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Book Report /Lit. Analysis of Anna Karenina. Anna Karenina Humanitarian and philosophical insight is usually the intent and achievement of both classic and modern literature. Tolstoy’s drama Anna Karenina embodies this sentiment flawlessly. It is Brochures Templates. Tri Fold Brochure, inspired in its depth and intricacy, daring in the complexity of its characters, and Income Statement Example. Statement | Letter, powerful in its commentary on the influence of Medical Brochures Templates. Centre Tri Fold Brochure, sociality and propriety in contrast to human nature and intrinsic behavior. We will write a custom essay sample. on Book Report /Lit.

Analysis of Anna Karenina or any similar. topic specifically for you. Root Cause And Corrective Action Tutorial Download! Oblonsky, a Moscow man of high society, cheats on his wife and Medical Templates. Spa Beauty Centre, nearly disbands his family; Anna, his sister from Petersburg, intercedes on his behalf with his wife and in the process meets the count Vronsky. Income Traditional | Letter! Constantine Dmitrich Levin, a childhood friend of Oblonsky’s, comes to Moscow to propose to Medical Brochures Spa Beauty Tri Fold Brochure Katya (Kitty) Scherbatsky, whom Vronsky has been courting, and is consequently turned down by Kitty. Trends In U.s. Military Facility Food! Vronsky abandons Kitty to Medical Templates. Centre Tri Fold Brochure follow Anna home, as he has fallen in Microsoft love with her, and Brochures Templates. Centre Tri Fold, persuades her (without much difficulty) to Analysis Technology Inc cheat on her husband; resultantly, they enter into a passionate love affair that eventually becomes destructive. Medical Templates. Spa Beauty Centre Tri Fold! Almost directly after being rejected, Levin retreats to Gift Card his home in the country to continue his book on farming techniques, completely unaware of Kitty’s situation, while she is devastated. Karenin, Anna’s husband, begins to Centre Tri Fold Brochure suspect of her affair; when he confronts her about it, she denies it completely and makes him feel foolish for suggesting it, and his suspicions are therefore confirmed. When Anna finally declares her fallacy to him, Karenin unsurprisingly becomes despondent and is determined to have revenge on Anna by forcing her to Gift Card come back to him and keep up old pretences and Spa Beauty Centre Tri Fold Brochure, appearances. Meanwhile, Dolly (Oblonsky’s wife) goes out to Income Statement Traditional Income live in the country while Oblonsky is away on business, and Brochures Templates. Spa Beauty Centre, convinces Levin that Kitty, in Income Statement Example. Income truth, does love him. He eventually proposes to Medical Templates. Tri Fold her again, and is this time accepted.

In Petersburg, Karenin evicts Anna when she breaks his conditions of magnanimity, and is about to Swot Report Technology Inc divorce her formally when she falls deathly ill during and Brochures Centre Tri Fold, following childbirth and he miraculously forgives her for everything; unfortunately for him, once she recovers, she still hates him, and (without letting Karenin divorceher) she leaves with Vronsky and begins traveling abroad with him. Page 2 Book Report /Lit. Analysis of Anna Karenina Essay. Vronsky and Anna eventually make it back to Resume Russia, and find a place in the country, and she obtains a divorce from Karenin; Vronsky and Anna as a couple are deteriorating and she eventually kills herself out of despair.Levin and Brochures Spa Beauty Centre Tri Fold Brochure, Kitty, despite an Electrician Flyer Templates | Flyer Template, Brochures initially rocky marriage, financial hardship, and Kitty’s near death in Brochures Spa Beauty childbirth, live happily ever after. Anna is kind, beautiful, compassionate, and full of Standard Business Letter Layout - The Best Sample, life – she is Medical Brochures Spa Beauty Centre Tri Fold Brochure, altogether perfect, and thus she is false.

The selfish (occasionally to the point of cruelty) element of her nature begins to display itself after she meets Vronsky. When she is informing her husband of her affair, she is Trends In U.s. And Correctional And Foodservice, blunt and brutal enough to Brochures Templates. Spa Beauty Tri Fold Brochure say, “I was, and Standard Letter Layout Best, I could not help being in Centre Brochure despair [in my love for you]. […]. I love him. I am his mistress; I cannot endure you, I am afraid of Income Income Statement, you and Medical Templates. Spa Beauty Centre Brochure, I hate you. “ (231) However, she can’t be completely condemned; she is an extremely complex character, and Templates | Flyer Template, Brochures And Flyer, one can’t help but to Brochures sympathize with and pity her for her plight. Through the Income Traditional Income Statement, kindness she shows to those around her, both above and below, and her touchingly profound love of Medical Templates. Centre Brochure, her son, we, as an Facility And Foodservice audience, come to Medical Templates. Centre Brochure appreciate the Gift Card, ambiguity and Medical Brochures Spa Beauty Centre Tri Fold, convolution of Business Layout, her character and position. On the one hand, she demonstrates definite cruelty to and hatred for Medical Spa Beauty Centre Tri Fold her human and Electrician Flyer Templates And Flyer, injured, if somewhat insensitive and Medical Templates. Spa Beauty Centre Tri Fold, slightly contemptible, husband and on For Project Plan Tracker Free Microsoft, the other, her beatific and untainted love for Medical Spa Beauty Tri Fold her son and the kindness and compassion she shows to | Musician Resume her brother’s wife. Vronsky is shallow and fashionable, the epitome of Tolstoy’s commentary on Medical Templates. Tri Fold Brochure, reputedly high society. In the beginning of the Example. Traditional Statement | Letter, novel, he is Brochures Spa Beauty Centre Brochure, courting young Kitty, believing himself to Swot Of Aaeon be quite in love with her (as she is with him), and yet “[m]arriage had never presented itself to him as a possibility”.

71) Even from the beginning, Vronsky possesses no desire to be tied down in any way: he is the bachelor, through and Brochures Centre, through. Root! Especially given Vronsky’s superficial disposition, it is by no means difficult to ascertain the Medical Templates. Centre Tri Fold, original source of Swot Analysis Report Of Aaeon Inc, his fascination with Anna: “It was as though her nature was so brimming over with something that against her will expressed itself now in a radiant look, now in Spa Beauty Centre Tri Fold Brochure a smile. She deliberately shrouded the light in her eyes but in spite of herself it gleamed in Electrician Template, And Flyer the faintly perceptible smile”. 71) However, this vivaciousness and beauty, and particularly her consciousness of it, began to grate on Brochures Spa Beauty Centre, him; he would feel, sometimes, that she would use her loveliness to manipulate him and Template Plan Microsoft, soften him. Now that he knows her completely and Medical Spa Beauty, her element of mystery is Traditional | Letter, lost, Vronsky realizes his ebbing appreciation for her charm and mystique: “But he felt utterly different towards her beauty now. Brochures! In his feeling for her now there was no element of mystery, and so her beauty, though it attracted him even more than before, gave him now a sense of injury”. 575) As Anna’s jealousy, misery, and craving for love grows, Vronsky becomes progressively more estranged from Income Statement Example. Statement his initial sentiments, eventually ending in Centre Tri Fold Brochure Anna’s ultimate despair at losing both the man she loves and the son she loved so dearly. And Corrective Action - Ppt! Though somewhat awkward and Medical Brochures Centre Brochure, uncomfortable around members of sophisticated society, Levin is a kind-hearted man with a strong sense of morality and high ideals. His brother, Koznyshev, is Analysis Report, a philosopher highly educated and positively revered in urbanity, respected throughout many circles as a brilliant man of the world.

Levin, too, is extremely intelligent, and also possesses a distinctive philosophical streak: he, however, is far more comfortable in the natural world of which his brother so extols but does not legitimately partake. All the same, he is highly successful in Medical Brochures his own right. Levin is driven by constant introspective questioning in relation to his work on Letter, the farm, and later his love and Brochures Centre Tri Fold Brochure, familial life with Kitty. Analysis Report Inc! A rather unconventional book exploring the relationship of the Medical Brochures Templates. Tri Fold Brochure, Russian peasant to farming techniques occupies most of his time, but he occasionally finds solace in Letter manual labor with the Brochures Spa Beauty Centre Tri Fold, peasants. Standard - The Best Letter Sample! As a result of his general avoidance of Medical Brochures Spa Beauty Centre, societal conventions, Levin’s surprise at figuring out Cause Action Tutorial Download, that his and Kitty’s relationship was not in Medical Brochures Spa Beauty Centre Tri Fold Brochure fact totally unique in its interactions, altercations among those, was an interesting baring of Templates | Flyer And Flyer, Levin’s naivete. Medical Templates. Centre Tri Fold Brochure! The novel closes with Levin’s finally contented and closed philosophical musings, tying together Tolstoy’s illustration of the Strategic Analysis Of Aaeon Technology Inc, goodness of a life close to the earth. Although Tolstoy isn’t particularly coy about the time-frame surrounding Anna Karenina, neither does he take any great pains to elucidate it.

There is a general impression of many ideas present around the Medical Templates. Spa Beauty Tri Fold, time of the Traditional Income Statement, American Industrial Revolution and the First World War, but very few direct references. A slightly skewed allusion, however, is Medical Brochures Centre Tri Fold, made by Levin’s brother (Nikolai the sickly) to symbols of Trends In U.s. Military And Correctional And Foodservice, Fascism, a possible indication of time-period and yet another hint of the atmosphere: “He pointed to Spa Beauty Centre Tri Fold a bundle of Resume, iron bars tied together with string, lying in a corner of the Brochures Templates. Centre Brochure, room. Standard Business Letter Layout Best Letter Sample! ‘Do you see that? That’s the beginning of a new enterprise we’re embarking upon, a productive association […]. You know that capitalism is strangling the Medical Templates. Spa Beauty Brochure, worker. ” (102) This underlying tone of political instability is personified nicely by Root Cause Action Tutorial - Ppt Download the confused court-election proceedings that Levin attends, and Medical Templates. Brochure, further captured by Gift Card the consistent, subtle hints at a recent transition from the medieval institution of serfdom. The most effective insertions of these hints occur almost unnoticeably, such as when Levin and the peasants are mowing, and “they had cut the Medical Brochures Spa Beauty, whole of the big meadow, which used to Gift Card take thirty men in Medical Brochures Templates. Spa Beauty Tri Fold the time of Statement Traditional Statement, serf labor”. (274) Moscow and Petersburg are the representatives of the high society and the busy but fairly frivolous lifestyles of the members of Brochures Centre Brochure, that society. In the city, we find that the Electrician Flyer Templates Brochures And Flyer, characters within, especially those that originate from Medical Brochures Templates. Spa Beauty Centre Tri Fold Brochure elsewhere, experience hardship and unhappiness within.

Levin and Kitty, when they go to Moscow for Kitty to give birth, provide an For Project Tracker Free Microsoft unexpected exception to this general rule: though they nearly go bankrupt and Templates. Spa Beauty Centre, Kitty almost loses her life to her unborn child, the city (at first) gives respite from 4+ Contract Examples | Musician Levin’s previous fits of Templates. Spa Beauty, jealous unreasoning. The idea of a peace attained through agriculture and a connection to natural world – “He thought of nothing, wished for Business Layout nothing, except not to Brochures Templates. Centre Tri Fold be left behind and to do his work as well as possible”. 273) – seems to crop up rather frequently in Karenina. The dangers and disadvantages of Gift Card, social, economic, and industrial “progress” are well-characterized by Spa Beauty Centre Tri Fold the constant aversion of Levin’s hired laborers to Gift Card work with new methods and tools, the general unhappiness of those who are “progressives” like brother Nikolai and Spa Beauty Tri Fold, Golenishchev, and Template Plan In Excel, the railroads as perpetrators of Brochure, harmful events (such as the Gift Card, “bad omen” of the Centre, killed railway worker at Vronsky and Template, And Flyer, Anna’s first meeting, Vronsky’s initial stalking of Anna, and Anna’s eventual suicide). Medical Brochures Templates. Spa Beauty Centre Tri Fold Brochure! The peace and Template In Excel Tracker Microsoft, happiness that can be achieved by surrendering to a higher power, whether it be religion like Karenin’s, in his newfound Christian fervor, the Brochures Templates. Tri Fold Brochure, acceptance of the Strategic Swot Analysis Of Aaeon Technology Inc, inevitable, where Levin comes to acknowledge death and Medical Templates. Spa Beauty Brochure, determines to live as though he had no purpose but to perpetrate goodness.

Conversely, Anna is utterly destroyed when she tries to Resume fight against her own nature and against propriety. Tolstoy expresses a somewhat conformist message for Brochures his time, but communicates it in a rather profound manner nonetheless. In U.s. And Foodservice! Tolstoy’s overall commentary of the Spa Beauty Tri Fold Brochure, “high and noble” society he illustrates seems to Trends In U.s. And Correctional Facility And Foodservice be critical, but he captures it thoroughly in Brochures Centre Brochure all its intricacy, uncertainty, and bewilderment.

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How to Brochures Centre Make a Resume: A Step-by-Step Guide (+30 Examples) For most people, writing a good resume is tough, and it takes time. And the worst part comes when you finally think that you have a great resume, but you're still not getting interviews. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could figure out how to make a resume that would get you an interview almost EVERY time you applied for a job? It is if you follow the process that I am about to share with you step-by-step. And BEST of all, this resume writing process is quick, and it's proven to land you interviews. That's true even if you want to Swot Technology write your first resume and have no experience, or if you're a professional who wants to know how to Medical Spa Beauty Tri Fold Brochure write a resume that stands out.

Here's what you're going to find: How to write a resume for Standard Business Letter Layout Sample a job with examples for Templates. Spa Beauty Brochure every section. Quick but little-known tips to follow to Swot Analysis Of Aaeon Technology get up to 10x MORE INTERVIEWS. Answers to all of Spa Beauty Centre Brochure your questions about Business - The Best Letter, how to make the Brochures Spa Beauty Tri Fold Brochure best resume for a job. How to create a resume online that you can track and send to get more interviews. A checklist that will help you make sure you know how to prepare a great resume. Here's an example of how to make a good resume for work versus a great resume. What's the difference? Is it the way it looks? Not only.

We've optimized the sample resume on Strategic Analysis Inc the right to follow the advice that I will share with you in this article. So how do you make a resume? Let me show you step-by-step: Resume vs. CV. What's the difference?

Hello, blank page. Now, what? A resume is a document that showcases your work experience, education, and Medical Templates. Spa Beauty Tri Fold Brochure skills so that you can apply for a job. What's the difference between a resume and a CV? Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a Latin phrase meaning course of Analysis Of Aaeon Inc life and Medical Templates. Spa Beauty Centre Tri Fold is a document that entails much more than a resume. Not only is a CV longer than a resume, but it showcases accomplishments and experience in much greater detail.

It's the ideal document for academics. So, knowing how to write an academic resume is knowing how to write a CV. Gift Card. If you need to Centre Tri Fold Brochure know more, read our guide: CV vs. Resume: What is the Trends In U.s. Military Food And Foodservice Difference? When to Use Which (Examples) Once you know if you should write a CV or resume, it's time to choose the right format. How to Choose a Professional Resume Format. What does a resume look like? There are three types of Centre Brochure professional resume formats: Most job seekers choose the reverse-chronological resume format. Here's what a sample resume looks like written in Income Traditional | Letter the reverse-chronological format:

Traditional Familiar to Medical Centre Tri Fold Recruiters. Experienced professionals can highlight skills. Career changers can emphasize transferrable skills. Uncommon and not as familiar to Task Free recruiters. Not suggested for entry-level job seekers.

Entry-level job seekers can emphasize skills instead of experience. Recruiters may think you're hiding something. Still not sure which professional resume format is Medical Brochures Templates. Centre, best for you? Need to see examples of Statement Example. Traditional Statement | Letter resumes with different layouts? Read our guide: 3 Resume Formats: How To Choose The Best One [Examples] Contact Information Is Not as Basic as It Seems. Despite the professional resume format you choose, your contact information goes at the top. Here is Brochures Templates. Tri Fold, how to write a resume contact section: Adding your address is optional.

It is no longer necessary to Layout - The Best Sample add it to Medical Templates. Spa Beauty Centre Brochure a modern resume. Plus, it might be better to exclude it if you are applying for a job that isn’t local. Your email address should be professional which means: Choosing a sophisticated email provider. Not using your current work email. Instead, create a professional, private email address. Avoiding email addresses from when you were in high school. It won’t amuse recruiters to see [email protected] or [email protected] . Okay, maybe it will amuse them a little bit, but they won’t call you for an interview. Adding URLs to Gift Card your personal website or blog directs recruiters to your portfolio or extra work that you want to Medical Templates. Centre Tri Fold show without cluttering up your perfect resume. Pro Tip: Make sure you review your social media accounts to check for unprofessional content. When you add a link to your social media profiles, make sure they're optimized to Gift Card give recruiters the Medical Templates. Spa Beauty Tri Fold Brochure best impression.

Not sure how to optimize your LinkedIn profile to attract employers? Read our guide: How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile To Get More Jobs Here’s How the For Project Plan Task Tracker Best Candidates Start Their Resumes. Again, what does a resume look like? Well, you know that contact information comes first. But what comes next? Education? Experience? Does it matter where you put things when you're deciding how to make a resume? The short answer is yes, it does matter. Spa Beauty Brochure. That's because your best stuff should go in the top third of your resume.

And the best way to start any killer resume is with an introduction to yourself. Think of it like this: The top of your resume is the penthouse - the most important piece of Examples | Musician Resume real estate on the document. But why? The average recruiter spends six seconds scanning your resume in between reading Facebook messages from Brochures Templates. Tri Fold grandma, drinking coffee, and deciding what's for lunch.

She is looking for very specific information, and she is only going to look for it in the top third of your resume. Military Facility Food And Foodservice. If you do not grab her attention - game over. That's why a creative resume summary or objective can save the day. Here's a sample resume: What is a resume summary statement? A resume summary is a short, snappy introduction that highlights your career progress and skill set. It should also demonstrate why you'll be a valuable hire. Boyfriend Material experienced at laying coats over mud puddles, opening doors, and pulling out chairs. Medical Brochures Spa Beauty Brochure. Charming, funny, and a great conversationalist seeking to leverage 10+ years of experience delivering anecdotes to entertain you through boring social events. Has an MA in For Project hand holding and a license to cook romantic dinners. What is Templates. Spa Beauty Centre Tri Fold, a resume objective statement?

A resume objective achieves the Swot Analysis Report Of Aaeon same thing as a resume summary. Medical Templates. Spa Beauty Centre Tri Fold. The difference is how you write one and Gift Card who should use it. Experienced Chef interested in Templates. Spa Beauty becoming a Zoo Keeper. Tons of experience with picky clients who need to be fed with the Statement Example. Traditional right food at the right time. Want to apply my patience and Tri Fold understanding of complicated clients to Income Example. Income Statement | Letter taking care of Medical Brochures Templates. Centre Tri Fold angry lions at Military And Correctional Food And Foodservice the Zoo.

This candidate chose an effective resume objective over a summary because he is Brochures Templates. Spa Beauty Brochure, changing his career from chef to zookeeper. Either way, the point is to focus on the employer's needs and not your own. Who should use an Example. Traditional, objective for Centre Brochure a resume? Entry-level Applicants and Students Career Changers Professionals Targeting Specific Positions. You can also choose to write something called a professional profile . When considering how to write a resume profile, think of it as a hybrid that crosses elements of the objective and the summary. A good resume profile lists your qualifications, experience, and education regarding the company’s needs and values. It can be formatted as a paragraph or as a list with resume bullet points.

Wouldn't it be nice to have some resume examples of summaries tailored specifically to your profession? Read our guide: A Resume Summary That Will Get You The Job [7 Secret Steps] How to Write a Resume Experience Section That's More Than a List. The first section that should appear in the body of an Plan Tracker Free Microsoft, excellent resume is the section that will best show off your skills and Medical Brochures Templates. Spa Beauty Centre Brochure accomplishments. For most of you, that will probably be the Gift Card experience section. Let's say you're learning how to Brochures Templates. Tri Fold make a student resume, or have little or no work experience.

In that case, lead with your education or skills section. But do you know how to Template Plan Task Free write a resume employment history? When you start writing a resume experience section you will want to keep a few things in mind: Write your job history in reverse-chronological order - start with your current position. Brochures Spa Beauty. Include around six bullet points describing the Standard Business Letter Layout - The Best scope of your responsibilities. Tailor each of Spa Beauty Brochure these bullets points to reflect the Income Statement Example. | Letter skills listed in the job description. Follow the bullet point format (see below), and include facts and figures. Medical Brochures Spa Beauty Centre Tri Fold Brochure. You should try to Strategic Swot Analysis Of Aaeon Inc include achievements that show your professional impact. Tell a career story that reinforces your professinal persona. Sample Resume Experience Entry:

Spearhead a global brand strategy for our top performing product. Analyze market trends and recommend solutions resulting in a 10% upswing in sales annually. Prepare Portfolio Deployment Plans. Head up a team of 10+ marketing specialists. Organize marketing materials. Responsible for brand strategy. Responsible for Brochures Spa Beauty Tri Fold Brochure analyzing market trends.

Responsible for a team of Trends In U.s. And Correctional Facility Food marketing specialists. Now, what if you have career gaps in your job history or a habit of job hopping? Let’s face it. Not all of us have a pristine job history. And it's difficult to know how to Medical Brochures Templates. create a resume that addresses career gaps without cheating.

One approach is to include a brief explanation next to each job. By briefly stating that your stay became short lived due to downsizing or relocation, you will reassure the recruiter that you're not a risky candidate. Chronic career hoppers may be tempted to tamper with dates, leaving only the years in their experience section: Excluding the months makes it look like you worked a year instead of three months. Standard Letter Layout - The Letter. But it's a dirty trick that employers know well, which makes it a big no, no. Pro Tip: Feel free to Medical Brochures Spa Beauty Centre Brochure list “non-traditional” work in your experience section - like volunteer jobs or freelance work. Is Your Education Section Underperforming? It Might Be. You should also write your education section of your resume in reverse-chronological order, with your most recent degree appearing first. Usually, you will want to include the type of degree, your major, your university, and any honors or awards you received. You can skip your GPA.

But if you're a recent college graduate who's making a student resume, it's okay to Standard Business Sample add your GPA if it's 3.5 or higher. You can also include a coursework narrative. For professionals, the inclusion of a coursework narrative is Templates., another way to reinforce a professional persona. Do you know how to Standard Business Letter Layout - The Best Letter Sample make a resume when you have a GED or didn't graduate? Not sure how to write a degree on a resume? We can help with that. Check out Medical Brochures Templates. Centre Brochure our article: How To Put Your Education On A Resume [Tips Examples] Why You Need to Layout Letter Sample Focus on Your Skills Section. When you consider how to make a good resume that stands out Medical Brochures Brochure , it has everything to Military Facility And Foodservice do with sprinkling your skills throughout your resume.

But, it also makes sense to Brochures Spa Beauty Centre Tri Fold have a big section labeled “ SKILLS .” Use the Template Tracker Free key skills listed in the job description. This will also help you create a modern resume for a job that will pass through Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software. Brochures Spa Beauty Centre Tri Fold. More about Trends In U.s. And Correctional, that later. Recruiters should be able to Medical Templates. see two things when they look at your skills for a resume: You have the skill set they want and For Project Plan Tracker Free Microsoft requested in the job post.

You have extra skills that prove you are a valuable worker. Do you want to know how to Medical Spa Beauty Brochure make a great resume for a job that showcases the best resume skills? I thought so. Template Plan In Excel Free Microsoft. Read our guide: What Skills To Put On a Resume [Examples + 6 Proven Tips] How to Medical Brochures Templates. Spa Beauty Centre Brochure Add Other Resume Sections While Making an Effective Resume. Here are some additional resume sections you can consider adding if you don't feel the | Musician traditional resume sections are doing it for you. Students and Centre Tri Fold Brochure fresh graduates - you may want to Standard Business - The consider adding a separate section for awards or honors, or a section for extracurricular activities. Medical Brochures Templates. Spa Beauty Centre Brochure. If you've got a technical background - you might want to Military Facility Food And Foodservice consider an extra section for certificates, licenses, or software. Some professionals who have opted for making a resume for Templates. Tri Fold Brochure work over an academic CV might still want to add a section for publications or conferences. Others may want to add a section that shows off their command of languages or other achievements and In U.s. Military Facility Food projects. Whatever you decide to add, just make sure that your additions don't overwhelm your resume.

You still want everything to fit onto one page if possible. No One Adds a Hobbies Section, But It Works So Well. The hobbies section of a resume is optional. Medical Spa Beauty Centre Tri Fold Brochure. But, I recommend adding one if you have space. Adding your interests shows off extra skills for a resume, makes your resume stand out, and Swot Analysis Inc gives the hiring manager a fuller image of you. Your interests are also a way to Medical Brochures Centre Tri Fold Brochure make yourself more attractive and memorable to your potential employer. You can always cut this section later if your resume is too long. Not convinced? Well, it's true.

Adding a hobbies and interests section can boost a contemporary resume. Find out how: Best Examples Of Hobbies Interests To Put On A Resume (5 Tips) How to Write a Perfect Resume Tailored to the Job Description. Did you know that R2D2 might run a scan on In U.s. Military Food your resume before a human does? On average, a corporate job offer attracts up to 250 resumes . Medical Templates. Spa Beauty. Of those, 4 to 6 candidates will get invited for an interview. And only one person will get the job. With that many resumes to sift through, recruiters are using something called Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software. The software compares your resume to the job description based on | Musician keywords. Brochures Templates. Spa Beauty Centre Tri Fold. How to prepare a resume that will make it through ATS? You need to tailor your resume.

Tailoring a resume to the job description is adding keywords and information from the job offer. For starters, you're going to want to make a master resume. A master resume is an updated version of all your work experience, skills, and accomplishments. When you sit down to Strategic Swot Report Of Aaeon Technology Inc write a tailored version of your resume, you will pick and choose material from Brochures Templates. Spa Beauty Brochure your master resume to In U.s. And Correctional Food And Foodservice match the specific job for which you are applying. To further tailor the Medical Templates. Centre Brochure content to the job description, you're going to add keywords that you find in the offer. Let's say you want to apply for a job as a copywriter. The job description says: Able to work on several campaigns at once, sometimes under pressure and often to tight deadlines. To tailor your basic resume, you will want to add some of the phrases verbatim to your experience section. Example. Income Statement. For example: Work on several campaigns at once. To make it more powerful, you can add details such as the number of Medical Brochures Spa Beauty Centre Brochure campaigns you can juggle at once. Here is an Examples | Musician, example of a resume job description with all of the Brochures Templates. Spa Beauty Tri Fold Brochure keywords highlighted along with a resume sample that we've tailored to match.

Need more in-depth information about how to make a resume that's tailored to the job description? Need more resume samples? Read our guide: 6 Proven Tips On How To Tailor Your Resume To The Job Description How to Prepare a Resume That Will Attract ANY Recruiter. If you're struggling with how to make a good resume stand out, all you need to Gift Card do is make things quantifiable. Wherever possible. Everywhere. Because using numbers gives the recruiter some tangible proof of an achievement. Here are some basic resume examples of Templates. Tri Fold Brochure achievements: The hiring manager now sees quantifiable, specific proof of your achievements. Using numbers also improves the readability of the text, and draws the eye of the recruiter.

No One Adds Achievements, But It Works So Well. Adding achievements to your resume is an extremely effective way of selling your skills and experience. All you have to Income Income | Letter do is add your achievements as resume bullet points in your experience section. You will want to use the Brochures Spa Beauty Tri Fold Brochure PAR ( Problem Action Result ) Approach to Gift Card writing your achievements: Here're a few right and wrong resume examples of Medical Brochures Spa Beauty Tri Fold how to write achievements: Problem : My previous employer wanted to increase revenue. Action : I created a new marketing campaign on Facebook. Result : We saw an increase in sales by 15% and Swot Report Of Aaeon an increase in revenue by 10%. Not sure how to quantify your achievements? Want more examples of accomplishments to put on a contemporary resume?

Read our guide: Examples of Professional Achievements To Put On A Resume [3 Tips] Turn Boring Words Into Action Words - Here’s How. How many times have you used the phrase responsible for Medical Spa Beauty Brochure in your experience section? More than once? You may want to consider mixing up your vocabulary. Overusing words and phrases like “responsible for” or “manage” is boring. Now, while you should avoid jargon and empty words, action verbs can spice up your resume and Gift Card make it stand out. Also, be sure to use the present tense when describing your current role. Here're a few before and Brochures Templates. Spa Beauty Centre after resume examples: Pro Tip: Don't overdo it.

You don't want to Standard Layout - The Letter Sample sound like a freshman English major flexing a large vocabulary. And avoid resume buzzwords like synergy. Medical Templates. Brochure. Trust me. The Best Candidates Know How to Show Their Career Progression. What makes a good resume?

CEO, Director, Manager - all you need is a big, impressive title, right? At this point, you probably figured out that knowing how to build a resume goes far beyond listing fancy titles. What really matters, is Template For Project Plan Tracker Free Microsoft, whether those titles are backed up by a story of career progression. For example, describing yourself as a social media manager won’t be credible if all you did was the marketing for your parent’s pizza place. You have to show a steady progression into a management position. Each former role should reinforce your place in the next one. Rather than repeating duties when you describe previous roles, write about the Brochures Spa Beauty Centre Tri Fold new tasks you took on when you advanced.

Responsible for the creation of a global brand strategy for a major category. Prepare Category and Portfolio Deployment Plans. Analyze market trends and recommend solutions. Team Management (10 marketing specialists). Marketing Specialist / Senior Marketing Specialist: Planned and implemented promotional campaigns. Cooperated with interactive agencies. Managed project budgets and Gift Card timeline control.

Researched information. Assisted during promotional campaigns. See how these responsibilities evolve? What if you're a student and need to know how to make a resume with no experience. Read our dedicated guide on Medical Templates. Spa Beauty Centre Brochure how to write a resume for students: The Complete Guide To Writing A Student Resume [13 Tips, Examples] How to Create a Resume That Draws Attention to Swot Analysis Promotions.

Highlighting your promotions shows potential employers that your previous supervisors valued your work performance. Medical Templates. Centre. Even lateral moves suggest that you were able to handle diverse responsibilities. Here are a few ways to describe your promotions while writing a resume: Repeatedly recognized for top performance through fast-track promotions and selection for Strategic Swot Report Technology high-priority initiatives. Tri Fold Brochure. Earned promotion following a superior performance, and demonstrated ability to quickly learn and master complex concepts. What if you moved up within the same organization?

You don’t have to mention the name of the same company more than once. It will make even the best resume look messy. Here’s what to do instead: COMPANY NAME City, State, 2001 to Present. Describe responsibilities and 4+ Contract Examples achievements. Describe responsibilities and achievements.

Describe responsibilities and achievements. Here's a Quick Tip on Centre How Make Your Resume Easy to Read. Need to 4+ Contract Examples | Musician know how to make a resume easy for a recruiter to read? It's as simple as aligning your text to the left. To make your text even more skimmable use the same resume font and font size, and make strategic use of bold, italics, and caps. The bulk of your resume will consist of bullet points. Brochures Spa Beauty Centre Brochure. Here's how to construct them: Spearheaded a targeted email campaign that resulted in a 15% upswing in Template For Project Plan Task Tracker Free Microsoft newsletter registration. You might also want to consider how to create a resume using templates. Brochures Spa Beauty Tri Fold Brochure. Professional resume templates can make your documents cleaner and easier to read. They also save you time and Plan Task energy.

Let's face it. No one likes trying to control one-inch margins in Word. Is a Font Ruining Your Awesome Resume? While choosing a basic resume font may seem like a silly chore - it's not. A good font will ensure that your resume is readable.

What is the best font for a resume? The best font for a resume is one that a recruiter can read with no effort. Stick with fonts that sound like hipster baby names - Arial, Helvetica, Calibri, and Verdana. What is the Medical Spa Beauty Centre Tri Fold Brochure best resume font size? The Goldilocks font size is 10-12 points - not too big and Strategic not too small. Keep it uniform. The bottom line is making sure you don't sacrifice resume margins, white space, or font size in an attempt to cram everything onto one page. Still not sure about what font to choose while writing a resume? Read our guide about the best resume fonts: What Is The Best Font For A Resume (+10 Examples Tips) Here Is the Best Way to Save Your Resume. When you're done writing your perfect resume, it's time to consider how to make a resume file. And that's not as obvious as it sounds.

The best advice is to save your resume as a PDF and give it your name. When you save your resume as a PDF, there is no chance that the Medical Centre Tri Fold formatting will glitch and get messed up when a recruiter opens the Gift Card file. Do keep in mind that if your resume has to pass ATS software, Cylons don't like special formatting or graphics. Read the Templates. Centre Brochure instructions explaining how to send your resume, because you may need to send something other than a PDF. How should you name your files? The recruiter won’t have to search for Gift Card that crazy space smuggler’s resume when they want to refer to it. Not sold on Centre saving your file as a PDF document? Need to see some pros and cons about different file formats? Read our guide: Word VS PDF Resume: What Is The Best Resume Format? Here Is an Easy Way to Template Plan In Excel Task Tracker Keep a Resume Short.

How long should an Brochures Templates. Spa Beauty Centre Brochure, ideal resume be? One page or two? Most contemporary resume guidelines will tell you that while making a resume, you should do your best to keep it to one page. But you don’t want to force it, and that isn't true for Gift Card everyone. The best thing to do is to go through at the end and trim as much fat as possible without losing the value. Here are three tips on how to make a resume for a job shorter: If you aren't sure how long your resume should be or need more advice on Medical Brochures Spa Beauty Centre how to make a resume shorter, read our guide: How Long Should a Resume Be? Everything You Need To Know Little Known Tools That Will Proofread Your Resume for | Musician Resume You. One of the worst things you can do is send out Medical Brochures Templates. Spa Beauty a basic resume that is Report Of Aaeon Inc, full of grammar and Medical Brochures Spa Beauty Brochure spelling mistakes. You need to proofread your resume. It doesn’t matter if you already know how to write a resume that stands out.

Even the best resumes need to be proofread by a second person. Whoever you chose can also give you an objective opinion about how you’ve presented yourself. Start by proofreading your resume with the help of apps like Grammarly, Language Tool, or other language tools. Next, ask your mom, your partner, your best friend, your neighbor - whoever - to read over Income Statement Example. Statement, your resume for you. How to Medical Spa Beauty Tri Fold Clean Up Your Online Image. Before sending your resume, you will want to check your online presence. Strategic Swot Analysis Report Technology Inc. That's because 59% of recruiters research candidates online after reading their resumes. Let's say you're sure you know how to Templates. Tri Fold Brochure write a resume and you follow all of our advice. Letter Layout. That won't matter if you skip this step. Start by entering your name into Google to Brochures Spa Beauty Tri Fold see what comes up in the results.

Most of you will find links to your social media profiles. Of Aaeon Technology Inc. As long as you cleared your profiles of unprofessional content, you should be good to go. If you have a more common name like Jane Smith, for example, you may not find much about yourself at Medical Brochures Tri Fold all. Some of you might be disturbed to Strategic Of Aaeon Inc find extremely personal content such as your bank account number, an image of Templates. Tri Fold your signature, or sexually explicit images that have been posted without your consent. If this happens, you can ask Google to remove the information from the Gift Card Internet for you. If you find some embarrassing content on a web page, Google suggests that it is best to Templates. Centre Tri Fold Brochure contact the webmaster (owner) to Standard Letter - The Best Letter Sample have the image or content removed. Here’s the Medical Templates. Tri Fold Brochure Most Common Myth About Cover Letters. A cover letter is Standard Letter Layout Best, still needed when you send a resume to a potential employer. Medical Brochures Templates. Centre. Up to 45% of recruiters will reject resumes without cover letters. So, even if you know how to write a resume, you can forget about landing the job if you don't send a cover letter. Your cover letter or application letter is where you can expand upon things that you need to keep brief on Template In Excel Task Microsoft your resume.

It also needs to be tailored to the job for which you are applying. As for resume references, they're the one thing you truly don't need anymore. So, lose the phrase references upon request. Okay, so you need a cover letter. But do you know how to Medical Templates. Spa Beauty Centre Brochure write an application letter? And better yet, how do you write a convincing one? Read our guide: How To Write A Cover Letter [Complete Guide With Examples] Why Sending a Personal Message Can Be a Big Win. When you send your resume to a general email address like [email protected] , your resume is entering a swamp of identical messages from other candidates. One thing you can do to differentiate your message is to Business Letter - The Sample try to find out the name of the person who will be reading your resume and send them a personal email. This is not the best solution in Medical Templates. Spa Beauty Tri Fold every case. Strategic Report Technology Inc. You will need to Medical Brochures Templates. Spa Beauty decide if a hiring manager will see the gesture as clever or creepy.

Pro Tip : If you use our resume builder, ( create your resume here ) you have the option to publish your resume and send a link to employers. Sending a link will allow you to track views and Standard Business Letter - The Sample downloads so that you know how well your resume is performing. Want to Medical Brochures Centre Brochure send a personal message but can't find the hiring manager's email address? Need to Income Traditional Income know how to write a resume email? We've got you covered: How To Email Your Resume To Get More Replies From Employers Once you've sent your resume, it's a good idea to track it. You can install a free sales tool like Mixmax or YesWare to help you. Knowing if recruiters have opened and read your email will enable you to Medical Brochures Spa Beauty Brochure follow-up promptly or find different email addresses.

Your resume is 4+ Contract Examples | Musician, your passport to Medical Brochures Templates. Spa Beauty Tri Fold job interviews. Gift Card. And knowing how to make a resume for a job is the Brochures first step on any career path. So, take the time and energy to Standard Business Best Letter Sample think about how to write a resume well and how to tailor it to the job description. Brochures Templates. Spa Beauty Brochure. If you can do that, you're well on your way to the next level - the interview. Bonus: Check out our ultimate checklist of 56 things you need to do before you send your resume. How many have you missed? Download: “Resume 101 Checklist.” Are there any great resume writing tips we need to include in the article? Do you have any questions about how to Gift Card make a resume for your position?

Add a comment. I’ll be happy to answer. Natalie is Templates. Centre, a writer at Uptowork. She loves writing about resumes and Trends In U.s. eating tacos more than life itself. Medical Brochures Spa Beauty Brochure. She spends her free time reading complicated novels and binge watching TV series.

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7 Reasons This Is An Excellent Resume For Someone With No Experience. Writing your very first resume can be a daunting process. And it doesn't help to Medical Spa Beauty Centre Brochure, know that recruiters spend an average of six seconds reviewing a resume before they make the initial decision on candidates, according to research conducted by Business Letter Layout - The Letter Sample, TheLadders , an online job-matching service for Medical Brochures Spa Beauty Centre professionals. Many students don't know what should and For Project Free, should not be included in their first resume, says Amanda Augustine, a career expert at TheLadders. While there are no hard and Brochures Templates. Centre Brochure, fast rules when writing a resume, it really depends on what content you have to work with, there are some preliminary guidelines all students or new professionals should follow. She says the most important things to think about when you're creating your first resume are your job goals and your audience. Ask yourself: If I handed the resume to someone who knew nothing about my college major or career direction, could they easily identify the For Project type of role I'm targeting and why within the first 30 seconds? . Templates. Tri Fold Brochure! To get a clearer picture of what makes a resume great, we asked Augustine to create a sample of an excellent one for someone with little to no experience. While your resume may look different, depending on the industry you're in, the Of Aaeon Technology Inc one below should serve as a useful guide for entry-level professionals with very little work experience: Skye Gould/Business Insider.

What makes this an excellent resume for someone with no experience? Augustine outlines the following reasons: 1. The layout is Medical Spa Beauty Centre Tri Fold Brochure clean and easy to read. . The same font type is used throughout the document. Dates and locations are consistently represented, so it's easy to scan and Examples | Musician Resume, pick out the important information. Medical Brochures Templates. Spa Beauty! In addition, the headers and main sections of information are centered on the page, which TheLadders eye-tracking study revealed is how recruiters tend to scan resumes, she says. 2. It includes a link to the job seeker's professional profile. . While it may seem a little premature, it's important for students to develop good social media habits from the get-go. Create one professional profile dedicated to your future career, she suggests. If you're studying to work in a more creative field, consider developing an Letter - The Best Letter Sample, online portfolio to display as part of your contact information. In addition, increase the Medical Brochure security settings on your personal accounts so they're hidden away.

3. Resume! The job seeker' s goals are clear. . Maria's professional title and summary at the top of the resume clearly indicate her interest in securing an internship in advertising or public relations. If her resume was passed along to someone by a friend, the Spa Beauty Centre Tri Fold reader wouldn't have to guess, Augustine says. While Maria's personal brand is still under development, her summary references the value she already brings to the table: the | Musician relevant degree she's pursuing, her experience using social media, and her writing skills. 4. Brochures Centre! It plays up the | Musician Resume job seeker's selling points. . Maria is pursuing her first internship and doesn't have any relevant work experience to Medical Centre Tri Fold, speak of. As a result, we've shifted around the components within her resume to showcase her strengths: her relevant coursework, leadership activities, achievements, and Examples | Musician, skills, Augustine explains.

Her work experience is Medical Brochures Spa Beauty Centre Tri Fold Brochure moved to the bottom of the resume because it's not directly tied to her internship goals. However, it's important to include this information because it demonstrates Maria's work ethic and Gift Card, skills.. 5. It includes some references to high school. Medical Brochures Spa Beauty Tri Fold Brochure! . If you're pursuing your first internship, it's all right to incorporate some information about your high school career. Standard Business Letter Sample! This includes any awards, honors, or scholarships you may have received or sports you may have played. If you were valedictorian or salutatorian of Brochures Templates. Spa Beauty Brochure your class, or you held an office in an honor society or relevant club, include it in your first resume, Augustine says. This information paints a picture for the reader of a well-rounded student who was active in and out of Trends Facility Food school.

6. It lists her social media skills.. If you grew up with Facebook and other social media channels, it may seem silly to add these to your resume €” doesn't everyone know their way around Instagram today? she says. But the Medical Brochures Templates. Spa Beauty Tri Fold Brochure reality is that this knowledge is an Gift Card, asset to many employers, and Templates. Spa Beauty Tri Fold Brochure, not everyone in Income Statement Traditional, the job market possesses it. If you're targeting internship opportunities in marketing, public relations, advertising, journalism, or even customer service, include these skills in your resume. Many employers are looking for interns to help manage their online brands; adding these skills to Spa Beauty, your resume will help them find you. 7. It doesn't include a list of references.

You do not need a line at the bottom that reads: References available upon request. . As a college student you only get one page of resume real estate €” so don't waste it with this information. Employers don't ask for Facility Food that information until you make it to a face-to-face interview, and they know you'll provide it if they request it, she says. It's important to remember that experience isn't everything €” and, luckily, employers filling internships don't expect you to Medical Spa Beauty, have much of Statement Example. Traditional it just yet, Augustine says. However, they do want to see an active student who has demonstrated a genuine interest in their position. So, when you sit down to write your first resume, try to Medical Templates. Brochure, think about your previous jobs in a new light.

If your experience seems unrelated to the internship you want, think about Trends And Correctional, what skills you've practiced or learned that could be applicable, she says. For instance, as a waitress you're sure to Spa Beauty Tri Fold, develop skills in customer service, sales, and multitasking, all of 4+ Contract Resume which could be very valuable to a potential employer. SEE ALSO: 15 Things You Should Never Put On Your Resume. NOW WATCH: 7 smart questions to ask at the end of every job interview. Recommended For You Powered by Brochures Templates. Centre Tri Fold, Sailthru.

7 Reasons This Is An Excellent Resume For Someone With No Experience.

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coca cola job resume Coca-Cola bottle concept by Andrew Kim takes up less space than traditional round bottles and comes with a cool collapsible design for Medical Templates. Centre Brochure easy recycling. As an added bonus, each bottle features an Technology Inc opening at the bottom that allows multiple bottles to Spa Beauty Centre be stacked. In U.s. Facility Food. This increases efficiency during transportation and reduces the Medical Spa Beauty Centre Brochure, amount of space needed for storage. Great concept, I think more aesthetically pleasing and neater than the Gift Card, old plastic bottle shape. And a bit more beneficial to the environment too. Hopefully going into the shop and picking up one of Centre, these will be a reality soon. A collapsed bottle has the same amount of plastic as a bottle that isn’t collapsed. Gift Card. I don’t understand how this bottle leaves a “smaller carbon footprint”.. @Sachawinter: this design will consume less space, means, one container will loads more coke, which in turn less transportation cost, less crate, or “smaller carbon footprint”

Very neat and well thought out design concept. Tri Fold Brochure. Aesthetically more pleasing for me, as my taste are more contemporary. Sustainability is very important, going green is a great. *Although, the shape of the bottle has somewhat become part of Gift Card, Coca-Cola’s identity including our world’s pop culture. When you see that shape it automatically correlates with the brand. Medical Brochures Spa Beauty Brochure. They have changed it slightly over the years but stayed true to 4+ Contract | Musician Resume the overall shape and design for that last almost 100 years (since 1915).

Changing this is huge and may have negative impact. Square bottle + carbonation/pressure of a coke = sides pop out and it becomes rounded. Great concept. Square bottle won’t be rolling on the floor of a vehicle, therefore will not get a change to get underneath break pedal. If that really happened, don’t you think they would have figured that out? Come on, man. 1. The plastic would have to be really thick to Brochures Brochure counteract the pressure of the soda.

I don’t see it staying square, even with the sculpted curve. Making the Trends In U.s. Military And Foodservice, plastic thicker means you’re going less green than the original. Testing this would require real bottling conditions, not just pouring soda in there. 2. The bottle shape is as essential to Coke’s brand as their name or logotype. I can’t see them giving up the bottle shape just to reduce their carbon footprint.

3. Unless the Brochures Spa Beauty Centre, corners split open, that bottle won’t compact at Standard Business - The Best Letter, all. Besides just the shape, the sculpted curve will work against Brochures Centre you. I also think it would be better to encourage recycling, not just make folks feel less guilty for trashing it. 4. You now have to line up the bottles when putting them on the shelf or in a cooler. The old way required no thought, just stack them in there. Minor, perhaps, but I imagine this will mess up machines at the least. 5. Looks unfomfortable to hold. 4+ Contract | Musician Resume. The old round shape fits your hand well. Medical Templates. Spa Beauty Brochure. The way the top is offset means you will have to line the bottle up to drink. Not good in the car or in other “drinking while otherwise occupied” instances.

You don’t want the location of the top to change based on Income Statement, how your hand is twisted. 6. Honestly, it isn’t very attractive. Brochures Spa Beauty Tri Fold. That’s personal prefence, though :) Pretty amazing, they should do this. In U.s. And Correctional And Foodservice. Or Pepsi should steal it since Coca-cola’s shape is a trademark. Now we need square cup holders in the car.

Great critique. This design doesn’t really work that well. Your argument is completely one sided. The shape of the bottle probably won’t mess with cokes consumption in todays society. No matter what shape the bottle is, people will still drink it. And if they don’t like the Brochures Centre, bottle, get a can.

And besides, most relate coke’s can design more than the bottles. The rectangular design would be easier to package and shelve. It wouldn’t take much longer to stack and straighten the Gift Card, new design than it does the old. Plus, space would be saved on selves, for there would be less empty space between bottles (in shipping and stocking). As for machines, I’m sure it won’t mess with most contraptions, since most just drop the bottle into Medical Templates. Spa Beauty Centre Tri Fold, the hole for you to grab anyway. There are plenty of other bottled juices and pops with awkward shapes to hold. It’s all a matter of how picky you are about how “uncomfortable” hold the bottle will be… because obviously you’re going to have to hold that thing for much longer than the two minutes you need finish the drink. I believe the new concept is not necessarily meant to Standard Letter look good, though it doesn’t look bad, it is something different and Medical Brochures, will generally catch the public’s eye. Not to mention just more promotional hype about Gift Card a new green design.

I’m not so sure about the Medical Templates. Spa Beauty Brochure, collapsible aspect of it, there may be flaws in that. But it is a nice idea to Gift Card have a bottle you can easily take to your local recycling depot without your bin overflowing. I’m not necessarily saying this is the best idea in Brochure the world, but I’m not going to take a bias side. And just thought I’d give the positive since Pete was so kind to point out Task Free Microsoft, all the negative. HAHA! I think it’s really, really funny when pedantic consumers think they know more than the top-notch experts in any given field. It reminds me of an ex-boyfriend who was SURE that concrete would be better to pave highways than asphalt, as if city planners just hadn’t thought of it, when really there are very clear reasons.

If you think you’ve found something wrong with a square bottle design that the engineers at Tri Fold, Coca-Cola didn’t think of, you’re wrong. Facility Food. They know more than you do, have more experience than you do, and Templates. Spa Beauty, have (gasp!) actually tested some of this stuff. Seriously. Oh, and square = tighter packaging = no/less wasted space = more product per square foot = more efficient trasport = less oil burned = GOOD FOR EARTH. i dont think that this would work its a nice idea but coke wont give up there bottle shape i could see it working better for like a new product or a juice. also it is just a concept from some person not from Report Of Aaeon coke or at least thats how i read this so in concepts there are a lot of flaws to Medical Brochures Spa Beauty Brochure work out. @Youre”Doom” amd @Loni: I think both of you expect that this concept is made by Coca Cola and “they can’t be wrong”. I guess you missed that this is a “midterm project”/school project (follow designer’s link). However, I think it’s an amazing concept and hopefully it will inspire not only us and Income Example. Traditional Income | Letter, the folks at Coca Cola. And maybe some day ideas from this concept will be realised :) Brilliant presentation anyway. The square design is not a completely new concept.

I like the Brochures Spa Beauty, idea but the collapsible nature of the bottle is very forward thinking. While there are flaws, I think it is an interesting idea. However, the idea of it being “greener” in relation to Trends Facility And Foodservice the picture is slightly misleading. The square container would have to carry the same amount of Coke in a smaller container, or otherwise there is no net effect. Templates.. From the picture, it looks like both containers would need the same square area, so only if the square bottle had a smaller footprint or was shorter would there be less wasted space. What about just using good old re-cycleable glass? Idea is great and Template For Project Plan Task Free Microsoft, stuff.

But they have made bottles round because of the grip and not to forget that every cup holder and every drink fending machine is made for round bottles, even the one’s in your fridge. It would be unlogical to pull that idea throug. Sorry if I have incorrect spelling or grammar in my piece. This was posted on Medical Templates. Spa Beauty Brochure, digg 3 days ago and this is what one of the diggers had to Strategic Swot Analysis Of Aaeon Inc say about it: 1. It’s a concept by a student, not something from Coke. 2. It won’t work for carbonated drinks because of the Medical Brochures Templates. Centre, pressure. (I’m guessing art student, not engineering)

3. It won’t make transport any more efficient because the problem is weight, not space. Current containers stack just fine etc. 4. Coke is for Military And Correctional Food the most part not shipped around the world in containers, it’s produced locally and moved on trucks that are limited by weight, not size. 5. Glass containers are far more environmentally friendly. Those bottles look cool! Would we see this on Medical Templates. Spa Beauty Centre Tri Fold, the market?

Who knows… I love this green concept! That concept it’s good as pouring CocaC. directly in Statement Income hands of costumers. Medical Brochures Templates. Centre Tri Fold. I think the target is messing…try with fruit juice! wow you guys are pretty good at commenting only Income Example. Income Statement | Letter, seeing the pictures. anyway, nice concept! @2lv2, i agree why not just make them out of glass in a square shape if plastic wont work.

Don’t beat the Medical Brochure, guy up! He had an idea, he was bold enough to test it to the extent he did, and Analysis Report Of Aaeon, subsequently share it with the world. Critique constructively. Everyone benefits from the sharing of ideas, and I’m sure he’s learned a great deal from all the feedback left in the comments stream. That’s what it’s for, right?

I’m sure there’s a good reason coke doesn’t make it in glass anymore. Probably far more expensive than the plastic. Plastic is just more convenient. You can’t have glass at ballparks and sporting events, so Coke would still have to Brochures Templates. Spa Beauty Brochure produce a large amount of plastic bottles anyway. Gift Card. I really only see glass versions of coke in Brochures Templates. Spa Beauty Centre those novelty small (8 oz?) bottles, and Inc, even then, very rarely do I see those. Plus, glass breaks easily. Medical Brochures Spa Beauty Centre Tri Fold. Not to say that plastic is completely drop-proof, but I imagine it is more-so than glass.

If a plastic bottle breaks/cracks, just the soda makes a mess. If a glass bottle breaks, the soda and the glass makes a mess. If you are from an urban area and Military Facility And Foodservice, ever see broken glass on the street, you know this is a valid point. No one has gloves on hand when casually carrying around a glass bottle of coke in case it breaks. Also, glass doesn’t provide the re-seal-ability for lack of a better term that plastic does. Re-sealing a beer for a long period of time even if it is a twist off is never a good idea. @ Lori: HAHA! I think it’s really, really funny when people look like idiots when they’re trying to look smart. I can’t believe you thought this was actually a concept by Coca Cola. You must be pretty dense.

And concrete IS better for highways than asphalt. Medical Brochures Centre Tri Fold Brochure. It lasts much longer and needs far less maintenance. Examples | Musician Resume. It’s just more expensive, which is why smaller towns and counties don’t do it. The true design is starting to Brochures Templates. Centre Tri Fold Brochure take it’s place in Analysis the world. A square bottle uses more plastic per volume of coke than a round bottle. +1 for Josh. Medical Templates. Spa Beauty Centre Brochure. Best arguments on here (even though they weren’t necessarily his). lets really recycle, glass bottles do this. Maybe you should work for them then!

Since you know everything about it and all… it looks like the 4+ Contract Examples | Musician, future. Not sure why the bile. Folks put their designs out for critique. I’m thrilled that they do that. – No, this wasn’t from Brochures Templates. Centre Brochure Coke; it was a student project. Even if this was from Coke, I hate to break it to Trends In U.s. And Correctional Facility you child, but corporate product designer and marketers don’t always get everything right. (New coke anyone? – or at least for those of Templates., you old enough to remember. New pepsi logo anyone?).

They often have constraints and In Excel Free, pressures that interfere. – No, not all the ideas were thought through. Although if you look at the original presentation on the site, certainly a lot of thought actually went into it. – Yes, this is a neat design. – Yes, it was creative.

– No, it wasn’t professional. Brochures Templates. Spa Beauty Centre Brochure. It shows a lack of both bottle and vending engineering knowledge for Layout Letter one. It concentrates primarily on the “green” aspect, something which is extremely hard to do correctly. For example, the Spa Beauty Brochure, smallest shape for any given volume is a sphere. Deviate from that and Gift Card, you use more plastic. Due to how plastic molding works, you’ll use quite a bit more due to the reinforcement required at the corners (or the corners will need to be rounded quite a bit) – No, it doesn’t show knowledge of how Coke is actually shipped. I can’t say that I’ve ever heard of Coke hitting a shipping container, but I suppose it happens. It’s usually shipped as syrup. – Finally, no, a real product designer would NEVER completely discard something so essential to the brand that they have a patent on it (the bottle shape).

You don’t “hint” at something that critical. When the Brochures Templates., defense is “it won’t take much longer” and Trends In U.s. Military Facility, “depends on how picky you are about Medical Templates. Spa Beauty Centre Tri Fold Brochure how uncomfortable”, it doesn’t say much for the practicality. Neat idea, just not practical and Examples | Musician, doesn’t live up to the mission. I love seeing new ideas here. Brochures. Not all of them are winners, though, even if they *are* creative. The person who did this is Income Statement quite talented, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good design. I completely agree. Does anyone else see the blatant conflict between Coca-Cola’s scripty logo and the futuristic packaging?

And, if we want to design to decrease carbon footprint, I don’t think changing a shape is as effective as changing the materials… biodegradable plastics maybe? This guy is creative… sure. But, it looks to Brochures Templates. Spa Beauty Tri Fold Brochure me like the Gift Card, sort of project you come up with by finding the first thing you see… a Coke bottle… what if… it was square!? We’ve all had one of those projects. Now I’m just a 15 year old school student so correct me if I am wrong but I see multiple flaws in this design. many of which have already been pointed out such as loss of brand identity and Templates. Centre Tri Fold Brochure, the structural flaws of a square shape. One of which that hasn’t been addressed is the Income Income, lack of Brochures Brochure, grip it provides. To be fair considering the coca cola brand itself the worlds most recognisable brand I do not think they need to worry about loss of Military And Correctional Facility, brand identity. Medical Brochures Templates. Spa Beauty Centre Tri Fold. but my suggestion would be to use a triangular shape with a sires of Income Statement Example. Traditional | Letter, groves around the middle.

This would keep all the benefits of the Medical Centre Tri Fold, square but also add better grip and Swot Analysis Of Aaeon Technology, the cap could still be centred in Brochures Spa Beauty Centre Tri Fold Brochure the middle solving the problem of orientation. For Project In Excel Tracker Microsoft. The problem of strength would still remain though. As far as I can tell from my basic knowledge of engineering and shapes, any shape other than a circle would require more plastic to reinforce it as the pressure would not be distributed evenly, therefore counteracting the green effects the product has on transportation with increased material usage leading to more waste. Also although the Medical Brochures Templates. Brochure, bottle looks good here it is only because the Trends Military And Correctional Food, minimal packaging. Brochures Spa Beauty Tri Fold. In a real world situation it would be far more cluttered with info and would only be a thin band around the centre of the bottle as seen on Examples | Musician, the current ones.

As for using glass bottles they tried it in Brochures Templates. Spa Beauty Centre Tri Fold the UK but everybody kept buying the plastic ones as they were more practical. “Voda Voda” bottle has square design for Example. Traditional Statement | Letter more than 5 years… I like the Brochures Tri Fold Brochure, design and I think it would help people to Resume be greener because of the fact that it can be folded up although I don’t think it looks as good as the round bottle. I am a welding engineer not a plastics engineer but i know about statics and strengths of materials. Also a little bit on how plastics work.

Though i am not going to Templates. Centre do the mathematics involved, i will just give a visual analysis. From the design the bottle should not have a problem because…A) the corners are rounded and | Musician, the bottom is so the stress risers will be small. B) the surface area of the flat parts should be enough to distribute the force of the pressure from carbonation which means that it shouldn’t bulge out that much. C) Since the bottle will be “blow molded” the sides and the center panels will have slightly less plastic then the Medical Brochures Templates. Spa Beauty Centre Brochure, little ridges that cover the bottle, this should increase bending limits so the bottle will be stronger to withstand the forces (though a slight bulge will probably occur it would be small). That’s about it i am not going to do the math. It would take me i do not know 1-3 hours since there is only 4 sides i would have to Template For Project Tracker Microsoft calculate plus a longer time to calculate the strengths of the plastics. Medical Brochures Templates. Centre Brochure. This analysis took me 3 minutes so i have no idea how right i am but since other engineers have not commented i have nothing to compare too. Statement Example. Traditional | Letter. (there is always at least 3 engineers doing this in a group to compare to one another) Great concept, would love to Medical Templates. Brochure see it in stores, even if it was just a test run; Beautiful design overall. Glad i’m not in Report Of Aaeon Technology Inc this student’s class.

It’s a rectangle. It’s nothing “revolutionary”. I am a Design Engineer myself, with some FEA and structural experience. I have comments RE: “A) the Brochures Tri Fold, corners are rounded and the bottom is so the stress risers will be small. B) the surface area of the flat parts should be enough to distribute the force of the pressure from carbonation which means that it shouldn’t bulge out that much.” You are right stress risers should be small but that is not the structural issue here.

Stress risers are more important when we analyze failure (breakage) but in main problem here is not breakage but deformation. Gift Card. We hope to design the Medical Templates. Brochure, rectangular bottle not only not to break but not even to Business Letter Layout Letter bulge, so we have to look at deformation, not breakage. So, don’t worry about Medical Templates. Spa Beauty Brochure stress risers. The issue here is to have a pressurized vessel (filled with carbonated drink) with flat walls. Saying “the surface area of the flat parts should be enough to distribute the force of the pressure” is Template In Excel Task Microsoft not completely correct. Force=pressure*area, so the more area you have the Medical Brochures Spa Beauty Centre Tri Fold Brochure, more force you have bending (bulging) that surface.

You do not “distribute” the force of the pressure. You **add** the Trends Military And Correctional Facility And Foodservice, force of the pressure on every individual square inch of the surface and that is what causes the wall to bulge. Cilindrical/ spherical walls are, as a rule, better for pressurized vessels because they are already “bulged” and Medical Brochures Spa Beauty, they cannot “bulge” anymore. Income Statement Traditional | Letter. Not to be technical but a flat wall, being flat, will develop bending stresses, hence it will bulge. A cylindrical wall will develop only tensile stresses, hence it will NOT bulge (it will just “inflate” a little). To repeat previous comments here and elsewhere, there is some likelihood that bottle plastic weight for Medical Brochures Templates. Centre the rectangular bottle will have to go up to Income Example. Traditional have a small enough “bulge”, therefore increasing carbon footprint, use of plastics and so forth. Medical Templates. Spa Beauty Tri Fold. Detailed math (FEA) analysis and experiments are needed here to figure out what is what (and this is, actually, my specialty). Having said that, I want to be first in line to hire Mr.

Andrew Kim when he graduates in about 3 years. And if this is example of his work as a freshman, I want to be first in line for Mr. For Project Plan Free. Andrew Kim **TO HIRE ME** in about 7 years. Master Andrew, drop me a line, I’ll email you my mechanical design engineer resume! What about states that have deposits? I live in Michigan and almost every large store (meijers, walmart, krogers, ect.) have machines that you deposit your bottles into. The machines then read the barcodes and count how many bottles/cans you return. you push a button and Templates. Spa Beauty, it prints off a slip that you present to the cashier to receive your deposit back. I see a problem with the bottles collapsing and the machines then not being able to read them. All in all its a great idea, a bottle that is easly collapasable, that takes up less space and such.

I don’t think people quite understand that concept artists aren’t exactly experts in the fields of Letter - The, physics or real bottle design. The shape simply wouldn’t work because of the carbonation pressure. Also, it would be rather uncomfortable to hold. I could care less about the Medical Templates. Spa Beauty, iconic shape, but I don’t want to be holding a cold rectangle that has bumps all over For Project In Excel Task it. I think it is a great design. As an artist, I have to say I think it is a cool design. Maybe it would be a good design for bottled waters as they don’t have carbonation. As a consumer, I don’t buy my drinks in plastic simply because they retain heat. Medical Brochures Templates. Centre Tri Fold Brochure. If you touch a stone or glass or even metal it is cold to the touch, but if you touch a plastic or resin it is warm to Strategic Inc the touch.

I personally drink my Coke in cans. Templates. Spa Beauty Centre. I have too often purchased a cold bottle of soda only to find the contents were warm. Template For Project Free Microsoft. Yuck. I think the designer was preoccupied by the idea of making a square bottle and completely failed to Templates. Spa Beauty Centre Tri Fold Brochure realize why bottles are round, not much of an accomplishment for a product design. Why not make the square bottle like a lego brick. The bottle could be filled with sand or dirt and then stacked to In U.s. Military Facility make a wall. The sand or dirt would serve as insulation. There would be less bottles in landfills and more of them used as a building material. If your are in any doubt about the ability of the Brochures, bottle with carbonized drinks check out Blue Marlins design of Isklar carbonated water. Income Statement Income Statement | Letter. Innovation at its best!

A square bottle will require 13% more plastic to hold the same volume of liquid. And that is not including the additional plastic due to Medical Brochures Centre thicker walls required to provide the same structural support. So, the Trends In U.s. Facility, bigger tradeoff here would be more plastic required per bottle. Medical Centre Tri Fold. Deer Park water has done a great job of utilizing a minimalist/collapsable design for Tracker Free its water bottles. All that said, aesthetically the bottles look great and would help update Coke’s image.

Following the above comment, it would be interesting to study of the Spa Beauty Centre, tradeoff between the additional plastic required for a square bottle versus the savings and polution reduction due to transportation, storage and logistics that Andrew illustrates so well. Overall, this is a great example of how a simple design can have very complex ramifications! Here’s what makes sense to me… If the same type and Gift Card, thickness of Medical Brochures Templates., plastic is Resume used, each bottle of coke takes up more room and Medical Brochures Templates. Tri Fold Brochure, uses more plastic: high school math says so. What is gained is the unused space in between the bottles in the crate, that means more product per tray of bottles, and therefore more coke in a single shipment. However, that means more weight on Gift Card, the shipping vehicle and increased transportation costs. So that would be, fail, fail, and Brochures Templates. Spa Beauty, – weight for Income Example. Traditional Income it – epic fail. Check out Walmart rubbing alcohol bottles, they are also fishy. I’m a blow molded product development engineer / manager, and I skimmed a few of the comments here as I made my way down the Templates. Spa Beauty Tri Fold, list. I know I’m late to the game, but here’s my input:

I like the design overall, but as mentioned, loses the Coke bottle brand identity, and kills the Income Statement | Letter, comfort in your hand. The neck can’t be off-center on a PET bottle design, you will have huge issues with varied wall thickness through the bottle. Thick wall on Medical Templates. Centre, the side closest to the neck, thin wall on the opposing side away from the neck. You need a minimum radius in all corners or 1/8? / 3mm in Trends In U.s. Military And Correctional Facility the bottle body when it comes to Medical Templates. Spa Beauty Tri Fold Brochure PET bottle design. Template Plan In Excel Task Tracker Free Microsoft. The bigger the better. Medical Centre Tri Fold Brochure. That design you have there, while original, is setting itself up to be a huge failure during drop testing. Sharp corners are a huge No-No in PET design. Standard - The. Also, add healthy draft angles wherever possible to prevent bottle scuffing on part ejection from the mold, which is always a big issue in PET design. You’ll also find yourself running into blow ratio issues once your blow ratio goes beyond 2.2:1. Meaning the bottle width or depth really shouldn’t exceed 2.2 X the “E” diameter, (The minor diameter of the threads on the neck finish,) if you can help it. Although it has been done plenty of Brochures Templates. Centre, times before, it’s a good guideline to Standard Letter Best Letter live by Medical Brochures Centre, if you can help it.

I like the Trends In U.s. Food, idea of a square design, that certainly the most efficient way to ship product, much better than a round. But even with healthy design techniques like adding good corner radii to the shape, giving the bottle panels some radius, etc., the processor is again going to be battling varying wall thicknesses here. They’ll be challenged by a rib of thick material down the center of the bottle panel, and Medical Spa Beauty Centre Tri Fold, thin corners at all corners of the square shape, leading to more challenges in drop testing. Onto to collapsing the bottle. I’ve never seen a successful bellows design in Template For Project In Excel Task Tracker Free Microsoft PET that will allow a shape to collapse as intended. You can do it in Medical Brochures Templates. Centre Brochure HDPE, but the In Excel Tracker Free Microsoft, amount of Medical Spa Beauty Brochure, sharpness you would have to apply to the corners of your bellows design to get the Of Aaeon Technology Inc, plastic to collapse would override the minimum radius you could feasibly blow mold in PET, bringing you back to more thin corners and drop testing failures. Sorry, like the concept, but it’s a manufacturing nightmare. why not try with a bigger head for its top? The cap part can be a bit larger,well, the Medical Brochures Brochure, gas has to go somewhere right?

This is NOT a new concept.. I own a SQUARE Coke bottle. orinally produced In Kenosha, Wis. years ago. It is glass with a rounded top. with the city name actually.