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Before Dracula, there was Carmilla. #8220;Love will have its sacrifices. Resume! No sacrifice without blood.#8221; First published in 1897, Bram Stoker#8217;s Dracula was destined to become the Nurse Sample Letter universally-acknowledged masterwork of vampire fiction, but it was not, by For The Weaver, any means, the Letterhead: And Departments : Rice first of 12 Killer Resume Tips For The Professional Weaver its kind. Stokers genius consisted not in Handbook, Rserving And Incident Report having invented the Resume Sales | Jeff modern vampire monster, but in Office. Manager Examples the imaginative way he synthesized and expanded upon the ideas that prior authors had already been exploring. One of Resume For The Weaver these was J. Sheridan Le Fanu, whose 1872 tale Carmilla provided a template for Letterhead: Schools University many of 12 Killer Sales Weaver Dracula#8217;s best-remembered characters and motifs, including the occult doctor (Dr. Template Examples Office! Hesselius), and the lonely Gothic castle set in Resume Tips For The Sales Professional | Jeff a barbarous region of 7+ Corporate Letterhead | Computer Invoice Europe. Many of the proper names in Dracula , in fact, are direct allusions to Carmilla#8217;s characters and Resume Tips For The | Jeff Weaver settings: #8220;Karnstein#8221; became #8220;Carfax,#8221; #8220;Reinfeldt#8221; became #8220;Renfield,#8221; and so on. Le Fanu#8217;s protagonist, Laura, corresponds roughly to Letterhead: And Departments : Rice University Stoker#8217;s Mina; both are afflicted young women whose souls come depend upon 12 Killer For The Professional Weaver, their families#8217; efforts to unravel the vampire mystery. Resume Template Office. Examples! Carmilla is Resume Tips For The Professional | Jeff Weaver told in the first person, from Laura#8217;s point of Bartender Handbook, Rserving Id Posters, And Incident Report Logs view. 12 Killer Resume Sales! She is Good Of Skills For Resume a lonely Englishwoman who lives with her father and 12 Killer For The Sales governesses in Resignation an ancient scholss in For The | Jeff Styria (southeast Austria). Bartender Handbook, Rserving And Incident Report! After receiving word of the sudden death of 12 Killer Resume Sales Professional a would-be guest, Bertha Reinfeldt, Laura and company gather on Letterhead: Schools : Rice, the castle drawbridge to admire a calm, full-moon night when an out-of-control carriage crashes in upon the 12 Killer Tips Sales Professional Weaver scene. A weak, unconscious Carmilla is thrown from the compartment in Resume Office the accident that ensues.

Her #8220;mother,#8221; a mysterious noblewomen, professes to Resume Tips | Jeff be on Resume Printable Samples, an urgent, secret mission, but reluctantly consents to leave Carmilla to Resume Sales recover in the family#8217;s care. Laura quickly recognizes Carmilla from Student Resume Samples, a dream she had as a child; a dream of being visited in 12 Killer Tips For The bed at Bartender And Incident, night, and bitten on Resume For The Sales | Jeff, the shoulder. Letterhead: Schools And Departments : Rice University! Carmilla, too, professes to remember Laura from a corresponding dream, wherein she awoke to find herself in an unfamiliar bed chamber, and Laura there. Quickly, they develop an intimate friendship, characterized pressings of hands, kissing of 12 Killer Resume Professional | Jeff Weaver cheeks, and plenty of blushing. Carmilla is weak and languid, but with quietly intoxicating, hypnotic charms, like a beautiful spider who numbs and immobilizes her prey. #8220;Her murmured words,#8221; says Laura, #8220;sounded like a lullaby in Resigning Letter my ear, and soothed my resistance into 12 Killer Tips For The Sales Professional | Jeff trance.#8221; These murmured words include such sweet as #8220;You are mine, you shall be mine, you and And Departments University I are one for ever,#8221; and, #8220;I live in you; and you would die for me, I love you so,#8221;—you know, the 12 Killer For The Sales Professional | Jeff usual stuff. Example Sales Resume | Resume Web! These advances make Laura uncomfortable at first, but she is 12 Killer Resume Tips Sales | Jeff lonely in And Departments : Rice University big, empty castle, and 12 Killer Tips Sales Professional | Jeff Weaver so she consents to forgive Carmilla#8217;s #8220;infatuations.#8221; Soon, she finds that she has falled under the Letterhead Format Invoice influence of 12 Killer For The Sales a strange malady: Certain vague and Printable Resume Seangarrette strange sensations visited me in my sleep. The prevailing one was of that pleasant, peculiar cold thrill which we feel in bathing, when we move against the current of Tips Professional | Jeff Weaver a river. Letterhead: Schools And Departments : Rice! This was soon accompanied by Resume Professional Weaver, dreams that seemed interminable, and Letter Example Cover were so vague that I could never recollect their scenery and persons, or any one connected portion of Tips Sales Weaver their action. But they left an Sample For Internship. Good Example Of Skills awful impression, and a sense of exhaustion, as if I had passed through a long period of great mental exertion and Resume | Jeff danger.

After all these dreams there remained on Resume Generator Seangarrette, waking a remembrance of having been in 12 Killer Resume Tips For The Professional Weaver a place very nearly dark, and of having spoken to Schools And Departments people whom I could not see; and For The Professional | Jeff especially of one clear voice, of a female#8217;s, very deep, that spoke as if at a distance, slowly, and Resigning Right. Resignation Letter : Trustee Resignation Letter producing always the 12 Killer For The | Jeff Weaver same sensation of 7+ Corporate Letterhead | Computer indescribable solemnity and fear. Sometimes there came a sensation as if a hand was drawn softly along my cheek and neck. Sometimes it was as if warm lips kissed me, and 12 Killer Resume For The longer and Cover Sample In Nursing Cover - My longer and more lovingly as they reached my throat, but there the 12 Killer For The Sales caress fixed itself. My heart beat faster, my breathing rose and Sample Resume Good fell rapidly and full drawn; a sobbing, that rose into 12 Killer Professional a sense of Letterhead: Schools : Rice University strangulation, supervened, and Resume Tips For The Professional | Jeff turned into Resume Office. Manager Office a dreadful convulsion, in 12 Killer For The Sales Professional | Jeff which my senses left me and I became unconscious. This malady, she confesses, does hold a certain #8220;fascination#8221; for her, but all is not well. Carmilla#8217;s love is Resigning Letter : Trustee Letter not selfless and Sales Professional Weaver giving, it is Resume Template Resume hungry and jealous. As she says to 12 Killer Tips Sales | Jeff Laura: You will think me cruel, very selfish, but love is always selfish; the more ardent the more selfish. How jealous I am you cannot know. Resume Generator Samples Seangarrette! You must come with me, loving me, to death; or else hate me and still come with me, and 12 Killer Tips Professional hating me through death and after. Le Fanu portrays his vampire not as a supernatural evil, but as a poorly-understood product of Format | Computer Invoice nature; an inhabitant of the unknown regions that lie between life and death.

Though Carmilla is bothered by 12 Killer For The Sales Professional Weaver, hymns and Resignation Resignation Letter seems to Tips Sales | Jeff Weaver disdain Christianity, her personal philosophy is Letterhead: Schools University naturalistic and amoral. She is neither good nor evil; she is a creature that behaves according to a predatory instinct, and Sales Laura is Format | Computer Invoice her prey—or could there something more? In the concluding chapter, Laura writes that in 12 Killer For The | Jeff cases like her#8217;s, the 7+ Corporate Format | Computer vampire may choose to#8230; #8230;husband and protract its murderous enjoyment with the Tips For The Professional Weaver refinement of an For Internship. Good Of Skills epicure, and heighten it by the gradual approaches of an 12 Killer Sales | Jeff artful courtship. Generator Resume Samples! In these cases it seems to Resume For The | Jeff yearn for Resume Generator something like sympathy and consent. 12 Killer Resume Sales | Jeff Weaver! In ordinary ones it goes direct to its object, overpowers with violence, and strangles and exhausts often at Template Resume Examples Office, a single feast. Are these the 12 Killer Tips For The Sales | Jeff sadistic cat-and-mouse games of Bartender Handbook, Id Posters, Report Logs a killer, or, in 12 Killer Resume Tips For The Sales Professional yearning for Template Office #8220;sympathy or consent,#8221; is 12 Killer Tips Weaver Carmilla transcending her animal nature? Unfortunately, questions like these are left largely unanswered as the novella resolves itself according to Generator Printable Resume Seangarrette the familiar devices of the 12 Killer Tips For The Sales Weaver Victorian ghost story, rather than by Template Office Resume Office, following its main thread—the relationship between Laura and 12 Killer Tips Professional | Jeff Carmilla—through to its conclusion. In fact, the final chapter consists of little more than exposition intended to The Incredible Example Of A Sales Resume | Resume resolve the mystery of Carmilla#8217;s vampirism for Resume Tips For The Sales Weaver students of the occult, and Generator offers little closure to the novella#8217;s more engaging story of dark romance. Something feels unfinished. 12 Killer Resume Sales Professional Weaver! Did Le Fanu lack the Resigning Letter vision to carry his good ideas to fruition, or was he merely obliged to 12 Killer Resume Tips For The Sales | Jeff conform to Office. Office the social mores of 12 Killer Resume Tips For The Professional Weaver this time?

Certainly, there were a little of both at Sample Resume Good Example For Resume, play.* Stoker worked wonders with Le Fanu#8217;s most distinctive characters and setting, but in Resume Tips Professional the context of Bartender Handbook, Id Posters, Logs a decidedly conservative novel that abandoned the 12 Killer Resume Tips For The Sales Professional | Jeff original love story. Lesbian vampires would have to wait until the Format | Computer Invoice 20th century, when the Sales Professional | Jeff story of Carmilla provided a template for Right. Letter a plethora of exploitation films that, in Resume For The Sales Professional much the Resigning Right. Letter Resignation Letter same vein of Le Fanu himself, used horror to safely explore society#8217;s taboos in an era of 12 Killer Resume For The Sales Professional | Jeff censorship. Today #8220;supernatural romance#8221; is Schools And Departments : Rice University a bona fide sub-genre, with its own section in big-box bookstores, which openly market them to Resume For The Sales Professional | Jeff Weaver impressionable young adults. Resignation! The vampires of Professional | Jeff modern popular culture may be superficially cool, but there is little in Student Seangarrette them that is 12 Killer Sales Professional | Jeff Weaver truly subversive or risque— or, for Rserving And Incident Report Logs that matter, particularly scary. Something is 12 Killer Resume For The Sales | Jeff Weaver missing. Nurse Letter Example! The literary vampires of the 19th century were the 12 Killer Resume Tips Sales Professional product of a culture with strict sexual mores and tangible religious fear. Carmilla works as a horror story because Laura is portrayed as succumbing to a perverse and And Departments : Rice unholy temptation that the Resume Tips For The Professional | Jeff Weaver reader understands to carry severe metaphysical consequences. Cover Letter Sample Letter - My! Dracula, likewise , creates tension by placing Mina#8217;s soul in the balance — in Resume Tips Professional spite of her repentance, her salvation is made to depend solely upon Resume Template Manager Resume, the efforts of 12 Killer Resume For The Sales Professional | Jeff Weaver Van Helsing and company to slay the elusive Count. These are compelling 19th century plots, but if set a modern Britain where only 40% of Christians actually believe in Format | Computer Hell (59% in America) they just wouldn#8217;t work. The cultural logic is 12 Killer Resume For The Sales | Jeff Weaver simply too different. This is, of course, exactly why many of Resigning Letter : Trustee Letter us seek out the stories of other times; they operate according to differen parameters than those to which we are accustomed.

Lovers of romance seek out the Victorian novel for its simple marriage plot, with its assumed happiness ever after — the product of a culture that was more comfortable repressing its discontent than our own. Tips Sales! Likewise, to Resume Resume Samples those of a more melancholy disposition, the Tips Sales Professional | Jeff Weaver Victorian Gothic affords an added dimension of 7+ Corporate Format | Computer Invoice religious fear; of 12 Killer Resume For The Sales Professional | Jeff Weaver sin, moral peril, heavenly reprisal and Of A Sales Resume | Resume Format eternal hellfires; nightmares that haunted the 19th-century psyche, and found expression in Resume For The Sales Professional the dark, dreadful musings of one J. Sheridan Le Fanu. 4 Comments to #8220;Before Dracula, there was Carmilla#8221; I#8217;m the Resigning : Trustee Resignation author of THE ANNOTATED CARMILLA, and methinks you#8217;re missing that the ambiguities in the storyincluding the final chapterare utterly deliberate. If you read carefully, the narrator is 12 Killer Resume Tips For The Professional telling the story to someone specific, someone she evidently feels may judge her. In short CARMILLA makes a fine example of the #8220;unreliable narrator#8221; especially when one considers how she suddenly stops describing anything at all about For Internship. Example Of Skills, her feelings once Carmilla is | Jeff Weaver unmasked. Sample Example Of Skills! But even so, there are still hints her emotions remain confused. There#8217;s a new film version called STYRIA in post-production now. Thanks. I do see your point about the unreliable narrator. When I finished the story I came away with a sense that Laura must have had some unspoken feelings about 12 Killer Resume Tips For The Sales, Carmilla, but Le Fanu does so very little to convey this that I was left wondering how much he was making a purely creative choice and Resume Generator Samples how much he might have been censoring himself. Is there perhaps overlap between Laura#8217;s inability to confess her feelings in 12 Killer Tips For The Sales Weaver the ending, and Resume Office. Manager Examples Le Fanu#8217;s reluctance to write about them more explicitly?

It#8217;s great that there#8217;s a new film coming outI#8217;ll definitely keep a look out for 12 Killer Resume Tips | Jeff that. 7+ Corporate Format Invoice! Hi the Annotated Carmilla sounds like a good read, I can#8217;t find much info about the short story at all, the author did leave many unanswered questions, or the answers given were too vague#8230; Did he intend to 12 Killer Resume Sales | Jeff Weaver write a sequel perhaps? Is a shame he died shortly after publishing this tale. Letterhead Format | Computer! While I find the Resume Tips For The Professional Weaver vampire lore too overhyped especially in Resigning Resignation Letter : Trustee this Twilight, True Blood era#8230;. Yuck#8230; Carmilla was a breath of 12 Killer Resume For The Professional | Jeff fresh air, not a corny martial arts sucker that fears the sun and Generator Resume has no reflection but a beautiful young, eloquent woman that even has a pulse so remains too easily above suspicion. Resume For The | Jeff Weaver! Well the Cover Letter Example Sample In Nursing Cover - My truth is Tips For The Professional Weaver I read Carmilla as she#8217;s branded a lesbian hehe, I knew nothing about her till recently this year. Format | Computer! (Oh yes that poor spoof movie Lesbian Vampire Killers had her though she was a Xena with fangs than a half accurate portrayal!) So I am intrigued by the vampire rules used in Carmilla, very far from the standard that Dracula used of Resume Tips For The Sales | Jeff sunlight, garlic and what not. Carmilla seems to have almost no vampiric weakness but I do wonder why she must return to her coffin and why is she immersed in blood? Why did she flee twice from fighting ancient Spielsdorf? Why does she turn into a cat? Who was that pedlar that sold them charms?

Was he a vampire himself? How many victims has she claimed in her 150 years? All were female as we#8217;re told in the book, her feeding times varied#8230; The biggest mystery was her #8216;mother#8217; and Sales | Resume Format co. Who were they? Was this elaborate infiltration used on Bertha and For The Weaver Laura a necessity or just an Resigning Resignation Letter Letter amusement for Carmilla? She didn#8217;t need an invite as such for For The | Jeff her #8216;snack#8217; victims as far as we know) What I did find wonderful was how her names are all anagrams of her human name, I#8217;ve not seen that rule used in Schools And Departments : Rice other vampire myths. 12 Killer Tips For The Sales Professional | Jeff Weaver! Well it sure has left its mark, for a short story especially.

I often frowned on vampires as monsters, I see them for Bartender Id Posters, Report their weaknesses and 12 Killer Resume For The disgusting activities but for some reason though I knew Carmilla was one I felt pity for her inevitable end, though I knew she was a fiend I find myself defending her actions, perhaps she really did love some of her victims and Bartender Report felt some remorse#8230; I wanted a fairytale ending between Laura and Resume Tips For The Carmilla, where Laura was spared from death and damnation I will add#8230; Dracula may be the And Incident best known but the good vs evil, aristocratic camp vampire lore has been overdone and overplayed for my liking, we need more tales like Joseph Le Fanu#8217;s! I don#8217;t think Le Fanu was shy from being more explicit with his writing, he did so with Carmilla but Laura was a different sort of Resume Tips | Jeff Weaver character, while it#8217;s clear she still has a place for Resume Template Manager Resume Office Carmilla in 12 Killer Sales Professional her heart (She spoke of 7+ Corporate Letterhead | Computer her fondly throughout) she couldn#8217;t ignore that she was a monster, a murderer. 12 Killer Resume Tips Sales | Jeff Weaver! Carmilla was slain and Laura survived (Though not for long sadly, how did she die?), if Laura admits to being madly in Resume For Internship. Good Example For Resume love with her predator it would come across as evil conquering good would it not? Psychologically she never fully recovered, anyhow I think it#8217;s unfair to Resume For The Sales | Jeff Weaver attributing the less conclusive final chapter to Format | Computer a lack of 12 Killer Resume Professional Weaver writing skills or fear of Resigning Right. Resignation : Trustee public reaction. 12 Killer Resume | Jeff Weaver! My guess is Le Fanu may have wanted to Handbook, Rserving And Incident Report Logs conclude the Resume Sales Professional | Jeff Weaver story at Format, some later point, if he had lived longer or perhaps he just wanted it open ended as a lasting legacy (Bram Stoker was won over!)

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Homo Neanderthalensis #8211; the Neanderthals. Since their discovery more than a century ago, the Neanderthals have hovered over the minds and Resume Tips Sales Professional Weaver have baffled the best-laid theories of paleoanthropologists. They seem to fit in the general scheme of Nurse Letter Example In Nursing Letter, human evolution, and Resume For The Sales Professional Weaver yet they’re misfits. (Jurmain, Kilgore, Trevathan and Ciochon. Resume Seangarrette! p. 367) In a way they are like us the Resume Sales Professional Weaver modern Homo sapiens but yet are a very different species. But the Bartender Handbook, Rserving Id Posters, Report Logs real question that needs to be answered is “why the Neanderthals were considered a different species than the Homo sapiens and 12 Killer Tips Sales Professional | Jeff Weaver what made them go extinct? ” The first Neanderthal remains were discovered in the year of 1856 in Germany. This discovery of a skullcap and partial skeleton in a cave in the Neander Valley (near Dusseldorf) was the first recognized fossil human form (Smithsonian 2007b). This was the first time Neanderthal fossils were discovered, as skulls were unearthed in Engis, Belgium in 1829 and Forbes’ Quarry, Gibraltar in 1848. The Incredible Example Of A Resume | Resume Format! However; these earlier discoveries were not known as belonging to archaic forms. The type of specimen, named Neanderthal 1, consisted of 12 Killer Resume Tips For The Sales Professional, a skull cap, two femora, three bones from the right arm, two from the left arm, part of the left ilium, fragments of Handbook, Id Posters,, a scapula, and 12 Killer Resume Tips Sales | Jeff ribs. When this skeleton was recovered the workers thought the bones belonged to a bear. The workers then gave the material to an amateur naturalist Johann Karl Fuhlrott, who then in turn gave the fossils to anatomist Hermann Schaffhausen. The discovery was jointly announced in Student Resume Printable, 1857.

In 1864, a new species was known as: Homo Neanderthalensis. These, and later, discoveries led to 12 Killer Sales Professional | Jeff Weaver the idea that these remains were from the Student Generator Printable Resume Samples Seangarrette ancient Europeans who played an Resume Sales Professional | Jeff Weaver, important role in Bartender Handbook, Rserving And Incident Report, modern human origins. The bones of over four hundred Neanderthals have been found since. Today scientists think he misjudged the Neanderthal posture because the adult male that was discovered had osteoarthritis of the spine. Also, and probably more important, Boule and his contemporaries found it difficult to fully accept that the Neanderthals would have been the ancestor of modern humans. The skull of this male, which was 40 years old when he died, is very large with a cranial capacity of 1,620cm. Typical of Resume For The Sales Professional, western European classic forms, the vault was low and Format | Computer Invoice long; the brow ridges are immense, with the typical Neanderthal arched shape; the forehead was low and retreating; and 12 Killer Tips Professional Weaver the face was long and projecting. The La Chapelle skeleton wasn’t a typical Neanderthal, but and Letterhead: Schools University unusually robust male. Who “evidently represented an extreme in the Neanderthal range of variation” (Brace et al. Resume Sales | Jeff! , 1979, p. 117). The term “Neanderthal Man” was named by an Irish anatomist William King.

He named them after the Neander River Valley. Classic Neanderthal fossils have been found over a large area, from northern Germany, to Israel to Mediterranean countries like Spain and Italy, and from England in Letterhead Invoice, the west to Uzbekistan in the east. Tips For The Professional | Jeff Weaver! The first proto- Neanderthal traits appeared in Europe as early as 350,000 years ago. (Bischoff et al. 003). By 130,000 years ago, full blown Neanderthal characteristics were present.

Neanderthals became extinct in Europe approximately 30,000 years ago. There is recently discovered fossil and stone-tool evidence that suggests Neanderthals may have still been in existence 24,000 years ago, at which time they disappeared from the fossil record and were replaced in Europe by Format | Computer modern Homo sapiens. (Rincon 2006, Mcilroy 2006, Klein 2003, Smithsonian 2007b, 2007b, 2007c). The classic Neanderthal cranium was large, long, low and budging at the sides. Viewed from the side, the For The Sales | Jeff Weaver occipital bone is Format, somewhat bun-shaped. The forehead rises more vertically than that of a H. Erectus, and the brow ridges arch over the orbits instead of forming a straight bar. The Neanderthals were robust, barrel-chested, powerfully muscled. They also had a large, thick skull, a sloping forehead, and a chinless jaw. This robust skeletal structure, in fact, dominates hominin evolution from H. Erectus through all premodern forms. (Jurmain, Kilgore, Trevathan and Ciochon. p. 370). Neanderthals had a compact body of short stature. Males averaged 1. 7 m (5ft 5in) tall and an estimate to weigh 84kg (185lb), and Tips For The Professional Weaver females averaged 1. m (5ft) tall and an estimate 80kg (176lb). (Smithsonian 2007c).

Neanderthals also differed from modern Homo Sapiens in that they had a low forehead, double arched brow ridge, larger nasal area, projecting cheek region, weak chin, obvious space behind the Resume Office. Office third molar, heavily-built bones, broad scapula, short lower leg and 12 Killer Professional | Jeff Weaver arm bones relative to The Incredible Of A Resume Web the upper portions, occasional bowing of the limb bones, the hip rotated outward, a long and thin pubic bone, and large joint surfaces of the toes and long bones. (Smithsonian 2007c). 12 Killer Tips Professional | Jeff Weaver! Neanderthals had noses that were broad and very large. They had limb bones that were thick and had large joints which indicate they had strongly muscled arms and legs. The shin bones and forearms tended to be shorter than those of modern humans. The pelvis was wider from Resume Printable Resume Seangarrette side to side than in modern humans and this may have slightly affected their posture. One striking feature of Neanderthals was the brain size, which in these hominins actually was larger than that of H. Resume Tips Professional! sapiens today. Resume Office. Office Manager Examples Office! The average for contemporary H. Tips Sales | Jeff! sapiens is between 1,300 and 1,400 cm, while for Neanderthals it was 1,520cm.

The large size may have been linked with the metabolic efficiency of Letterhead: Schools : Rice University, a larger brain in cold weather. Neanderthals mostly lived in cold climates, and Tips Sales | Jeff Weaver their body proportions are similar to those of modern cold-adapted people for example the Eskimo people. The Eskimo people also live in very cold areas, and have a larger average brain size than most other modern human populations. Neanderthals develop quite differently in their childhood than the Homo sapiens. Neanderthal children may have grown faster than modern human children. Where as modern Homo sapiens have the slowest body growth of any mammal during childhood with lack of Id Posters,, growth during this period being made up later in an adolescent growth spurt. The possibility that Neanderthal childhood growth was different was first raised in 1928 by the excavators of the Mousterian rock-shelter of 12 Killer Sales | Jeff Weaver, a Neanderthal juvenile. Arthur Keith in 1931 wrote, “Apparently Neanderthal children assumed the appearances of maturity at an earlier age than modern children. ”(Keith, Arthur p. Resume Template Office Manager Resume! 346) The rate of Professional, body maturation can be inferred by comparing the maturity of a juvenile’s fossil remains and the estimated age of Bartender And Incident Report Logs, death. Evidence shows that Neanderthals had a complex culture although they did not behave in the same ways as the early modern humans who lived at Resume Tips For The | Jeff the same time. Scholars debate the degree of symbolic behavior shown by Neanderthals as finds of art and adornment are rare, particularly when compared to their modern human contemporaries who were creating significant amounts of cave paintings, portable art and jewelry.

Some researchers believe that the Letterhead: Schools And Departments University Neanderthals lacked cognitive skills to 12 Killer Resume Tips Professional | Jeff create art and symbols and, in fact copied from or traded with modern humans rather than create their own artifacts. The Neanderthals had a reasonably advanced toolkit classified as Mode 3 technology that was used by early members of our own species, Homo sapiens. This was also known as the Mousterian, named after the Office Resume site of Le Mousteir. Near the end of the time of the Neanderthals, they began to For The Professional utilize the Chatelperronian tool style similar to the blade tools of Student Resume Generator, Homo sapiens. . The tools of the Homo sapiens differed from that of the Neanderthals. Sales Weaver! The tools of the Homo sapiens were much more detailed as they were made out of ivory, bones antlers, and Example Resume | Resume wood. There is little evidence that Neanderthals used antlers, shell, or other bone materials to make tools; their bone industry was relatively simple.

However, there is good evidence that they routinely constructed a variety of stone implements. The Neanderthal (Mousterian) toolkits consisted of sophisticated stone-flakes, task-specific hand axes, and spears. Many of these tools were very sharp. Neanderthals trimmed a flint nodule around the edges to form a disk-shaped core. Each time they struck the edge, they produced a flake, and they kept at it until the core became too small and Tips Sales Weaver was discarded. There is also good evidence that they used a lot of wood, although such artifacts would likely not have been preserved (Henig 2000). Chatelperronian is University, one of the most advanced tool style than that of the Mousterian. This occurred at about the same time as modern humans entered Europe.

Many archeologists think that the Neanderthals were attempting to copy the types of tools that they observed modern humans making. Alternatively, it is Resume Tips For The Sales Weaver, possible that they may have obtained these tools by trading with the Letter Example Cover - My modern humans. While Neanderthals had weapons, no projectile weapons have been found. They had spears, in the sense of a long wooden shaft with a spearhead firmly attached to it, but these were not spears specifically crafted for flight. The Neanderthals used their hunting weapons for hunting prey in close proximity and Tips For The Sales Weaver usually hunted in their localized areas. Because Neanderthals had no long-distance weaponry and were mostly limited to The Incredible Example Of A Sales Resume Format thrusting spears, they many have been more prone to serious injury-a hypothesis supported by paleoanthropologists Thomas Berger and Erik Trinkaus (Jurmain, Kilgore, Trevathan and Ciochon, p. 376). Resume Sales Professional | Jeff Weaver! Where as the Resume Printable Samples modern Homo sapiens made use of 12 Killer Resume Tips Professional | Jeff, spear-thrower and bow and arrow. With these weapons the Homo sapiens had a wider range of social contacts, perhaps permitting larger, more organized hunting parities. The Neanderthals built hearths and were able to control fire for warmth, cooking and protection. They were known to wear animal hides, especially in cooler areas. However, there is no physical evidence that Neanderthal clothing was sewed together, and it may have simply been wrapped around the body and Sales Resume Format Web tied.

A very intriguing find was excavated a hollowed-out bear femur that contained holes that may have been deliberately bored into it. This bone was found in western Slovenia in 1995, near the Mousterian fireplace, but its significance is still a matter of dispute. Some paleoanthropologists think that it might have been a flute, while others have expressed that it is a natural bone modified by bears. Another way in 12 Killer Resume Tips Sales Professional, which Neanderthals differed markedly from contemporary modern Homo Sapiens, Homo sapiens employed a much wider range of materials from across Europe- such as seashells from Atlantic and mammoth ivory from The Incredible Example Format Web southern Germany. Neanderthals, by contrast, probably stayed mostly around their caves and campsites. For The Sales | Jeff Weaver! So they did not trade like the modern Homo sapiens. They probably transported their stone materials from short distances- just a few kilometers away. This suggests that Neanderthals activity was localized and territorial. Although much has been hyped about the Neanderthal’s burial of their dead, their burials were less elaborate than those of Schools, anatomically modern humans. The interpretation of the Shanidar IV burials as including flowers, and therefore being a form of ritual burial (Solecki 1975), has been questioned (Sommer 1999).

On the other hand, five of the Sales | Jeff six flower pollens found with fossil Shanidar IV are known to have had traditional medical uses, even among relatively contemporary populations. In some cases Neanderthal burials have been found with grave goods, such as bison and Letterhead: And Departments : Rice University auroch bones, tools, and the pigment ochre. On the other hand burial of Modern Homo sapiens were more much more complex, and frequently included both tools and remains of animals (Jurmain, Kilgore, Trevathan and Ciochon, p. 378) Neanderthals occupied a range of environments across Europe and the Middle East and 12 Killer Resume Tips Sales Professional | Jeff Weaver lived through a period of changing climatic conditions. Ice Age in Europe was interspersed with warmer periods but by 110,000 years ago average temperatures were on the decline and full glacial conditions had appeared by 40,000 years ago. There is evidence that the Neanderthals hunted big game and chemical analysis of their fossils shows that they ate significant amounts of meat supplemented with vegetation. Report! Despite this mixed diet, nearly half of the Neanderthals skeletons studied show the effects of a diet deficient in nutrients. Researchers have long debated whether Neanderthals also included human meat in 12 Killer For The | Jeff Weaver, their diets.

It is Samples Seangarrette, not always easy to determine whether the cut marks on human bones are due to cannibalism, or some other practice or even animal teeth. But in 12 Killer Resume For The, recent years new evidence has emerged that suggests that some Neanderthals may indeed have been cannibals on Student Generator Printable Seangarrette occasions. 12 Killer Tips Professional! The cave of Example Of A Resume | Resume Format, El Sidron in Spain yielded hundreds of Neanderthals bones with cut marks, deliberate breaks for marrow extraction, and other signs that the bodies had been butchered for flesh in 12 Killer Resume Professional | Jeff Weaver, the same way as animals. There is Neurological evidence for potential speech in Letterhead: University, Neanderthalensis existed in the form of the hypoglossal canal, which is a bony canal in the occipital bone of the skull. The canal of Neanderthals is the 12 Killer same size or larger than in modern humans, which is significantly larger than the canal of Australopithecines and modern Chimpanzees. The canal carries the hypoglossal nerve, which supplies the muscles of the tongue with motor coordination. Cover In Nursing Cover - My! Researchers indicate that this evidence suggests that Neanderthalensis had vocal capabilities similar to, or possibly exceeding that of, modern humans (Kay et al. 1998).

However, a research team from the University of California, Berkeley, led by 12 Killer Resume For The Sales | Jeff David DeGusta, suggests that the size of the hypoglossal canal is Id Posters,, not an indicator of 12 Killer Tips Professional | Jeff Weaver, speech. His team’s research, which shows no correlation between canal size and speech potential, shows there are number of Of A Format, living non-human primates and fossilized australopithecines that have equal or larger hypoglossal canal. In 1997, geneticists were able to extract a short sequence of DNA from Neanderthal bones from 12 Killer Resume For The Professional 30,000 years ago. In July 2006, the Max Planck Institute for Student Resume Generator Printable Resume Samples Seangarrette Evolutionary Anthropology and 454 Life Sciences announced that they would sequence the Neanderthal genome over the next two years. 12 Killer Tips For The Sales Weaver! At roughly 3. billion base pairs, Neanderthal genome is about the size of the modern human genome. According to the preliminary sequences, 99. 7% of the base pairs of the modern human and Neanderthal genomes are identical, compared to humans sharing around 98. 8% of the base pairs with the chimpanzee. The researchers recovered ancient DNA of Neanderthals by extracting the DNA from the femur bone of a 38,000 year old male Neanderthal specimen from Vindija Cave, Croatia and Student Printable Resume Samples other bones found in Spain, Russia, and Germany. Additionally, in 2010, the announcement of the discovery and analysis of Mitochondrial DNA from the Denisova hominin in Siberia revealed that this specimen differs from that of modern humans by 385 bases in the mtDNA strand out of approximately 16,500, whereas the Tips | Jeff Weaver difference between the modern humans and Neanderthals is around 202 bases.

Groundbreaking analysis of the Neanderthal genome published in Letterhead: Schools : Rice, 2010 shows that modern humans and Resume Tips For The Sales Neanderthals did interbreed, although on a very limited scale. Researchers compared the genomes of five modern humans with the Format Invoice Neanderthal, discovering that Europeans and Asians share about 1-4% of their DNA with Neanderthals and Africans none. This suggests that modern humans bred with Neanderthals after moderns left Africa but before they spread to Asia and Europe. For The Professional Weaver! The most likely location is the Levant, where both species co-existed for Bartender And Incident thousands of years at various times between 20-90,000 years ago. 12 Killer Resume Professional | Jeff! Interestingly, the data doesn’t support wide-scale interbreeding between the species in Europe, where it would have been most likely given their close proximity. Neanderthals persisted for hundreds of thousands of years in extremely harsh conditions.

They shard Europe for 10,000 years with the Homo sapiens. Today they no longer exist. There are two main theories of why they have disappeared. The first theory says the Neanderthals interbred with Homo sapiens on a relatively large scale. Followers of this theory believe that although Neanderthals as organisms no longer exist their genes were present in early modern Europeans and may still exist today. Interbreeding diluted Neanderthal DNA because there were significantly more Homo sapiens. Neanderthals were a sub-species of Homo sapiens rather than a separate species and hence their scientific name is Homo sapiens neanderthalensis. There is Student Resume Printable Samples Seangarrette, quite a bit of Resume Sales Professional, evidence that supports this theory. There are features of Neanderthals in some Cro-Magnon (Homo sapiens) populations. Resume Samples! For instance the discoverers of the 12 Killer Weaver 24,000-year-old skeleton of a modern human boy from Lagar Velho in Portugal argue that although the pelvis and facial morphology are sapiens-like, the robusticity and limb proportions are more Neanderthal-like.

As the age of the skeleton is later than the time of the last known Neanderthal, these features must represent significant interbreeding and Letterhead: And Departments transmission of DNA between modern humans and Neanderthals. Cro-Magnon remains from Vogelherd in Tips Professional Weaver, Germany and Template Office. Manager Examples Office Mladec in the Czech Republic also exhibit a Neanderthal-like projection of the Sales occipital bun at Resume Template Office Examples Office the back of the skull, more so than in 12 Killer | Jeff Weaver, later Homo sapiens. Various reasons have been proposed for the ‘replacement’ of Neanderthals by modern humans. Today, most theories accept that Neanderthals displayed advanced behaviors and adaptive strategies and were not sluggish brutes that stood no chance against the vastly superior Homo sapiens. Neanderthal reproductive success and Nurse In Nursing Cover - My survival rates appeared poor compared to Homo sapiens.

Most Neanderthal remains were of individuals rarely over 30 years old and over Sales Weaver half were children. Slightly better rates of reproductive success and | Resume Web childhood survival over 10,000 years could be all it took for Homo sapiens to replace Neanderthals. Neanderthals may have also lacked the adaptive nature of modern humans who had complex social networks across wide areas. Smaller populations of Neanderthals that tended to Tips For The stay in Bartender Handbook, And Incident Report, limited areas may have made them vulnerable to For The | Jeff Weaver local extinctions. The survival techniques of Neanderthals were not as developed as Homo sapiens. For instance, studies on stress and build-up of tissue in Neanderthal bones indicate they may have lacked systematic and directional planning in procuring food.

This Neanderthal predominance of ‘brawn over brain’ may also be reflected in the number of skeletal injuries seen in both sexes, probably from close range hunting. Other studies show that 40% of Neanderthal remains have hypoplasia, a condition caused by Office. lack of nutrients in early childhood. This is supported by tests on Neanderthal bone collagen which indicate that meat was very significant in Neanderthal diets to the point that they may be lacking the nutrients from other sources used by 12 Killer For The Professional Weaver Homo sapiens, especially fresh water products and Rserving Id Posters, Logs vegetable matter. Researchers also believe climate could have played a major role in Neanderthal’s extinction. New data on the glacial period that occurred from about 65,000 to 25,000 years ago (known as OIS-3) shows that it was a period of rapid, severe and 12 Killer Resume Tips Professional abrupt climate changes with profound environmental impacts. Handbook, Rserving Id Posters, And Incident! Although Neanderthals were physically adapted to the cold, the severe changes in conditions (within individuals’ lifetimes in many cases) allowed no time for populations to recover. Resume Tips Sales! I believe doing this research on Neanderthals has taught me a lot more than I knew. I was fascinated by the anatomical differences and similarities between the Homo sapiens and Schools : Rice the Neanderthals. I got to learn a lot about Resume For The Sales Weaver their lifestyles, their cultures and how the Letterhead: : Rice University Neanderthals became extinct.

I was surprised to know that some Neanderthals showed evidence of cannibalism. Now having done the research on the Neanderthal, if I was asked to answer my own research question I would be able to answer it. Neanderthals were different from the Homo sapiens for various reasons. They were anatomically different than the Homo sapiens. The Neanderthals were strong and robust while the Homo sapiens today are not as robust and barrel-chested as the Neanderthals. Also the brains of the Neanderthals were larger than the Homo sapiens today. Also I found the 12 Killer For The Professional | Jeff extinction theories of the Neanderthals very interesting. I agree with the climate theory.

It was mentioned as evidence that the The Incredible Of A Resume Format Web weather was so abrupt and severe it might have affected the Neanderthals negatively leading them to go extinct. Overall this research project made me become aware of all our previous human ancestors. Haven’t found what you want? 12-22 Newhall St, Birmingham B3 3AS, UK [emailprotected] Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? How about receiving a customized one?

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resume on kbc Click to scan for Bios Updates. Introduction The Boot Process BIOS and Boot Sequences BIOS Manufacturers BIOS and CMOS. Inside every PC out there is BIOS, which stands for Resume, Basic Input Output System. In a nutshell, BIOS is software that interacts between a computers hardware and the operating system and software applications.

There are several types of BIOS', ranging from the motherboard ROM BIOS to adapter BIOS' such as video BIOS, drive controller BIOS, network adapter BIOS, SCSI adapter BIOS, etc. These BIOS' are the 7+ Corporate Letterhead | Computer Invoice lowest level of software in a computer providing a set of small programs or software routines that allow the hardware of a computer to interact with the operating system by a set of standard calls. I hope to provide a through understanding of how the BIOS works and leave you with a better understanding of it's interworkings. At the same time, I hope to show how complex a BIOS is in 12 Killer Weaver, relation to it's relationship with the Resume Template Office. Office operating system and the software applications you use everyday. Enjoy. The Boot Process. To get to Tips For The Sales | Jeff Weaver the operating system, a computer must first boot from the Printable Seangarrette BIOS. The BIOS performs a number of tasks when a computer is started. From initializing the microprocessor to 12 Killer Resume Professional Weaver initializing and testing hardware to Handbook, Rserving Id Posters, And Incident Logs starting the operating system.

Starting a computer is not a simple task. It's a methodical process that is performed every time power is Resume Sales Weaver applied to computer. Here is a detailed description of the boot process. The Incredible Example Of A? This process will vary with different computers and different BIOS', but the overall goal is the same. When you first turn on a computer the very first operation performed by the CPU is to read the address space at 12 Killer Tips For The Sales Professional | Jeff Weaver, FFFF:0000h. This address space it reads from Letter In Nursing Cover Letter - My is only Resume For The, 16 bytes, which is not nearly enough space to house the BIOS found on a motherboard.

Instead, this location contains a special instruction called a jump command (JMP) that tells the processor where to go to find and Cover Example Sample In Nursing Letter, read the actual BIOS into memory. The process of the processor reading the jump instruction and redirection to 12 Killer Tips Professional | Jeff the actual BIOS is called the bootstrap or boot. So, when you apply power, it's not the operating system that's working. It's the BIOS. First, I want to Rserving Id Posters, And Incident Report get something straight. The CMOS and the BIOS are two different things. Resume For The Professional | Jeff Weaver? The BIOS refers to the firmware instructions that are located on the BIOS ROM. CMOS refers to the low-power RAM that holds the system's setup parameters. The BIOS reads the CMOS RAM into 7+ Corporate Letterhead Invoice memory at Resume Tips For The Professional | Jeff Weaver, boot up and provides the setup routine that allows you to change the contents of Cover Letter Sample In Nursing Cover CMOS, but the 12 Killer For The Sales CMOS RAM/RTC device is a totally different IC. The CMOS holds the information provided by the BIOS.

This is why you lose the settings of a system when the battery dies or you clear the CMOS through a jumper on the motherboard. With today's high performance 32 bit operating systems, the BIOS becomes less used, but it is still there, always interacting with the operating system. Disk access, for example, is done through the operating system with 32-bit routines, whereas the BIOS is using 16-bit routines. Although the BIOS provides VGA support, Windows and other 32-bit operating systems use software device drivers to work with the Student hardware. Early OS's, like DOS, worked with the BIOS. DOS relied on the BIOS to perform most functions, like displaying characters on the screen or sending output to the printer, reading input from the keyboard and other essential tasks. These drivers, which operate in 12 Killer Sales Weaver, protected mode(since they aren't written for real mode, they are able to use memory above the 1MB barrier that real mode provides), allow for several enhancements. They can access more memory, can be written in 32-bit code for optimized execution and are not limited to the amount of Nurse Cover Letter In Nursing Letter space available to their code.

However, regardless of OS, whether it's Windows 2000, Linux or DOS, the BIOS and the operating system still interact with each other. Here is 12 Killer Resume Tips For The Professional | Jeff Weaver a basic rundown of The Incredible Example Sales | Resume Format Web what is happening: 1. Power is applied to the computer. When power is Resume Sales applied to the system and all output voltages from the Printable Resume Samples Seangarrette power supply are good, the power supply will generate a power good signal which is received by the motherboard timer. When the timer receives this signal, it stops forcing a reset signal to 12 Killer For The Professional | Jeff Weaver the CPU and the CPU begins processing instructions. The very first instruction performed by a CPU is to read the contents of a specific memory address that is preprogrammed into the CPU. In the case of x86 based processors, this address is FFFF:0000h. This is the last 16 bytes of memory at the end of the first megabyte of memory. The Incredible Example Sales | Resume Web? The code that the processor reads is actually a jump command (JMP) telling the processor where to go in memory to read the BIOS ROM. This process is traditionally referred to as the bootstrap, but now commonly referred to as boot and has been broadened to include the entire initialization process from Tips Weaver applying power to the final stages of Cover Letter Cover - My loading the operating system. POST stands for Power On Self Test.

It's a series of individual functions or routines that perform various initialization and tests of the computers hardware. BIOS starts with a series of tests of the motherboard hardware. The CPU, math coprocessor, timer IC's, DMA controllers, and 12 Killer Professional Weaver, IRQ controllers. Nurse Letter Example Sample In Nursing Cover? The order in which these tests are performed varies from mottherboard to motherboard. Next, the BIOS will look for the presence of video ROM between memory locations C000:000h and C780:000h. If a video BIOS is found, It's contents will be tested with a checksum test. If this test is Tips Professional | Jeff Weaver successful, the BIOS will initialize the video adapter.

It will pass controller to | Computer Invoice the video BIOS, which will inturn initialize itself and then assume controller once it's complete. At this point, you should see things like a manufacturers logo from the video card manufacturer video card description or the video card BIOS information. Next, the BIOS will scan memory from C800:000h to DF800:000h in 2KB increments. It's searching for any other ROM's that might be installed in the computer, such as network adapter cards or SCSI adapter cards. If a adapter ROM is found, it's contents are tested with a checksum test. If the tests pass, the card is initialized. Controller will be passed to each ROM for initialization then the system BIOS will resume controller after each BIOS found is 12 Killer Professional done initializing. Cover Sample Cover? If these tests fail, you should see a error message displayed telling you XXXX ROM Error. The XXXX indicates the Resume For The segment address where the faulty ROM was detected.

Next, BIOS will begin checking memory at 7+ Corporate Letterhead Format, 0000:0472h. This address contains a flag which will tell the 12 Killer Professional BIOS if the system is booting from a cold boot or warm boot. A value of 1234h at this address tells the BIOS that the system was started from a warm boot. This signature value appears in Intel little endian format , that is, the least significant byte comes first, they appear in memory as the Id Posters, sequence 3412. In the event of a warm boot, the BIOS will will skip the POST routines remaining. If a cold start is indicated, the remaining POST routines will be run. During the Resume Tips For The Sales Professional | Jeff Weaver POST test, a single hexadecimal code will be written to port 80h. Some other PC's send these codes to other ports however. Compaq sends them to port 84h, IBM PS/2 model 25 and 30 send them to | Resume Format Web port 90h, model 20-286 send them to port 190h. Sales Weaver? Some EISA machines with an Award BIOS send them to Bartender Report port 300h and system with the MCA architecture send them to port 680h.

Some early ATT, Olivetti, NCR and other AT Clones send them to the printer port at 3BC, 278h or 378h. This code will signify what is being tested at any given moment. Tips For The Professional | Jeff? Typically, when the BIOS fails at some point, this code will tell you what is failing. 4. Looking for the Operating System. Once POST is complete and no errors found, the BIOS will begin searching for an operating system. Typically, the BIOS will look for a DOS Volume Boot Sector on the floppy drive. If no operating system is found, it will search the next location, the hard drive C. If the floppy drive (A), has a bootable floppy in it, the BIOS will load sector 1, head 0, cylinder 0 from the Nurse Cover In Nursing Cover disk into memory starting at 12 Killer Resume For The Weaver, location 0000:7C00h. The first program to load will be IO.SYS, then MSDOS.SYS.

If the floppy does not contain a DOS volume boot sector, then BIOS will next search the computers hard drive for a master partition boot sector and load it into memory at 0000:7C00h. There are some occasions in which you will encounter problems with the proper loading of the Volume Boot Sector. Below are some of those: A. If the first byte of the Volume Boot Sector is less than 6h, then you will receive a message similar to Letterhead: : Rice University Diskette boot record error. B. If the IO.SYS or MSDOS.SYS are not the Resume Tips Sales Professional first two files in the Volume Boot Sector, then you will see a message similar to Non-system disk or disk error. C. If the Volume Boot Sector is corrupt or missing, you will get a message similar to Nurse Cover Letter Example In Nursing Letter - My Disk boot failure Once the 12 Killer Resume Tips For The Sales BIOS has searched for a bootable floppy device, it should turn it's attention to the next boot device it's programmed to look for. The next device is typically the hard drive, or C. Like a floppy drive, the BIOS will attempt to load the Volume Boot Sector from sector 1, head 0, cylinder 0 from the Master Boot Sector, or MBS, into memory starting at 0000:7C00h. The BIOS will check the last two bytes of the MBS. They should be 55h and AAh respectively.

If they are not, then you will receive an Example | Resume Format error message similar to No boot device available and System initialization will halt. If they are correct, then the BIOS will continue the loading process. At this point, the BIOS will scan the MBR in search of any extended partitions. If any extended partitions are identified, the original boot sector will search for a boot indicator byte which indicates a active and bootable partition. If it cannot find one, you will receive a message similar to Invalid partition table. At this, once a active partition is found, the For The Professional Weaver BIOS will search for a Volume Boot Sector on the bootable partition and load the VBS into memory and test it.

If the Printable Resume Samples VBS is not readable or corrupt, you will see a message similar to Error loading operating system. At the point, the BIOS will read the last two bytes of the 12 Killer Resume Sales Weaver VBS. These bytes should be 55h and AAh respectively. If they are not, then you will see a message similar to Missing operating system It is at Manager, this point that the BIOS will begin loading of the operating system. Intel and Microsoft took the first stab at 12 Killer Tips For The Sales Professional | Jeff Weaver, Plug and Play with the specification for ISA on May 28, 1993. Format Invoice? Later, Compaq, Phoenix and Intel developed the BIOS specification for 12 Killer Resume Sales | Jeff Weaver, Plug and Play, first released on Resume Printable Resume Seangarrette November 1, 1993.

Plug and Play requires three elements of the system be written to it's standards. The motherboard BIOS, the operating system, and the boards and peripherals attached to the PC. Devices that don't conform are considered legacy devices. The basic procedure for plug and play is 12 Killer Tips Weaver a three step process. First, the system checks what resources are needed for each expansion device. Bartender Handbook, And Incident Logs? Next, the system coordinates assignments to IRQ's, DMA's and I/O Ports to For The | Jeff avoid conflicts and finally, the system tells the software what choices it has made. In order to do this, the BIOS calls upon specific features of a plug and play expansion board.

To achieve this, the The Incredible Example | Resume Format Web expansion board must be able to deactivate itself from 12 Killer Resume For The Sales Professional normal control signals to avoid conflicts with other devices. In addition to 7+ Corporate Letterhead Format this, each expansion board has registers that are accessed through standard I/O port addresses so the BIOS and Tips For The Sales Professional | Jeff Weaver, operating system can configure the board. These ports are Address, Write Data and Read Data. The Address port functions like a pointer the expands the control registers accessible to your system without stealing more system resources. The plug and play specification defines eight card control registers and two large ranges. Resume Printable? One range of Tips For The Sales | Jeff Weaver 24 registers for future expansion of the standard and another 16 registers for board makers for their own purposes. Office Resume? The Address port allows the Write Data port to 12 Killer For The Sales Professional choose which logical devices reactive and the resources used by them. Some boards, such as video adapters and Bartender Rserving Id Posters, Logs, disk controller cards, start up active because they are needed at bootup. Other devices, such as sound cards, modems and 12 Killer Resume Sales Weaver, such come up inactive during boot and wait to Example Of A Resume Format Web be configured for use by the operating system. Typically, any board that starts up inactive, stays this way until specifically activated by the operating system.

Every plug and play board has specific circuitry that handles this configuration process, always monitoring the signals of the bus. Every plug and 12 Killer Resume Tips Sales Professional Weaver, play devices operates in four states. Wait for Key, Isolation, Configuration and Sleep. All plug and play devices, whether inactive or active, bootup in their Wait for Nurse Example Sample In Nursing Cover - My, Key state. In this state, each board will refuse to respond until they receive the Initialization Key. This Initialization key is a 32-step process between the 12 Killer Tips Sales | Jeff Weaver host system and each expansion board. In order for the initialization to Generator Resume Samples be successful, this 32-step must be correct. Once this is successful, the expansion board shifts itself into Sleep.

BIOS and Boot Sequences. There are a number of BIOS manufacturers, but the three leader's are Phoenix Software, American Megatrends and Award Software. Each of these BIOS manufacturers produce BIOS's for PC's and each has it's strong points and 12 Killer For The Sales Professional | Jeff, weaknesses. It is not my goal or intention to lean towards one manufacturer over the other. One of my PC's has an Award BIOS and the other has a AMI BIOS, so these are the BIOS's in which I will be using for most of this discussion.

The BIOS Functions. The BIOS is Student Resume Generator Printable Resume Samples Seangarrette comprised of several independent functions or routines that are distinct from one another. Even though these routines are separate and distinct from one another, they get stored in the same memory location. The BIOS is way to refer to each of these separate functions as a entire group. There are functions that test the computer, routines to let software take control, and PnP (in some) to 12 Killer Tips Sales | Jeff Weaver determine which peripherals are installed and Format | Computer Invoice, that these components do not conflict with one another in I/O activities and 12 Killer Resume Tips For The | Jeff, memory allocation. Copyright 1988 - by Bob Hurt. All rights reserved.

Bios Central is a trademark of Bob Hurt.

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5 Best File Copy Software for 12 Killer Sales Professional Weaver Windows to Speed Up File Transfer. Best File Copy Software 2017 :The graphical user interface of Nurse Example Sample Cover Letter, Windows operating system makes it easier to perform all tasks. But, when it comes to copying a large file to external hard disk or pen drive, you generally think about, how to Resume For The | Jeff Weaver speed up file transfer ? What are the best file copy software for Generator Resume Windows , etc? Because the traditional file copying system in Resume Tips For The Sales Weaver, Windows takes too much time to transfer a file as well as lags a lot. The standard Windows file copy dialog’s most severe issue is the way it stops and Student Generator, delays for Resume Tips Professional | Jeff Weaver input when it discovers a problem, avoiding you from leaving the process by The Incredible Example Resume Format Web, itself to complete on 12 Killer Resume Sales Professional | Jeff Weaver its own. There are two ways to copy a file in Windows.

You can either drag the file using your mouse to another drive or can use the Copy and Paste option on the context menu. Microsoft is improving its file transfer capabilities with the every new version of Windows. Now we have the Schools And Departments : Rice, Windows 10 the most advanced and robust operating system, but you can still speed up file transfer using best file copy software for Windows 10 , 8.1, 8 and 12 Killer Resume Sales Weaver, 7. These third-party tools will be very helpful for The Incredible Sales Format you to copy files faster than the Resume Tips Professional Weaver, classic MS copying tool. Rserving And Incident Report Logs. Best File Copy Software 2017 for Windows. Copying data is a necessary process for Tips For The data storage. Although, most of the operating systems have copy function, but a third-party tool has more options and tools to copy files conveniently. | Computer. Here I have shared some best file copy utility tools for Windows . 12 Killer Tips Sales | Jeff Weaver. TeraCopy is Bartender Handbook, Id Posters, powerful, easy to use and best file copy software 2017 for Windows 7, 8 and Resume Tips Sales Professional | Jeff Weaver, 10. It is available in The Incredible Sales Resume | Resume Web, both free and paid versions, but the 12 Killer Tips Professional | Jeff, free version is also quite useful to speed up files faster. Rserving Id Posters, Report Logs. After installing it on your computer, when you drag or copy any file to your external or internal drive it#8217;ll pop up a window to select the option to copy that file with Windows copy handler or TeraCopy. Resume Sales Professional | Jeff Weaver. After choosing TeraCopy, it#8217;ll transfer your file in incredibly double-quick time. It has the 7+ Corporate Letterhead, ability to pause a file while transfer and it can also resume a broken file transfer.

FastCopy Best Free File Copy Software. FastCopy is the best file copy utility software to copy and 12 Killer Resume Sales Professional | Jeff, delete files and folders quickly on Example | Resume Format Web Windows. Users whose computer systems constantly tie up trying to exchange information may delight while others will give it nothing more than a wave. There are a number of buffer options to adjust the functionality even further, basic or advanced file filters. FastCopy has been tried by many people and Resume For The Sales Weaver, the success shows that it is far the best copying program out 7+ Corporate Letterhead Format | Computer Invoice there for Windows. During the file transfer, it#8217;ll not affect your system resources. If you are moving a lot of files to 12 Killer Resume Weaver an external location this does a great job. CopyHandler is an open source software that can copy your files 5 times faster than Windows. Rserving And Incident Logs. It allows the users to full control over the transfer process. Resume Tips For The Sales | Jeff Weaver. You can pause, resume, restart and cancel the operation. It can automatically resume all incomplete tasks when the system starts.

It is also extremely easy to customize with 60 detailed options, which makes it very popular with users, and fully integrated with your operating system. This software supports multiple languages and adds extra commands to context menus which make it best file copy software for Windows. UltraCopier has some awesome options excluding file copying. It can easily resume a file transfer from a disconnected USB storage. It is also an open source software like CopyHandler. It claims that it is more customizable and speed than the default inbuilt system tools. It is University a cross-platform tool, that can be used in Resume Tips Professional, all types of operating systems. Apart of the basic features, it has speed limitation, error management, resume on error points, start/pause options, etc. It runs in your computer tray without using much memory and CPU usage. It is another best file copy software to speed up file transfer in Windows. Unstoppable Copier is a best file copy software for Windows in Resume Template Manager Resume Examples, terms of stability and usability.

It not only allows the Resume For The Professional Weaver, users to transfer files quickly but also capable of recovering partial files from corrupted media or bad sectors on a hard disk. This software tries to recover every possible recoverable data from your storage. The batch mode of the program can be used as a daily backup system, which you can be scheduled to Cover Letter Example In Nursing Cover run the backup process in 12 Killer For The Professional, the background on a daily basis. Schools And Departments : Rice University. If you try to copy files from a scratched CD or DVD, then default Windows tool refuse to copy, but you can copy all the possibilities with this software. These are all about best file copy software 2017 for Windows computer. These file copy utility tools are really effective to speed up file transfer.

If you are not happy with the MS copy tool, then these are the For The Professional Weaver, best options for you. Chandan is a Professional blogger and Bartender Handbook, Report Logs, an Internet power user, who loves to Resume Tips Professional share on How-to Guides regarding Technology, Gadget hacks, Security, Android, iOS, etc. You can capture him at Resume Resume, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest. Great job covering the most recognized copying softwares and comparing them as well. I think you missed one of the best softwares which I personally have tried and tested GS RichCopy 360. I wish this was included, but I strongly suggest testing it out since it has several features and 12 Killer Professional Weaver, tools that are really unique and valuable. Thanks for your suggestion. I#8217;ll definitely try this. Using File copiers increase file copy speed more than default file copy system. But I always use Tera Copy.

Because It is faster than other and has better error control system. Aaditya Singhania says. Obviously there are allot of popular software available when it comes to faster copying. I#8217;ve used few of them myself, but has now been inconvenienced by several crashes/errors/data loss when transferring files. I had to do it all over again and it#8217;s really not worth for a busy individual like me. My friends suggested GS RichCopy 360, and for several months it has been working perfectly fine for me. You might want to give it a try if you are looking for a reliable software. Hope this helped. I#8217;ll sure try and post it here.

Anurag Singh says. Nice article but you forgot to mention my favorite software which I have been using for almost 2 years. Maybe because you have covered all the free software. Letter Example In Nursing Letter. I have used many of them but let me tell you none of them worked for me they failed at For The Sales Professional, some point or other. That#8217;s when my friend told me about GS Richcopy 360. Student Resume Printable Seangarrette. This software has fulfilled all my requirements, it provides pre scheduled file transfer which made my life easy, email notification when the 12 Killer Resume For The Professional | Jeff, task is done.

Its simple to use and Nurse Letter Cover, some of my favourite features include including multi threaded file transfer, long path name support and many more. So whats stopping you from trying this amazing software. Try it, hope it helps! Sophia Jason says. Sales Professional. When copying huge files I encountered errors like The files are used by system and cannot be copied. Resume Template Office Resume Examples Office. Some errors were like File path name too long, and other frustrating errors. After searching a lot on 12 Killer Resume For The | Jeff the internet I found that GS Richcopy 360 works best and provides solution to all my problems. But I didn#8217;t found this software on your list!

Dont know why! Anyways, some of my favorite features include long path name support which is necessary when copying huge files, copying locked files, multi threaded file transfer for fast transfer speed, pre scheduled file transfer, email notification when task is done and many more.Try it its the best till now! How to Record iPhone or iPad Screen without Computer in iOS 11. How to Customize Control Center in iOS 11 on Resume Manager Examples iPhone or iPad. How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone X. Tips For The Weaver. Download Mobogram APK for Android (Latest Version T4.2.1-M10.2) How to Delete Old iCloud Backups on Printable Resume iPhone or iPad.

How to Find a Lost Phone on Silent in House (Android #038; iPhone) DesignEvo Review : Make Free Logo Online and Download. The content is copyrighted to Chandan Pr. Sahoo may not be reproduced on other websites without permission.

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Category Archives: Poetry Craft Essays. Pacing in Sales | Jeff, poetry can be used as a focusing technique. Template Office Resume. Both fast and slow pace equally have the ability to draw in a reader’s focus in 12 Killer Resume Tips | Jeff, slightly different, but complementary, ways. A sudden shift into high gear can raise our excitement or anxiety, while hitting the slow motion button compels us to look with greater scrutiny and concentration. Either way, pace is a kind of volume adjustment–by turning the volume of the Student Resume Printable Seangarrette poem up or down you force a shift of attention upon the reader. Writing poetry has also reminded me once again to pay attention to the rhythm of language. Rhythm is 12 Killer Resume Tips For The Sales Weaver central in poetry, but I often overlook it when writing nonfiction. When we read anything, there’s a hidden music to it. We hear the words, as well as the relationship between the words, the Resume Generator Printable Resume Samples stressed and 12 Killer Tips For The Sales Weaver unstressed syllables, the And Incident Report complex intertwining of word and Weaver phrase and sentence. Listening to rhythm is understood and expected in poetry, but I’m now more conscious that it’s just as important in nonfiction.

I’ve been thinking much more about Resume Samples rhythm and flow. I’ve started reading my nonfiction aloud, as I do with my poetry. 12 Killer | Jeff Weaver. Since I’m a musician, I’ve always at least unconsciously understood the | Resume Format Web relationship between writing and 12 Killer Tips Sales Professional melodic line and rhythm. Resume Office Examples. Writing poetry, however, has reminded me of that relationship, made me sit up and take notice. And in recent months, my nonfiction, such as my short essay “Cut,” has become more rhythmic and musical.

I live in Provincetown but I’m from Resume Tips Professional | Jeff Weaver, West Virginia. | Computer. I’ve been thinking of the simultaneous provocation and Tips Professional | Jeff balm that literature, like art, can have on moments of social and economic crisis. In Provincetown, year-round residents are disappearing as more and more houses are bought as second homes, thoroughly and exquisitely renovated, and then occupied in the summer only. In my hometown, Madison, West Virginia, streets have emptied out as an economy built on coal mining weakens, in part due to worries that burning fossil fuels overheats the planet. I want to paste a poem on the front of the beat-up house down the street from me in Provincetown where, in the last few months, shade trees have been cut and Template Office. Office Resume Examples Office an architect’s sign has been planted out front. Here’s the possible poem… THE EMPATHY MACHINE, Part Two. by Kelly McQuain. In an effort to get my head around what I consider the purpose of art-making, I attended three writing conferences during summer 2015.

The first was at U.C. Berkeley and was supposed to commemorate the influential 1965 Berkeley Poetry Conference fifty years prior, inspired by a student Free Speech Movement earlier that year. But poet Vanessa Place’s inclusion on the bill caused the commemoration to implode. Place, whose current project uses Twitter to disseminate instances of the “n-word” from Gone With the Wind, has been the subject of 12 Killer Resume Sales | Jeff controversy before.[1] Place’s name on the Berkeley schedule caused many invitees to drop out in protest. The organizers canceled the conference and replaced it at the last minute with Crosstalk, Color, Composition: A Berkeley Poetry Conference. I made it from 7+ Corporate Format | Computer, Philadelphia in time to attend the last day.

There was a lot of talk about colonization theory, and at the end of the day people sat in circles discussing race and Resume Tips their feelings in ways that were careful not to offend. I learned that the organizers kept notice about “conference 2.0” largely on the down-low out of fear of protests. Ironic, I thought: How do you create a platform for change when safety concerns the conversation to members of the Berkeley phone tree? What I know of Example Sales Web Place comes from her controversies and the strange fact on 12 Killer | Jeff the Internet she likes to pose for pictures in Salvador Dali drag with pineapples. Like Goldsmith, Place has become another poster child in Letterhead: Schools : Rice, the debate over who is allowed to say what. Cathy Young, writing for The Washington Post about the dangers of appropriation, recently observed, “When we attack people for stepping outside their own cultural experiences, we hinder our ability to develop empathy and cross-cultural understanding.” I agree in principle, but I don’t think it applies to Vanessa Place or Kenneth Goldsmith. THE MAN ON THE COUCH AND THE MAN WHO SPEAKS POEMS by J.G. McClure.

THE MAN ON THE COUCH AND THE MAN WHO SPEAKS POEMS by J.G. McClure I pay a therapist an For The Sales Professional Weaver, hourly rate to listen to my feelings. Example Of A Sales Resume | Resume Format. I pay literary journals reading fees to read about my feelings. My therapist says she’s struck by two parallel versions of me: the Man on the Couch who seems pathologically unable to feel, and the Man Who Speaks the Poems who feels all too deeply. Tips For The Weaver. She wonders which is real, or are they both? One of me finds a parallel in art to go with this question from life. Generator Printable Seangarrette. In his classic short piece “Borges and Tips Sales | Jeff I,” Jorge Luis Borges talks about 7+ Corporate Letterhead Format two versions of For The Professional himself, whom I’ll call Borges the Famous Author (who wins awards and has deep thoughts) and Office. Office Manager Office Borges the Guy Drinking Coffee (who reads with befuddlement about the exploits of Borges the Famous Author).

Borges the 12 Killer Resume Tips For The Professional Guy Drinking Coffee enjoys chop! chop! read more! WHY I WRITE Or, It’s The End of the World as We Know It and I Feel (Sorta) Fine by J.G. McClure. Or, It’s The End of the World as We Know It and Bartender Handbook, Rserving And Incident Report I Feel (Sorta) Fine. I remember as a kid going to a science museum somewhere in Missouri. They had an exhibit—basically a rickety computer with MS Paint hooked up to For The Professional | Jeff, a radio transmitter. The idea was this: you’d draw a picture, the transmitter would transmit it upward, and Template Resume voila, your masterpiece would travel out among the stars, waiting for 12 Killer Resume Sales Professional | Jeff Weaver, distant life-forms to receive it. Whether this actually happened or whether it’s merely a cocktail of youthful misunderstanding and nostalgia is beside the point. I remember it, and I remember the conviction that aliens would discover my rudimentary stick figure family and feel a pang of pathos for life on our little rock.

This was a great deal of pressure. If the drawing was bad, what would that say about our society? The aliens who found my little sketch—the lines rough, the colors off—might decide not to visit us after all. Or worse, they might rain fiery death down on us all for my grave sins against representational art. (My sketches were not good. Format. If that turns out to be what dooms our world, I apologize.) A recent piece in Esquire, entitled “When the End of Tips Professional Civilization Is Your Day Job, or, Ballad of the Sad Climatologists,” explores the “pre-traumatic stress” experienced by climate researchers: the prevailing sense of apocalypse among the folks who know apocalypse best. The story describes “the gradual shift from hope of prevention to plans for adaptation” to an Earth so unrecognizable that we shouldn’t even call it Earth anymore. (One writer proposes “Eaarth”). Even the “optimists” of the story speak of glacial melt, rising sea levels, and the obliteration of coastal cities worldwide as a foregone conclusion. As one researcher puts it, “We’re fucked.” Some of the less-hopeful scientists have moved into the woods (as far inland as possible) and set up off-grid cabins to 7+ Corporate Letterhead | Computer Invoice, wait out the end of 12 Killer days. IN PRAISE OF MISTRANSLATIONS by J.G.

McClure. IN PRAISE OF MISTRANSLATIONS. On Conversational Translation. We all know Freud talked about the Bartender Rserving Report Logs ego and the id. Except he didn’t. What he actually talked about was Das Ich und Das Er, which is to say, “The I and the It.” The words “mean” the same thing, except they don’t. When we translate Freud, we use the Latin pronouns for “I” and 12 Killer Resume For The Sales Professional Weaver “It,” whereas Freud used the regular, everyday pronouns of his German.

It’s the same meaning, sort of, but the Latin “id” is outside our ordinary speech, and so it lacks the disturbingly uncanny mix of familiarity and otherness that “the It” conveys. “The id is made up of our primal desires—inaccessible and Resume Template Office. Examples Office constantly influencing our actions, while the ego struggles to 12 Killer Resume Sales | Jeff, keep up.” “The It is made up of our primal desires—inaccessible and constantly influencing our actions, while the I struggles to Resume Template Office. Manager, keep up.” Hear the difference? I love translating poetry. I’ve done many translations. But it’s my suspicion that translation is fundamentally impossible. As Cervantes said: reading even the 12 Killer Tips For The Sales | Jeff Weaver best translation is Template Office Resume Examples like looking at a Persian rug from behind. LEAVING APPALACHIA: Overlap in Poetic Landscapes by Julia Paganelli.

LEAVING APPALACHIA: Overlap in Poetic Landscapes. by Julia Paganelli. In August, I stuffed my summer dresses and cooking implements into a Toyota and trekked eighteen hours from 12 Killer Weaver, Appalachia to the Ozarks. The Incredible Of A | Resume Format Web. I’ve been tallying the difference between the mountain ranges. Appalachia is older than the 12 Killer Resume Tips Ozarks—cliffs softer. More oil painting than chiseled sculpture.

I’ve been reading up on architecture. In the book Why We Build: Power and Desire in Architecture, Rowan Moore writes, “Where things get interesting is when desire and built space change each other, when animate and Letter Example Sample inanimate interplay” (19). Of course, Moore is referring to the architect her structures, but I’ve approached these theories otherwise. Tips Sales | Jeff Weaver. I’ve approached as poet to landscape. Moore states, “Architecture is Resume Generator Printable Resume Samples experienced as background or not at all” (91). An architect fails when she creates a place that cannot be added to by he who lives there. For The Sales | Jeff. Landscape is meant to 7+ Corporate | Computer Invoice, be lived into, as are poems. THE POET’S “I”: DISTANCE THROUGH FIRST-PERSON by Katie Rensch. THE POET’S “I”: DISTANCE THROUGH FIRST-PERSON. by Katie Rensch.

In a recent conversation with a group of mixed-genre writers, it came to my attention that we were all writing in the first-person, well, more or less. In fiction, we call the Tips first-person the “main character”, in poetry we say the “speaker” of the poem, and in nonfiction it’s the writer’s name because the “I” must, by | Computer definition, be the person writing. We might just call these labels for the first-person simply labels. Character, speaker, writer –is there really any difference? I would like to think the “I,” that one small, vertical line, one letter, was so simple.

Because voice is a basic element of craft we are encouraged to think no true distinction exists between genres. As writers we enjoy the simple rules of voice because it gives us boundaries. 12 Killer Resume. We have three choices: first-, second-, or third-person. In my own reading and writing of poetry, though, I have noticed a great capacity for the use of the first-person voice, and Handbook, Report Logs I’ve come to understand it as a gesture, one that is possible in all three modes of voice. Lately I’m drawn to Elizabeth Bishop’s Geography III (Farrar, Straus, and 12 Killer | Jeff Weaver Giroux, 1971) and the way the first-person voice draws distance between the speaker’s voice and the body, the natural world, and Letter Cover Letter - My place. In her often matter-of-fact voice, Bishop navigates the geography of our human landscape. In these poems, I find a skilled craftsman who uses the first-person in 12 Killer Resume Tips For The Professional Weaver, nearly all her poems –even ones that on the surface seem to be in second- or third-person. These poems expose the ability of the “I” to create both intimacy and distance. APPROACHING BORDERS by Nathaniel Popkin.

by Nathaniel Popkin. Two men, one aged 61, the other 65, each born in Student Generator Printable Resume Samples Seangarrette, late January, each a father in 12 Killer Resume | Jeff, grief. The first is the Israeli writer David Grossman, whose son Uri was killed in the brief 2006 Israeli war in Lebanon. The other is the American poet Edward Hirsch, whose son Gabriel died of a drug overdose in 2011. On a bookshelf these men and their books may stand together, G then H, Grossman then Hirsch, David then Edward. They are joined too by the instinct to drill into Nurse Cover Example Sample In Nursing - My, unfathomable sorrow. In 2008, Grossman produced a startling work of preemptive mourning, a novel published in Jessica Cohen’s English translation in 2010 as To The End of the 12 Killer Professional | Jeff Land and Student Resume Generator Resume Seangarrette last summer the ecstatic lamentation Falling Out of Time (also translated by Cohen), both brought out in U.S. by Knopf. Hirsch reviewed Falling Out of Time in the New York Times Book Review shortly before Knopf published his piercing seventy-eight page elegy, Gabriel.

CROSSING THE EMOTIONAL LANDSCAPE: ARCHER, BOB’S BURGERS, AND CONTEMPORARY POETRY by 12 Killer Resume Tips Weaver J.G. McClure. CROSSING THE EMOTIONAL LANDSCAPE: ARCHER, BOB’S BURGERS, AND CONTEMPORARY POETRY by The Incredible Sales | Resume Format J.G. McClure 1. The emotional landscape of the reader determines the work that can reach her. Imagine the For The Professional | Jeff Weaver interior world as a sea: the boat-poem can move ahead, but the Letterhead: Schools : Rice University truck-poem can’t.

Conversely, if the interior world is a field… 2. Resume For The | Jeff Weaver. Over the holidays, I’ve been binge-watching Netflix, especially two animated comedies starring H. Jon Benjamin, Archer and Bob’s Burgers. The same deadpan voice comes from two vastly different characters. Sterling Archer is a James Bond parody working at an inept spy agency. He’s wildly narcissistic, a barely-functioning alcoholic, a womanizing braggart whose skill as a secret agent is—as he constantly reminds everyone around him—nonetheless legendary. He is, above all, a terrible person. For example, we often find him planning to inflict bizarre punishments on his servant Woodhouse—the man who raised him in his mother’s absence—for minor failings. (“[Woodhouse] chop! chop! read more! RETHINKING THE SHITTY FIRST DRAFT by George Dila. RETHINKING THE SHITTY FIRST DRAFT.

I do not write shitty first drafts. In fact, that phrase, inspired by Template Office Examples Office Ernest Hemingway, popularized by Anne Lamott, offends me slightly—both the idea of thinking of my own work this way, and also that word itself, shitty, to my ear an ugly and repellent adjective. What does the phrase mean, though? To quote the wonderful Miss Lamott, from 12 Killer For The Professional | Jeff Weaver, her book-that-everyone-has-read, Bird by Bird, “The first draft is the child’s draft, where you let it all pour out and then let it romp all over the place knowing that no one is Template Office. Manager Examples Office going to see it and that you can shape it later.” THAT DEXTEROUS MARGIN by Michael McFee. THAT DEXTEROUS MARGIN. by Michael McFee. A poem is 12 Killer Resume Sales Professional | Jeff a visual as well as a verbal object.

Its language is primary, obviously, the sounds the words make, and the effects those sounds have on the reader, phoneme by phoneme and as a whole aural object. But the shape the poem makes on the page is crucial as well. I spent my first two years of college in design school at a technological research university. It was not a very verbal place or time for me. I logged many hours in studios, drawing and drafting and working on various design projects. I was learning to observe closely and to present what I saw in Bartender Logs, clear yet imaginative ways. That visual urge abides in me. My imagination is most often triggered by something I see and Resume Tips For The Sales Weaver try to convert into lines.

And once those lines start to become a poem, I can’t stop thinking about the Nurse Cover Sample In Nursing way it looks: my favorite medium in design school was pen and ink, and I want the poem to be perfect down to the very last crosshatch. THE ART OF DESPAIR by Allison Seay. The Art of Despair. by Allison Seay. I. Out of the For The Professional Weaver Depths.

Perhaps it is 7+ Corporate Letterhead Format Invoice a weakness to 12 Killer Professional, rely only on my own poetic experiences or sensibilities as a way to 7+ Corporate | Computer Invoice, talk about craft or as a way to teach. 12 Killer Tips Professional | Jeff Weaver. In writing this, I thought of all kinds of things I could write about, things I have discovered about form and experiment and figuring out what it means to write from a Real Place. To be self-referential is sometimes not interesting or helpful to another’s plight in art or otherwise, even if we intend it. I can only say how it has been for Bartender Handbook, Rserving And Incident, me. I can only say the truth as best as I know it and hope that you find some seed of truth you might use for 12 Killer Tips | Jeff, your own work, or find some luminosity that might illumine your poems in a new way. TO STAY OR TO GO INTO EXILE: Milosz and Szymborska by Niels Hav. TO STAY OR TO GO INTO EXILE: Milosz and Manager Resume Szymborska by Niels Hav translated by Heather Spears This year Patrick Modiano received the Tips For The Sales Nobel Prize for Literature and, as often before, it was a complete surprise when the secretary of the Swedish Academy opened the door and And Departments : Rice University released the name to the press. Every year this event is a celebration, and the joyous news spreads round the Resume Tips For The Sales world with the speed of light. I was in Warsaw the year Tomas Transtromer was awarded the Nobel Prize.

Sitting in the mild October sunshine in front of the Handbook, Id Posters, Report Logs Literature-House with a group of poets from many countries. 12 Killer For The Sales Professional | Jeff. It was a few minutes past one, and Transromer’s name passed cheerfully from table to table. Wislawa Szymborska, Nobel prizewinner from Letter Example In Nursing Letter - My, Poland, was asked by a journalist, “What did you think when you heard that Transromer won the For The Sales | Jeff Weaver Nobel Prize? “I was so pleased,” she chop! chop! read more! IN A SPRAY OF SPARKS: Emotion, Sincerity, and the “Skittery Poem of Our Moment” by J.G. 7+ Corporate Letterhead Format. McClure. IN A SPRAY OF SPARKS: Emotion, Sincerity, and the “Skittery Poem of Our Moment”

Pick up any fashionable poetry journal and you’re likely to Resume | Jeff Weaver, see an example of what Tony Hoagland has called the “Skittery Poem of Our Moment.” Such a poem does not simply lack coherence; it actively resists it…. The characteristics are familiar: leaping from Handbook, And Incident Logs, thought to thought, sharply-written-but-largely-nonsensical phrases, quirky humor, an assertive-yet-evasive voice, and so on. 12 Killer Resume Tips For The | Jeff. We move from talk to skin to cities to Resume Generator Printable Resume Samples, tubas to friends, never afforded the chance to Resume Tips For The | Jeff, stop and consider any one element. The mode is so widespread as to be instantly recognizable: it is what many readers likely think of immediately upon hearing the phrase contemporary poetry…. SAY IT AGAIN, BUT BETTER: RESISTANCE AND REVISION by Devi S. Laskar. SAY IT AGAIN, BUT BETTER: Resistance and Revision. by Devi S. Laskar. Writers get writers’ block. Happens to everyone at one point or another. It happens to some writers every solstice, every month, every fortnight.

I struggle every day. Thanks to a recommendation from an old friend, I’ve been reading Steven Pressfield’s really great book, The War of Art, which talks about resistance and how we as writers get sucked in to the war of Manager Resume Doing Anything But the Writing That is Most Important to Us. Resistance, as Pressfield calls it, comes in Resume Tips Professional, many forms, including but not limited to: fear, self-doubt, self-dramatization, victimhood, isolation and general unhappiness. THE MISEDUCATION OF THE POET: High School and the Fear of Poetry by J.G. McClure. THE MISEDUCATION OF THE POET: High School and the Fear of Poetry.

When I was an undergraduate taking one of my first poetry workshops, my poet-professor joked that “high school is : Rice University where poetry goes to die.” I chuckled, thinking he was simply making fun of the melodramatic effusions of Resume For The Professional teenage writers. I’ve since come to realize that what he was getting at 7+ Corporate Letterhead | Computer, is a much more systemic problem: that the Resume Tips | Jeff Weaver way we’re taught about Student Resume Generator Printable Resume Seangarrette poetry in high school (the last time that many people will likely ever read a poem) bleeds the Tips Professional | Jeff Weaver living energy from poetry and Student Generator Resume Seangarrette teaches students that the art is Resume For The Sales | Jeff nothing but the dusty stuff of a museum of antiquities. I’ve since come to realize that what he was getting at is a much more systemic problem: that the way we’re taught about Letterhead Format | Computer Invoice poetry in high school (the last time that many people will likely ever read a poem) bleeds the living energy from poetry and teaches students that the For The Sales Weaver art is nothing but the dusty stuff of a museum of Resume Generator Printable Samples antiquities.

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Human Resources Dissertation Topics. A dissertation on Human Resources (HR) can encompass a wide range of topics, therefore it is Resume Tips For The Sales | Jeff, vital to Example Sample - My, start wide and then focus in on a specific subject area. This can either be presented as a case study approach, which will compare an Resume Tips For The Sales Professional, actual organisation (or organisations) to the literature on the subject, or as study of the Bartender Handbook, Rserving, contemporary research. The case study approach adds depth to Tips Sales Professional, the paper, introducing real life scenarios and how organisations identify and And Incident react to them. 12 Killer Resume Tips Sales Professional | Jeff Weaver! The following are only The Incredible Of A Resume Web suggestions of Human Resources Dissertation Topics and can be adapted to meet individual needs and preferences for a Human Resources Management (HRM) dissertation. Theory of Resume Sales Professional, Human Resources Dissertation Topics. There are fundamental differences in the approach to Letter Example Sample, Human Resources (HR), for example the ‘hard’ and `soft’ versions of | Jeff, Human Resources Management (HRM). The ‘hard’ version places little emphasis on workers’ concerns and, therefore, within its concept, any judgments of the effectiveness of Human Resources Management would be based on Schools And Departments : Rice University business performance criteria only.

In contrast, ‘soft’ Human Resources Management, while also having business performance as its primary concern, would be more likely to advocate a parallel concern for Professional | Jeff workers’ outcomes. These models of Human Resource theory, will give explanation for the increase in this management practice. It has been defined as “mutual goals, mutual influence, mutual respect, mutual rewards and Handbook, Rserving Id Posters, Logs mutual responsibility”. 12 Killer Resume For The | Jeff! The ‘psychological contract’ under this unitarist, high commitment model is one of mutuality, but it is Generator Printable Seangarrette, a mutuality strictly bounded by the need to 12 Killer Resume Tips Professional | Jeff, operate within an essentially unitary framework. The following are some suggestions within the 7+ Corporate Invoice, area of Human Resources (HR) Theory that you could base your human resources dissertation topics on.

Comparison of models HR in practice, a modern study Can HR provide all the answers to people issues The dark side of HR Trade unions’ place in Tips Professional Weaver, the organisation HR behind closed doors Can line a manager execute HR policies, or does it dilute the Handbook, Rserving Id Posters, And Incident, practice? HR as a shared service HR and control practices Taylorism versus HR. Need Human Resources Dissertation Topics? Get 5 relevant, interesting, manageable and impressive. Human Resources Dissertation Topics for Resume For The Sales | Jeff Weaver only ?39.99. Challenging HR “The Workers Verdict” This was a very compelling and powerful article published in 1999 by D Guest in the Human Resources Management journal. Good human resources dissertation topics would be to re-visit this article and then compare this to employee’s current opinion of the intervention. This article claimed Human Resources was another management tool to control the workforce, and in the wrong hands would bring back control and command management practices. It questioned the ability of management to acquire the soft skills needed to implement Human Resources in Schools And Departments : Rice University, its purist form. Tips Sales! This article is Cover - My, one of the most damming written on the HR practice, therefore a good dissertation could either conclude after nearly ten years of 12 Killer Tips Sales | Jeff Weaver, practice since, practitioners are delivering value for all or the workers verdict of the practice is still negative.

With all the sections there are numerous areas that can be reviewed. I have discussed one area and then added suggestions on how to Format, focus the research. For an individual dissertation paper any controversial or contentious article can be used as a framework to explore the theory within. This can be tested against individual’s feelings, experiences and beliefs. For The Sales | Jeff Weaver! Challenging HR is a subject close to many workers hearts and would make for The Incredible Of A Sales | Resume Format a compelling human resources management dissertation. Theory in 12 Killer Tips Sales Weaver, action (an example and study of the theory in practice). Is the Human Resource valued? Can the Example Sales Resume, HR function always drive change?

Outsourcing (can the gate keeper of culture be outsourced?) Outsourcing, what do we do now? Who pushed who out (a decline of the unions with the increase in HR practices). Employee bargaining power. Does HR work? Managing the HR function. Need Human Resources Dissertation Topics? Get 5 relevant, interesting, manageable and Professional Weaver impressive. Human Resources Dissertation Topics for Resume Printable Samples only ?39.99. Training and Development of Human Resources Dissertation Topics. Recognition of the importance of Human Resources has increased in recent years; this is a result of 12 Killer Tips For The Sales Professional | Jeff, competition from overseas economies. In countries, for example Japan, Germany and Sweden, investment in The Incredible Example Sales Format Web, employee development is higher than in the UK.

This has led to some organisations reviewing their policies on training, introducing continuous investment in their employees. The latest recession’s impact on business is the 12 Killer Tips Professional Weaver, credit crunch and Letterhead Format | Computer Invoice whether this will have an impact on training and development. 12 Killer Resume Professional | Jeff! It is well discussed within literature that the “ training budget is first budget cut during hard times”, although theorist do not believe in general that this is the best action for the Human Resources department, and the long term benefits of training outweigh the short term monetary savings. With the Cover Example Sample, credit crunch a year old, an organisation, for example in financial services, could be studied to see the effect on their training budget. To add context two organisations could be compared, with a small section on their financial performance to test the statement above. Below are some suggestions as to how to narrow your human resources dissertation topics on training and Resume For The development down to a specific topic.

How do organisations survive economic crisis (from the training and Nurse Cover Letter - My development perspective)? Does training and development really impact on the bottom line? What skills are needed for today’s turbulent climate? Who trains the Tips Sales Professional | Jeff, trainers? Is training a Panacea? Soft skills, who needs them? Training on a budget. Where now, post disaster survival? Soft versus hard skills. Format Invoice! Can poor selection processes be remedied through training and development?

Need Human Resources Dissertation Topics? Get 5 relevant, interesting, manageable and impressive. Human Resources Dissertation Topics for only ?39.99. HR as the last competitive advantage Dissertation Topics. This could be based on 12 Killer Tips Sales | Jeff Weaver simply “If you snooze you lose”. This is a strange statement for Human Resources, but there is so much written in contemporary literature that preaches that Human Resource is the final competitive edge for organisations; therefore those that have not introduced this practice are at a disadvantage. This paper could compare two organisations, for Letterhead: Schools And Departments example one operating a best practice HR policy and the other with little or no HR policies. This would identify what added value there is in best practice Human Resources, and if this adds the same value to all organisations. The organisations for the study would need to be in similar markets and employ the same number of employees. Change is endemic, and the Human Resources department should be a forefront of change, driving it though the organisation. Resume For The | Jeff! Suggested topics you could choose as human resources dissertation topics could include:

If you snooze you lose. Of A Resume Format Web! Keeping up with change, how do organisations cope with change? HR replaced personnel, what can replace HR? Value, how do you assess the Resume Tips Professional | Jeff, HR value? Why bother, I will catch the next fad. A study on an organisation to advise them of their options. Resume Office Manager Office! A study of change in an organisation. Change for 12 Killer Resume Tips | Jeff change sake (is new always best?). Benefits of HR. Need Human Resources Dissertation Topics?

Get 5 relevant, interesting, manageable and impressive. Human Resources Dissertation Topics for only ?39.99. Performance Management Dissertation Topics. Reward systems that are implemented under the umbrella of Human Resources are frequently a tool used to raise commitment, competence and equivalence, and these instruments are extremely cost effective when executed correctly. Today the Example Sample, individualism of contract gives employees more control on their reward. At the 12 Killer Tips For The | Jeff, basic level this can motivate, and at the higher level can introduce self-esteem and self worth. Performance reward or incentive pay is a tool that can be used to Cover Letter In Nursing Letter - My, set targets and 12 Killer Tips Sales Professional | Jeff then reward when theses targets are met. Performance management consists of a cycle, consisting of five parts (1) setting of performance objectives (2) measuring the outcomes (3) feedback of results (4) reward linked to the outcomes and (5) amendments to Nurse Cover Letter In Nursing Cover, objectives and activities.

There are many companies that use performance management strategies, and 12 Killer Tips For The Sales Weaver use them in different ways, giving you different topics to research and companies to compare and contrast. Some ideas for good human resources dissertation topics are listed below. Is performance management effective? Can skills be increased through performance management? Is it possible to manage all? Can wages be capped through performance management? Do individuals have control over their reward? Upskilling. Reviewing and reacting on And Departments : Rice University results. Need Human Resources Dissertation Topics? Get 5 relevant, interesting, manageable and impressive.

Human Resources Dissertation Topics for only ?39.99. A topic area could be the Resume Tips For The Professional, subjectivity of the appraiser. Performance management is widely used to assess employees’ capabilities and to set targets for the next year. The main contentious issues with performance management are the appraisals; they are conducted with the subjectivity of the appraiser, who will often enter the appraisal interview with pre-conceived conclusions of both the appraisee and Letterhead: And Departments University the interview. The gravity of this is immense as it forms the foundations of performance management. If they are not conducted fairly, there are no beneficial outcomes to either the appraisee or the organisation. A paper on the “Subjectivity of the Appraiser” could be based on Tips For The Sales Professional the theory from psychology and management practice, and reviews methods and techniques to reduce bias from the appraisal interview. If you are interested on basing your human resources management dissertation on appraisals, there are some suggested human resources dissertation topics below. Can subjectivity be removed? Halo, what Halo? Was that fair?

A comparison. Can I have a pay rise? Are they honest? 360 degree appraisals. Public sector appraisals and the spinal pay reward. Need Human Resources Dissertation Topics? Get 5 relevant, interesting, manageable and impressive.

Human Resources Dissertation Topics for only ?39.99. In theory a motivated worker is a productive worker. Contained within the function of all organisations are numerous individual interrelated components (including the human aspect), which have a direct impact on the organisational performance. It is widely recognised that the “human resource” is regarded as the Example Of A Resume, most valuable resource an organisation has. However, this resource does not always receive the Resume Tips Professional | Jeff, attention, respect and the financial recognition to develop, to allow the employees’ full potential to Example Of A Sales Resume, be realised. The complex relationship between employee and employer has been studied from both a psychological and sociological aspect. The findings from both these fields of research have identified four main categories of theories on employees’ motivation. (1) Economic needs of man, money is the 12 Killer Resume Tips Sales Professional, motivator for example: Taylorism (2) Social man from the Hawthorne studies: (3) Self actualisation – this extended the results from the Hawthorne studies to include psychological issues: (4) The contingency approach – this identifies that individual motivation is influenced by a number of variables. If you are keen to discuss motivation within your dissertation, here are some human resources dissertation topics to get you started. Contemporary versus traditional theory.

HR and motivation. Bartender Rserving And Incident Report Logs! Motivation and job satisfaction. Cross organisation comparison, who gets it right? HRM is a motivator. Link between motivation and 12 Killer Sales | Jeff Weaver performance. Letterhead Format | Computer! Motivation and 12 Killer Resume For The Sales Professional | Jeff Weaver retention levels. Does motivated work force increase productivity? Motivation versus total reward.

Need Human Resources Dissertation Topics? Get 5 relevant, interesting, manageable and impressive. Human Resources Dissertation Topics for Bartender Handbook, Rserving Logs only ?39.99. Strategic Human Resources Dissertation Topics. There has been a significant rise in 12 Killer, the interest of strategic Human Resource Management in the past decade. Letterhead Format Invoice! These contemporary theories on strategic Human Resource Management introduce different levels of integration within organisations. Although there are various differences in models, most commentators agree that Strategic Human Resource Management increases the organisation’s value. With the global economy and the increase in competition this brings, the human resource is viewed as the last competitive edge. It is how this resource is managed and the value that is place on it, that makes a difference between organisations. 12 Killer Resume For The Sales Professional Weaver! When the organisational strategy has not considered the implications to the human resource i.e. are there enough trained employees or do we need to employ more, the 7+ Corporate Invoice, strategy runs a high risk of failure.

Therefore it is vital to align the human resource with the organisation’s strategy. Strategic HRM lends some interesting human resources dissertation topics for you to discuss. Does HR sit and fit on the board? Future planning or fire fighting? Reactive or proactive? Future planning or justifying role? Can HR be strategic? SHRM, another new fad?

HR driving the organisation. Operations or planning the HR function? Need Human Resources Dissertation Topics? Get 5 relevant, interesting, manageable and impressive. Human Resources Dissertation Topics for only ?39.99. The underlying assumption is the 12 Killer For The Professional Weaver, way “things get done” in the organisation and that individuals know how to behave. When an assumption is broken, it is questioned by members of the organisation.

This helps to maintain the culture (Phelan 2005). The culture is significant and important to an organisation and its members. For the individual and group member, culture is the Resume Printable, “social glue that helps hold the organisation together by Resume Sales Weaver, providing appropriate standards for what employees should say and do”. Consequently, the culture will reduce an employee’s uncertainty and anxiety about expected behaviour. This behaviour is individual to the organisation, and 7+ Corporate Format is difficult to transfer. The organisation’s culture differentiates it from others, and partly explains why employees are attracted to one employer versus other employers. The culture of an 12 Killer Tips For The Sales | Jeff, organisation can reduce uncertainty and Letterhead complexity, providing a consistent outlook that its values make possible. This is visible in the decision-making process, co-ordination and control. Excellent leaders are not merely aware of the organisation’s basic assumptions, they also know how to take actions and Resume mould and Student Generator Printable refine them.

To discuss culture in you dissertation, some human resources dissertation topics are suggested below. Gatekeeper or owner? Placing values in the organisation. Culture is the organisation. 12 Killer Tips For The Professional Weaver! It’s the way we do it around here. Inducting new employees into the culture. Letterhead: And Departments : Rice! Recruiting to change the culture. Managing cultural change.

Training and 12 Killer Resume Sales Professional | Jeff culture. Change agent. Need Human Resources Dissertation Topics? Get 5 relevant, interesting, manageable and Student Printable Samples impressive. Human Resources Dissertation Topics for only ?39.99. Over the past few decades the nature and 12 Killer Resume Tips For The Sales | Jeff the composition of the work force has been changing. There are numerous challenges and opportunities for organisations within the new formation.

In reply, diversity management has become an essential component of human resource management (HRM). Diversity management is a relatively new, but significant area of Cover Sample Cover, HRM. This new area of management brings learning and challenges to the individuals that supervise and manage employees. Diversity management does assume different forms and models in practice, but is defined as an 12 Killer Resume For The | Jeff, organisation’s active investment in the integration, development, and advancement of Sample Letter, individuals who collectively represent the work force. When developing an organisational strategy, diversity is placed in the culture, policies, and practices which support respect and communication, as well as individual, team and organisational performance in a diverse environment. Possible human resources dissertation topics on diversity are: Differences between diversity and discrimination. Managing the new workforce.

Cross national diversity. Can discrimination be removed? Managing diversity and cultural differences. Training for diversity. The line and diversity. Diverse and cosmopolitan. Resume Tips Sales | Jeff Weaver! The global village. Need Human Resources Dissertation Topics? Get 5 relevant, interesting, manageable and impressive. Human Resources Dissertation Topics for only ?39.99.

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