212-5465. Food Service Worker with 7+ years of experience in food preparation and service, and a certificate in Plan In Music Food Handling and Bank Template Example Safety. Lesson Plan In Music? Possesses a keen knowledge of wines, entrees, and Sample Form In Word, Pdf the responsibilities of a successful restaurateur. Faithfully adhere to the highest standards of hygiene, quality and customer service. Aiming to leverage my knowledge to effectively perform a management position at your restaurant. RIVERSIDE RESTAURANT Chicago, IL. Food Service Worker September 2011 – Present.

Memorized restaurant’s wine stock and the meals they should accompany, leading to daily wine sales averaging $150, fully 20% higher than company average Write patrons’ food orders on slips, memorize orders, or enter orders into computers for transmittal to Lesson Plan In Music kitchen staff in a 150+ seat restaurant Clean all work areas, equipment, utensils, dishes, and silverware and ensure they are stored appropriately in Template Example Page 1 Banking Resume accordance to state law. Perform food preparation duties such as preparing salads, appetizers, and cold dishes, portioning salads, and Lesson Plan In Music brewing coffee in a fast-paced line kitchen. CARRABBA’S ITALIAN GRILL Chicago, IL. Trainee Food Service Worker August 2007 – July 2011. Present menus to patrons and Mas De 25 Ideas Sobre Sample For Resume answer questions about menu items, making recommendations upon request in a 70+ seat restaurant Assisted host or hostess by answering phones to Plan take reservations or to-go orders, and by greeting, seating, and thanking guests Stored food in designated containers and storage areas to prevent spoilage and increase shelf life Presented wine samples for guests to taste and opened the bottles for them upon their approval Served food and beverages to patrons, and Resume-Az prepared or served specialty dishes at tables as required. Certificate in Food Handling and Plan Safety, June 2008. Bachelor of Arts Degree in Culinary Arts, June 2007. Team worker who is able to adapt in highly dynamic and Resume-Az changing situations.

Excellent problem solving and In Music communication skills, with a focus on customer service Familiarity with Point of Sale terminals Bilingual (Spanish/English) Candidate uses a Combination resume format to emphasize achievements and skills, beginning with a Professional Profile introduction to present critical and relevant information Candidate bolds key waitressing skill keywords in the Professional Profile section, and lists her achievements after them Candidate emphasizes her ability to “upsell” customers on alcoholic beverages. Three Key Server Waitress Skills: 1. Salesmanship: Ability to convince customers to 11 Best Certificate Images On Pinterest make extra purchases by persuasively presenting entree wine pairings, selling desserts, and Lesson Plan convincing patrons to return to the establishment. 2. Communication: Ability to host, entertain, small talk, and Bank Resume Page speak fluidly in front of strangers at length. Lesson? Ability to Template Resume Example Page Resume work together with other food service workers as a team, often working in Plan In Music pairs for bigger tables. Ability to keep a cool head when dealing with irate customers. 3. Management: Ability to teach new hosts and waiters how to present menu items, how to use Point of Sale (POS) Terminals, and test trainees for memorization of Mas De 25 Ideas Sample Objective For Resume En food ingredients.

Project Execution: Implemented new menu introduction strategies, increasing customer purchases of wine by Lesson, 10% on average Management: Assisted in the training of 6 new waiters, ensuring attention to detail and comprehensive understanding of restaurant methodology and practices Awards and Financial Questionnaire Recognition: Frequently praised for excellent service on In Music, restaurant online rating system Salesmanship: Deep and broad knowledge of wines and appropriate entree pairings Communication: Fluent in English and Spanish – Excellent verbal and written skills. Familiarity with Point of Sample Vacation Form Free Sale (POS) and common restaurant machinery Able to memorize entire menu within a day, including ingredient combinations Proven ability to “upsell” alcohol, dessert, and In Music appetizers to customers Bilingual Spanish and English. Waitress | Los Angeles, CA | 2012 – Present. Memorized restaurant’s wine stock and Resume-Az appropriate entree pairings, leading to daily wine sales averaging $180, fully 15% higher than company average Wrote patron’s food orders on Lesson Plan In Music, slips, memorized orders, and managed food resources in a 120+ seat restaurant Operated POS terminals to input customer orders, swipe credit cards, and enter cash amounts received Received in-depth training for proper food handing techniques, including proper freezer placement, appropriate soup temperatures, and equipment cleaning processes. Hostess Waitress | Los Angeles, CA | 2010 – 2012. Awarded “Employee of the Month” two months consecutively Bussed tables, presented menus, seated customers, and assisted waiters with drink orders Trained 3 new hosts in providing excellent customer service and conflict resolution techniques. Florida State University, Orlando, FL. Bachelor of Arts in Contents, | Resume English, May 2008. Three Transferable Skills for Food Service:

1. Customer Interactivity: If you have ever had any experience dealing with customers (whether you were scooping ice cream, greeting people at a front desk, operating a ticket booth, etc.), this type of experience is transferable into any other customer service job. 2. Lesson Plan? Technical: Have you ever swiped a credit card, operated a Point of Sale (POS) Terminal, or re-stocked receipt paper? All of these skills are transferable into Resume-Az food service. 3. Lesson? Communication: Bilingual ability, especially Spanish, will help your food service career chances significantly. Sample Form - 9+ Free Documents In Word, Pdf? If you’ve ever had a job where you’ve had to speak in front of Lesson Plan In Music other people, that kind of communication ability is 11 Best Stock Certificate Template Images On Pinterest, considered transferable. 534 Shelby Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 24542 * (433) 623-6234 * [emailprotected] Superior salesmanship skills, consistently outperforming company peers Friendly, outgoing, and Plan In Music charismatic personality well suited for a fast paced, customer service oriented restaurant Experience with Point of Sample Vacation Request Free Sale (POS) Terminals, with excellent basic math skills Working knowledge of wines, cocktail mixes, and other bartending skills Conversational in Lesson Plan In Music Spanish. Awarded “Employee of the Month” for consistently making achieving 15% above target sales Perfected menu presentation skills, providing customers a holistic understanding of the restaurant offerings, leading to more sales Trained 4 underperforming waiters in salesmanship methodology, increasing their sales to Resume-Az meet company average. Experience with 3 types of POS Terminals, receipt roll replacement, and coffee machine cleaning Familiarity with common restaurant bread cutting machines, dishwashers, and knowledge of equipment cleaning processes Excellent basic math skills, able to Plan In Music calculate and split bills in the event of POS Terminal downtime. Consistently scored over 90% satisfaction rating on customer feedback surveys Conversational in Sobre Objective Spanish (able to take orders from Spanish speaking customers.) Possess excellent conflict resolution skills in Lesson the event of Resume Layouts & Templates | Resume customer dissatisfaction.

University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC. Bachelor of Science in Marketing, May 2005. 4 Steps to Writing the Ultimate Server Resume. “Food service” encompasses many different roles within a restaurant, cafeteria, or other food service establishment, such as waiters and Plan In Music servers, line cooks, bartenders, hosts and Resume-Az hostesses, and busboys. A waiter takes orders from a happy couple. These roles fall into Lesson Plan In Music what are called the “front end” (customer service) and the “back end” (food preparation) of the establishments. Resume-Az? This resume is relevant to those of you with “front end” server experience. We will teach you why this is an excellent resume, and how you can write your own in a similar fashion.

As a professional food service worker, you may currently be writing your resume in order to: Find a new working environment Earn more money Attain a managerial role. Read this resume writing guide to In Music ensure you achieve your goals. By the way be sure to read our Resume Writing 10 Commandments to understand the major rules that all resumes need to follow, including server resumes. Financial Questionnaire? If this seems difficult, you can always create a food service resume in Plan In Music minutes with our widely praised resume maker. 1. Include These Key Server, Waitress, and Template Waiter Skills. For some quick help, here are the key aspects you need to Lesson include on a server resume. Restaurant hiring managers will be looking for these specific traits to Mas De Increibles Sobre Sample decide if you’re a worthwhile candidate. Be sure to Plan include these key server skills on your resume. Keep in mind that if you have any food service certifications, such as a Certification in Food Handling and Planning Template - Hlwhy Safety, you should place it at the top of your resume.

If you don’t have any, you can land more interviews and Lesson Plan potentially increase your salary by 11 Best Stock Template Images On Pinterest, earning one. The National Restaurant Association offers certifications here. 2. In Music? Write a Convincing Career Objective. The first major section of Stock Template Images On Pinterest your resume is called the Career Objective. This applicant’s Career Objective IMMEDIATELY puts her on the short list for Lesson Plan In Music an interview because she included relevant information throughout the Template Images, objective. There are four reasons this example has a strong Career Objective. Pay particular attention to Plan the bolded parts: 1st: It immediately states years of experience: 7+ years of experience in food preparation and Financial Questionnaire Template - Hlwhy service…

2nd: It indicates earned titles or certificates: Certificate in Lesson In Music Food Handling and Safety. 3rd: It emphasizes deep knowledge of the Account Contents, & Templates, business: Keen knowledge of wines, entrees , and the responsibilities of Lesson a successful restauranteur. 4th: It states the Resume-Az, position she wants to fill: “Aiming to…effectively perform a management position at your restaurant. “ In the eyes of a hiring manager, this applicant’s Career Objective IMMEDIATELY puts her on In Music, the short list for an interview because she included great resume builders throughout the objective. It is also well written, and targeted at Mas De Increibles Sample For Resume En the managerial role she wants to fill. Good news! Food service manager roles are projected to increase by 11% through 2022. It’s very important to remember that the Lesson, Career Objective does not relate to Certificate On Pinterest what YOU want from the job, but rather what you can do for the company . In this way, the applicant makes a convincing argument that she’d be an asset to Plan In Music the company in a managerial role.

Our step by Increibles Sample Objective For Resume En, step Career Objective writing guide can give you concrete ideas about how to write your own. 3. Describe your Server Experience with Numbers. Adding numbers to your job description bullet points will help the hiring manager grasp the size and scope of your responsibilities, and give them a clearer mental picture of your experience. By quantifying your resume, it will immediately become better than the vast majority of your competition. The easiest way to Lesson Plan do this is to simply write how big your food establishment is, and how many seats it has. The applicant does this twice for the two establishments she worked in, as you can see from the bolded text below: Write patrons’ food orders on Planning Template - Hlwhy, slips, memorize orders, or enter orders into computers for transmittal to kitchen staff in a 150+ seat restaurant Present menus to patrons and answer questions about menu items, making recommendations upon request in a 70+ seat restaurant.

Even by Lesson, making this simple addition, your resume will immediately be better than the vast majority of your competition. If you really want to blow away the Financial Template - Hlwhy, hiring manager, you’ll need to Plan In Music do more complex research, like this example: Memorized restaurant’s wine stock and the meals they should accompany, leading to daily wine sales averaging $150, fully 20% higher than company average. Do you know how much you make in Resume Example Resume sales daily or monthly? You can expect to Lesson Plan make an average of $47,960 per years as a Food Service Manager. Most restaurants — especially big chains — will track their servers’ sales statistics for the purposes of budgeting (and, of course, to cajole low performers).

You can ask your manager to see these statistics, and Request Form - 9+ Free Documents In Word, include them on Plan, your resume. Even if you didn’t perform spectacularly (like the applicant), simply including this information in your resume will indicate to the hiring manager that you are self-motivated and Sample For Resume hard working. This is called writing an “achievement oriented” resume — and Lesson Plan In Music these tend to land the most interviews. Bonus: Action Verbs for Form In Word, Pdf Your Server Resume. 4. Include Relevant Additional Skills. Your Additional Skills section should not list your hobbies and interests, unless they are relevant to Lesson Plan In Music the job.

Being bilingual in Spanish and Resume-Az English is Plan In Music, a valuable asset to have, especially for a managerial position. (For instance, a wine connoisseur would be a valuable asset to a restaurant that sells wine.) Since you are a professional food service worker, regardless if you are crafting a server resume or one seeking a more supervisory role, you should definitely include these bullet points in Bank Resume Banking Resume Page your Additional Skills section to build a stronger resume: Familiarity with Point of Sale terminals Problem solving and communication skills. If you also happen to be bilingual in Spanish and English, that also tends to be a valuable asset to have in a US based restaurant — especially for a managerial position. Candidate emphasizes having a Certification in Food Handling and Safety Candidate places Education Section first due to having recent school experience Candidate mentions her high customer satisfaction rating. Getting the Education Section Right. All entry-level candidate resume must begin with the education section. Although this candidate has had prior work experience, it was as a trainee, or as a part-time worker. In Music? The most important reason the applicant is Template Banking Resume Example 1 Banking Resume, considered entry-level is because she just recently graduated from community college . This applicant has educational experience related to Plan In Music food service (Certificate in Food Handling and Safety, BA in Food Science).

Understandably, you may not — and that’s fine. If you have no experience whatsoever, you’ll need to write a very convincing cover letter that the employer should take a chance on you. The education section on an entry-level resume can be more detailed and whimsical than a professional resume , because it’s likely that you don’t have prior work experience. The hiring manager will be interested to know if you are generally an active person or not. Therefore, you can include information about: Clubs you’ve joined Greek life you participate in Template Images On Pinterest Relevant coursework GPA (if above 3.5/4.0) Other Good Food Service Industry Samples. Waiter – (Note: One of the few decent resume samples in this industry on Lesson, the net. The Professional Experience section introductory paragraphs are a bit overdone, and could instead use more bullet points.

Otherwise, this is a great sample.) Waiter- (Note: A simple, but effective resume. Has a well done “Professional Profile”.) Cook – (Note: Overall an excellent resume, although the Work Experience section is not formatted very well.) Share Food Service (Waitress #038; Waiter) Resume Samples Our code geeks and HR experts are proud to introduce our new Free Resume Builder software to help you land more interviews in today’s competitive job market. We provide HR-approved resume templates, built-in job description bullet point phrases to choose from, and easy export to MS Word and PDF. Get awesome job opportunities sent directly to your inbox. By clicking Send Me Job Alerts, I agree to the Resume Genius Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Play the Account Contents, Layouts | Resume, One-Minute Game That’ll Show You How to Lesson Plan Improve Your Resume. Think you can judge the quality of Executive Resume Contents, & Templates | Resume a resume within 6 seconds?

The answer may surprise you. Put your skills to Lesson Plan In Music the test, and learn how to Account Executive Resume Contents, | Resume make your resume 6 second worthy! 3 Reasons Why I Wouldn't Hire Tom Brady. Tom Brady’s resume is a couple yards short of a touchdown. There are tons of errors throughout. See why.

How to Modify and Maximize your Resume Template. Need a resume template? Feel free to download one, but be sure to make small modifications to unlock your. Would You Rather Work for a Man or a Woman? Do people still care whether they work for a man or woman, or do most people simply look for Lesson a nice job. Resume Builder Comparison | Resume Genius vs. LinkedIn Labs.

What are the differences between the major online resume builders? Here's an in depth analysis of what. Resume Genius' builder, resources, advice and career tips are regularly featured on some of the world's leading online and offline publications including: Our code geeks and HR experts are proud to Template Banking Resume Example Page 1 Banking introduce our new Free Resume Builder software to help you land more interviews in today's competitive job market. Plan? HR-proven resume templates, built-in job description bullet point phrases to choose from, and easily export to MS Word and PDF.

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Don McLean’s “American Pie”: 20 Things You Might Not Know About The Ultimate Boomer Anthem. Come the 4th of July, you can always expect to hear Neil Diamond's Coming To America or Lee Greenwood's God Bless The USA accompanying your local fireworks display. Plan In Music! But for many, the ultimate contemporary American song is Request - 9+ Free Documents, Don McLean's epic exploration of American culture in the '50s, '60s, and '70s, American Pie. It's been covered by Madonna, embraced by Glenn Beck, parodied by Weird Al, and endlessly analyzed by millions of In Music intrigued listeners trying to figure out just what McLean meant with his barrage of societal and spiritual allusions. Here are 20 facts (or, in Resume-Az, a few cases, informed speculations) you might not know about the Lesson Plan classic: 1. It's still the longest song ever to top the Billboard Hot 100, at a whopping eight minutes and 36 seconds. The 45rpm single had to be split into two parts, naturally, and some DJs only played one side or the other, although most acquiesced and played the uninterrupted album version, due to the song's phenomenal popularity.

It includes no fewer than six verses. Subsequent cover versions tended to leave out multiple stanzas. 2. In a survey of the greatest Songs Of The Century, American Pie came in at number five. The end-of-the-millennium list was jointly sponsored by the National Endowment For The Arts and Financial - Hlwhy, the RIAA in 2001. Plan In Music! Pie was beat out in the list of Resume-Az 20th century classics only by Over The Rainbow, White Christmas, This Land Is Your Land, and Respect. 3. McLean has steadfastly refused to Plan, discuss the Financial Planning meaning of most of the lyrics. As you can imagine, over the years I've been asked many times to discuss and explain my song 'American Pie,' McLean wrote in an open letter to fans in 1993.

I have never discussed the lyrics, but have admitted to the [Buddy] Holly reference in the opening stanzas. I dedicated the Lesson album American Pie to Buddy Holly as well in order to connect the Financial Questionnaire Template - Hlwhy entire statement to Holly in Lesson Plan, hopes of Executive bringing about an interest in Lesson Plan In Music, him, which subsequently did occur. You will find many 'interpretations' of my lyrics but none of them by me. Isn't this fun? Sorry to leave you all on your own like this but long ago I realized that songwriters should make their statements and move on, maintaining a dignified silence. 4. The first major cover version was by. the Brady Bunch, in a recording that is a staple of Worst Covers Of All Time lists. A scant year after McLean's song hit the Vacation Request Free Pdf big time, TV's favorite non-nuclear family recorded it for their first album, 1972's Meet The Brady Bunch . They also did super-saccharine versions of soft-rock smashes like Me You A Dog Named Boo and Baby I'm-A Want You, but history has reserved special scorn for their particularly point-missing rendition of McLean's meaningful tune. As Barry Williams wrote in Lesson Plan In Music, his autobiography, Growing Up Brady , Worst of all though, was our extraordinarily awful rendition of 'American Pie.' Ouch! 5. Madonna's version is an 11 Best Certificate Template On Pinterest even more loathed staple of Lesson Plan Worst Covers Of All Time lists. Mas De 25 Ideas Increibles Sobre Objective For Resume En! Last year, Rolling Stone named Madonna's travesty the Plan third worst cover ever. (It was beaten only by Limp Bizkit's Behind Blue Eyes and Miley Cyrus's Smells Like Teen Spirit.) The line I knew that I could make those people dance seemed to be Madonna's only real connection to the tune, half of which got chopped out in her chirpy, under-five-minute version. Although it hit number one on the dance charts, Madonna seemed to ultimately disavow it herself, saying, It was something a certain record company executive twisted my arm into Template - Hlwhy doing.

6. The song was revived for a 2002 Chevrolet ad. The popular TV commercial included the Drove my Chevy to the levee line, naturally. but, also naturally, dropped the this'll be the day that I die part. 7. Glenn Beck embraced it as a conservative anthem. The talk-radio host spent a good amount of time exegeting the lyrics—controversially—on his show in February of this year. Most McLean buffs would say Beck got most of the cryptic allusions to '60s counterculture events right, whether or not he took away the Plan right message. Don McLean was not just writing about. the demise of an era, Beck told his listeners. The erosion of your culture. The erosion of our values. Altamont was the final blow to bring about the day the music died. The good news is, is that there was at Request Form - 9+ Free In Word, Pdf, least somebody that was in this culture at that time that was mourning the loss of America then, [although] we didn't lose America then. We're still going.

8. Plan! McLean's original tune revived interest in Holly and Resume Template Page 1 Banking Resume, ultimately led to the hit biopic The Buddy Holly Story . Lesson Plan In Music! McLean said, If you talk to Executive Layouts | Resume, Maria Elena [the widowed bride mentioned in In Music, the lyrics], [she] will tell you that Buddy got more publicity after I wrote my song than he'd ever gotten in his life. Images On Pinterest! I know it sounds self-serving, but if you check it out, you will find that out, and Plan In Music, that started the whole thing going. Indeed, writer John Goldrosen has said that he was finally able to get his Holly biography published because of the interest created by Financial Planning, American Pie—and it was that book that was adapted into The Buddy Holly Story , the In Music 1978 film that made Gary Busey a star. 9 . But McLean also expressed disappointment that the Holly references were all some people got out of the Account Resume Contents, Layouts tune. In Music! The fact that Buddy Holly seems to be the primary thing that people talk about when they talk about Stock Template Images, 'American Pie' is kind of sad.

But fine with me, he said in a radio interview. Because only the beginning is Lesson, about Buddy Holly, and the rest of it goes on and talks about America and Sobre Sample Objective For Resume, politics and the country, and trying to catch some kind of a special feeling that I had about my country, especially in 1970 and Lesson In Music, '71, when it was very turbulent. 10. Among the uncredited singers on the final background chorus: James Taylor, Carly Simon, Pete Seeger, and Livingston Taylor. Resume-Az! It was quite a star-studded cast, and one that I really should have photographed, said producer Ed Freeman. On the album sleeve, this all-star chorale was billed simply as the West Forty Fourth Street Rhythm and Noise Choir. 11. McLean really was a paperboy, among other autobiographical references in Plan In Music, the song.

McLean had a paper route as a boy of 12, but it's not clear if he still had that job on Resume-Az, February 3, 1959 when Holly, the Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens went down in a plane crash. Nonetheless, the Lesson Plan first verse, which has McLean learning about the incident while delivering papers, establishes a strong personal bond. Buddy Holly's death to me was a personal tragedy, McLean said. As a child. Account Executive Contents, | Resume! I had no idea that nobody else felt that way much. I mean, I went to school and mentioned it and Plan, they said, 'So what?' So I carried this yearning and longing, if you will, this weird sadness. 12.

The jester in the lyrics? Undoubtedly, Bob Dylan. Resume Template Resume 1 Banking! Moss grows fat on a rolling stone, McLean sings. Plan In Music! In one sense, he's paraphrasing a line of Buddy Holly's from the song Early In The Morning, which goes: Well, you know a rolling stone don't gather no moss. But he's also rhyming it with the on your own line from Resume Template Resume Example Page 1 Banking Like A Rolling Stone, which brings it into Dylan territory—and he may be alluding to Plan In Music, the time-out Dylan took in the late '60s after his motorcycle accident. Even more explicitly, later in the song, he has the jester on the sidelines in a cast. McLean also has the 11 Best Images jester appearing in a coat he borrowed from Lesson Plan In Music James Dean—a reference to Financial Planning Questionnaire, the cover photo of Plan The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan , for which Dylan wanted to recreate a famous Dean pose. And while the king was looking down/The jester stole his thorny crown would seem to refer to Dylan supplanting Elvis Presley as messiah to the masses. The Dylan interpretation informs the following clip that features Garth Brooks and Nanci Griffith performing the tune with McLean as a trio in For Resume En, Austin in 1999. Plan In Music! Some of the comments on Form Free Documents Pdf, the video's YouTube page poke fun at Griffith for not being in her finest voice that night.

But look again, and you can clearly hear: She's doing a Dylan impression while singing the verse about Lesson, him! 13. To borrow a line from Church Lady: Could Mick Jagger be. Resume Template Resume Example! SATAN? The Satanic verse of McLean's tune is more open to interpretation. The third and fourth verses of the song reference Dylan, the Beatles, the Byrds, and police tear-gassing protesters during the In Music Chicago. Bank Banking Resume Example! But the Lesson In Music best interpretation of the Mas De Sobre Objective En devilish fifth verse is that it's about the Rolling Stones and Altamont, which many consider to be another day the music died, at least when it comes to counterculture idealism. Jack Flash sat on a candlestick probably refers to the Stones playing at Candlestick Park, while the sacrificial rite that has Satan laughing with delight is more likely Altamont—especially taking into account the no angel born in hell line that seemingly references the murder committed by In Music, a Hell's Angel at that show. 14. The holy trinity: JFK, RFK, and MLK? After McLean makes a reference to Janis Joplin smiling and Resume-Az, turning away in the last verse, he closes with the In Music epic tune's most mysterious allusion, to a holy trinity.

When he sings the three men I admire most, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, they caught the last train for Questionnaire Template the coast, some have speculated he was referring to the diminishing of religious relief in Plan, an era that produced Time magazine's famous Is God Dead? cover—which would be a neat bookend to an earlier reference to the innocent children's gospel hymn, Jesus Loves Me. But since he just got done referencing Joplin's death, it might make more sense to imagine he's referring to the trio of beloved American figures assassinated in the '60s: John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., and Bobby Kennedy. Given McLean's secrecy, maybe only he and Jesus know for 25 Ideas Increibles Sobre Sample sure. Plan! 15. The line For 10 years we've been on Banking Resume Page, our own may refer to Lesson Plan In Music, something more personal for McLean. The song deals mostly with political and musical changes between 1959 and 11 Best Stock Certificate Images, 1971. But what happened a decade prior to recording the tune, specifically, that would have had such meaning for McLean to In Music, mark its 10th anniversary? Possibly, the 1961 death of his father. 16. Some have said the song starts in mono and gradually becomes stereo, but that may be a myth.

It's often popularly claimed that the original vinyl mix of Resume-Az Pie utilizes a slow mono-to-stereo transition, a musical reference to the song's themes of Plan moving from the '50s to the '60s. But Tom Frye, who engineered the 1971 sessions at New York's Record Plant, has discredited that. Ed [the producer] originally wanted 'American Pie' to start in mono and then go to stereo, but that wasn't really doable with the board we had, so I talked him out of it, Frye told Performing Musician magazine. 17. McLean's vocal is a combination of 24 different takes. Because of 11 Best Certificate Template all the re-dos, things got testy in the studio. We had quite a tempestuous relationship, admitted producer Ed Freeman. I wasn't an easy person to Lesson Plan In Music, work with, Don wasn't an easy person to work with, so working with the Resume Contents, Layouts & Templates two of Plan us together must have been like watching two wasps go at each other. I took a very heavy hand with him and frankly I don't think my people skills back then were particularly good. It was disturbing to his ego, and I completely understand that because I would have felt the same in his situation.

Don's vocal was put together from 24 different tracks that we had to bounce together. All the session work took place on May 26, 1971. Sample Vacation Request Form Free Documents Pdf! The backing band's track was live and unedited, except for the piano intro. The vocal? Another thing.

He is an Lesson Plan In Music excellent, very, very talented singer, but someone had apparently made fun of him because he sang things with the exact same vocal inflections every time, said Freeman. Resume-Az! So he decided to be more improvisational, and my estimation was that his improvisations just didn't work and were muddling up the song. In my head, I knew what it was supposed to sound like—I don't now remember how I arrived at Lesson, that, but when I kept asking him to sing it in a certain way, he wouldn't do it. He wanted to play with it every time, inserting slides, melismas and other things that, to my mind, didn't fit. So we ended up recording him 24 times on 16-track tape and took different parts from different takes until I got every word the Resume Resume Example Resume way I wanted it, without all the play, and I don't think Don appreciated that very much. In Don's case, I think he was happy with the Plan In Music finished vocal, but he was not happy with somebody else having that much influence. 18. Weird Al Yankovic parodied the song in 1999 as The Saga Begins, with Star Wars -inspired lyrics. Resume | Resume! At the time of The Phantom Menace , Yankovic came up with a more singular set of cultural references. Sample lyric: We escaped from that gas/Then met Jar Jar and Boss Nass/We took a bongo from the scene/And we went to Theed to see the Queen/We all wound up on Tatooine.

Perhaps needless to say, this is the wordiest Weird Al song ever. 19. Lesson In Music! Other parodies of this 41-year-old song have proliferated in the YouTube age. From Pinkie Pie to Sample Form - 9+ Documents In Word,, The Day Guitar Hero Died. 20. Yes, McLean did get money for Lesson Plan In Music licensing the title for the American Pie movies. Though the Increibles Objective For Resume En sexploitation comedies couldn't have less to do with his seriously intentioned song, McLean does own American Pie as a registered trademark, as his website is wont to remind people. Bonus fact: The song has been covered by numerous stars in concert, from Tori Amos to Pearl Jam.

But the most unexpected interpreter might be the Jonas Brothers, led by '70s buff Nick. with Brad Paisley on lead guitar.

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ewf write a song I'll Write a Song for You. That's the Way of the World Got to Get You Into My Life On a famous episode of Seinfeld, Elaine dances (in the kindest definition of the word) to their hit Shining Star. You might have seen them on an episode of Grace Under Fire (Grace and Lesson Plan In Music, Nadine drive all night to their concert, miss the performance, but sing Let's Groove with the band in Resume-Az, a local bar). Mariah Carey and Crystal Waters have borrowed their carefully orchestrated rhythm tracks for Top 40 hits, while songs like That's The Way Of The World and September have been remade by Lesson Plan, everyone from Mas De Increibles Sobre Objective For Resume En, Herb Alpert to John Tesh. The music of Earth Wind Fire can not be easily categorized, although many in Lesson Plan, the entertainment industry tried. They brought jazz, bebop and fusion to pop audiences; they brought progressive rock to RB fans.

They didn't need a 70's Preservation Society for Mas De 25 Ideas Increibles Sobre Sample Objective En their music - their classic hits have stood the Lesson Plan In Music, test of time, every song polished and performed on Bank Banking Resume an endless highway of college concerts and Plan In Music, faith. The Grammys, the gold and platinum records, the American Music Awards - all were a by-product of Earth Wind Fire's popularity, but the music and the message remain the key to this day. Even as they approach their third decade of musical expertise, Earth Wind Fire's origins can be traced back through the roots of Bank Resume Banking Resume Example Chicago blues and soul, through the jazz and fusion excursions, back to the beginnings of music itself. What we know as Earth Wind Fire today has to start with its creator and In Music, producer, Maurice White. Born in Memphis in Resume Resume Page, 1941, White moved to Chicago as a teenager and found work as a session drummer for Lesson Plan Chess Records (the story has it that Leonard Chess asked Maurice to bring a few friends over for a recording session; Maurice showed up with his entire college band). By 1967, he was the new drummer in the famed Ramsey Lewis Trio, replacing Red Holt. During the two years White performed and toured with the Trio, Ramsey Lewis showed him a Kalimba, an African thumb piano. That instrument and its unique sound became the Certificate On Pinterest, focal point of White's musical dream. In 1969, Maurice left the Ramsey Lewis Trio, and Lesson In Music, joined two friends in Chicago, Wade Flemons and Account Contents, Layouts & Templates | Resume, Don Whitehead, as a songwriting team. We started a group out of just writing songs and commercials around Chicago, said Maurice. Plan In Music? We were writing a lot of songs, so we decided to form a recording group.

We had a recording contract with Capitol, and Sample Vacation Request Form - 9+ Free, called ourselves the 'Salty Peppers,' and had a marginal hit in the Midwestern area called 'La La Time.' (Capitol 2433) . It was only released in the Midwest, and Lesson Plan In Music, it did fairly well for an unknown band. The Salty Peppers' second single, Uh Huh Yeah (Capitol 2568) didn't fare as well, and Maurice decided it was time for Request Form - 9+ Free In Word, Pdf a change of location - and a change in Lesson Plan, the band's name. We never made any appearances or anything like that as the Salty Peppers, said Maurice. I moved out to Los Angeles, and when the band came out there, we signed a new contract. 11 Best Images On Pinterest? Before that, I renamed the Lesson, group after my astrology chart of Sagittarius. I was into astrology pretty heavy, and there were three elements in Account Resume | Resume, my astrological charts - earth, air and fire, and I changed air to wind. Verdine White, Maurice's younger brother, joined the band in 1970 as their new bassist. We grew up in Chicago, there was a lot of music on the radio at the time - a lot of In Music Motown and jazz, both on the radio and at the Regal Theatre, where we went a lot. My father is a doctor, so he played a lot of jazz music in his office.

Maurice had this idea of putting together a band like that - that could encompass all the 11 Best Template Images, different kinds of musicality we were exposed to. The group was pretty much in existence, and he asked me to Plan In Music, come out, and I came out in June 1970. And the first couple of years were really those testing years of cutting records. Earth Wind Fire spent three years on Warner Bros., recording two studio albums and the soundtrack for Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song, a box-office smash that paved the way for black-themed films throughout the Resume Layouts, 1970's. We had done this Sweet Sweetback soundtrack, said Verdine White. which was actually the first black soundtrack. Maurice knew Melvin Van Peebles really well, and Melvin was putting together this wayout film that was going to be real different and real revolutionary. We recorded that soundtrack over Plan two days at Paramount Recording Studios on Santa Monica Boulevard. At that time, Earth Wind Fire were still finding their identity. Account Executive Resume Layouts & Templates | Resume? They even signed some female vocalists - Sherry Scott (who sang on I Think About Loving You), who was later replaced by Jessica Cleaves. In 1971, while Earth Wind Fire played a gig in Denver, Maurice heard about a singer with a local band - a singer with a range that could rumble the seats with his baritone, yet harmonize with the Plan In Music, angels on every high note. That singer, Philip Bailey, remembers that night.

Our band, 'Friends and Love,' was actually doing some of the Earth Wind Fire songs, and we opened the show for Resume-Az Earth Wind Fire when they came to Denver to play a promotional tour. We had been familiar with their music through a mutual friend of ours, Perry Jones, who later became a promotional man for Warner Bros. I moved out to Los Angeles when they began to reform their band, Maurice asked me to Plan, be in the group. I think that Maurice liked the fact that I had a very identifiable sound in terms of my range, and the timbre of my voice. Maurice and I began to do all the vocals on all the records after Head To The Sky, and we really developed a sound together, which became the trademark sound of Earth, Wind Fire. My melodic sensibility was something that was added, and Maurice had the experience of being a songwriter and producer, and was my mentor and teacher for many years. But Warner Bros. didn't know how to promote this new combo - the only other funk band on their label was Charles Wright and the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band. Mas De Increibles Objective For Resume En? And after eighteen months, Maurice disassembled his band and formed a new Earth Wind Fire from its ashes. College kids were hip to us far beyond the acknowledgment of the record industry, said Maurice. We were on tour, we normally did a lot of Lesson Plan In Music college touring, and we had a manager who actually booked John Sebastian into Contents, Layouts New York City. And so what happened as a result of us opening for John Sebastian, Clive Davis was in Plan In Music, the audience.

And he saw us for the first time, and he came over and talked to us about joining CBS. It would be a perfect match. CBS had successfully promoted another progressive rock/soul band, Sly The Family Stone. Resume & Templates | Resume? They backed and distributed the In Music, Philadelphia International label, home of the Gamble Huff songwriting and Bank Resume, producing team. We were in the middle of cutting what we thought was our third album for Warners, said Verdine White, and In Music, Clive bought our contract from them. Clive has great insight. Stock Certificate? He put us in the right places.

He gave us proper marketing, he took the time necessary to break a group like this. A group like this wouldn't be broken overnight. With us, we wanted to play concerts, we didn't want to play two sets a night, three sets a night, we wanted to do concerts which showed off our musicality. Between 1971 and 1975, Earth Wind Fire played the colleges, the universities, the Lesson Plan, clubs and Resume-Az, the performance halls, and Lesson In Music, every night they would use jazz and Resume-Az, fusion progressions to keep their songs fresh and their chops sharp. In Music? Our whole vision, said Philip Bailey, was creativity within a form. It was derived from the greats before us, Miles Davis and John Coltrane and all the great singers. We really were lovers of jazz and fusion. We were jazz musicians at Account Executive Resume Contents, Layouts | Resume, heart playing popular music. In Music? We would take every opportunity we could, whether it meant adding a bebop horn lick or progressive chord changes to our songs.

We made fusion and jazz a commercial entity. In May 1974, Mighty Mighty (Columbia 46007) became Earth Wind Fire's first hit on the pop charts, peaking at #29. 'Mighty Mighty' wasn't a big Top 40 hit, said Verdine, because at 25 Ideas Increibles Sample Objective En, the time Top 40 radio was scared of Plan 'Mighty Mighty,' because they thought it was a song about Black Power. But it was a start. While Mighty Mighty was on the charts, Earth Wind Fire worked with Sig Shore, the mastermind behind the motion picture Superfly, on a new film about the Mas De Increibles Sobre Sample Objective En, dark side of the Lesson Plan, recording industry. That's The Way Of The World starred Earth Wind Fire as The Group, a new recording act. Form Free? In the film, Harvey Keitel hears The Group performing, and produces their first album. Plan In Music? The film's title is repeated throughout the film as a shrug of the shoulders to the music world. Earth Wind Fire performed the Bank Resume Page Resume, songs in the film, and Maurice had a small speaking part as leader of The Group. We actually recorded one of the songs, 'Happy Feelin',' at Lesson Plan, a roller skating rink during the movie, said Philip Bailey. We had a truck outside, we actually recorded it then, we went to the studio and tried to do it over, but the feel that we had in the roller rink was the 25 Ideas Sobre Sample Objective For Resume, one.

So we just used that one. Our performance in That's The Way Of The World was us running into a van and the van driving off, said Verdine White. There was some concert footage in the end, that was it. When we saw the Lesson Plan, film, we said this is going to Mas De Sobre En, be a major flop, we need to Plan, get our record out before the film comes. Executive Resume Contents, Layouts? The music was so different, and we didn't want the Lesson, film to hurt the music. The strategy paid off. The music Earth Wind Fire recorded during that time period - later released as the Financial Planning Questionnaire Template, album That's The Way Of The World (Columbia 33280) broke through to new audiences. And when songs from the motion picture were repackaged into Earth Wind Fire's 2-album set Gratitude (Columbia 33694), the group reached the top. Five songs from that album blasted onto pop and soul radios around the country - the tender ballad Reasons, the inventive Sing A Song, the sultry Can't Hide Love, the title track from Lesson In Music, their film That's The Way Of The World, and Mas De Increibles Sobre Sample For Resume En, their first #1 hit, Shining Star. Lesson Plan? As for the film, it bombed upon Bank Resume Banking Example Page 1 Banking, release, was re-released under the Lesson Plan, name Shining Star, and flopped again. Account Executive & Templates | Resume? It was incredible, the most incredible feeling, said Maurice White.

Our song, 'Shining Star,' was the #1 song in the country. Lesson Plan? That was our dream come true, it was unbelievable. Many of those early hits came from the long years of Questionnaire - Hlwhy touring and soundchecks, the improvisation every night that generated a new guitar lick, the musical dexterity born from inspiration and dedication. Even their second song to reach the pop Top 10, Sing A Song (Columbia 10251), found its genesis in a soundcheck. The creative process took place in the studio, said Maurice, and it continued to the stage. When we were preparing for a gig, we would make up songs, and Lesson In Music, a lot of songs later became album tracks. Planning? That's how Sing A Song was discovered. We were on Lesson Plan stage, just having a sound check. In the studio, there was a process too. I had so many years in the recording studio as a producer, it was very easy for me to capture a song. Other tracks, like the complex hit Getaway (Columbia 10373), came from Resume-Az, outside the Lesson In Music, group.

Verdine White remembers when he heard Getaway for Account Executive Resume the first time. Plan? I originally heard it from a guy named Chuck, who was producing this flute player named Bobbie Humphries. And I heard this song, and I said to him, 'That would be a great song for Account Executive Resume Contents, & Templates | Resume us.' He wanted to Lesson Plan, produce it for Account & Templates | Resume us, but that wasn't about to happen. So we got the tune, took it into the studio and cut it. It was a smash, too - it was totally different, it was like Yes with a little funk under the bottom. It had uptempo and breaks, and a lot of upbeats in it.

'Getaway' was written by Beloyd Taylor and Peter Carr, said Philip Bailey. It was really bebop, like if you sang the lick at the top. But Maurice had a real uncanny thing for just locking up those rhythms. Lesson? Al McKay was just the Resume-Az, rhythm master, it was a hook that just caught. It was like a train, all the Lesson Plan, engines were moving and running, everything was in sync.

It had a repeating hook, the Bank Resume Template Example Page 1 Banking, music and the rhythm that became very catchy. But 'Getaway' was still very, very out there. And I think only Earth Wind Fire could have done that kind of thing right there. Even as Earth Wind Fire's music blended into the pop mainstream, Maurice White found time to produce other artists and Lesson In Music, groups. 25 Ideas Increibles Objective? Ramsey Lewis asked him to produce an album, and the Lewis-EWF collaboration Sun Goddess (Columbia 33194) is Lesson, still a jazz staple. White produced Top 10 hits like Free and It's Gonna Take A Miracle for Deneice Williams, a former member of Stevie Wonder's Wonderlove backup group. Another track Maurice produced, the Emotions' Best Of My Love (Columbia 10544), went to #1 on Account Resume Layouts both the pop and RB charts. We were cutting rhythm section records, said Verdine. Maurice would produce the records, him and Charles Stepney at Lesson In Music, the time, and we'd play on them and then Ramsey would play on them, or maybe Deneice Williams or the Emotions would sing on Bank Resume 1 Banking Resume them.

Our schedule was such at the time that if we were in the studio for three weeks, we would be cutting tracks - and Lesson, those tracks might be for one act or another. It was one continuing musical flow. These additional artists became part of one of the largest touring packages of the 70's. The Emotions, Deneice Williams and Ramsey Lewis would be the opening acts. Resume-Az? A group that Verdine White produced, Pockets, also toured in the group. Then Earth Wind Fire took the stage. Their concerts were loaded with pyrotechnics, magic, laser lights, flying pyramids and Plan In Music, levitating guitarists, all supported by a solid musical performance every night. Magician Doug Henning directed many of their tours throughout the 1970's, and Resume-Az, the band - including Larry Dunn (keyboards), Al McKay (guitar, sitar), Fred White (drums) and Andrew Woolfolk (sax, flute) would leviate, teleport, explode on stage - all for their audience's entertainment. We started the massive tour around 1975, said Verdine. We thought that for the high ticket prices at the time, the public should see something they had never seen before. Most concerts were just concerts, and we thought it was time that people would see something they never saw before.

What I started to do, said Maurice White, was put on the tour some of the acts that I was also producing at the time, the Emotions, and also Deneice Williams. Lesson Plan In Music? Sometimes we would use Ramsey Lewis too, so everybody on the tour were from albums I was producing. It was like the moving circus comes to town. Financial Planning Template? We had ten semis carrying equipment and instruments, and we had our own plane. But the music came first. First we were musicians, and we were very serious musicians rather than just there for the hits. Our first love was music. We were just a band.

Which just happened to have a couple of In Music hits. Maurice also incorporated the Kalimba and its sound into Earth Wind Fire's vision of world-wide and Bank Template Resume Example Resume, world-inspired music, even naming their production company Kalimba Productions. During that period of In Music time, I always studied metaphysics and Egyptology. It got so interesting, what I was trying to Resume-Az, do was share with the audience what we were learning at the time. As we learned more, we went about trying to share it with the audience, bring a message to the music. And Maurice's studies appeared not only in Lesson, the music, but also on the Shusei Nagaoka-designed album covers. Resume-Az? All 'n All (Columbia 34905), for example, displayed Rameses II's pyramid as neighbor to an Imhotep-inspired futuristic metropolis. Raise! (ARC/Columbia 37548) showed an Egyptian statue with a mechanical exoskeleton. Ankhs, crosses, statues of Shiva and Buddha and William Shakespeare - all were incorporated into the intricate album artwork of Earth Wind Fire covers.

Maurice always studied astrology, numerology, astronomy, said Verdine. We introduced Trancendental Meditation to a lot of the black audience. That was very new for them. Of course, the Beatles had brought TM to the people in Lesson In Music, the 1960's, but we brought it into the 70's to Planning Template, an audience that was looking for something alternative. I even met the Maharishi in 1970.

When you really look at the three cornerstones of religion - Judaism, Christianity, Islam - and all of the world's religions, they all bear witness to each other. In 1978, Earth Wind Fire appeared in another motion picture, the Beatles movie tribute Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Plan? In the film, the band played themselves, performing Got To Get You Into My Life at a concert hall. Bank Template Banking Resume? The film itself was a commercial bomb (Peter Frampton recalls his experiences with the Sgt. Lesson Plan? Pepper movie in 11 Best Stock, Goldmine #447), and although the soundtrack shipped triple platinum, it allegedly was returned triple platinum. Yet despite musical performances on the soundtrack from Aerosmith, Peter Frampton, the Bee Gees and Alice Cooper, Earth Wind Fire's remake of the Beatles classic was the highest charting pop single from the soundtrack. Once more, we had a movie that flopped on Lesson Plan us, said Maurice White, but we had a #1 hit out of it, 'Got To Get You Into My Life.' We actually recorded our parts on the set.

Robert Stigwood called us and asked if we wanted to 25 Ideas Increibles Sobre Sample Objective For Resume, be in Lesson Plan, a movie, said Verdine. We said okay, it could be interesting. At that particular time, you didn't see a lot of Resume-Az musical blacks in movies - there was The Wiz, but that was a horrible movie. We had three songs to choose from - 'Got To Get You Into My Life' and Lesson, two ballads. We just did the song Chicago-style.

Some people thought George Martin produced the song, but Maurice produced it. I remember that day, it was cold as heck, said Philip Bailey, and it was an all-day, all-night kind of thing. That was one that really catapulted us into a whole new arena. That was an exciting move, because the Beatles - that's legendary, and the magnitude - we were honored to be asked on that, really. That was a good experience for us. We recorded the song in Resume Template Banking Example 1 Banking, Colorado, in a little studio up in Boulder. We rehearsed the Lesson In Music, horns for that song in Template Resume Example Page 1 Banking Resume, Denver, went up to Plan In Music, Boulder in the snow, and Questionnaire, recorded the whole song in Plan, one night.

The success of Got To Get You Into My Life drew more fans to Earth Wind Fire's music, and 11 Best Stock Certificate Images On Pinterest, the group responded with excursions into ice-melting ballads (I'll Write A Song For You, After The Love Has Gone), booty-shaking disco (Boogie Wonderland, Let's Groove) and more metaphysics (Fantasy, Jupiter). We started to expand a little bit, said Verdine, and started writing better songs. Boogie Wonderland really was capturing the tail end of the disco era. We didn't think of Lesson In Music it as disco, we thought of it as a song with a 4/4 beat. Resume Contents, & Templates | Resume? Clubs always had that kind of music, they just called it disco - the industry always has to In Music, call it something. As an artist, said Philip Bailey, I'm just blessed that songs like that came our way. I remember one that we didn't get and I always wished we could have - Jeffrey Osborne's 'Love Ballad.' He had a great hit with that one. Maurice loaned Earth Wind Fire's signature Phoenix Horns - Don Myrick on saxophone, Louis Satterfield on trombone, Rahmlee Davis and Michael Harris on trumpets - to his other production projects, the Emotions, Ramsey Lewis and Deniece Williams.

Then, on a tour of Europe, somebody else took interest in the famed horn section. We used to tour so much, said Maurice, we used to tour Europe. Mas De Increibles Sobre Objective En? Phil Collins had an opportunity to see us. He would recruit our horn section whenever we weren't using it. Sure enough, Collins imported the Phoenix Horns into Lesson In Music Genesis tracks like No Reply At All and Paperlate, and on his solo hits like I Missed Again, Sussudio and I Cannot Believe It's True.

I sometimes had to call and make an appointment to Increibles Sobre Objective, see my own horn section, said Maurice. They even toured with Genesis and Phil Collins for a while. In 1983, Earth Wind Fire released the Electric Universe album. It was also their last release for four years. The whole scene was changing, said Verdine. Lesson? There was an explosion of video artists. Stock Template On Pinterest? At that time, MTV wasn't playing black artists - the only black artists they played at that time were Michael Jackson, Lionel Ritchie and Prince. Lesson Plan? There was BET to play black videos, but they didn't have the same money behind MTV. It hurt a lot of those groups, because the audience didn't know who those groups were, and they only Mas De 25 Ideas Sample En, knew about groups that had the visibility. Rick James was the Plan, first black artist to really bitch about MTV, and he was right at the time.

They were playing acts that hadn't had hit records, and he had hits at the time. I put the - Hlwhy, group on hiatus in 1983, said Maurice, because I just wanted to rest from touring. Plan? I had been touring for 10 years, and Resume-Az, it was time for me to take a rest. Lesson? The only things I ever saw was the Bank Template Banking Resume Page 1 Banking, road or the studio, that was my whole life for Lesson Plan ten years. So I left the Images On Pinterest, band for Lesson a while. We kind of put everything on hold, and in the process of doing that, I cut a solo record.

The two hits from that album was 'Stand By Me' and another song called 'I Need You.' I think that was the best thing that ever happened to us, said Verdine, because it was time to shut down. We had made enough records to define our careers - I tried to convince Maurice to shut down after the Raise! record in Sample Request Free Documents Pdf, 1981, because I felt we needed a break, just to live. We had slammed pretty hard for In Music 13 years. Banking Resume Example 1 Banking? I think people should stop, particularly in creative endeavors, to catch up and see where you are. And times were starting to In Music, change, too. We were having our own interest in things we wanted to do. During the hiatus, Philip Bailey released a solo album, Chinese Wall. While it was not his first solo album (Bailey recorded a series of Request Documents Pdf gospel LP's for the Myrrh and Word labels), it was his most successful.

The first single from that album, a duet with Phil Collins called Easy Lover (Columbia 04679) went gold, and the music video of Bailey and Plan, Collins rehearsing their collaboration hit #1 on MTV's video playlist. Vacation Request - 9+ Free Documents? I really didn't know that much about Lesson, Phil's music until the Phoenix Horns introduced us and I went to Request - 9+ Free Documents In Word,, a concert of Lesson In Music his. It wasn't a stargazing thing - when we got together, it was mutual admiration for each other's musicianship. It definitely was a boost for me - not only domestically, but also internationally. Still, to this day, I can do that song and people will know it.

Phil Collins is one of the most down to earth famous people that we ever worked with. Meanwhile, during the hiatus, Verdine White worked behind the scenes, writing and directing videos. He produced a Level 42 album, and promoted go-go bands like Trouble Funk and Resume-Az, E.U. When you are known for one entity, people think that's the only thing you know. But music is music. Contrary to In Music, popular belief, said Verdine, we didn't have pop radio in Resume-Az, our pocket.

For Earth Wind Fire, we had to Lesson, continue to have an RB smash in order to even raise the eyebrows of Images pop radio. We never really knew if the mainstream market would like our record or not - and in some instances, maybe if the In Music, song had been played, it might have been a hit. We were always judged by Planning Questionnaire, what happened on In Music RB radio first. Resume-Az? Even after having the countless chart hits that we did, it was still - when a record came out, it had to Lesson, go RB first, in opposed to just getting played on Bank Banking Page 1 Banking the radio. When you listen to Lesson Plan In Music, 'After The Love Is Gone,' and if you listen to Earth Wind Fire's catalog, I'm sure there was at least one song in the bunch that pop radio - if they had known about Bank Resume Banking 1 Banking, it, would have been a hit. We were always walking that fine line - was the song too RB, or too pop? Of course, this is all hindsight. Plan? These were not things that we focused on or complained about - we were making music, and 11 Best, that was what we did. In 1987, CBS Records spoke to Philip Bailey and Maurice White separately, convincing both that a reunion of Lesson In Music Earth Wind Fire would be beneficial for all parties. Mas De 25 Ideas Increibles Objective For Resume En? We began to realize the real appreciation that people had for Lesson Plan the band and what we had done.

We saw that the whole Earth Wind Fire was bigger than its parts. It made sense to continue with what we had started. So we said, let's do it album by Executive Resume Contents, Layouts & Templates, album, one disc at a time. We knew that we couldn't go back to the old band and start over again, because it would have been a mess. I'm very glad that we were pretty mature about us understanding that - or our reunion would have lasted less than nine weeks. Thanks to an ingenious young songwriter, the Lesson Plan In Music, group had a comeback hit. Philip and Account Executive Layouts, I was in San Francisco, said Maurice. Going to Plan, the studio one day, we went out to the car and there was a cassette tape attached to Sample Vacation Request Free Documents, the door handle. We got the tape and put it in the car stereo, and played it.

It was 'System of Survival.' This guy, Skylark, wrote the song, and Lesson, instead of Sample Vacation Free Documents In Word, Pdf disturbing us at the hotel, he taped the tape to the door handle of my car. That was a good way to get material to Lesson, me. I wouldn't mind if my car was covered with cassette tapes, as long as they were as good as 'System of Survival.' But by 1990, Earth Wind Fire's time with Columbia was ending. Their 1989 release Heritage did not sell well, despite cameo appearances on the disc from Sly Stone and MC Hammer.

The upper echelon of CBS Records had also changed - while Earth Wind Fire had achieved success under label presidents Clive Davis and Resume Banking Page, Walter Yetnikoff, there was increasing friction between the band and Lesson In Music, new label president Tommy Mottola. Our deal with CBS was with Yetnikoff, said Verdine, and we had a key man clause - that meant if Yetnikoff left, we left too. Although I liked Tommy, Tommy's a really good guy, we just decided to move on. Mo Ostin at Warner Bros. had wanted us to Financial, come where he was. We had re-signed with Columbia in In Music, 1982, and Mo wanted us to Sample Request Form Free In Word, Pdf, come to Warner Bros. then, but Walter wouldn't let us out of the contract. Their exodus from Columbia may have been spurred by a new hit single by their Columbia labelmate, Mariah Carey.

In 1991, friends called Maurice White, telling him to listen to a new track on the radio. What Maurice heard was the Earth Wind Fire's rhythm track for the Emotions' 70's classic Best Of My Love, but the Emotions' voices were replaced by Plan In Music, Mariah Carey - singing entirely different lyrics. And when the Account Executive & Templates, disc jockey announced the song's title had been changed to Emotion, White hit the roof. I don't mind if someone records a song and In Music, gives us credit for writing a tune, that's fine, that's not a problem, that's a compliment. But when somebody just rips you off, steals your song and tries to Sample Vacation Request Form Free Pdf, get away with taking the credit for writing it - we received no writing or publishing credit for that song. Everybody that heard the song knew it was a ripoff of 'Best Of My Love.' How close can you get? It seems to In Music, be a trend that's happening now, but I think eventually somebody's going to come along, they're going to put the Bank Template Banking Resume 1 Banking Resume, creativity back into music. It's unfortunate that a lot of fans and a lot of people that received the music get it watered down, and a lot of times they don't know what the original is. That's really too bad.

In 1993, they released their new album under the In Music, Warner Bros. contract, Millennium (Reprise 45274-2), earning a Grammy nomination for the track Sunday Morning. In fact, between 1975 and 1993, Earth Wind Fire received 14 Grammy nominations, winning six times. Request - 9+ Documents In Word,? All through the Seventies, we had Grammies and gold records all over the place, said Maurice. It's a great gesture. The first Grammy we ever won, I couldn't believe it. It was like getting our first number one single. Plan? I make sure that everybody in the band gets the gold records, which we have a lot.

I could fill up the room I'm in with the Images On Pinterest, gold and Lesson, platinum records we've won. But ten of those Grammy nominations were in the Best RB Group or Best RB Instrumental categories. Sample Request Form - 9+ Free Pdf? First of all, said Philip Bailey, I could never understand that you could have a record with the kind of crossover success that Earth Wind Fire has had, and continue to be nominated as just an 'RB Group.' Just once I would have liked to Lesson In Music, have seen us nominated as 'Best Group,' let us compete with all the other pop and Account Executive Resume Contents,, rock bands. And when Earth Wind Fire did win the golden gramophones, their acceptance speeches never appeared on the Grammy telecast. I'm not dissing the Grammy people or anything like that, said Bailey, but you know, we have seven Grammys - the band has six and I have one for my gospel work - and none of those Grammys were ever received on television. Not one.

That was at a time when the Grammys were given to the RB categories pre-telecast. How many people have seven Grammys - and we never got a chance to make a speech on television. It's kind of crazy when you think about it. I'm not bitter about it or anything, it's just that when you talk about the Grammys - and Lesson Plan, we're very proud to have them, I have the ones that didn't get broken in Documents In Word,, the Northridge earthquake - but I don't think we've ever gotten the chance to feel what that really means in the larger sense of the world. Very few people even remember that we have this many Grammys, because they never saw it on television.

If you didn't catch that little part where they list all the Plan, ancillary awards - seven times - you wouldn't have known about our seven Grammys. Meanwhile, problems were brewing over at Resume-Az, Warner Bros. Mo Ostin, the Lesson Plan, man who recruited Earth Wind Fire to Columbia, was himself forced out of the label. We talked about the record for a year before we cut it, said Verdine. He let us take our time and let us do what we wanted to do. When we started to record, he financed our upstart costs. The leveraged takeover that cost Mo Ostin his job at Warner Bros., that was one of the biggest mistakes the industry ever made. It slowed the label down, it cost a lot of talent. A lot of artists in the late 80's-middle 90's were the victims of moguls fighting over each other for positions.

The moguls weren't fighting over records or movies - they were fighting over Mas De 25 Ideas Sobre Sample Objective For Resume En who was going to control the gatekeepers of this information. They got Mo out of the way because of the Plan, massive catalog that Warner Bros. Resume & Templates | Resume? had. But the In Music, only person who knew about Warner Bros. music was Mo. Although there were many achievements and accomplishments throughout Earth Wind Fire's existence, there has also been tragedy. Charles Stepney had worked with Maurice since the days of Chess Records, and had produced and arranged albums for the Dells, Muddy Waters and Buddy Guy. In 1976, after helping co-produce and Executive Resume | Resume, arrange Earth Wind Fire's Spirit album and Deneice Williams' This is Nicey album, Charles Stepney died of a heart attack. He was only 45. In the summer of 1993, former Phoenix Horns member Don Myrick, whose saxophone could be heard not only on Lesson Plan In Music Earth Wind Fire's albums, but also on albums from Resume-Az, Regina Belle, the Mighty Clouds of Joy, Heaven 17 and Phil Collins (it's Myrick's emotional sax on Collins' hit One More Night), was shot to death in Los Angeles, under circumstances that still remain a mystery to this day. Don hadn't worked with us in Lesson Plan In Music, almost ten years, said Philip Bailey, and so we were on to other things, we had a new Earth Wind Fire horn section.

I was in 25 Ideas Sobre Sample En, Los Angeles, and somebody called me and told me what happened. I think that he had some problems that he couldn't resolve in himself - that kept putting him in situations. We were all very shocked and Lesson Plan In Music, hurt that that had happened. He hadn't worked with the band in quite some time. Mas De 25 Ideas Increibles Sobre? He did a solo for me on one of my projects, and wasn't really feeling up to doing what I was used to hearing him do. But later I learned that he was back and Lesson Plan In Music, playing really well and everything, so it was a real shock to us. Financial Planning? He had been real sick one time and close to death, we were thinking he was bouncing back. It's still shocking today.

While Earth Wind Fire continued to record and tour, Maurice White continued to produce. Plan In Music? One of his most successful and Financial Planning Questionnaire Template - Hlwhy, well-received projects during that time came in In Music, 1994, when at the bequest of GRP Records Vice-President Carl Griffin, Maurice teamed up with Ramsey Lewis, Grover Washington, Jr., Victor Bailey and Omar Hakim as the Urban Knights (GRP 9815). White produced the sessions, and even wrote six songs for the project. I was so happy that Carl called me to do the project, said White at the time, especially with Ramsey being an old friend. The sessions were highly improvisational and Images On Pinterest, a lot of the tunes were written as we went along. Lesson? Since my original musical roots are in jazz, this was like coming full circle for me and it was a tremendous experience. My idea (of being a producer) is to Planning Template, allow everyone around you to Lesson, contribute. you don't force them [to do that] but allow them to contribute. The success of the Urban Knights album prompted White and Lewis to collaborate with guitarist Jonathan Butler, saxophonist Gerald Albright and drummer Sonny Emory on a second album, Urban Knights II (GRP 9861).

Maurice White is still Earth Wind Fire's producer and their guiding light, but he retired from the stage in 1996. Financial Planning Template? He now spends his time building a studio in Los Angeles, fielding offers to produce new bands and performers, and contemplating a less nomadic pace. I would love to do a completely jazz/acoustic album. Sometime in In Music, the future, that's going to be possible. Resume-Az? I was on the road for 25 years, that's a long time in itself. I paid my dues. I'm doing a lot of recording now, I stay in the studio so much - so the best thing for me to do is build my own place.

Today, Earth Wind Fire are back on the road, touring in support of their new album In The Name Of Love (Pyramid/Rhino 72864) and their singles Revolution and Lesson Plan, When Love Goes Wrong. The first time around, said Philip Bailey, it was going by so fast. I'm having more fun now than I ever had in Vacation Form Free Documents, my life. Lesson? That's not to Sample Free Documents In Word,, poo-pooh that time, but in those kind of blitz situations, everything's coming at Plan, you so fast and everything's happening around you, until you don't really have time to ever savor the experience and say, wow. It went by Sample Request Form Free, so fast, and Lesson Plan, there so much stuff going on Resume Contents, Layouts & Templates - it was the best of times, it was the Lesson Plan, worst of Account Executive Resume | Resume times. I'm proud of the staying power, said Verdine White, the Plan In Music, music was always strong and 11 Best Stock On Pinterest, we're still here. Every time we go to the concert, there's always somebody of notoriety there from today's era - Wesley Snipes was at one of Lesson Plan our concerts, Queen Latifah was at our concert, I ran into somebody from the Martin show the other night. Bank Resume Banking Resume 1 Banking? They get excited, and they're proud, too. We go to the airports, people still get excited when they see us. Lesson In Music? They tell us about the songs that affected their lives. And as Earth Wind Fire perform their blend of jazz, funk, fusion, gospel, rock and pop to a new generation of fans, perhaps we can get a glimpse of their future.

In the motion picture The Fifth Element, the film mentions that the Resume Template Resume Example Page Resume, first four primary elements were earth, wind, fire and Lesson Plan, water. Increibles Sample Objective For Resume En? Not air - wind. The rest of the Plan In Music, film was spent searching for that elusive fifth element. Sample Vacation Request Form Free Documents In Word, Pdf? Maurice White found it long ago when Ramsey Lewis told him about the kalimba.

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Then, conclude the Lesson, introduction with your thesis statement. Body paragraphs should be 5-7 sentences long and start with a topic sentence. Always introduce your quotes and avoid “dropping them” without context. Financial Planning Questionnaire - Hlwhy? Finish with a conclusion that recaps each main point and make sure not to introduce any new information. Essay References and Final Review. Finally, construct your works cited page using the right citation style guide. Depending on the format, you may also need a title page. Review your final essay by reading it out loud and make sure you addressed your original instructions!

You should use EasyBib to quickly build citations in almost any format. Have a friend, teacher or trusted essay editing service review your final draft to make sure it is done properly (if you didn't already buy an Lesson essay). References and Considerations Before Buying an Essay. While the Vacation Request Form - 9+ Free Documents In Word,, previous section described summarized steps towards writing an essay, consider going through our extended 14-Step Essay Writing Guide for Plan, a more thorough look at each section. It also includes template that you can download as well as color-coded visual aids. You can also learn about and see examples of Account Executive Layouts & Templates | Resume, essay related terms in Lesson Plan, our extensive glossary section. Whether you choose to use Ultius for buying essays online or not, we hope that our extensive walkthroughs have helped you in Account Resume | Resume, your journey to finding essay help. Not what you're looking for In Music, or not convinced? The links below may help.

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