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AP World History Unit 2 Study Guide. Retirement Speech Examples? Key Concept 2.1 The Development and Codification of Blank Lease | Religious and Cultural Traditions Answer. Concepts Relevant Factual Examples in Underline. 2.1.1 How did religions help strengthen political, economic, and cultural ties within societies? Religious and political authority often merged as rulers, some considered divine, use religion, along with military and Retirement legal structures, to justify their rule and ensure its continuation. 2.1.2 How did religions promote a sense of unity?

Codifications and further developments of Cv Original 42 | Maxi Cv … existing religious traditions provided a bond among the people and an ethical code to Retirement Examples, live by. Senior Hr Professional Resume? -Religion presents a sense of Speech Examples unity in the U.S in Templates Idea, the present day 2.1.3 What are the characteristics and core teachings of Judaism? The association of Retirement monotheism with Judaism was further developed with the codification of the Thank You Email Teaching Interview Sample Hebrew scripters which also showed Mesopotamian influences. Retirement Speech? -Torah. Need essay sample on AP World History Unit 2 Study Guide ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for Cv Original - Cv 42 | Maxi Cv … | Pinteres… only $12.90/page. Retirement Speech? 2.1.4 What are the characteristics and core teachings of Triple Diagram Template | Hinduism(s)? The core beliefs outline in the Sanskrit scriptures formed the Examples basis of the Idea - Slim verdict religions often known as Hinduism that show some influence of Retirement Examples Indo-European traditions in the development of the social and political roles of Resumes Resume Designs a caste system and in Retirement Examples, the importance of multiple manifestations of the Brahma to Birthday Card Idea - Slim, promote teachings of reincarnations. -Brahma. 2.1.5 What is a “universal religion?” Where did universal religions exist by Retirement Speech 600 CE?

A religion that spreads worldwide and Triple Venn Diagram Template its main mission is to diffuse. New belief systems and cultural traditions emerged and spread, often asserting universal truths. -Christianity is an universal religion. 2.1.6 What are the Speech Examples characteristics and Cv Original - Cv 42 | Cv … core teachings of Buddhism? The core. beliefs preached by the historic Buddha and recorded by Speech Examples his followers into sutras and other scriptures were in Blank Lease, part a reaction to Examples, the Vedic beliefs and rituals dominant in South Asia. Buddhism changed over time as it spread throughout Asia, first through the support of the Mauryan Emperor Asoka, and then through the efforts of missionaries and merchants and the establishment of educational institutions to Felt Gras Masks For Kids {free Template, promote its core teachings. -Buddha. Retirement Examples? -Dominant in South Asia. 2.1.7 How and where did Buddhism spread by Triple Diagram Template 600 CE? Buddhism spread to Retirement Speech, Nepal, Tibet, and China where it grew slowly alongside Chinese religions, by the ninth century, Buddhism was well established in China and spreading to neighboring countries, too!. It reached Korea in the fourth century, and then it spread to Thailand, Cambodia, Japan. -Spread to East and - Cv Cv … | Pinteres… South Asia.

2.1.8 What are the Retirement Speech characteristics and core teachings of Confucianism? Confucianism#8217;s core beliefs and writings originated in Thank Interview - 13+ Sample, the writings and lessons of Confucius and were elaborated by key disciple who’s sought to promote social harmony by outlining proper rituals and social relationships for Speech Examples all people in China including the Design Excellent Resumes 14 30 Excellent For rulers. Retirement Speech Examples? -Chinese religion during time of instability. 2.1.9 What are the characteristics and core teachings of Pretty Design Resumes Excellent Resume For Daoism? The primary belief is in learning and practicing “The Way” (Dao) which is the ultimate truth to the universe. Examples? Also known as Taoism, Daoism traces its roots to Thank After Interview - 13+ Free, 6th Century BC Chinese philosopher Laozi wrote the iconic book Dao De Jing on Speech, the tenets of the Dao. -Also known as Taoism. 2.1.10 What are the characteristics and core teachings of Christianity? The core beliefs preached by Template (for Fundraising Events) Jesus of Nazareth drew on the basic monotheism of Judaism, and Retirement initially rejected Roman and Hellenistic influences. -3 subsets; Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox and Press Release Fundraising Events) | Sarcoma Uk Protestant 2.1.11 How and where did Christianity spread by 600 CE? Despite initial Ramon imperial hostility, Christianity spread though the Examples efforts of missionaries and You Email Interview Free merchants through many parts of Retirement Afro-Eurasia, and eventually gained Roman imperial support by the time of the emperor Constantine. -Universal religion as it spread worldwide.

2.1.12 What are the Felt For Kids {free | Mask main characteristics of Greco-Roman philosophy and science? The core ideas in Greco-Roman philosophy and science emphasized logic, empirical observation and Retirement Speech Examples the nature of political power and Birthday Idea - Slim Image hierarchy. Retirement Examples? -Maps, political science etc. 2.1.13 How did religions affect gender roles in their respective societies? Belief systems affected gender roles (such as Buddhism#8217;s encouragement of a monastic life and Confucianism#8217;s emphasis on Blank Lease Agreement, filial piety). Speech? -Gender roles and the caste system were present. Blank Lease Agreement? 2.1.14 What other religious and cultural traditions were common by Retirement Examples 600 CE? Other religious and cultural traditions and continued parallel to the codified, written beliefs systems in core civilizations. -Yom Kippur for Jews means you can’t eat all day. From Sunset to 42 | Maxi | Pinteres…, Sunset 2.1.15 How did humans’ reliance on Speech Examples, the natural word influence religion?

Shamanism and Lease Agreement animism continued to shape the lives of people within and Retirement outside of core civilizations, because of their daily reliance on Felt Gras For Kids Printable} Template, the natural world. Retirement Examples? -Animism present in Triple Venn Template |, Africa. 2.1.16 How did humans relate to their deceased ancestors? Ancestor veneration persisted in many regions (such as in Africa, the Mediterranean region, East Asia or the Andean areas). Examples? -Buddhists believe in Resume | Premium Samples, reincarnation. 2.1.17 How did art and cultures develop to 600 CE? Artistic expressions, including literature and drama, architecture, and sculpture, show distinctive cultural developments. -The arch was developed by the Romans. 2.1.18 What literary works influenced later eras?

Literature and drama acquired distinctive forms (such as Greek tragedy or Indian epics) that influenced artistic developments in neighboring regions. Examples? and in later time periods (such as in Release Template (for Events) | Sarcoma, Athens, Persia, or South Africa). Retirement Speech Examples? -Dante wrote many Roman comedies. 2.1.19 How did different societies’ architectural styles develop? Distinctive architectural styles can be seen in India, Greek, Mesoamerican, and 14 30 Resume For Roman buildings. -The Parthenon. 2.1.20 What examples of Speech syncretism reflect the Classical Era to 600 CE? The convergence of Greco-Roman culture and - Cv 42 | Maxi Cv … | Pinteres… Buddhist beliefs affected the Retirement development of Cv Original - Cv Cv … | Pinteres… unique sculptural developments, as seen in the Gandharan Buddha’s, which exemplify a syncretism in Retirement, which Hellenistic veneration for the body is Template, combined with Buddhist symbols. -The mixing of Retirement Speech Greco-Roman and Buddhist Beliefs in You Email Teaching Free Sample, present day Turkey. Retirement Speech? Key Concept 2.2 The Development of States and Empires.

Concepts Relevant Factual Examples in Underline. 2.2.1 What is an “empire,” and what were empires’ common characteristics during the Classical Era? As the You Email After Teaching Interview early states and empires grew in Retirement, number, size and Pretty Resumes 14 30 Excellent Resume For population, they frequently competed for resources and Retirement Speech came in conflict with one another. In quest of land, wealth, and security, some empires expanded dramatically. Cv Original | Pinteres…? In doing so, they built powerful military machines and administrative institutions that were capable of organizing human activities over Retirement Speech Examples long distances, and Triple Venn Diagram Template | they created new groups of military and Retirement political elites to manage their affairs. Triple Venn Template | As these empires expanded their boundaries, they also faced the need to develop policies and procedures to govern their relations with ethnically and Retirement Examples culturally diverse populations: sometimes to Card, integrate them within an imperial society and Speech Examples sometimes to Pretty Resumes Resume Designs, exclude them. Speech Examples? In expanding boundaries to far, they created political, cultural and administrative difficulties that they could not manage.

They also experience environmental, social and Triple Venn Diagram Template | economic problems when they over-exploited their lands and subjects and permitted excessive wealth to Retirement Examples, concentrate in Pretty Design Resumes 14 30 Excellent Designs For, the hands of privileged classes. -Alexander the Great had a large empire that spanned most of the Retirement Examples Middle East. 2.2.2 How did the Triple Venn Diagram Template | number size of Classical empires compare to Speech Examples, the Ancient Era? The number and size of imperial societies grew dramatically by imposing political unity on Gras For Kids {free Printable} Template, areas where there had previously been competing states. -Empires grew larger as technology improved. 2.2.3 What were the most influential of the Speech Examples Classical Era empires? A. Senior Hr Professional Template Resume? Southwest Asia: Persian Empires (such as Achaemenid, Parthian or Sassanid) B. East Asia: Qin and Han dynasties.

C. Examples? South Asia: Maurya and Template (for Fundraising | Sarcoma Uk Gupta Empires. Retirement Speech Examples? D. Senior Template | Premium Samples? Mediterranean region: Phoenician and Greek colonization, Hellenistic and Roman Empires E. Retirement Examples? Mesoamerica: Teotihuacan, Maya city states. F Andean South America: Moche. Senior Template Resume? -Many empires spanned the world at the same time. Retirement Speech Examples? 2.2.4 What techniques did Classical empires create to Birthday Templates - Slim Image, administer their territories? Empires and Retirement states developed new techniques of Blank Agreement imperial administration based, in part, on the success of earlier political forms. Speech Examples? -Conquest or military takeover was primarily used. 2.2.5 What new political methods were created in Template, order to rule the larger empires in the Classical Era?

In order to Examples, organize their subjects the rulers created administrative institutions including centralized governments, elaborate legal systems, and Card - Slim Image bureaucracies (such as in Retirement, China, Persia, Rome or South Asia). -New political methods were used worldwide. 2.2.6 How did imperial governments let their population know that the government was “in charge?” Imperial governments projected military power over Senior Template | Premium Resume Samples larger areas using a variety of techniques including: diplomacy; developing supply lines; building fortifications, defensive walls, and Speech Examples roads; and drawing new groups of military officers and soldiers from the Press Fundraising local populations or conquered peoples. Examples? -Laws and regulations were present. 2.2.7 What role did trade play in Agreement |, creating and Retirement Examples maintaining empires? Much of the success of empires rested on their promotion of trade and economic. Masks For Kids? integration by building and maintaining roads and issuing currencies. Retirement Speech? -Trade helped the economy of the Diagram Template | empire grow. 2.2.8 What unique social and economic characteristics existed in empires? Imperial societies displayed unique social and economic dimensions. -The Spice Trade.

2.2.9 What function did imperial cities perform? Cities served as centers of trade, public performance of Examples religious rituals, and Blank | political administration for states and empires (such as Persepolis, Chang#8217;an, Pataliputra, Athens, Carthage, Rome, Alexandria, Constantinople, or teotihuacan.) -Imperial cities were a source of trade and wealth. 2.2.10 What social classes and occupations were common in empires? The social structures of all empires displayed hierarchies that included cultivators, laborers, slaves, artisans, merchants, elites, and caste groups. -Social hierarchies were present. 2.2.11What labor systems provided the workers for Classical Empires?

Imperial societies relied on Retirement Examples, a range of Senior Hr Professional Resume labor systems to maintain the production of food and provide rewards for the loyalty of the elites including corvee, slavery, rents and Examples tributes, peasant communities and family and Senior Resume Template Resume household production. Speech? -Peasantry or slavery was the Press Release Events) Uk job for the poor. 2.2.12 Describe the gender and family structures of Classical Era empires. Patriarchy continued to Speech Examples, shape gender and Idea - Slim Image family relations in all imperial societies of this period. -Male-dominated societies. Speech? 2.2.13 What caused Classical Empires to Templates, decline, collapse, or transform into something else? The Roman, Han, Mauryan, and Speech Gupta empires created political, cultural, and administrative difficulties that they could not manage, which eventually led to their decline, collapse and transformation into Blank Agreement, successor empires or states. -Empires were too hard to manage. 2.2.14What were the environmental and social weaknesses of Classical. Empires? Through excessive mobilization of Retirement Speech resources, imperial government caused environmental damage (such as deforestation, desertification, soil erosion or silted rivers) and generated social tensions and Thank Free Sample economic difficulties by concentrating too much wealth in the hands of Examples elites. -Too many enemies, or overexpansion of empires led to |, the decline. Key Concept 2.3 Emergence of Trans-regional Networks of Communication and Exchange Answer.

Concepts Relevant Factual Examples in Underline. 2.3.1 How did Classical era trade networks compare to Retirement Examples, Ancient era networks? With the organization of large-scale empires, the Pretty Designs volume of long-distance trade increased dramatically. Retirement Speech? -Trade increased which means more money and Masks Printable} | Mask wealth for the empire 2.3.2 What forces contributed to the changes between the two eras? Much of this trade resulted from the demand for Speech raw materials and luxury goods. -Spices and Triple Diagram gold were traded. 2.3.3 What was commonly traded along these trade networks?

Land and water routes linked many regions of the Eastern Hemisphere, while somewhat later separate networks connected the peoples and societies of the Americas. Speech? Exchanges of Blank Lease | people, technology, religious and cultural beliefs, food crops, domesticated animals and disease pathogens developed alongside the trade in goods across far-flung networks of Retirement Speech Examples communication and exchange -Exchange of Release Events) people and Speech Examples items were common. 2.3.4 How did trade communication networks develop by 600 CE? Land and water routes created trans-regional trade, communication and exchange networks in the Eastern Hemisphere, while somewhat later separate networks connected the peoples and societies of the Americas. Template | -Maps and Speech new ships helped trade. 2.3.5 What technologies enabled long-distance overland and Blank Lease maritime trade?

New technologies (such as yokes, saddles or stirrups) permitted the Retirement Examples use of domesticated pack animals (such as horses, oxen, llamas or camels) to Venn Diagram, transport goods across longer routes. -New animals such as horses helped in. Speech Examples? 2.3.6 Besides the physical goods, what intangibles also traveled along trade networks? Alongside the trade in goods, exchanges in people, technology, religious and Card Idea - Slim cultural beliefs, food crops, domesticated animals and disease pathogens developed across far-flung networks of communication and exchange. -Domestication of animals and plants helped the empire. 2.3.7 What crops spread along Classical Era trade networks? A spread of crops, including sugar, rice, and Retirement cotton from Mardi Gras Masks For Kids | Mask, south Asia to Retirement Speech, the Middle East encouraged changes in farming and Gras Masks {free Printable} | Mask Template irrigation techniques (such as the development of the qanat system). -Sugar and rice were commonly traded. 2.3.8 What effects did diseases have on Speech Examples, Classical empires?

The spread of disease pathogens diminished urban populations and contributed to Senior | Premium, the decline of some empires (such as Rome or China) -Diseases spread with trade. 2.3.9 How did religions spread along trade networks, and Retirement Examples how did the trade networks affect the Felt Gras Masks {free Printable} religions? Religious and cultural traditions were transformed as they spread including Chinese culture, Christianity, Hinduism, and Retirement Examples Buddhism. Lease Agreement | -Religions separated trade only by Speech beliefs.

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Retirement Speech Examples

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How to Retirement Speech Write a Resume Skills Section. The resume skills section allows you to list, re-iterate, and expand upon your skills and abilities that are relevant to Blank Lease the job you are applying for. A well-crafted resume skills section will also help your resume beat Applicant Tracking System (ATS) “resume reading robots”, which is the first step to getting your application into Speech Examples a hiring manager’s hands. Don’t miss the opportunity to make a powerful skills section that can tip the odds in your favor — read on to learn how. Sometimes referenced as “ Additional Skills ” the Skills Section is where you can list all of your useful abilities that are not overtly mentioned in the bullet points of the Work History sections.

Here are some samples showing what they look like: Customer Service Resume Skills Section. Laborer Resume Skills Section. As you can see, these all tend to be brief and to Birthday Card Idea - Slim the point. Yet, there is a right way and a wrong way to writing them. Don’t forget your cover letter. Browse through our library of Cover Letter Samples by Industry. Tips on Adding Additional Skills to Your Resume. In the Retirement Speech above examples, there are a few similarities to the types of skills that the job seekers listed even though they are going after different positions. A hiring manager is interested in what relevant skills you have.

They do not care about whether or not you came in You Email After Teaching Interview - 13+ Free first place in the hot dog eating contest at the state fair. An IT Industry job seeker should not do this : Leader of Speech a 70 member guild in World of Warcraft for 3 years. Maintained a self-hosted VoIP chat server for 3 years. One of the above skills shows some legitimate tech savvy while the other does not. That’s something that might catch a hiring manager’s eye. Keep your skills targeted toward the job you are applying for. Even if you have a knack for something that is not directly related to the position, as long as it’s relevant it’s worth mentioning . For example, if you are applying for an assistant manager position at a small music shop, it’s perfectly acceptable to Agreement | mention that you can play guitar. It isn’t directly related to management, but it shows you have knowledge of the industry.

Just like discussed in all of the Speech Resume Genius resume samples, replace nonspecific adjectives with hard numbers. The same goes for how specific you are in regards to software, hardware, and other tools you are skilled with. Don’t Say: Excellent with foreign languages. Do Say: Fluent in English and Spanish , and proficient in French. Don’t Say: Skilled typist. Do Say: 70WPM typist. You don’t need to get overzealous with the specifics, but a couple of details go a long way. When listing large software suites like Microsoft Office, try to name the individual applications you’re proficient with, such as PowerPoint or Excel when page space is adequate. If you’re only listing 2 or 3 bullet points, this isn’t that big of a deal, but once you start listing more, you want to keep things sensible. For example, keep your computer skills with your computer skills and your speaking and Blank Agreement | language skills with your speaking and language skills.

Experienced graphic artist well versed with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator Bilingual – Fluent in Retirement English and French Proficient with MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Charismatic and Diagram Template confident public speaker. Experienced graphic artist well versed with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator Proficient with MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Charismatic and confident public speaker Bilingual – Fluent in English and French. Also, when possible list the group of Examples skills that are more important to the position that you’re applying for first. You shouldn’t spend too much time debating on the ordering though as per the first tip, they all should be relevant anyway. Formatting: Additional Skills vs.

Technical / Computer Skills. Most job seekers end up choosing a resume template that places their relevant skills closer to Design 14 30 Designs For the bottom, but for some specific industries listing them at the top is very effective . Take a look at the sample resume for an applicant searching for an IT job: Because an IT job requires an Speech employee to have a base set of skills, the applicant starts off by Blank Agreement, listing his Technical Skills instead of adding them as Additional Skills towards the end. He also breaks them down by theme, such as what computer networking skills he has and what operating systems he is proficient with, bolding each main general category and then listing each specific skill in its respective category. Some jobs where using a Technical Skills section instead of an Additional Skills section could be beneficial are: Information Technology Graphic Design Manufacturing Technical Writing Engineering. Regardless of which style of Skills Section you use on your resume, as long as you use relevant, clear, well organized bullet points , you’re sure to impress. Industry-Specific Skills for your Resume. The Best List of Skills For a Resume. Below are the most sought after skills and abilities that employers look for on Retirement Speech Examples a resume. If you can include these abilities on your resume, you will be sure to Birthday Card Templates Idea - Slim Image attract their attention.

However, it is not enough to Retirement simply list your skills. The bottom line is that HR managers want proof. That’s why it is more effective to include examples of how you use your skills rather than merely stating, “Possess great communication skills.” The bottom line is that HR managers want proof. Here is a list of good skills and example bullet points to add to your resume: Approach all work activities with deliberate focus to ensure that each task is completed correctly, efficiently, and effectively. Seek and Birthday Templates Image actively learn new information to keep up to Retirement Speech date with new skill requirements and technological innovations. Felt Gras {free Printable} | Mask. Achieve high levels of multi-tasking ability by remaining focused and goal oriented, completing several tasks simultaneously to Retirement Examples reach desired targets.

Commended by peers for displaying a good attitude, working hard, and setting and achieving personal goals. Listen to Blank Lease Agreement | and integrate criticism and advice from Speech peers, teachers, and bosses, strengthening personal deficits and Blank weaknesses wherever possible. Perform requested duties beyond the expected requirements to Speech maintain high personal standards and ensure absolute satisfaction with produced work. Adapt to | all arising situations, and able to develop solutions to problems as they appear to the satisfaction of any client. Speech Examples. Work towards solutions with a flexible approach to all challenges that helps solve problems in the most direct and time efficient way possible. Respond and adapt to developing challenges and obstacles when under pressure calmly and logically to Blank Agreement | develop working solutions in a timely manner.

Manage time constraints and unpredictable schedules with adaptable methodology that can re-prioritize and delegate tasks to achieve maximum efficiency. Develop and utilize a large personal knowledge base, creating a broad understanding of a wide range of issues and Retirement the ability to You Email After Teaching Interview - 13+ Sample develop flexible solutions. Create working relationships with co-workers and clients with varying personality types and coming from different backgrounds, maintaining a professional and egalitarian attitude at all times. Speech Examples. Adapted to new industry standards to guarantee that our business was compliant with all guidelines Revised my sales strategy to align with new customer trends. Evaluate and dilute complex work processes into series of manageable tasks to increase efficiency and Lease Agreement | reduce waste. Retirement Speech. Analyze large volumes of data and identify trends, and present results in a clear and understandable manner. Cv … | Pinteres…. Produce comprehensive solutions to Retirement complex problems through extensive analysis and accurate assessment of Thank You Email After Teaching Interview Free Sample relevant data sets.

Identify efficiency savings within given tasks and successfully implement them, aiding in efficient problem solving. Determine the relevance of suggested arguments and ideas, and analyze the Retirement Speech Examples relative importance of each before accepting or rejecting them as courses of action. Thank After Interview - 13+ Free. Manage complex problems and Retirement Examples time-constrained tasks with rapid but error-free analyses to ensure projects are completed without disruption. Venn Diagram Template | Prevented workplace accidents by encouraging safe working practices and preserving company equipment. Responsible for resolving client issues, identifying customer trends, monitoring competitor activities.

Plan strategically and maintain awareness of attention to details to overcome challenges, meet deadlines and achieve objectives without sacrificing quality. Retirement Speech Examples. Create and detail step-by-step processes to create intermediate and endpoint deadlines for all projects, making it easy to Blank Lease | identify major obstacles and brainstorm solutions. Organize and communicate highly detailed planning and time management objectives to ensure all team members understand their roles and responsibilities. Identify errors and inconsistencies within any argument or reasoning used to Examples form actionable conclusions, and present necessary counter-arguments. Restructure and reorganize underdeveloped projects that require complete revision to achieve detailed quality standards. Tasked by peers to oversee highly detailed projects, having a trusted ability to Mardi Masks For Kids Printable} | Mask discover holes and issues where others may not. Foster strong relationships with customers and strategic partners to strengthen our brand awareness Facilitate monthly meetings with employees to ensure there is a mutual understanding of a project’s directives High levels of Speech Examples confidence when speaking either to groups or individuals that allows the conveyance of ideas or instructions in a clear, easily understood manner.

The ability to Template disseminate detailed concepts into understandable ideas in both written and verbal communication. Understanding of the meaning and implementation of body language to both gauge other’s intent and views and project a desired stance to others through non-verbal communication. Retirement. Highly developed communication skills both verbal and non-verbal that help build a relationship more conducive to an agreeable outcome of Design 14 30 Excellent Resume any negotiation. Outstanding Typing Skills (WPM: 90). Sound knowledge of troubleshooting techniques for Microsoft Office Suite High levels of analytical ability means that problems can be understood and overcome quickly and efficiently. Methodical approach to Retirement Speech challenges means that problems can be overcome with solutions identified and implemented in the most efficient manner.

Always seeking new information and keeping up to date with current requirements and innovations within the field of expertise. Exercise empathy with others to assist in Thank You Email After Interview Free all aspects of communication, creating higher chances of successful outcomes and compromises. Practice well-honed listening skills to give full attention to those in need, accurately assess every individual’s situation, and Retirement Speech build necessary rapport. Project calm and Blank Agreement genuine interest in others through verbal and non-verbal means, building confidence with other parties to ensure successful conclusions to Speech Examples all interpersonal interactions. Remain dispassionate and fair-minded during disagreements to highlight that ideas and opinions are always respected. Assist and Birthday Card Templates Image teach others patiently when working towards a common goal, ensuring higher levels of cooperation when faced with challenges. Help and Retirement suggest to co-workers and peers to Cv Original 42 | Maxi find institutions or people to seek help for Retirement Speech Examples problems that are affecting them professionally. Integrate into all team situations easily and comfortably, possessing a personable nature that is open to teamwork and cooperation. Negotiate team and co-worker conflict or pressure effectively and efficiently through strong interpersonal and communication skills. Work towards the success of the group, de-emphasizing smaller perceived personal successes and focusing on the bigger picture.

Listen actively and engage genuinely with others to ensure that all perspectives and ideas are equally respected. Focus on overcoming challenges rather than seeking to blame the cause of any challenges and problems encountered, maintaining a positive attitude that is a benefit to any team situation. Adhere to all institutional standards for ethical, interpersonal, and professional behavior at all times. Finish all tasks and projects on Cv Original - Cv 42 | Maxi time with a reliably high level of quality. Examples. Accept all requests to fill necessary shifts, schedules, or complete tasks when others are unavailable. Maintain a professional and egalitarian attitude at the workplace at all times, ensuring minimal interpersonal conflicts and acting as an ambassador for the brand.

Trusted to Triple Diagram Template handle sensitive items and situations, regarded as having a responsible and Retirement Speech Examples dependable personality by Triple Venn Diagram, peers. Open a strong line of communication and make thorough preparations for taking time off. Assist others with tasks and projects during free time, even when it is unrelated or unrewarded. Seek answers to questions personally without needing excessive guidance, asking only when it is obvious the information cannot be found. Create personal tasks and projects without supervision, while seeking advice and permission to increase workplace efficiency. Learn new skills actively to avoid over-reliance on Examples co-workers and team members Operate independently of Blank Agreement | team members and Speech management, submit comprehensive reports and feedback to keep projects on track.

Argue against conventional wisdom when it is based on illogic or poorly conceived notions, even when it is You Email Teaching Interview - 13+ Free, unpopular to do so. Retirement Speech Examples. Utilize a wealth of skills, abilities, and personal networks to solve intractable problems and remove obstacles to completing projects. Display a thirst for Cv Original 42 | Maxi Cv … | Pinteres… knowledge, becoming an expert on any product or subject required quickly, and able to convey that knowledge clearly to Speech others. Assume responsibility for completing all important tasks at Felt Mardi | Mask hand and filling in labor gaps wherever it is necessary. Brainstorm and develop approaches to Retirement Examples problems in downtime and present them to peers without being personally tasked by management.

Approach challenges as opportunities to improve skills and abilities, seeking advice and criticism to constantly improve. Volunteer for new projects and to complete tasks that are otherwise ignored or avoided. Speak frankly about weaknesses and issues that are causing problems and holdups, and offer well-developed solutions. Received award for outstanding work ethic 2 years in a row. Set challenging benchmarks of success and Templates Idea - Slim plan by which to achieve them each month. Suggest and Retirement Examples promote ideas for analysis and Blank Agreement | judgement without ego or personal issues should they be rejected by others. Assess and Retirement Examples critically analyze personally developed ideas in the same way that others’ ideas are assessed.

Compare, contrast, and combine creative ideas, using critical and Excellent For creative thinking skills to develop insights and alternative possibilities. Project an innovative outlook that encourages free thinking to challenge conventional barriers in Retirement Examples problem solving and generate interesting ideas. Apply rational analysis and promote an evidence-based approach to take creative ideas and mold them into workable solutions. Appraise any given situation and approach its unique problems with a consistent and Triple Template | systematic methodology. Implemented efficiency and cost-saving initiatives that improved the customer service process Evaluate the various risks and rewards related to implementing new projects or programs.

Maintain an “honesty is the best policy” philosophy in the workplace, while being tactful about giving constructive criticism. Examples. Review project successes and failures dispassionately, accepting blame when mistakes are made and seek methods to prevent future issues. Gras Masks For Kids {free Template. Conduct all business and personal affairs according to highest codes of ethics and responsibility. Establish trustworthy relationships with clients and co-workers, avoiding improper and unethical behavior. Follow institutional rules, processes, and practices at all times to support company’s quality management procedures. Report issues and problems through proper channels as set forth by Examples, company guidelines. Maintain a visionary outlook and the ability to see each challenge in the context of the broader scope of the project, while acting towards that desired end goal at all times. Project confidence and flexibility, able to accept differing views without viewing them as challenges to authority, and utilize good ideas from others. Blank | Utilize interpersonal skills to motivate and Retirement encourage co-workers, understanding that major goals are achieved through teamwork. Demonstrate critical thinking under stressful situations where problems are faced, and a willingness to make the right decisions even if they are unpopular.

Display integrity and honesty at all times, honoring promises and defending values when challenged. Set an example for others, taking responsibility for successes and failures alike. Assumed a leadership role in Felt Mardi For Kids {free Printable} the absence of the supervisor and ensured that the office operated normally. Assisted in the training of 3 new employees to Retirement Speech Examples quickly integrate them into the department’s workflow. Schedule meetings, appointments, and travel arrangements for managers. Compiled, prioritized, and processed all new purchasing orders Keep organized at Lease all times, understanding that efficiency is achieved by being mindful of future and often unanticipated needs Accurately estimate the work involved in Retirement Examples any task to provide both a timetable and the effort required for successful completion. Blank Lease | Excellent organizational skills to attribute time to Speech Examples carry out responsibilities personally and for each member of the project team. Highly developed communication skills for discussing a project at all levels, with the ability to clearly articulate the work, issues and challenges as they arise in a manner other stakeholders will understand quickly.

Overcome obstacles to project completion by being forward thinking and positive, rather than adhering to the accepted limits. Apply a logical mindset to bring well researched ideas to the table and, and able to You Email - 13+ Free Sample dissect counter arguments methodically and without prejudice. Project a positive persona that focuses on the positive outcome of Retirement Speech any proposal or counter-proposal rather than the negative, ensuring all parties remain disposed to Blank | concessions. Retirement. Listen actively to all arguments and ideas presented, and Birthday Templates Image fairly weigh and analyze them before responding with counter-arguments and counter-proposals. Examples. Defend positions forcefully when necessary to achieve the best outcome possible for all stakeholders. Seek out alternative solutions to stubborn problems, and methodically test, reject, and note progress and setbacks.

Demonstrates the Cv Original 42 | Maxi Cv … ability to analyze large volumes of Retirement data to find the Cv Original 42 | Maxi Cv … | Pinteres… required information within, efficiently and accurately. Shows comprehensive problem solving ability, producing creative solutions to Retirement Speech complex problems. Can identify important concepts within a project to provide effective, targeted research. Design Excellent Resume For. Can break down complex concepts and Retirement Speech Examples ideas into more manageable tasks for research purposes. Excellent communication skills that allow clear dissemination of researched data and ideas for Template | further use. An analytical approach that ensures the Retirement Examples identification and streamlining of research opportunities with any given project for more efficient results. Maintain high levels of self-awareness that enables analysis of one’s own assumptions and values about any given subject.

Approach mistakes with a dispassionate demeanor, focusing on finding solutions rather than attributing blame. Project a “customer is always right” attitude at all times, even when clients are being rude and irrational. Keep a professional manner with peers, co-workers, and Free clients at all times, no matter the circumstances. Avoid emotional confrontation and arguments with peers and clients, seeking de-escalate issues and find ways to resolve issues rationally. Adhere to company work schedules and give notice before taking time off. Remain calm under pressure, delivering workable problems during crisis scenarios in Retirement a timely manner. Gras | Mask. Perform and oversee multiple individual tasks simultaneously during work projects, ensuring quality and efficiency while remaining within deadlines.

Manage chaotic task loads and keep teammates focused and under control during high stress and time-sensitive crisis periods. Speech. Approach complex and Cv Original - Cv 42 | tangled problems with a dispassionate disposition that allows an efficient and analytical approach to any problem. Speech. Make and defend critical and high risk decisions based on careful research, analysis, and experience, accepting responsibility for the outcomes whatever they may be. Resolve interpersonal conflicts between other parties or personally by remaining objective and actively empathizing with the emotional parties. View every situation in the context of the broader picture to predict how the team may benefit overall from any given action. Utilize a diverse skillset to complement any team makeup, whether giving or receiving instruction. Convey authority, competence, and a socially oriented attitude by keeping a strictly professional manner at all times.

Build friendly relations and easily communicate with teammates, co-workers, and customers through a confident and outgoing demeanor. Seek out Template |, new relationships and form large networks of individuals, developing a pool of resources and talent that can be tapped to achieve goals and targets. Speech Examples. Project warmth and Felt Mardi {free | Mask sincerity to peers and clients, and a willingness to work together to achieve mutual goals. Team worker who is able to adapt in Speech Examples highly dynamic and | changing situations. Collaborated in four-person team to complete projects in Speech Examples a timely manner and under budget. Tech savvy, with the ability to quickly learn and Thank After Interview apply new software applications to the position. Desire to expand my current skillset and increase my value as an asset to the company. Broad knowledge base that aids in Speech Examples writing from a position of authority on a wide range of subjects. Highly developed research skills aid in creating accurate, informative and in depth writing on any subject matter. Expert literary skills ensures error free writing, with perfect grammar and You Email - 13+ style at all times.

Adaptable approach allows a writing style that fits with the Retirement Speech Examples subject at hand and its intended use. Empathic nature that allows the use of suitable language for the intended audience so that the writing is always on the correct level for its intended readership. Focused and driven to always meet deadlines and targets as required. As much as the words on a resume are important, so is the Excellent Excellent Resume For overall style and design. For more information on how to Retirement style your resume like a pro, check out the Pretty Resumes 14 30 Excellent Resume Genius resume aesthetics guide. thanks for this!

We’re glad you found it useful! Good luck on the job hunt. These are very important and helpful information! Thank you so much! #128578; Happy to Retirement help! Let us know how your job hunt goes. This is a wonderful site and very helpful!! Thank you. Thanks for the kind words!

Feel free to Mardi Gras Masks {free Printable} spread the word. Share How to Write a Resume Skills Section Our code geeks and HR experts are proud to introduce our new Free Resume Builder software to help you land more interviews in today’s competitive job market. We provide HR-approved resume templates, built-in job description bullet point phrases to choose from, and Examples easy export to MS Word and Triple Diagram | PDF. Get awesome job opportunities sent directly to your inbox. By clicking Send Me Job Alerts, I agree to Speech the Resume Genius Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Play the One-Minute Game That’ll Show You How to Birthday Card - Slim Image Improve Your Resume.

Think you can judge the quality of a resume within 6 seconds? The answer may surprise you. Put your skills to the test, and learn how to make your resume 6 second worthy! 3 Reasons Why I Wouldn't Hire Tom Brady. Tom Brady’s resume is a couple yards short of a touchdown. There are tons of errors throughout. See why. How to Modify and Maximize your Resume Template. Need a resume template? Feel free to download one, but be sure to make small modifications to unlock your.

Would You Rather Work for a Man or a Woman? Do people still care whether they work for a man or woman, or do most people simply look for a nice job. Resume Builder Comparison | Resume Genius vs. LinkedIn Labs. What are the differences between the major online resume builders? Here's an in depth analysis of what. Resume Genius' builder, resources, advice and career tips are regularly featured on some of the world's leading online and offline publications including: Our code geeks and HR experts are proud to introduce our new Free Resume Builder software to help you land more interviews in today's competitive job market.

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2 Page Persuasive Essays Essays and Research Papers. A. Write a persuasive essay on: People depend too much on computers. B. Audience: Your college professor C. Position: For or . against it? D. Composing your three page persuasive essay : 1. Introduction A. Hook B. Thesis 2 . Body (several paragraphs) A. Topic sentence B. Supporting Details C. Transitions 3. Examples! Conclusion (a paragraph) A. Restate your main point B. Leave the Card Idea - Slim, reader with something to Retirement Speech Examples, think about Nowadays people use computers in business, public services, education and. Computer , Docent , Lecturer 321 Words | 3 Pages. Venn! Argumentative (Persuasive) Essay Guidelines. Argumentative ( Persuasive ) Essay Guidelines Structuring a Argumentative ( Persuasive ) Essay A . persuasive essay is simply a writer’s attempt to convince readers of the validity of a particular opinion on a controversial issue. The following steps should help you write a persuasive essay . 1. Carefully select a topic Choose a topic that interests you. Speech! An argument does not have to be a burning issue, but it must be a debatable topic.

It can be anything you feel strongly about. 2 . Identify the controversy . Artery , Boxing , Brain 857 Words | 4 Pages. reduce the people ending up in prison. Works Cited Brady-Lunny, E Fallout from Controversial Program Crowds Prisons. The Pantagraph. (2011): Web. 12 Nov. . 2014 Lyon, Emory, Journal of the American Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology, Vol. 7, No. 2 Web.

12 Nov. Blank Lease! 014 Silverstein, K. Speech! US: America’s Private Gulag. Thank Teaching - 13+ Sample! CounterPunch. Examples! (2000): Web. 12 Nov. Blank |! 2014 Smolowe, J. And Throw Away the Key. Retirement Examples! Time. (1994): Web. 12 Nov. 2014 Yeagle, P. Illinois Prisons: Standing Room Only.

Illinois Times. (2010): Web.12. Crime , Mandatory sentencing , Prison 2644 Words | 9 Pages. Argumentative- Persuasive Essay Argumentative- Persuasive Essay Page 1 Kathleen Rice . Thank You Email Teaching - 13+ Free! ENC 1101-12 Argumentative- Persuasive Essay Argumentative- Persuasive Essay Page 2 List of possible topics: 1. Pros and Cons of Birth Control 2 . Pros and Cons of Adoption 3. Examples! Pros and Blank Lease Agreement | Con of Illegitimate children 4. Retirement Speech! Why Teenagers should wait to Agreement, have sex 5. Parents need to have sex talk with their teenagers Controversial Issues: . Family , Family law , Howard Staunton 1580 Words | 5 Pages. Examples! Persuasive Essay w/o Visual Prompt: For this assignment, you are required to write an argumentative/ persuasive . essay . Blank Lease |! Topic: Think about something that is wrong (as you see it) in America or another country (i.e. Examples! your native country). Whatever you choose to write about, you have to make sure that you offer solutions to the problem. This is not a definition essay where you will just define and explain your problem; you have to argue (persuasively) why the problem exists and how the problem.

Argument , Argument map , Counterargument 672 Words | 3 Pages. Pretty Excellent Resumes Designs! Typography and Political Persuasive Essay. Political Persuasive Essay Overview: The political persuasive essay is an opportunity for you . to take a stand on a political issue which concerns you. Speech Examples! You will research a controversial issue and defend your position on it using the evidence you have discovered. You Email After Teaching Free! Attach important research articles which contributed to your essay (1- 2 page selections). Topic Suggestions: |Abortion | |Pledge of Allegiance . Law , Political philosophy , Political science 554 Words | 3 Pages. Persuasive Essay Erica Crawley COMM215 August 10, 2014 University of Phoenix Running head: PERSUASIVE . ESSAY 1 PERSUASIVE ESSAY 2 Persuasive Essay Many people can benefit from joining the Retirement Speech Examples, Military service for a lot of different reasons. Some joined for the pay, to serve their country and some do it for the experience. There are many reason people join the United States Army. Some other reasons to join the Army could be job security, education benefits, health insurance benefits, life. Ernest McFarland , G.I.

Bill , Health insurance 779 Words | 3 Pages. C LIT 271 WQ 2013 Assignment # 2 :Sequence Analysis Length: 850-1,000 words (printed in Times New Roman, pt 12, double-spaced; state the Felt Gras Masks Template, word . Speech! count at the top of the paper). The task: Analyze the |, sequence assigned to your section (make sure you are writing about the correct sequence!). Make an argument about Retirement Speech, how formal elements, such as mise-en-scene, sound, and editing, to convey content: how the formal elements develop characters and the relationships between them, how they organize the plot, or. Fibonacci number , Logic , Rhetoric 1172 Words | 4 Pages.

Persuasive Essay Craig Harper Comm/215 Essentials of College Writing September 19, 2012 Richard Cammarota . Persuasive Essay Crime is on the rise throughout America and it is Triple Venn happening at Speech alarming rate. The offenders are getting younger and Blank Lease Agreement | younger and they seem to have no respect for other people property or values. Speech Examples! Violent crimes is on the rise and You Email Teaching the offenders getting younger and creating homelessness. This is just part of what I want to discuss in my essay . Retirement Speech! . Bloods , Crime , Criminology 772 Words | 3 Pages. Persuasive Essay - the Arts in the Education. THE ARTS IN EDUCATION Lehonti Ramos Index: ? ? ? Directions Essay Where the information for the essay came from 1 . Triple Diagram Template |! 2 2 Directions: Write a persuasive essay about the relative importance of the Retirement, arts in education. Triple Venn! (First read at Speech Examples least two of the following). ¦ The Arts are Nice, But. rts%20in%20the%20Basic%20Curriculum/perrin1.htm Music and Felt Gras For Kids Printable} | Mask the Mind Retirement Speech! Brain , Education , High school 831 Words | 3 Pages. read a persuasive essay and then write one of your own.

The essay you write will use persuasive . techniques and evidence to Cv Original - Cv 42 | Maxi | Pinteres…, argue for adopting a good habit. You will evaluate a peer’s work and Retirement get peer feedback on your own essay using the provided evaluation rubric. __________________________________________________________________________ ! Directions and Triple Analysis Task 1: Persuasive Writing Using Evidence Forming good study habits is a great way to improve your grades. Speech! Read this persuasive essay. Eating , Essay , Habit 1003 Words | 4 Pages. Blank Agreement! Persuasive Essay The idea of a doll who is supposed to teach my child and she what a cute young girl looks like, would you . think it would be dress to a parents idea of Speech Examples, cute? The Bratz Dolls are unbelievably dressed and Mardi Template constructed. There has recently been much controversy over these dolls in Retirement, my home town. It was a young Childs birthday party; she received a Bratz Doll as a present for her party.

The following is the story that was written on what happened after the mother opened the gift and. Barbie , Bratz , Bratz Babyz 860 Words | 3 Pages. Persuasive Essay The Return of the Rams: The Rams will make their long anticipated . return to Los Angeles Table of Contents Introduction Page : 1 Why St. Pretty Resume For! Louis? Why not expand? Page : 1, 2 Can Los Angeles Support a team Page : 3, 4 Farmers Field Page : 4, 5 Summary Page : 5 Introduction The NFL and AEG Financial Services have come to terms of an agreement to move the St. American football , California , Football 2331 Words | 7 Pages. ?Lorenzo Escude BBonincontri Ethical decision September / 22 / 2014 Persuasive essay The social network The social . networks like Facebook actually alienate people instead of bringing them together through the isolation of sitting alone on the computer. Examples! The film The social network, is a film that brings the story how does this person create the Facebook. It is a story of Venn Diagram Template, entrepreneurship and theft, and Speech Examples of friendship and betrayal.

More than anything else, it is a study of Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s. Dustin Moskovitz , Facebook , Mark Zuckerberg 904 Words | 4 Pages. Writing assignment seriesPersuasive or argumentative essaysIn persuasive or argumentative writing, we try to Cv Original - Cv 42 | Cv …, convince othersto agree with our . facts, share our values,accept our argument and conclusions,and adopt our way of Speech, thinking.Elements toward building a good persuasive essay include establishing factsto support an argument clarifying relevant valuesfor your audience (perspective) prioritizing, editing, and/or sequencingthe facts and values in Felt Mardi Gras Masks For Kids {free Printable}, importance to build the argument . Argument , Conclusion , Logic 691 Words | 3 Pages. ?ENC 1101 Formal Paper Assignment 2 : The Exemplification Essay (worth 125 points) All papers must be typed in 12-point Times . Retirement Speech! New Roman font using proper MLA format. In a reasonably coherent thesis-driven essay of between two-and-a-half to three typewritten, double-spaced pages , address one of the following prompts listed below: 1. Despite her many flaws, Jeanne Murray is able to affect Liz in many positive ways—from the girl’s determined resistance to drug use to her sense of being loved to. Point , Thesis or dissertation , Times Roman 815 Words | 5 Pages. Triple Diagram |! PERSUASIVE ESSAY COMM/215 ESSENTIALS OF COLLEGE WRITING JANUARY 20TH, 2013 The use of guns is everywhere nationwide. Retirement! . Many families and individuals own a gun for their own personal protection. Felt For Kids {free | Mask Template! Some families only feel comfortable owning a gun in their home to protect their families, than Sandy Hook happened and Retirement Speech the world started turning. All of the sudden guns became dangerous but what people don’t understand is Design Excellent Resumes 14 30 that before that tragedy happened many families and individuals still had ownership. Cannon , Firearm , Gun 812 Words | 3 Pages.

THE WRITING PROCESS – PERSUASIVE ESSAY Prompt: Do you think cell phones should be allowed in school? Compose an Retirement . essay to persuade the school community of your opinion. STEP 1: ANALYZE THE PROMPT Role: myself as a student Planning: Audience: students, teachers, parents Format: 5-paragraph persuasive essay Topic: cell phones in Venn, school STEP 2 : PLAN THE PAPER Topic: Three reasons why cell phones should be allowed in school: Reasons: 1- students stay connected with family and friends ________________________. Cellular network , Education , Laptop 927 Words | 8 Pages. Retirement Examples! ? Persuasive Essay Many movies, television shows, music songs, and video games are filled with violence: murder scenes, nonstop . Teaching Interview Free Sample! profanity, rape and torture scenarios. Retirement! By placing scenes like these in the movies for the children and teenagers to see, the media is Lease causing them to become more violent than it already is. What has our society come to these days?

Everywhere we look, violence is present; in the streets, back alleys, schools, and Retirement Speech even at Mardi Printable} | Mask home. Even if one might be a pacifist, violence will. Columbine High School massacre , Media violence research , Seung-Hui Cho 888 Words | 2 Pages. Retirement Examples! Gabby Nelson Mr. Telles English 2 ; Period 4 6 March 2013 Persuasive Essay Although many countries use nuclear . weapons, it is a struggle for them to Lease Agreement |, realize that it is very destructive and harmful to Retirement Speech, the people and land. One nuclear bomb can kill a many as an entire city, and Birthday can cause many long-lasting effects on Retirement peoples lives. The use of nuclear weapons is never justified, it is destructive to the country and can kill many innocent people. Many people say that nuclear weapons should be used. Atomic bombings of Venn Diagram, Hiroshima and Retirement Speech Nagasaki , Hiroshima , Little Boy 905 Words | 3 Pages. Carolyn Gaudioso 2 -13-12 Dr.

Vericker: English 211 Persuasive Essay School Budget Cuts Do More Harm Than Good . Birthday Card Templates Idea Image! Due to the financial crisis there have been many changes made to government programs to reduce costs and help with debt. Speech Examples! Many of these cuts are happening statewide, in America’s public schools. The first programs that are being cut are the Cv Original, art programs, and the excuse is that the core classes are more important. The argument is that children need to Retirement Speech Examples, be more focused on test scores. Art , Arts , Education 1386 Words | 4 Pages. ------------------------------------------------- How to Write a Persuasive (Argumentative) Essay Rating: 5.0 A . persuasive essay is Blank Lease | a form of academic writing that is built around a certain argument. Persuasive essays are thus also called argumentative essays . In this type of academic paper, the writer aims to persuade the reader to Retirement Examples, accept the writer’s point of view, using certain persuasive techniques to prove the point and convince the reader. Therefore, a successful persuasive essay requires following certain rules. Argument , Essay , Essays 2196 Words | 6 Pages. Persuasive Essay COMM/215 Legalize Marijuana This essay will be about the legal issues of marijuana.

The . California government chooses to have a vote in Triple Template, California and other states and it passed the vote, now the federal government is trying to shut down dispensaries in Retirement, the state. Triple! Even though California passed the vote in 1996 to allow the Retirement Speech, use of medical marijuana for medical use, the drug is still illegal under federal law. According to federal law, any amount found on a person is a misdemeanor. Cannabis , Domestic violence , Global Marijuana March 963 Words | 3 Pages. Idea - Slim! Persuasive Essay Ryan Murphy COMM/215 March 6, 2013 Gary Christiansen Persuasive Essay . Speech Examples! Sequester, what is it? How did we get here? Who is at Diagram Template | fault? These are the thing we will discuss. Recently a lot of people have been in an uproar over sequester and Speech the spending cuts that will automatically take place. What most people fail to understand is that this is not something that happened overnight it has loomed over us for months and Birthday Card Templates Idea our government has failed to take appropriate action to prevent.

Barack Obama , Democratic Party , George W. Bush 980 Words | 3 Pages. Persuasive Essay Raquel Daniel COMM/215 Essentials of Speech Examples, College Writing July 7, 2011 Cassundra Flemister-White . - Cv 42 | Cv …! Persuasive Essay Gangs Gangs are killing our upcoming generations. Gangs have always been around for many years and they are still growing. They are becoming more violent now because they are using more than just their body parts to beat up people. These gangs are killing and Speech Examples raping people. It used to be about colors and Thank After Interview Sample different language but now it is about something different. Bloods , Crime , Gang 921 Words | 3 Pages.

Persuasive Essay Maurice R. McKenzie Comm/215 August 23, 2012 Dr. Robert Hobson Introduction A universal healthcare . Retirement Examples! plan would lower the overall healthcare cost and make it affordable for more people. The Obamacare, addresses key issues that are beneficial to Birthday, the majority and not the rich minority population. The plan focus on affordable insurance for more people, coverage for children with pre-existing conditions, and requiring business with fifty or more employees to offer health insurance. Examples! Health , Health care , Health economics 794 Words | 3 Pages.

Persuasive essay to your Employer Maria Cummings-Pinole Comm. /105 May 22, 2010 Margaret Fletcher Persuasive . essay to your Employer Tuition reimbursement program is one thing that every company should consider to offer to Cv Original - Cv 42 | Maxi, their employees. The program will not only benefit employees but the company as well. Companies who offer this program are usually at an upper hand over a company that does not offer it. Retirement Speech Examples! Three advantages for a company that offer tuition reimbursement program are, more knowledge. Commerce , Company , Employment 960 Words | 3 Pages. 42 | Maxi Cv … | Pinteres…! Persuasive Essay Medelin Ocasio COMM/215 Essentials of Collage Writing January 29, 2013 Instructor Beverly Raznoff . Persuasive Essay In the future; university education would be free? A few days ago my daughter asked me why people pay for our college education if everyone can help the society.

Immediately flowed many questions in my mind and realized that her inquietude was true. Education is the key to success. Speech! At different stages of my life I have heard this phrase. Thank You Email Free! Academic degree , College , Education 827 Words | 5 Pages. what da hell let me sign up man I just want essays . Speech! Rainy day This year the summer season was unduly long and extremely hot. It was July, the . schools had reopened. The scorching sun and the extreme heat had made life unbearable. Going to the school, studying in Mardi Masks Printable} | Mask Template, the class or playing on the ground all seemed to be a punishment. Speech! One morning, clouds .Rain is a great blessing after the summer heat.

In India the scorching heat of the summer months of May and June causes great suffering to animal and plant-life. College , High school , Rain 1430 Words | 4 Pages. Persuasive Essay Laziness in America By Greg Hill Comp 2 America today is a very lazy place; people have . become too accustomed to their ways and will not even consider what it is Thank You Email After - 13+ Sample doing to them. Everyone constantly praises our wonderful technology; what they don’t realize is what our tech has done to Speech Examples, us. As we depend more and more on gadgets to do things for us we lose ourselves to apathy and our personal interests completely forgetting the common good. When it becomes so easy to satisfy our. Adipose tissue , Body mass index , Body shape 1046 Words | 3 Pages. In persuasive writing, a writer takes a position FOR or AGAINST an issue and writes to convince the reader to believe or do something. . Persuasive writing is often used in advertisements to - Cv Maxi, get the reader to buy a product. It is Speech Examples also used in essays and other types of Venn, writing to Retirement Examples, get the reader to accept a point of |, view.

In order to Retirement Speech, convince the reader you need more than opinion; you need facts or examples to back your opinion. So, be sure to do the Pretty Design Excellent 14 30 Resume Designs For, research! Persuasive writing follows a particular. 2005 albums , Doctor of Philosophy , Essay 1013 Words | 4 Pages. Persuasive Essay In 1983, Raymond Carver introduced his short story “Cathedral” to the public. Speech! The first-person narrative takes . place within the narrator’s home, where his wife is waiting upon the arrival of her blind friend Robert. 42 | Cv …! The narrator, however, becomes more concerned about how Robert’s visit will affect him rather than enjoy the situation. Once Robert arrives, the Retirement Examples, narrator tries to understand the blind man, but he is unaware of what tasks Robert is capable of performing due to Triple, the narrator’s.

Alcohol , Alcoholic beverage , Alcoholism 807 Words | 3 Pages. Chana Mushka Kalmanson Persuasive Essay November 26, 2012 Physical Education is a Necessity Schools are struggling with . the issue of Examples, whether physical education classes (“PE”) are a necessity or are an extra-curricular. However, PE is and must be an Cv Original - Cv Maxi absolute necessity. It is integral to the comprehensive school experience, both academically and socially. As such, it is vital that physical education classes be incorporated into the curriculum, regardless of grade. High school students. Speech! College , Exercise , Grammar school 868 Words | 3 Pages. Adam A Bentley English Comp. I Professor Singer January 31, 2012 Persuasive Essay , I’d Rather Smoke Than Kiss In times . Blank! like today, people have mixed views on smoking and on the effects it has on the human body. Most people who smoke, feel that non-smokers are against Speech Examples, them, and believe in the myths that are portrayed by Blank Agreement |, cigarette companies.

They do not realize how addictive cigarettes are, and end up stuck with the Speech, burden. I feel that her entire article is truly opinionated and biased about. Cigarette , Lung cancer , Nicotine 889 Words | 3 Pages. Evan Bennett November 4, 2010 Persuasive Essay Gay discrimination is a major problem that affects individuals all across the . country. The Defense of Marriage Act needs to be repealed. First, the Defense against Marriage Act will be explained and then why it needs to be repealed, then the effects the - Cv 42 | Cv … | Pinteres…, law has on society.

The federal government needs to give same sex couples the Retirement Speech Examples, same health benefits that heterosexual couples receive. Currently, the government offers employees benefits such as health. Bisexuality , Bullying , Discrimination 881 Words | 3 Pages. ?Iomy Estevez April 8, 2013 Persuasive essay Mandaory School Uniform Have you thought about how your family, your . home, music and even television have influenced you on the way you behave or even dress? While I was in middle school it was mandatory for all students to wear uniform and Felt Mardi Masks {free Printable} I loved it, i felt welcome into the school and Retirement Speech since every one had to wear the Cv Original - Cv Cv … | Pinteres…, same thing no one was bullied and i became a straight A student sice i would only focuse in school. Then high school came. Retirement Speech! Clothing , College , Dress code 802 Words | 3 Pages. Persuasive Essay Communications The housing . Triple! market or the Examples, housing bubble, which burst did affect everyone nationally and local has been hit by Birthday - Slim, the economy .My opinion I do not think that the housing market contributed to Retirement Speech Examples, what the economy is Birthday Card - Slim today. But he housing market did hit the peak for what houses were worth in the San Diego area.( And this was all caused by Speech Examples, the actions of lenders are directly attributable.

Debt , Fannie Mae , Mortgage 856 Words | 3 Pages. ? bcom/215 Persuasive Essay At least 11% of women smoke during pregnancy. Many of Thank Sample, these . women smoke without knowing the significant negative effects smoking has on Speech their babies before, during, and after the pregnancy. When a woman smokes during pregnancy, she exposes her baby to dangerous chemicals such as tar, carbon monoxide, nicotine, and other poisonous chemicals that travels through the bloodstream and goes directly to the baby. Nicotine restricts the oxygen. Acute respiratory distress syndrome , Breastfeeding , Childbirth 788 Words | 3 Pages. Thank Teaching! ? Sydia Smith December 17, 2013 ENGL 101 Persuasive Essay Assignment: For generations people . of color have been put into a system caste of Examples, injustice. Venn! From slavery, to the Jim Crow era, and now in today’s society. Today in the United States the incarceration rate has nearly tripled over the years. With the significant increase in the incarceration rates, it leads you to Speech Examples, wonder what the Idea - Slim, cause may be. The government has found a way to indirectly create another system.

African American , Drug addiction , Incarceration 1013 Words | 3 Pages. Final: Persuasive Essay “Home Sweet Home” COM/156 Why spend money that is really needed for other things? Why live . uncomfortably? Why be trapped in this hole called a home that belongs to another person? Why not live free and peacefully? When a person rents he or she usually throws away money that could be used to purchase something that belongs to them. Money is not easy to Retirement Speech Examples, come by Blank Lease Agreement, so why pay out hundreds toward something that is not benefit to the person paying it out. There is no good explanation. Apartment , English-language films , Landlord 1195 Words | 3 Pages. ? ENG 121.201 14 July 2014 Persuasive Essay : It's not just a game, to many athletes this statement rings . Retirement Speech Examples! true.

Sports fuel the drive and determination within people, and provide them an Agreement | essential learning tool from which they can grow. Competitive is defined as, of or relating to a situation in which people or groups are trying to win a contest or be more successful than other : relating to Retirement, or involving competition .( This concept of competitiveness is. Child , Game , Health 1173 Words | 3 Pages. ?Hannah Gillespie Mr. Shoupe Period 7 Persuasive Essay 6 October 2014 Don’t Protect Marriage, Expand It Everyone has rights. In . America, we have the Bill of Rights, telling the American people that they have the right to bear arms, freedom of speech, etc. A human, in any circumstance, has the right to love, and to get married.

Why is it that men and women are expected to get married, have a family, and grow old together, but the Excellent Resumes 14 30 Resume Designs, right to be in a relationship with someone of the same gender is unspeakable. Civil union , Heterosexism , Homophobia 990 Words | 4 Pages. Examples! 101 Persuasive Essay Topics By: Mr. Morton Whether you are a student in need of a persuasive essay . topic, or a teacher looking to assign a persuasive essay , this list of Triple Diagram Template |, 101 persuasive essay topics should be a great resource. I taxed my brain to create this huge list of persuasive essay topics relevant to today's society, but I believe I am happy with the results. Retirement Examples! I appreciate any and all comments or feedback. 1. 2 . 3. 4. - Cv 42 | Maxi | Pinteres…! 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Retirement Speech Examples! 11.

12. Lease |! 13. Retirement! 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. Card - Slim Image! 23. 24. College , Education , Fast food 1228 Words | 4 Pages. Retirement! English 1021 Diagnostic Essay Some people believe that writing an essay is extremely hard. They are wrong.

If you have the . Felt Mardi Masks For Kids Template! correct information, time, and a cup of coffee you should have no problem. There are many different types of essays , for Retirement Speech, example, an informative essay , a research paper, or a persuasive essay . Felt Mardi Gras Masks For Kids {free Printable} | Mask Template! Although they all have a different overall theme and purpose for being written, they all have the same outline for how exactly to write it. No matter what you always start off with an. Abstraction , Question , Quotation 946 Words | 3 Pages. Persuasive Essay : Many people would be happy and satisfied if they were in Retirement Examples, a relationship with money and fame. - Cv 42 |! Doesn't that seem . Retirement Speech Examples! like the perfect life? Everyone begins to think that in life that's all that matters, and Blank Lease that's all they need, nothing could be better. Society dictates our morals, feelings, the way we do things and try's to Speech, tell us certain things we do are wrong and we need to do them the way they feel necessary.

Our generations to come will have no clue what the meaning of a true. Celebrity , Civil disobedience , Concord, Massachusetts 2066 Words | 5 Pages. Does the freedom to own a firearm make you seem more secure? Or does the thought of your neighbors owning firearms make you feel less safe? Gun control is a . Felt Masks For Kids! subject that has passionate supporters and detractors alike.

In the following essay , I will give you some facts that support the Pro Second Amendment argument; in hopes to gain your support in efforts to prevent the government from infringing on Speech Examples our constitutional rights. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free. Crime , Criminology , Firearm 825 Words | 3 Pages. ? Essay 2 1 Casual Analysis Argument About The Media Jeremiah Barwick ENGL 101 Prof. Hartless June 16, . 2014 Essay 2 2 Abstract Joe Camel exemplifies my position that advertising cartoons in adult ads have a negative effect on After Teaching - 13+ Free Sample American youth. Examples! The tobacco industry markets to children. Agreement |! The American Medical Association, Federal Trade Commission, and President Clinton agree. Keywords: Camel, Joe Camel, tobacco, desensitizing Essay 2 3 Causal Analysis.

Advertising , American Medical Association , Chewing tobacco 1019 Words | 7 Pages. it reinforces the student that home and school are connected. Examples! Lack of involvement is the You Email After Teaching Interview - 13+ Free Sample, biggest problem facing public schools today. One of the main issues . officials have is how to Speech, get parents involved. Know that parents and teachers are on one page , you all need to Agreement |, work together for sake of our country. What you do today is for Speech Examples, the future. You need to make sure we put the After Teaching Interview Free, student’s education first. Works Cited Parental Involvement. (2004, August). Retrieved from Education Weekly: http://www.

College , Education , Extracurricular activity 1187 Words | 3 Pages. Testing, Testing; 1, 2 , 3 “If you want to test cosmetics and drugs, why do it on some poor animal who hasn't done anything? They should . Retirement Examples! use prisoners who have been convicted of Thank You Email Sample, murder or rape instead. So, rather than seeing if perfume irritates a bunny rabbit's eyes, they should throw it in Charles Manson's eyes and ask him if it hurts.” ? Ellen DeGeneres, My Point. And I Do Have One. Speech Examples! None have ever thought about when he or she buy a cosmetic product that they are contributing to the agonizing.

Animal rights , Animal testing , Mammal 889 Words | 3 Pages. ?Nicole Breidenbach Dr. Johnson English 1102 2 February 2015 The Benefits of College One’s senior year of high school is full of questions . Excellent Resumes 14 30 Excellent! that no body wants to face. Some of these questions might include: what am I going to Retirement, do with the rest of my life? Am I going to end up flipping burgers for - Cv 42 |, a McDonalds or will I go on to college just to come out with a bunch of debt? Furthering ones education can be thought of Retirement Examples, a waste of time, money, and effort for the little outcome it has.

However, the. Academic degree , Debt , Educational attainment in the United States 1161 Words | 5 Pages. Lease! produced by and for the church using the process of Retirement, wood engraving. This required the craftsman to Printable}, cut away the background, leaving the area to Retirement Speech Examples, be printed . raised. This process applied to both text and illustrations was extremely time consuming. When a page was complete, often by joining several blocks together, it would be inked and a sheet of paper was then pressed over Gras Masks Printable}, it far an imprint. The susceptibility of Retirement Speech Examples, wood to the elements gave such blocks a limited lifespan.

When Johannes Gutenberg began. Book , Gutenberg Bible , Ink 1323 Words | 4 Pages. ? Essay 3, Rough Draft March 26, 2012 Should voters be required to show a photo ID in Birthday Card Image, order to vote? The laws that require voters to show . identifications have been around since 1970, but they are becoming stricter in today’s polls. In the past, all that was required was a voter registration card, but now the new laws are requiring voters to Examples, show picture IDs. Just recently there have been many states that have been including the Lease, voter ID law in their voting system, including eight states: Alabama. Democracy , Election , Elections 816 Words | 3 Pages.

Automatic Sequestration ( page numbers and running header) You need to format your paper APA stylep; see the sample paper “Give me your . tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to Speech Examples, breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore, send the homeless tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door.” Reference? America has long been the land of freedom and hope to Thank After Teaching Interview Free Sample, the world, and the American military is what has kept her that way. People have forgotten how important and valuable. Army , Military , Military budget of the United States 1375 Words | 4 Pages. ________________________________________________________________________ Linguistics 1 Introduction to Study of Language Professor Russell Schuh . ESSAY QUESTIONS: LESSON 2 – SYNTAX Your name: Your section: ________________________________________________________________________ Instructions: Essay answers should be no more than 150 words. Speech! Please respond to all of the Design 14 30 Resume, following prompts: ESSAY QUESTION 1: The joke in the cartoon below uses syntactic ambiguity. Speech Examples! Draw two phrase structure diagrams for the sentence.

Essay , Grammar , Linguistics 462 Words | 3 Pages. SEALed in Mardi Gras Masks For Kids Printable}, Secrecy? XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX COMM/215 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Instructor: XXXXXXXXXX . Retirement! Abstract On the evening of May 2 , 2011 President Obama and a group of his military and political advisors sat around a war-room table in the White House, shrouded in total secrecy and awaiting the most important radio transmission of the entire War on Terror. The tension in the room was surely palpable. The room of the most powerful men and women. Special Activities Division , Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen , United States Naval Special Warfare Command 1352 Words | 4 Pages. aswell? Works Cited Bowen, William G. Walk Deliberately, Dont Run Toward Online Education. Triple Venn Diagram |! The Chronicle. Retirement Speech Examples! N.p., 25 Mar.

2013. Card Templates! Web. 12 Apr. 2013. . lt;http://chronicle.comgt;. Edmundson, Mark. The Trouble with Online Education. The Opinion Pages . New York Times, 19 July 2012. Web. 12 Apr.

2013. lt;http://www.nytimes.comgt;. Greene, Gertrude Elizabeth. Arguments Against Online Schooling. Essortment. N.p., 2011. Web. 12 Apr. 2013. Retirement Speech Examples! lt;http://www.essortment.comgt;. Kamenetz, Anya. Online. E-assessment , E-learning , Formative assessment 730 Words | 3 Pages.

Final Persuasive Paper Imagine a country where a woman is depicted as only being used for Card, sex and a as slave for their husband. Imagine a . country in which women are denied an education. Imagine a country where women are sent to jail, beaten, and left to Retirement Examples, die a long painful death for disobeying an Triple Diagram order. There happens to be a country in Examples, which all this is Cv Original Maxi true. Women are being persecuted physically, psychologically, and sexually on a routine and daily basis. The government in Afghanistan is likely.

Afghanistan , Hamid Karzai , Human rights 2232 Words | 6 Pages. canned hunting preserve. According to the Hunter Education Association, there are more than dozens and hundreds of deaths caused by hunting in the United . States each year. Yet alone those number of deaths are deaths of Speech, humans (“Why hunting is Unnecessary 2 ”par. 16). This is an ongoing problem that we have to - Cv Maxi, stop. Hunters seem to be unfamiliar with their firearms and do not have a sufficient amount of respect for Retirement, the damage that they can do. Deer hunting can also be ineffective in more than one way.

Canned hunt , Deer , Deer hunting 848 Words | 3 Pages. Resumes Excellent Resume For! practice clean service and keep the park looking perfect are there for Speech, the guests when they come to enjoy their Disney vacation. The trained cast members . make Disneyland an Triple amazing clean experience for Retirement Speech, everyone. References Martin, H. (2010, May 2 ). After dark, the dirty work at Disneyland begins. Diagram |! Los Angeles Times, p. 1. Niles, R. Examples! (2003). Theme Park Insider. Retrieved from

Cleanliness , Disney Channel , Disney Vacation Club 910 Words | 3 Pages. Maxi! I’ve super sized this paragraph to mimic what McDonalds has been doing to the world’s waistbands for the past 60 odd years. There is one story that I . would like to mention if only for the sole purpose of showing a little objectivity in this essay . Speech Examples! Somewhere out in this world there lives a “super man” that has eaten more than 12,000 Big Mac hamburgers in Venn |, his life. Ok, so this man is actually a salesman and former Vietnam army medic that lives in Salt Lake City, Utah and his name is Dennis. Big Mac , Big Mac Index , French fries 1520 Words | 4 Pages.

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History Department – Essay Writing Guide. This guide is intended to Retirement Examples provide you with information about the skills of essay writing, including how and Thank After Interview - 13+ Sample, when to use footnotes or endnotes, presentation requirements and how to reference different kinds of sources (books, articles or web pages, for instance) and with more general advice about planning, introducing and developing your essays as coherent and effective arguments. The most important point to remember in working through this guide is that writing good essays and communicating your ideas effectively are skills you can learn, develop and build. One of the most important skills developed in an Arts degree is the ability to communicate your ideas in Examples writing clearly and Excellent Resumes Resume Designs For, effectively. This involves numerous other skills, including the ability to summarise and paraphrase the work of other writers, the development of arguments and conclusions, and the effective use of evidence to support a case.

Essay writing in History is particularly aimed at helping you progressively develop your skills in research, analysing different forms of source material, using different kinds of Retirement evidence, and writing strong, critical and clear arguments. In most History subjects, you will be asked to produce different kinds of writing. Short tutorial and document exercises usually address specific skills or tasks (locating sources, analysing a documents point of view, or assessing how particular images or words help us understand historical context, for instance), while examinations assess your knowledge of the content covered in particular subjects. Essays provide you with an Design Excellent Excellent Designs, opportunity to explore a particular issue or theme in more depth. In general, the functions of an essay are: to introduce an Retirement Speech Examples, argument, or contention, based upon the question or problem you choose to tackle; to develop and defend that argument or contention by discussing and Cv Original - Cv 42 | Cv …, analysing a range of appropriate evidence, and by critically assessing the Retirement Speech Examples, interpretations of other historians; and to propose conclusions. The best essays have a clear line of argument, and Venn Template, they present a thesis. In other words, they state a position, defend that position, and Speech Examples, arrive at strong, clear conclusions. They have a well-defined introduction which identifies the central problem or issue and Blank, introduces the argument, a body which logically develops the argument point-by-point, and a conclusion which sums up the Examples, argument.

There are no simple instructions for Cv Original - Cv 42 | Maxi | Pinteres… good essay writing. As you progress through your university course, you should be developing skills in research, analysis and communication which will not only allow you to write good essays, but to effectively communicate your ideas in other situations as well. The tutors assessment of your essays provides you with feedback on your progress in these different skills. The desired outcomes of Speech essays in third-year subjects include formulating research projects and acquiring independent research skills; presenting a sustained argument, based mainly on substantial primary sources; placing secondary sources in their cultural, ideological and epistemological context by showing where they fit into Thank You Email After Teaching Interview, the current state of historical knowledge; and greater awareness of the ongoing debates about the Examples, philosophy and practice of Templates Idea - Slim Image history. The desired outcomes of essays in second-year subjects include developing skills in Speech Examples the use of Felt Mardi Gras {free Printable} Template bibliographies and other reference material, critical reading, putting more independent thought and reflection into essays; greater understanding of documentary criticism and interpretation, and the critical analysis of secondary interpretations by Speech Examples, other historians. The desired outcomes of essays in Lease first-year subjects include: helping you learn to argue your own position against Retirement Speech other points of view; development of the Sample, conventions of good historical essay writing, such as rigorous documentation and footnoting; awareness of the variety of representations of the past; familiarity with the different ways historians use evidence; and the ability to recognise, analyse and summarise an historical argument.

Do not assume that you should target your arguments for particular lecturers or tutors. For a start, your predictions may be inaccurate. Moreover, arguing what you think you ought to argue is a lot more complicated and a lot less interesting than arguing what you come to believe as you gather information, review different interpretations, and form your own perspectives on an issue or problem. Any teacher can tell you that some of the best essays they read develop arguments they don’t agree with at all, or arguments which challenge their own interpretations. Writing is easier if you imagine an audience: a person you want to convince of something, a person who wants to know about your ideas and perspectives. Your task, however, is not to tell your audience what they think, but to Speech Examples tell your audience what you think, and Felt Mardi Printable} Template, give them reasons and Retirement Speech, evidence which show why your conclusions are significant, interesting and Thank Teaching Sample, convincing. 3. Choosing and comprehending the question or topic.

Choose a topic or question you find interesting and Retirement Speech Examples, challenging: it is easier and much more enjoyable to develop and defend a strong argument on Cv Original Maxi something which interests and intrigues you than on something you find boring or simple. Writing is Speech Examples not the outcome or the Pretty Resumes Excellent Designs For, finished product of learning: it is a vital part of learning. It is a way of Examples sorting out and clarifying your interpretations, trying out your ideas, and discovering new ways of thinking about an - Cv, issue. Think about the question or topic in these ways: what is the problem it suggests? what is the ‘angle’, the issue, which makes it interesting? what is my first reaction to the question: yes, no, maybe? do I agree or disagree with the contention or interpretation the topic suggests? what ideas and issues can I explore by Retirement Speech Examples, answering this question? is Resumes 14 30 Resume Designs For there a simple answer, or might it be more complex than it looks? what kinds of information is the question asking me to use? what themes can I explore? It is also important to look at Retirement Examples, the question and ask yourself: do I understand what the question or topic is asking me to do? Have I interpreted the question correctly? If you are not sure, or if you want to check that the approach you are taking does address the question, talk to your tutor.

Essay topics are designed to draw on the subject content developed in lectures and You Email Interview Free, tutorials, and on Retirement Speech Examples reading you have completed. Reading the works of other historians, such as those suggested in reading lists, will help you see how others have approached that problem or issue. Historians often disagree on the importance or the meaning of events of evidence, or use different kinds of evidence to challenge and amend prior interpretations. They will take different approaches to Cv Original - Cv Cv … the same question, and suggest different ways of examining an issue, be it gender relations in medieval Europe or the reasons for the collapse of the Soviet Union or the impact of Examples colonial rule in India. What you will see, however, is that all of these writers state a position. They address a problem. They answer a real or implied question. You should trace their strategies for developing arguments and drawing conclusions. As you do your introductory reading, review your lecture notes, and read more widely, think about your point of view, your own position in relation to other writers, and your own response to a problem.

Examine and evaluate the evidence: what conclusions can you draw? Which interpretations do you think best fit the Blank Lease Agreement |, available evidence? Your interpretations and conclusions do not have to be new to be original, challenging, and convincing. You should argue the Speech, case which you think emerges most clearly from the evidence and from your critical review of other historians work. You’ve read the books and articles recommended in the handbook or by your tutor. Triple! You’ve come up with some ideas about how you might approach the question, and you’ve got a pretty good idea about how other historians have interpreted the issues and addressed the topic. You’ve collected some evidence from a range of different sources and you’ve tried mapping out some preliminary ideas and arguments on Retirement Examples paper.

You’ve looked again at the major themes of the subject and thought about how you might address them in this essay. In order to Thank Teaching Interview Sample plan your essay, you now need to come up with an argument, a point of view which will guide your writing towards a conclusion. Would you agree with the argument that respect for the natural environment is a recent discovery for residents of Mars? Having read a variety of Speech sources, you should be able to state your thesis (your answer) in a sentence or two. Yes, because prior to the environmental movements of the 1960s, the majority of Martians were more interested in exploiting than respecting the natural environment. No, because Martians have persistently respected their version of the natural environment, because natural environments are always viewed in a romanticised and idealised form.

No, it is difficult to Maxi | Pinteres… draw a simple, general conclusion on this issue, as the evidence suggests that different groups of Martians have interpreted and viewed the environment very differently over time, and no clear trend is visible even now. When you begin planning your essay, you should always be able to state your thesis in a fairly straightforward way, based on your initial reading and research for the topic. This sentence or two states your case. Broadly, your essay is the exposition and defence of that case: it shows the reader how, and Speech Examples, why, you have arrived at those conclusions. To write a good essay, you must first decide what your central argument is going to be, and then plan your essay to develop that argument.

Of course, as you write your first draft, you may find that the argument changes and develops in a direction you did not anticipate. Few writers are completely sure of Blank Lease | their final conclusions before they begin drafting: the task of writing down and defending the Speech, argument often reveals unanticipated problems, or challenges and changes your first thoughts, or leads you toward one interpretation more than another. Often, too, you might need to go back to your sources, read through some of your notes, or do some further reading to clarify and - Slim, expand an Speech Examples, emerging point. However, the | Pinteres…, basic thrust and content of your argument or thesis should be clear enough to allow you to plan the stages of your argument before you begin drafting. Retirement Examples! Perhaps the single best way of ensuring a successful essay is having a good plan . The plan should lay out your argument, for instance in point form, and you can also use it to indicate where you will use certain items of evidence and supporting arguments. introduction: state the case for no: Martians have persistently respected their version of the natural environment, because natural environments are always viewed in a romanticised and idealised form explain the thrust of the argument : dispute recent discovery, my essay focuses on previous century to show that respect for environment is always based on historically variable assumptions and preconceptions about Pretty Excellent Resume Designs beauty, usefulness and worth of Retirement Speech Examples nature explain idealisation/romanticisation of the natural environment (summarise Smith’s theory of idealisation, discuss paintings, use examples from Connor and Venn, Jones) list and give examples of different idealisations of Retirement Examples natural environment in the nineteenth century and 42 | | Pinteres…, show different assumptions about beauty and usefulness behind each one (use examples from Green and Brown) show how these different ideals were sometimes contradictory or came into conflict (use example of forestry in Mars Forest) case study: the Martian garden legend (discuss the garden stories); argue that an environment under exploitation also increasingly romanticised (review the different interpretations of Green and Red, show why I think Green fits better with the evidence) summarise above points about previous century; what is respected in the recent past: argue that this is another idealisation (evidence: Martian tourist brochures); conclusion: restate the case , and argue that understanding respect for natural environment always means analysing the idealisation of natural environments. In the short essays common in first year, your plan is likely to be less complex, and may only have four or five main points. Retirement Examples! As you progress into second and third year, you are expected to develop more sophisticated arguments, which makes good planning even more important. 6a.

Introducing and developing the argument. In your introduction , you should state your case and, as in the example above, set out the basic structure of your argument . You might also briefly summarise two or three of your main points. If you have decided to adopt a particular focus (for instance, using case studies from a particular time or place, or narrowing the topic to concentrate on a particular theme), you should explain this in the introduction as well. Developing the argument : The example above shows how an argument is then developed towards its conclusion. Basically, each stage of your argument should be developed and defended in Thank Teaching Interview Sample turn, by showing your interpretation of the appropriate evidence, by critically reviewing the Speech, work of other historians, and by using example, case study and Blank Agreement, explanation. A good way of thinking about Retirement Examples this is to Felt Gras {free Template imagine that you are building your argument in blocks . Each paragraph is a block which builds your argument towards a conclusion. Retirement Examples! Each block is introduced and Felt Mardi Gras Masks For Kids {free Printable} | Mask Template, described, and then its place in Examples the whole structure is shown. Block 1: stage of the argument. On Mars in the 1850s, the Triple Venn Diagram Template, beauty of nature was usually associated with wild, untouched landscapes.

Painters rarely drew human figures. If there were humans, nature towered over them, as in Rembrandt’s Martian Mountains. In her book Environmental Perception on Mars, Joan Brown argues that painters in the 1850s focused on how nature was being conquered. However, Ash clearly shows that mid-nineteenth-century Martians usually depicted an idealised nature which was to Speech be protected from the threats posed by After Teaching Sample, civilisation. Block 2: next stage of the argument. The most crucial changes occurred after the Martian titanium rushes of the 1870s showed the potentially lucrative returns of mineral exploration and exploitation. Certainly, by the 1880s, most representations of the natural environment showed nature being tamed and Retirement Examples, civilised. Blank Lease Agreement! Even mining sites appeared in nature paintings, and the work of Joseph Smith is a good example of how even the most intensive forms of exploitation were represented as beneficial intrusion for the landscape. Block 3: brief summary, and Speech, introducing the next stage of the argument. By the 1880s, therefore, the Thank After Teaching Sample, idealised untouched nature of the 1850s had been invaded by humans, and an ideal natural landscape was now represented as one which was productive and bountiful. Retirement! Humans did not threaten nature; they unleashed its potential.

It was important for Gras Masks For Kids {free Martians, Smith argued in 1883, to feel relaxed and comfortable about the past and future of the Martian environment. Speech! Yet representations of an ideal environment as one conquered and populated by humans never completely replaced the older tradition of mourning the degradation of another form of Thank You Email After Teaching Interview Free ideal environment, the Martian garden. This alternative version became popular again in the 1890s. The body of your essay, therefore, uses evidence, examples and explanation to develop your case point by Speech, point. Each paragraph has a point to Thank You Email make, and occasional summary sentences guide the reader through the argument. 6b. Using different kinds of evidence. In developing your case, you will need to make decisions about the Retirement Speech, kinds of sources you will refer to, and the best ways to use them. Sources can generally be defined into two broad types: primary or documentary sources (usually written at the time by an eyewitness, direct participant or close observer) secondary or scholarly sources (usually interpretations and explanations written after the fact by someone analysing the primary or documentary sources) For example, a book containing the collected speeches of Designs Charles de Gaulle is a primary source; an analysis of them by a political scientist or historian is a secondary source. An article in the Age of 30 June 1900 about the bubonic plague epidemic which affected Sydney during that year is a primary source; an Speech Examples, article in the Age on 30 June 1990 discussing the impact of the After Interview - 13+ Sample, epidemic on Retirement public health policy in Australia is a secondary source.

Broadly, the primary or documentary sources are the raw material used by historians , the Thank You Email After - 13+ Free Sample, subject of your argument, while the secondary or scholarly sources provide examples of how others have analysed and interpreted the Retirement, problem or issue at Thank - 13+, hand. The distinction is Speech not hard and fast, and there will always be exceptions. Thank You Email Teaching - 13+! For instance, if you are writing an essay about Retirement historians’ representations of race in Britain, the secondary sources of the historians are in fact your primary documentary source. In most essays, you will be expected to critically analyse the interpretations of other historians in this way. In any event, these different types of sources should both be read critically: analysed for their point of view, for the assumptions, ideas and understandings which inform them, and for Gras Masks For Kids {free the strategies writers use to advance their arguments. Don’t take anything on Speech Examples trust: be a critical reader of After - 13+ Sample all kinds of sources and texts , and use your critical analysis of both primary and Retirement Speech, secondary sources in Felt Mardi Gras Masks For Kids {free Printable} | Mask your essay. You also need to make decisions about how to use evidence: in the form of Speech quotation, or in You Email After Interview - 13+ Free Sample the form of Retirement Speech summarising. It is best to use quotation strategically and sparingly : quote phrases or passages which best illustrate the point you are trying to make, or which really help you give your reader the Gras Masks For Kids {free | Mask, flavour of the evidence you are using. If you use a quotation, make sure it fits with the Retirement, stage of the argument you are advancing.

Refer to the language, analyse the assumptions or strategies it reveals. In other words, use quotation when the actual words are the single best way of providing the evidence and developing your case. Image! If the quotation is less than about thirty words, combine it with your text, as in this example where I am quoting the Speech, following phrase which is not very long. “You must always use quotation marks to indicate the separation between your words and the words of Design Excellent 14 30 Resume Designs someone else.” If it is longer than this, you should separate it from the text, and indent it: This is an example of a much longer quote. It contains a few sentences, and needs to be distinguished from the Speech Examples, body of the essay. When you are indenting a quote like this, note that you do not have to Template use quotation marks; as it is already separated, there is no need to indicate that by the use of such symbols. In general, use very little quotation from secondary or scholarly sources. It is better to say what you mean in your own words, quoting another historian or interpreter only where the phrase is particularly wonderful or where you need to show precisely how that writer made their point in order to criticise, defend or develop it.

In all other cases, it is best to summarise. Write reflective summaries of what others have written, relating those interpretations to your argument. Retirement Speech Examples! You might find that the example paragraphs on the previous page gives you a more concrete idea of how a writer can use a mix of summary and direct quotation from different kinds of sources to develop their argument. In your conclusion, you should restate your case strongly and clearly by summarising your main points. It is Birthday Templates Idea - Slim Image also possible to raise issues and Retirement Speech Examples, problems in - 13+ Sample your conclusion, especially broader questions which are beyond the Retirement Speech Examples, scope of your essay. You might reflect on what your interpretation implies for Cv Original 42 | Cv … | Pinteres… contemporary debates or discussions, write briefly about the Retirement Examples, broader implications of your position, or consider what your interpretations tells us about the role and nature of history itself. Use your conclusion to argue for the significance of Resumes 14 30 Designs For your argument and Retirement Speech Examples, your interpretation. Be careful, though: a poorly developed argument followed by sweeping speculations on the nature of the Gras For Kids {free Printable} | Mask Template, universe or the human condition is unlikely to be either effective or convincing. Again, as you develop your skills in Retirement Examples formulating, developing and defending arguments, you will also develop your ability to write more reflectively and to use essays to open up these kinds of complex questions. 7. Writing clearly and effectively.

The best single rule is to always use clear expression: write simply and with clarity and avoid complex sentence constructions . Pretty Excellent Resumes Excellent! Use definite, specific and concrete language. Don’t use unnecessary words, and make sure you understand the Examples, words you are using. You Email After Teaching Interview - 13+ Sample! Writing problems often occur when people try to Speech use very complex language and syntax. A better idea is to establish a simple and Birthday Card Idea - Slim, clear style first, and then gradually develop more complex sentence forms and means of expression. As you develop your writing skills, vary your sentence structures and lengths to add variety. Speech! Short sentences often add emphasis to a particularly important point. Design 14 30 Designs! Spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors detract from an argument, whatever its quality: careful editing of your draft is very important. It is also important to Speech use accurate language, which is You Email Interview Free one good reason for using non-discriminatory language.

For instance, the statement that men adapted themselves to these new conditions should lead any critical reader to ask what women were doing at that time. It is a reasonable and accepted convention that all forms of public communication, including journalism, business language and Retirement Examples, academic writing, should use non-discriminatory language. There are at least five effective ways of improving your writing. Cv Original - Cv Maxi | Pinteres…! Always read your own work. what is my main idea, my contention, my argument? am I getting it across to the reader? Take responsibility for critically assessing your own writing . Look at Retirement Speech Examples, the comments made on your previous essays, and work out whether this one repeats the strengths and overcomes the weaknesses of Gras Masks For Kids {free your previous work.

If you need to, speak to the person who assessed your work, and ask them for more guidance. Reading other writers. As you read, evaluate the Retirement Examples, styles of different writers. What makes them more or less effective? What is most important to you as a reader, and what makes good writers better to Birthday Templates - Slim Image read? Practice. Like any other set of skills, writing improves with practice and with constructive assessment, by Retirement Speech, yourself and by others. Read your own work out loud . Triple Diagram |! You do not need to Retirement Examples comprehend the rules of grammar or the Blank Lease Agreement, intricacies of Speech syntax to know when something sounds clumsy, or when a sentence needs punctuation, or when a long paragraph has completely lost its drift. Reading your draft out loud is also a good way to add variety and oomph to your language.

If its boring you to tears, or if you have no idea what it means, it might be time for redrafting. Let other people read what you write . It is particularly good to give your essay to someone who is Maxi Cv … not an expert in Examples the area you are writing about. If it doesn’t make sense to them, your argument might need clarification. If they struggle to read it, you might need to edit more carefully. University teachers will not usually be able to You Email After Free Sample read drafts of students work, but there are plenty of other people who can give you feedback. Retirement! Swap essays with fellow students. Get the people you live with to Cv Original - Cv 42 | Cv … | Pinteres… read them. Examples! Distribute them on buses. 8. |! Referencing Instructions for Essays. Decisions about when to cite sources can be difficult. Retirement Speech! Effective referencing is another writing skill your university work aims to develop.

The reader should, in theory, be able to retrace your steps in gathering evidence for your argument. In other words, you provide citations as a kind of road map that shows readers how you came to these conclusions, shows readers where you derived your information and, if relevant, shows readers where you derived the ideas or interpretations that you are paraphrasing, adopting or challenging. Therefore, you need to provide citations in the following instances: where you directly quote someone else’s words; where you are directly summarising someone else’s argument and ideas; where you are summarising arguments and ideas derived from a number of sources; to point your readers to Triple Diagram | the source of information; to Retirement Speech Examples translate words or phrase in a foreign language that a reader cannot reasonably be presumed to understand. In general, you need to provide sources for statements that are problematic or debatable in the context of your argument, or that a reasonably well-informed person would not be expected to know. Again, the Lease Agreement, ability to Speech successfully make these judgements is a skill you will develop with practice and experience. If you offer a translation of a word or phrase in a foreign language, the basis of Diagram Template | your decision should be whether a reader could reasonably be presumed to know the meaning of the Retirement Examples, phrase or word already. There is Cv Original - Cv 42 | Maxi no need to Examples translate coup d’etat or Sultan or Blitzkrieg, for instance.

The use of citation to Pretty Excellent Resumes 14 30 Designs For refer readers to the work of other writers is occasionally useful, but for Retirement Examples the most part, your citations refer only to - Cv 42 | Maxi books, articles and other material you have used directly. Only cite information that you have actually looked at yourself, or: always SIGHT what you CITE . It is fine to use a second-hand reference (like a quotation or a summary in a book from a source to which you do not have access), but you should indicate that in your citation. An example of how to do this is Retirement Examples provided in the next section. Felt Mardi Gras For Kids Printable} | Mask! You can also use citations to Retirement Speech Examples clarify specific points, or add a small amount of additional information or supporting evidence. You should not use footnotes or endnotes as a sort of second argument, nor to provide paragraph after paragraph of new information. If it is Cv Original - Cv Maxi Cv … | Pinteres… not important enough to put into the body of the essay, then leave it out.

8b. Numbering and placement of footnote and endnote numbers. When providing footnotes or endnotes, number notes consecutively throughout the text. Put these numbers at the end of sentences, if at all possible, and Retirement, distinguish them from the text either by superscripting (raising above the line) or placing them in brackets. If you use material from two different sources in the same sentence, it is often possible to combine the two citations in one footnote, using a semi-colon to separate them. Usually, you will refer to information or material at particular places in Felt Mardi Masks For Kids | Mask a larger work so you will need to show the page (p.) or pages (pp.) on which the material is located. This text produces the Retirement Speech Examples, following footnotes: On Mars in the 1850s, the ‘beauty’ of nature was usually associated with wild, untouched landscapes. Painters rarely drew human figures.

If there were humans, nature towered over them, as in Rembrandt’s ‘Martian Mountains’. Mardi For Kids Template! 1 In her book Environmental Perception on Mars , Joan Brown argues that “painters in the 1850s focused on how nature was being conquered”. 2 However, Ash clearly shows that mid-nineteenth-century Martians respected an Retirement, idealised nature which was to be kept separate from civilisation. Mardi Gras Masks For Kids! 3. 1 K. Float (ed.), The Magical World of Ken Rembrandt , New York, 1965, p. 68. 2 Joan Brown, Environmental Perception on Mars , Sydney, 1995, p. 13. 3 Ann Ash, Joan Brown is Wrong , Sydney, 1996, pp.

1-23. 8c. Citing different kinds of sources. The following rules should help you through most situations. The absolute rule is to be consistent. Inconsistency drives readers crazy, and Retirement Speech, is not a good tactic when you are attempting to convince those readers of the accuracy of Gras Masks For Kids Printable} | Mask your interpretations and arguments. There are also specific rules for the citation of classical texts like the Bible, the Koran and so on. If you are studying subjects in which these texts are used, your tutor will provide you with the information you need to cite correctly. Please note: Some areas of history, especially those published by European and English publishing houses (and now more often Australian publishers), follow the conventions set out in the MHRA (Modern Humanities Research Association’s) Style Guide (available electronically at, see section 10.2.2). The guide differs to Retirement Examples the above in Lease | that it adds the publisher to the publication details, and is formatted differently.

For example: Peter Burke, The European Renaissance: Centres and Peripheries (Oxford: Blackwell, 1998), pp. 54-56. It is now common practice to use full stops only Retirement Speech Examples where the abbreviation of the word does not contain the last letter of the word. So, editor becomes ed., but editors becomes eds. Doctor is Dr, but Professor is Prof..

Also, where an abbreviated title is used very commonly, you do not need to put in Thank You Email After Teaching Free full stops: for Retirement Speech instance, ALP, ACTU or UNESCO . Primary or documentary material cited by another author. If you need to refer to Cv Original Maxi Cv … | Pinteres… a quote or to a piece of evidence which you accessed in a secondary or scholarly source rather than the original source, use these examples as a guide: R. G. Retirement Examples! Menzies, speech in the House of After Interview Free Representatives, 23 March 1943, cited in Judith Brett, Robert Menzies Forgotten People, Melbourne 1992, p. 47. Retirement Speech Examples! Letter from Lewis Mumford to Frederic Osborn, 2 April 1937, cited in Pretty Design Excellent Resumes 14 30 Excellent Resume Alison Ravetz, Remaking the Urban Environment, London 1980, pp. 148-9. The general rule is that if the original source is available, you should go to Retirement Examples and use that original source, rather than borrowing your evidence from another writer.

Author of Felt Mardi Gras For Kids {free | Mask document (first name, last name), name of document (use italic or underline), in editor (ed.) or editors (eds), title of collection (use italics or underline), place and date of publication, page or pages. John of Speech Salisbury, Policraticus , trans. J. Dickinson, in J.B. Triple Diagram! Ross and M.M. McLaughlin (eds), The Portable Medieval Reader , Harmondsworth, 1977, pp. Retirement Speech! 251-2. (Note: ‘trans.’ is the abbreviation for ‘translated by’.) If your area of history follows the MHRA Style Guide , this item in your bibliography would follow the Triple, same convention outlined earlier, namely:

John of Salisbury, Policraticus , trans. Retirement Examples! J. Dickinson, in The Portable Medieval Reader , ed. by J.B. Ross and M.M. McLaughlin (Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1977), pp. 251- 2. If the Diagram Template, document was not published but has a title (for instance, an Retirement Speech, unpublished paper or a speech or an article), use single inverted commas around the name of the document.

If it was not published and has no title (a letter, for Triple Venn | instance), there is no need for any marking. For instance: Friederich Engels, ‘The evils of capitalism’, in K. Kharkov (ed.), The Collected Speeches of Engels , Moscow, 1954, pp. 23-8. Yves of Narbonne, letter to Gerald of Retirement Mallemort, c. 1241, in Pretty Excellent 14 30 Designs For Walter L. Wakefield and Austin P. Evans (eds), Heresies of the High Middle Ages , New York, 1991, pp. 185-7. If you are going to be using documents in archives, or other unpublished material, consult your tutor for assistance with citation rules. If you are referring to normal newspaper writing (news of events, editorials, and so on), you need only provide the name of the newspaper and the date: The Age , 25 April 1996.

If you wish to refer to a specific article, usually by an invited contributor, or to a significant special feature (say, a four-page special report or a report in a weekly magazine), use the same format as for articles in journals or magazines. Author (first name, last name), title (use either italics or underline), place and date of publication, page (p.) or pages (pp.) of the information to which you are referring. So: Tim Bonyhady, The Colonial Earth , Melbourne, 2000, p. 13. These publication details are always on one of the first pages of the book (and usually on Speech the page after the main title page): these details list the publisher and Cv Original Maxi Cv …, the place of publication, and give other information, most of which you don’t need to provide (though see the note below). Retirement Examples! It is important to check if this is the first edition of the book, as subsequent editions may contain major revisions, which your reader will need to know in order to follow your research trail. Excellent Resumes Excellent For! If the book is a second or subsequent edition, put that information behind the Retirement Examples, title. Some further examples: Joanna Bourke, Dismembering the Male: Men’s Bodies , Britain and the Great War, London, 1996, pp. 98-104.

John Kasson, Houdini, Tarzan, and the perfect man: the white male body and the challenge of modernity in America , New York, 2001, p. 231. Thompson, Paul, The Voice of the Past: Oral History , 2nd ed., Oxford, 1988, pp. 53-76. Again, for those following the Blank, MHRA style of referencing (see above), the publisher is included in the publication details. For example:

Peter Burke, The European Renaissance: Centres and Examples, Peripheries (Oxford: Blackwell, 1998), pp. 54-56. Place of publication is always a city or town, not a state, province, region, nation or continent. Author (first name, last name), title of Venn Diagram Template | chapter (use single inverted commas around title, lower case), in editor (ed.) (or editors (eds)), title of book (use either italics or underline), place and date of publication, pages to which you are referring. Roger Cooter, ‘War and Modern Medicine’, in W. Retirement Speech! F. Bynum Roy Porter (eds), Companion Encyclopedia of the History of Medicine , London, 1993, p. 156.

E. Zinkhan, ‘Louisa Albury Lawson: feminist and patriot’, in D. Blank Agreement |! Adelaide (ed.), A Bright and Fiery Troop , Melbourne, 1988, 27-8. Estelle Freedman, ‘”Uncontrolled Desires”: The Response to the Sexual Psychopath, 1920-1960’, in Kathy Peiss Christina Simmons (eds), Passion and Power: Sexuality in Retirement Examples History , Philadelphia, 1989, pp. 187-99. Please note: for those following the MHRA Style Guide (see above), and are including the Mardi Masks For Kids {free Printable} | Mask Template, name of the publisher, a footnote reference would be styled like this example: Eve Salisbury, ‘ “Spare the Rod and Spoil the Speech Examples, Child”: Proverbial Speech Acts, Boy Bishop Sermons, and Pedagogical Violence’, in Speculum Sermonis , ed. by Georgiana Donavin, Cary J. Mardi Masks Printable} | Mask Template! Nederman, and Richard Utz (Turnhout: Brepols, 2004), pp. 141-55 (p. 153). (Here ‘pp. Speech Examples! 141-55’ indicate the page span of Salisbury’s contribution to the volume, and the bracketed ‘(p. 153)’ indicates the specific page reference.) Articles in journals or magazines.

Author (first name, last name), title of article (use single inverted commas around title, lower case), title of journal or magazine (use either italics or underline), volume or number, year of publication, pages covered by the article, specific page(s) to which you are referring. Phil Scraton, ‘Policing with Contempt: The Degrading of Truth and Denial of Justice in the Aftermath of the Blank Agreement, Hillsborough Disaster”, Journal of Law and Society , vol. 26, 1999, pp. 273-97, p. 275. Emily K. Abel, ‘Valuing Care: Turn-of-the-Century Conflicts between Charity Workers and Women Clients’, Journal of Women’s History , vol. 10, 1998, pp. 32-52, pp.

34-5. You will find information about Examples volume number on Felt Mardi {free Printable} the title page of Speech each journal. If there is both a volume and an issue number, just the volume number will usually do (for instance, American Historical Review , 102 (1995), or Australian Historical Studies , 26 (1994-5)). Cv Original Cv … | Pinteres…! Most journals continue numbering pages throughout one volume, even if that volume has several separate issues or numbers. So a reference would read: Katherine Lowe, ‘Elections of Abbesses and Notions of Identity in Fifteenth- and Sixteenth-Century Italy, with Special Reference to Venice’, Renaissance Quarterly , 54 (2001), 389-429 (p. 390). Director (last name, first name), dir, Name of the film (use either italics or underline), year of release. Hicks, Scott, dir, Shine , 1996.

Hitchcock, Alfred, dir, The Birds , 1963. Name of the program (in single inverted commas) and, if this program is part of a series, the specific title of the program and the name of the Retirement, series (use either italics or underline), location of the program, date of the program. Aboriginal Land Rights: A Special Report, ABC Radio National, 11 December 2002. Interview with John Howard, 3LO, 8 February 2003. ‘Golly Gee, I’m Interviewing a Famous Person’, Sixty Minutes , Nine Network, 13 February 2001. ‘The Reckoning’, The Frontier House , ABC Television, 27 April 2003.

Author of the document (if known), name of the document (if relevant), date of the document (if known), at Lease |, full WWW address, date on which you accessed the page. ‘Social Conditions in Seventeenth-Century France’, at, accessed 31 March 2003. ‘Suffragists Picketing the White House, January 1917’ (photograph), at, access 17 April 2003. Sojourner Truth, Narrative of Sojourner Truth, a Northern Slave, Emancipated from Bodily Servitude by the State of New York, in 1828 (1850), at, accessed 16 April 2003. Using Resources From the Internet and Retirement Examples, WWW. While there are some very useful sites for historians, including homepages describing research, or containing documents, photographs and interpretive materials, or providing primary documents like speeches, transcripts or debates, you need to be as critical and careful in your use of WWW resources as in your use of any other kind of evidence . A good deal of the material on the web is not ‘screened’ in any way: it is Venn not edited, reviewed by Examples, others, or subject to any control. This is Triple Template | its greatest strength and its greatest weakness as a medium, and makes the task of critically assessing and using sources even more important.

For the citation, you need to give your reader enough information so that they can easily locate your source: in this case, the full web site information. You also need to tell your reader when you accessed the page: because web pages are updated, the information may have changed location or been removed. In fact, it is a good idea to print out a copy of the page(s) you are using: you can use them more easily, and you have a copy of the information should it subsequently disappear from the web. Citing something for the second time: use of abbreviations and short titles. Once you have given full information in the first footnote, you should use abbreviations and Retirement Examples, short titles to Triple Template | refer to the same source again. What will usually suffice is the Retirement, authors last name and a short title (i.e. the first few significant words of the Birthday Card - Slim, title, as below).

Ibidem (always abbreviate as Ibid.) indicates in Speech Examples the place just described, but it must follow directly from the previous citation. 1 Joanna Bourke, Dismembering the Male: Men’s Bodies, Britain and Blank Lease Agreement, the Great War , London, 1996, pp. 98-104. 3 Roger Cooter, ‘War and Modern Medicine’, in W. F. Retirement Speech! Bynum Roy Porter (eds), Companion Encyclopedia of the History of Medicine , London, 1993, p. 156. 4 Bourke, Dismembering the Felt Mardi Printable} Template, Male , pp. 126-9. 5 Cooter, ‘War and Modern Medicine’, p. Retirement Speech Examples! 158. In endnote 6, the information is contained on the same page as endnote 5, and therefore you do not need to repeat the page number.

Again, keep in mind the principle of Blank Lease Agreement giving the reader the amount of information they would need to find the Retirement Examples, material for themselves. There may be particular conventions which you should observe for particular units: you will be provided with these where necessary. In general, historians do not use the Harvard referencing system. Archaeology students, whose discipline does employ this system when referencing, should follow the norms of Cv Original - Cv Maxi Cv … | Pinteres… history referencing when writing history essays. Similarly, history students should use the Harvard referencing system when writing archaeology essays. Students need to be aware that in archaeology/ancient history a variety of styles is used: Harvard, Oxford and MHRA. Students in Speech Examples the Centre for Archaeology and Ancient History must be able to use all of them correctly; they also use unpublished materials of the types outlined for history and reference them in 42 | Maxi Cv … | Pinteres… footnotes.

In the end, it is Retirement Speech Examples a matter of communicating your understanding of your evidence in the style appropriate for your discipline and task. Unit coordinators will advise you if you are unsure. 9. Forming a bibliography and an annotated bibliography. Your essay should include a bibliography of all sources. If you have used a wide variety of different types of sources, it is Felt Mardi Masks For Kids {free | Mask helpful to put them into different sections: for instance, the documents or texts (primary sources) you have used might be separated from the historical scholarship (secondary sources). In general, follow the Retirement, same conventions described above with the exception that authors’ surnames precede their forenames/initials to Thank After Sample allow for easier alphabetisation (as in the example below).

List your sources alphabetically within each section. However, you do not need to include the page numbers for specific information or citations in your bibliography. Films, television and radio shows and documents from web sites should be included: if there is no author, put them at the front of the Retirement Speech, list and order them alphabetically by title. Newspapers should be listed, but you do not need to provide the dates. Note: those following the MHRA conventions will include the publisher’s name, along with slightly different formatting, as given in examples above (e.g. Burke, Peter, The European Renaissance: Centres and Peripheries (Oxford: Blackwell, 1998)). Contemporary documents and texts. John of Salisbury, Policraticus , trans. J. Dickinson, in Thank Teaching Sample J.B. Ross and Retirement Speech Examples, M.M.

McLaughlin (eds), The Portable Medieval Reader, Harmondsworth, 1977. Truth, Sojourner, Narrative of Sojourner Truth, a Northern Slave, Emancipated from Bodily Servitude by the State of New York, in 1828 (1850), at, accessed 16 April 2003. The Birds, dir. Lease Agreement |! Alfred Hitchcock, 1963. ‘The Reckoning’, The Frontier House, ABC Television, 27 April 2003. Abel, Emily K., ‘Valuing Care: Turn-of-the-Century Conflicts between Charity Workers and Women Clients’, Journal of Retirement Speech Examples Women’s History, vol. 10, 1998, pp.

32-52. Kasson, John, Houdini, Tarzan, and the Perfect Man: The White Male Body and Pretty Design Excellent Resume Designs, the Challenge of Modernity in Speech America, New York, 2001. All sources which you have used in order to Cv Original 42 | Cv … | Pinteres… assist your interpretation of your evidence (the historical scholarship, or secondary sources), should be annotated, when an Retirement, annotated bibliography is required in the unit. Annotation tells the reader what role a particular source played in developing your argument. Card - Slim Image! A statement of two or three sentences is usually ample. For instance: Joanna Bourke, Dismembering the Examples, Male: Men’s Bodies, Britain and the Great War, London, 1996. Bourke’s argument about the changing meaning of ‘disability’ provided a very important perspective on the links between wartime and Triple |, postwar debates over masculine vulnerability. Her interpretation of what ‘shell-shock’ taught doctors about manhood was particularly valuable for Speech Examples my argument, as was her discussion of dress reform movements during the 1920s.

One of the most important skills in effective communication is formatting and presenting your work in ways which help rather than hinder your reader. The impression of clarity, fluency and organisation created by Thank You Email Interview - 13+, good formatting is very important; conversely, a good essay written without regard for the eye as well as the mind is an ineffective piece of communication. Some general guidelines: observe the word length, or at least a margin of error of about 10 per Speech cent: one of the skills of writing is to write to a target, and to tailor your argument to suit the demands of that target. A short 1500 word essay on wartime politics in Nazi Germany or criminality in nineteenth-century Australia is meant to be a short essay, not a major thesis. Adapt your case, and the ground you will cover, so that you can write something effective and Design Excellent Resumes 14 30 Resume Designs, convincing within the word length; include a word count with your essay. type, print or handwrite the essay on one side of the paper only, using standard A4 paper, and number each page.

For essays of 1500 words or more, it is reasonable for your tutor to expect a typed or printed copy, though handwriting is fine for Retirement Speech Examples shorter exercises; double or one-and-a-half spacing is required, because it leaves more room for comments and corrections; leave a 4cm margin on the left hand side, and a 1.5cm margin on the right, again for comments and Gras For Kids {free Printable} | Mask, ease of Retirement reading. Ensure that you use at least a 12-point font. attach a cover sheet (standard cover sheets are available in the pigeonholes under the counter of the School of Historical Studies’ General Office, W604). You must tick all the boxes on the reverse side of the cover sheet before signing off under the plagiarism and collusion statement on the front of the sheet. ensure that your essay stays together: staples, paper clips, a plastic folder, whatever (we do not grade essays by weight, so go easy on the staples).