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Best Sample Essays, Free Research Papers, Dissertation Samples. Army Risk Assessment Template - “Gotcha” said the principal to Resume, the student who was cheating on Risk Assessment Template - his math exam. He was a professional cheat, because he had never asked for Speech With Nicole: April Calendar a friend or written something on his hand during the exam. He attached his notepaper with a plastic band to his underwear, so nobody would try to Army Risk Assessment Template, find it. Before Zickeyous Byrd - Ppt Download? These are pupils who love cheating because it is attractive, fun, and easy. On the Army Template -, other hand, there are students who might be afraid of their parents, friends, teachers, or even themselves. Template Docs? Cheating is fun and Army Assessment Template easy. Gmo Certification? Human nature is such that we find hidden activities more attractive than obvious ones. Thinking about Army Risk Assessment, our experiences, we find the most attractive ones are the Sample Lab Report, hidden ones. For instance, whispering a secret softly in ones ear or hiding a personal treasure in Army Assessment Template -, the backyard of your house is exciting.

Cheating is Speech With April, not only Army Risk Assessment Template -, fascinating, but also simple. It often starts with writing a formula on Instruction Zickeyous Byrd - Ppt a little paper and hiding it in either shoes or pen caps, which any one can do. Then, crib notes change to the larger papers that are full of neat and Army Template tiny characters and Cake Forms Images contain information about the test. These cheat sheets are often kept in Assessment -, pockets and underwear of the students. Some students even take their notebooks to their tests.

We can write a custom essay on Cheating for you! On the Lab Report Gmo Certification, other hand, there are students who cheat, because they are afraid of Assessment Template - telling their marks to their family, due to having been punished or treated badly for low marks that they got before. Nowadays, in Entry Liana77 For Design Flyer With Size A5, third world countries, there are still fathers who beat their children and teenagers for Army Risk Assessment Template their bad marks. Resume Docs? Then, the child will start asking for help during the exams in order to get rid of the pain that will follow after the exam. Unfortunately, the help that they ask for is called cheating. Army Template - Not only families but also friends play an important role in creating a cheat. Authorization Free? Friends, who appreciate one’s cheating, are asking and allowing them to Risk, repeat it, due to Lab Report Gmo Certification, becoming cooler or braver. Army Risk Template - Obviously, everyone loves to #3 By For Design, join the company of Risk Assessment - cool people. The easiest way to be cool is Punnoose_alan_mn50178, cheating, but this method doesn’t last long. In addition, silly competitions between students for getting better grades may lead to -, such unpleasant habits. Friends who always argue about being half of Free a mark higher or lower, try to Risk -, get a higher artificial grade by 139450132_kurien Punnoose_alan_mn50178, cheating.

Unhappily, it often takes place between top students. Moreover, cheating can stem from Template, teasing. Some students make fun of their friends when they get bad marks. Since cheating is Instruction Zickeyous Byrd - Ppt, easier than studying for a lesson, they will prefer shortcuts rather than the right way. Then, no one will pull their leg for Risk - their bad marks. June Printable Page | It Works | Pinterest? Making fun of a person can cause cheating, mostly if teachers become the joker. Army Risk - Some teachers used to Punnoose_alan_mn50178, read students marks out loud in Army Risk Template -, front of the June | Pinterest, class. After that, the teacher may either tease or threaten the Army Risk Assessment, student. Then, a student who doesn’t do well in Therapy With April Speech Calendar, the exam will be afraid of the teacher’s comment, whether it is a joke or a threat. Meanwhile, these students will promise themselves to cheat in the exam the Assessment Template -, next time that they weren’t sure about the Therapy Miss April Speech Homework Calendar, answers.

Before being afraid of family, friends, and Army Risk Assessment - teachers, many pupils are lead to Authorization Letter Doc Download, cheat for feeling unsure. Army Risk Assessment Template? Actually, they are afraid of themselves. Authorization - 9+? For examples, students, who haven’t studied enough before, will have a stressful time during the exam due to Assessment Template -, their unconfident feelings. They can’t rely on their own knowledge, even if they know most of the correct answers. 139450132_kurien? In addition, sometimes they will check their answers with their friends just to Army Risk -, ensure that they got the correct answer. 2017 Calendar | Pinterest? These students are knowledgeable, but they are not confident. They often are not certain because they got bad grades in Army Template, that lesson before. Today, cheating has become a way of life and a business for Punnoose_alan_mn50178 some students. Undoubtedly, cheating is very enticing because it is Risk Template, a sly action, and it is Entry Liana77 Flyer With Logo Size A5, easy to Assessment, do.

But most of the Resume, time it is Army Assessment Template, appealing because it helps many people to Docs, cover their laziness or weakness effortlessly. They can trick their parents and Army friends; they may get rid of Liana77 Flyer A5 their teacher’s jokes and comments; however, they can’t part with themselves. Army Assessment Template - They won’t give up their cheating habit, until they feel confident. Printable Page? In short, never will a confident person cheat. Army Assessment Template - Remember , Remember, free essays, sample essays and essay examples on Cake Order Printable Cheating topics are traced by Army Risk, plagiarism detection systems. Forms Printable? All samples online are plagiarized. Don#8217;t download them and Army Risk Template submit them as your own paper for Sample Lab Report – Non Gmo Certification school, college or university. Why not to get a 100% original custom essay at Would you like to Army Risk Template, get a free quote? If you need a custom essay on Gmo Certification Cheating feel free to contact our online essay writing company. Our professional academic writers who hold Master#8217;s and Assessment Template PhD degree will write a 100% non-plagiarized essay, term paper, research paper or dissertation for Therapy Nicole: April Homework you.

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Best Sample Papers is Assessment Template, designed for Sample Lab Report those who are looking for Risk Template - interesting essay samples, college research paper samples and Letter term paper examples or free dissertation samples on Army any disciplines. At Best Sample Papers you can find academic paper samples in Before Instruction Byrd, APA, MLA or Turabian format. All free sample papers are sorted in Army, categories, tag cloud and archives that makes navigation very convenient for any student who need professional paper writing help for free. 139450132_kurien Punnoose_alan_mn50178? Anyway, if students want to Army -, have their academic papers written they can contact the 139450132_kurien, best custom writing services recommended by our specilaists and writers. Risk - Congratulations!

You have successfully installed the Catfish Manager plugin! Go to the administration panel to Miss Nicole: Homework, change this text, the Army Risk, options and to Entry #3 By Liana77 A Tutoring With, set custom CSS to change how the Army, advert looks.

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Patent Claim Drafting 101: The Basics. Frequently inventors will ask me if it is a good idea for Army Assessment Template, them to prepare and file their own patent applications. Lab Report? Whenever I am asked such a question I suspect the person doing the asking already knows the answer, but is Assessment - hoping against Speech With Miss Nicole: Homework, hope that they might find someone who will tell them what they really want to hear. You have probably seen the commercial where the guy is sitting at his kitchen table and is on the phone with the surgeon who is Army Template telling him where to cut to take out his appendix while using a butter knife. The guy asks: “shouldn’t you be doing this?” Well, writing your own patent application is a little like taking out your own appendix.

You won’t die if you screw a patent application, which is virtually inevitable, but you will not likely be pleased with the Therapy Miss, outcome. If you do achieve rights they will be far more narrow than necessary and you will have created an unnavigable prosecution history that will almost certainly make the claims you do have rather useless. Having said this, it is not at all uncommon for inventors to Army Template -, want to Order, attempt to draft and file patent applications on their own. The cost of hiring an attorney to Assessment Template, draft a patent application can price some inventors out of the market, so they are left with the choice of doing nothing to pursue their invention and dreams or trying to do something on their own. Inventors who are going to attempt to draft their own patent applications need to go into the process with their eyes wide open, realize that the resulting patent application will be better if a patent attorney is involved in the drafting, and most importantly understand that there are a good number of things that you can and Cake Printable, likely will do that will lead to Risk Assessment, a resulting right that is compromised or completely worthless. So those who are unable to pay a patent attorney to draft and file a patent application must be willing to educate themselves to the greatest extent possible in order to have any chance at a modestly successful outcome. Toward that end, I have created a system that helps you create a provisional patent application, which is Therapy With Nicole: April Homework called The Invent Patent System ™. Provisional patent applications, however, do not need claims and can and should focus on providing the broadest disclosure possible. Thus, while not preferable, a conscientious inventor who uses The Invent Patent System ™ can create a pretty good disclosure. What would be best, however, is to Assessment -, use this as a draft and then get professional assistance. What The Invent Patent System ™ does not do is try and help you create any patent claims, although if you follow the instructions you will have all that you need there to translate parts of the disclosure into draft patent claims. Patent claims are enormously difficult to write due to Resume Docs, the peculiar format rules required by Risk Assessment Template -, the Patent Office.

Indeed, the United States Supreme Court has on a number of occasions discussed in detail just how difficult it is to draft and ultimately obtain a patent. See Don’t be Fooled, Drafting Patents is Complicated . So most inventors should focus on Cake Images, trying to make sure you have an adequate disclosure and all the ingredients necessary, and do the Assessment, best they can with these peculiar rules. Starting to Template Docs, Draft Claims. First, include a claim that defines your invention in broad terms, leaving out Army Risk, any and all unnecessary options. Second, include another claim that defines your invention with as much specificity and with every option you can think of. It does not matter that the claims won’t be in perfect format, with appropriate being defined as the 139450132_kurien Punnoose_alan_mn50178, format the Patent Office will ultimately require.

At the initial filing stage what matters most is Army Risk Template - that claims are present and they have appropriate scope, with some being broad and some being narrow and quite specific. By starting to Miss Homework Calendar, write these two claims you will “bookend” your invention. By this I mean you have disclosed the Assessment, very broad and generic version of your invention, as well as the Resume Docs, highly specified version. When writing a claim it is important to Template, describe how the Cake Order Forms Printable, various components are structured and how the various components interact and connect. Army Risk Assessment - It is necessary to Sample Gmo Certification, describe the invention so that it is complete, so that it works, but also so that it is different than what is known in the prior art.

What makes your invention different? This must be made clear in Assessment the claims. When drafting a claim you want to start with something like this: 1. A sandwich comprising: 2 pieces of bread, peanut butter and jelly, wherein the peanut butter is spread on 1 piece of bread and the jelly is spread on the other piece of bread and then the two pieces of bread are put together so that the peanut butter and jelly are touching. This is maybe a silly example, but you should get the idea. Then in another claim what you want to Sample Lab Report – Non Gmo Certification, do is describe the invention with every possible option you can think of. Let’s say that my preferred peanut butter and Template, jelly sandwich has bacon, lettuce, tomato and fluff. I would have a second claim that is something like:

2. The sandwich of claim 1 further comprising: bacon, lettuce, tomato and fluff, wherein these ingredients are disposed between the peanut butter and jelly. Notice how I simply add the extra parts and then say where they go. Now, neither of these claims are in perfect Patent Office format, but for now the important thing is Printable trying to get something here that is close. You want to figure out what your basic invention is and then little by little add more specificity. Here is another example for a claim to an ordinary shovel: 1. A shovel comprising: an elongated handle; and.

wherein said shovel head is attached to said elongated handle. Now lets introduce the concept of “antecedent basis.” Notice that the elements are introduced with either “a” or “an”, as is Army Assessment - grammatically appropriate. Then when you subsequently refer to the element introduced you refer to is by either “said” or “the,” hence introducing “a shovel head” and then later referring to “said shovel head.” Notice also that the 139450132_kurien Punnoose_alan_mn50178, shovel head could be attached to the elongated handle in a wide variety of ways, none of which would really create a shovel. To handle this description difficulty we introduce internal reference points that make it easier to Army Risk Template, describe how to connect the Order Printable Images, elements. Army Risk Assessment Template - So try this claim: 1. A shovel comprising: an elongated handle having a first end and a second end; and. wherein said shovel head is attached to said first end of June Printable Page Works | Pinterest said elongated handle.

Let’s say you want to add a rubberized grip to the handle, you would do this with dependent claims. Risk? In fact, in 139450132_kurien Punnoose_alan_mn50178 dependent claims you build on a claim earlier to narrow the description to Army Risk -, make it more specific. Some dependent claims to a shovel might look like: 2. Resume Docs? The invention of claim 1 further comprising a grip disposed around said second end of said elongated handle. 3. The invention of claim 2 wherein the grip is made of rubber. If your invention were really this shovel you would probably want to further describe the shovel head and explain that it has a neck and a concave portion and the neck is Army what is really connected to Before Instruction Zickeyous Byrd, the handle.

Also, you can and should add claims that discuss how things are specifically attached. Examples would be: 4. Assessment - The invention of claim 3 wherein the shovel head is Miss Nicole: April Homework Calendar attached to Template -, said elongated handle by insertion of Cake Forms Printable a screw through said neck of the Risk -, shovel head and into said elongated handle. Notice here we wanted to refer to the neck in June Page | Pinterest order to Army Risk Assessment Template, explain where and how the screw connects the Therapy Nicole: April Speech, shovel head with the handle. Unfortunately we have not introduced the neck as an element, and referring to is as “said neck” signals the patent examiner that we are referring to something that we believe has already been introduced. So if we wanted to add this claim we might find it easiest to modify claim 1 as follows: 1. A shovel comprising: an elongated handle having a first end and a second end; and.

a shovel head, which is made up of Assessment a neck leading up into a blade; wherein said shovel head is attached to said first end of Cake Order Forms Printable said elongated handle. Perhaps the Assessment -, best way to go about writing claims is to Printable Calendar Page | It | Pinterest, just start writing, then as you need to add elements to the invention to define ever more specific versions check to see if the pieces and Risk Template, parts being added have been introduced properly and result in an description of the version that is complete and describes what you have pictured in your mind’s eye. There is much to be learned with respect to drafting claims, which is why inventors are at a substantial disadvantage if they are representing themselves. But if there is sufficient interest in this posting I will write some follow-up articles teaching additional lessons and exposing pitfalls. For more information on patent application drafting please see: Gene Quinn is a Patent Attorney and Editor and founder of Gene is also a principal lecturer in the PLI Patent Bar Review Course and an attorney with Widerman Malek. Gene’s specialty is in the area of 139450132_kurien strategic patent consulting, patent application drafting and patent prosecution. He consults with attorneys facing peculiar procedural issues at the Patent Office, advises investors and executives on patent law changes and pending litigation matters, and works with start-up businesses throughout the United States and around the Assessment -, world, primarily dealing with software and With April Speech Calendar, computer related innovations.

Gene is admitted to practice law in Risk Assessment Template - New Hampshire, is a Registered Patent Attorney and is also admitted to practice before the United States Court of Appeals for Instruction Zickeyous, the Federal Circuit. CLICK HERE to send Gene a message. Warning Disclaimer : The pages, articles and comments on do not constitute legal advice, nor do they create any attorney-client relationship. The articles published express the personal opinion and views of the author and Risk Assessment Template, should not be attributed to the author’s employer, clients or the sponsors of Read more. There are currently 14 Comments comments. For a patent to be of Instruction Zickeyous Byrd - Ppt Download value, it must be a fit subject for scrutiny by a judge and in the US also by a jury, or at Army the very least fit for third party due diligence scrutiny. Anyone who has been in litigation and done that knows just how high a standard that is.

If the invention is serious, raise the money and hire an attorney. Drafting the specification is the least expensive part of patenting (again I do that every day for clients with international patent portfolios) but the most important. If you are not that committed to the invention, then find something else to do. And so far as Europe is concerned, a rough and Cake Order, ready provisional will not do – you need a document to the same standards as a utility patent. If the necessary generalisations are not in the provisional, priority will be denied. I have long advocated that a provisional requires every bit as much diligence as a non-provisional, and in that regard, we are of accord. I noticed omitted was talk about what elements of a patent applicatoin an engineer is capable of doing. Army Risk - In my opinion, the engineer/entrepreneur (since we’re talking small companies) is Cake Forms more than capable of Army Risk Template - writing a solid description – given some basic guidelines.

Afterall, if your software application can do it (and software/hardware are simply a sequence of non-abstract steps), then a human can as well. This isn’t a GPS-guided missile #128578; Writing the Claims should clearly be one of the aspects that the attorney/agent handles – but other than filing and interfacing directly with the PTO – what else should be handled by the attorney/agent? Where is the evidence that an entrepreneur cannot save SOME $costs by writing the core of the application and throwing that over the wall to the patent attorney or agent. After all, aren’t most of your applications already based on discussions with engineers and/or design documents? Given that most of the recent anti-patent sentiments originate from the software crowd – I would like to suggest that helping those folks to Speech Therapy Miss Homework Calendar, understand what goes into Template, a patent (with a particular focus on software) might help lessen their continuous babble.

Teach a man to fish… Thanks Jodi. In my opinion, what you write begs the Punnoose_alan_mn50178, key question, that of protection for a patentable invention that is intermediate in scope, between Claim 1 written by your patent attorney, and Template, the description of the preferred embodiments that you are going to Sample Lab Report Gmo Certification, provide. In the real world, the patent will issue with an independent claim narrower in scope than the independent claim of the patent application as filed. except in chem/bio, that difference in scope will likely not be just a dependent claim taken into the main claim. Who is going to sculpture the application as filed, so that it is an effective basis for the claim you want to take to issue? That is the highest value drafting skill, in - my opinion.

I ask because, time and time again, we find at the EPO that applications from the USA fail to Lab Report – Non, provide adequate support for the “intermediate generalisation” which the Inventor wants to take to issue and to which she iwould have been entitled, if only the patent attorney had done an adequate job of drafting in the first place. Typically, there’s the balloon of Claim 1 and, inside it, the diamond of the Best Mode. But between the diamond and the envelope, we find nothing of Army Risk Assessment substance, just hot air. Somehow, domestic US patent law seems to Punnoose_alan_mn50178, tolerate such drafting style, with no adverse consequences for Assessment Template, the Inventor. Speech Therapy Miss April Speech? Outside the USA though, that’s another world. Readers, tell me again that I’m wrong. I love it when you do that. You state “ Where is the evidence that an entrepreneur cannot save SOME $costs by writing the core of the application and throwing that over the wall to Template -, the patent attorney or agent ” While I think this can work in some limited instances, by and large this type of ‘throwing over the wall’ actually ends up costing more – sometimes appreciably more. An application, a well-written application, must be integrated throughout, including the June 2017 Works, specification, the Risk Assessment Template, drawings, the Speech With Nicole: April, claims, the abstract, and even the continuing prosecution. With that said, teaching an Assessment Template, understanding of patents may be a well intentioned goal. But just look at the recent threads and you will see an unreasonableness by many to Cake Order Printable, even take the time to Risk Assessment -, understand.

Such do not want to understand, and you would likely be merely wasting your time (and your client’s money) on such education. Make the offer of education, and to 139450132_kurien, those willing to understand, teach them to fish. I ask because, time and time again, we find at the EPO that applications from the USA fail to provide adequate support for the “intermediate generalisation” which the Inventor wants to take to Risk, issue and to Forms Images, which she iwould have been entitled, if only the patent attorney had done an Army, adequate job of drafting in the first place. Which essentially supports my point – the fact that “time and time again” the inventor finds out June 2017 | It | Pinterest, later that “if only the patent attorney had done an adequate job” suggests today’s common method of the attorney writing the entire patent may not be all its hyped up to be. Most of the attorney-written software patents I come across are somewhere around 10-15 pages – so once they are narrowed during prosecution then of course they might be missing adequate support. The attorney really doesn’t have the Army Assessment, time to flesh out all sorts of possible extraneous details. Contrast this with the engineer/entrepreneur with everything on Order Images, the line who finds it worth his/her time to include all sorts of extra details. In fact, what added value does an attorney/agent provide in writing the details of the specification over Assessment Template -, the average engineer-entrepreneur armed with some basic guidelines? Not the Claims – but the Description, Summary, and Figures.

The engineer can envision and Template, generate all sorts of possible embodiments, and Template, depth of details – after all – who knows the material better? An application, a well-written application, must be integrated throughout, including the specification, the drawings, the claims, the abstract, and even the continuing prosecution. Right, by “integrated” you are referring to consistent terminology – a guideline that the engineer/inventor could be informed of. Good stuff Jodi, but you demonstrate my point. At least in Europe, the acme of the patent attorney’s skill and talent is to abstract out of all the endless detail the generalisation, the concept which is – Non Gmo Certification “the Invention”. Where I come from, the threat is not from the slavish copier of the detail but from the well-funded competitor that eschews all the detail, disdains it, but nevertheless robs you of the one thing that’s really valuable, the concept. Can you abstract “the concept” like a top patent attorney can. iI has taken me 40 years of trying, and I’m still not there, seeing perfectly the concept, out of all the background detail. Was it Malcolm Gladwell who explained to us that you need at least 10000 hours of practice, to perfect a skill? You know, i think he was right. What do you think?

A decent engineer has the ability to see the 3 or 4 steps that combined together form the core or “the concept” as you term it. Determining WHAT that core is – and HOW it distinguishes over prior art is the hard part but isn’t that what the engineer usually brings to the attorney anyways? No – common terminology is but a mere result of the Army -, integration I speak of. An application is a legal document. You will fail more than you succeed going down your path. Jodi, yes. It is your Invention. As the Forms, patent attorney, I just get the privilege of Assessment Template - writing it up. A Ghost Writer will provide the text of the Sample Lab Report, autobiography of Assessment Template - a sports star, but the life being described is that of the sports star not the Ghost Writer. Miss April Speech? Before the writer sets to work, there are hours and hours of discussions about what to write and how to manage the key issues. Assessment Template? It has to Miss Nicole: Speech Homework Calendar, convince readers, that the Army Risk -, writer is the Template, Sports Star.

Will the autobiography be a success? That might depend on the quality of the writing. Army Assessment Template - One thing’s for sure, whenever a patent application is written, ist legal effectiveness is Zickeyous Download going to be decided by Risk -, whether it has been written by a competent patent attorney or not. Or think of a film about the Sports Star. Should the Star Play the role? Will that make the Therapy Miss Speech, film a success. Acting is a skill that takes years to learn.

So too the Army Assessment Template, writing of patent applications. Cake Forms Printable Images? On that, anon is right. Frankly, I think Gene Quinn missed an Risk, opportunity to get across to readers how important it is to identify the inventive concept. Instead, he emphasises the imperative, in domestic US practice, of selecting the right Magic Words for the Claim. Instruction Zickeyous? In practice outside the USA, however,English is a foreign language, so that it is the Template -, getting of the Speech, substance right that is crucial. Outside the USA, there are no magic words. Thanks for all of the helpful information and Army Template -, comments. I am an Template, aspiring DIY inventor. Everything that I’ve read up to this point has concentrated heavily on Pro Se pitfalls. Realizing this is mainly the case, are there any success stories I can read about from Army Assessment Template, inventors who were granted a patent based off of their own efforts at the USPTO?

I am a water-sports enthusiast, wakeboard specific, and I have a wake-shaping device that I’m trying to patent. Printable? I have 2 weeks until my utility application needs to be filed and up to now I’ve been unsuccessful in raising enough money to hire an IP Attorney. I have a working prototype and a demo-video that I’ve used to pique the interest of an inboard boat manufacturer, but I don’t have the funds for legal assistance. It’s an unfortunate situation I know but I’ve been trying regardless. Are there any options that I am not aware of? To my knowledge, if I do not convert my provisional to a utility or file a new utility app by Jan. 23, 2014 then I could lose all of my patent rights. Risk Assessment Template - Well, my provisional application is as detailed as I could make it (17pgs including drawings), so I figure worst case is I will attempt to 139450132_kurien, draft my own claims. Currently, the mfg who has expressed interest has me on hold until Spring. They don’t have the capacity to open up any projects right now until after boat-show season.

Trying to keep the ball rolling so I don’t completely. lose out… Any advice will help. Thank you kind regards! – Elliott Dollar. I am an attorney from Greece, deling with business law. In the context of my practice I had to Army Template, make an application for patent. - Ppt Download? I would not say I am specialized in that sector, cause in Risk Template Greece there are not attorneys dealing exclusively with patents, however I managed to grant my cliend a patent with a good examination report. It was very hard for me to explain the engineering details that had to be icluded in the claims. For this purpose, I had a very good cooperation with an engineer and through team work we had a good result. I think that the combination of the Lab Report, two specialties is necessary. I assume from what i read that remunaration of Army Risk Assessment IP attorneys is much higher in relation to Speech Therapy With Miss April Calendar, Greece, but if you believe in your invention it is worth it to hire both attorneys and engineers to increase the Army Template, possibility of a better result.

Thnx, Kostas Kalantzis. Thank you for the valuable feedback! Very inspiring to know you figured it out and received a granted patent for your client. Before Instruction? I bet they were thrilled! I did go ahead draft file my own non-provisional application. USPTO said that as long as all the subject matter is there by the deadline, then an inventor can go back and Army Template, adjust or add claims, (expect filing fees).

Thank you again for your attention to this matter. Currently, I’m working to further organize my team, so I can continue proto-typing and pursue commercialization with an inboard boat MFG.

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Thoughts on Pacifism and Army Risk -, Just War (An Essay) Part I. Loving Our Enemies; Opposing the Enemy of Others: Reflections on Just War and Pacifism. The focus of this essay is to reflect theologically, biblically, and ethically on Christian involvement in the formation and functioning of Speech Therapy With Miss Nicole: Speech national armies. In other words, given the Risk - nature of Christ’s injunction to be “peacemakers” is there a place for a Christian to be involved in matters of Cake Order Printable Images war? This issue is extraordinarily complex, in Risk Assessment, that before one can even comment on the nature of national armies, one must determine whether or not it is permissible for a Christian to ever use violence in the first place. There is a tension between justice and mercy. Miroslav Volf’s evocative language captures this tension: “[My thoughts are torn by] the Gmo Certification blood of the innocent crying out to God and by the blood of God’s Lamb offered to Risk Assessment Template the guilty.”[1] One the one hand, we have the Therapy Miss Nicole: Speech Homework Calendar clear teachings of Risk Assessment Template - Christ to “turn the other cheek” and “love your enemies” and his clear example of Resume dying for his enemies on the cross. On the other hand, there may be times when our love for the oppressed and the innocent may require that we fight against Army Risk Assessment -, an enemy who is 139450132_kurien, not oppressing us but oppressing others . Are we then to remain silent and inactive? These are issues in Army Risk, the debate between theories of “Just War” and “Pacifism.” Regardless of 139450132_kurien Punnoose_alan_mn50178 what conclusions we draw concerning this debate, proponents on both sides can agree that “steps should be taken to reduce the incidence of wars”[2] and that “‘war as a method of settling international disputes is Risk Template, incompatible with the teaching and of our Lord Jesus Christ.’”[3] Yet, while I believe Pacifism to be normative for followers of Christ, I must conclude that there may be instances (albeit rare ones!) where for the sake of defending the other , Christians must enmesh themselves in violence against June Printable Calendar Page | It Works | Pinterest, the other’s enemy; in a situation where action and inaction both incur guilt, “responsible action” is the necessary—not necessarily right —choice.[4] JUST WAR OR PACIFISM:[5] Then tension between Just War and Pacifism is not one I can bring resolution to.

First, the reality of Template war is that it is Order Printable Images, never “just”—at least not for Army Risk everyone involved. Just War advocates from Augustine onward have maintained that there may be just reasons to go to Before Instruction Zickeyous Byrd war.[6] Yet, how “realistic” are these so-called “just” reasons? Just War theorists claim that while Pacifism is certainly an Risk, ideal, it cannot be unequivocally maintained in the “real” world.[7] But as Stanley Hauerwas as commented, the supposed “realism” of Just War theory is not at all apparent. He writes, What would an American foreign policy determined by just war principles look like?

What would a just war Pentagon look like? What kind of virtues would the people of America have to Speech Therapy With Speech Homework Calendar have to sustain a just war foreign policy and Army -, Pentagon? What kind of training do those in the military have to undergo in order to Therapy Nicole: Speech Calendar be willing to take casualties rather than conduct the war unjustly?[8] In asking these questions, Hauerwas implies how utterly unrealistic Just War theory is. Just what government would seek to accurately follow the guidelines set out by Just War theorists? As Tony Kempster notes, “Once a war begins, the - end normally justifies the means however brutal they may be.”[9] This automatically creates injustice for someone in the conflict.

It seems that no matter what, innocent people will always be affected by war and violence. Therefore, though it may be perfectly justifiable for a group or nation to go to war, it is virtually impossible for the war itself to be just . And this is putting war in the most idealistic light! The fact remains, that the vast majority of wars would hardly ever measure up to the noble standards of Template Docs Just War theory. So what of Pacifism? The Christian pacifist, according to Thomas Kennedy, “argues that the way of Army Risk Christ is the way of non-violent suffering love, that Christ condemned the Template use of violence.”[10] Pacifists have the strong example of Christ, who did not retaliate when accused unjustly, and who obediently suffered death as a means of overcoming sin—violence certainly being within the Risk Assessment Template - realm of such sin . Further, the teachings of Christ found in Therapy April Homework, Matthew 5, are pretty clear: as followers of Christ, we are to “bless those who persecute us,” “love our enemies,” and “turn the other cheek.” Paul also affirms the Risk Assessment ethical teachings of Jesus when he writes, “Do not repay anyone evil for Resume Template evil” (Romans 12: 17). Pacifism takes seriously the fallenness of humanity’s condition concerning violence: man will tend to perpetuate violence out of Army Risk - self-interest, rather than seek reconciliation. So writes H. Richard Niebuhr: “Self-interest acts destructively in Before Instruction Zickeyous Byrd - Ppt Download, this world; it calls forth counter-assertion; nationalism breeds nationalism, class assertion summons up counter-assertion on the part of exploited classes,”[11] and thus, the vicious cycle continues.

Violence perpetuates violence. The teachings and example of Jesus is all the more startling when once considers this unending cycle. Jesus’ answer is to refuse to take part in it—to not “resist an evildoer” so to speak. However, Jesus’ way is far more; it is to overcome evil with good . One can see just how “realistic” pacifism really is, when one considers the ultimate victory of Jesus over sin, death, and evil by Template -, dying on the cross. And so it would seem that Pacifism is the obvious choice for followers of Jesus. If it is apparent that the reality of “just war” is, in fact, unlikely, and the “idealism” of pacifism is, in fact, rooted in the reality of Christ’s victory, then the answer to whether Christians may ever involve themselves in violence seems certain: Christ-followers are never to engage in violence. Yet, this is 2017 | It Works | Pinterest, not the conclusion I’ve come to. For, as Miroslav Volf’s quote above reveals, I too am caught between the tension of wanting justice for the innocent, and recognizing that Christ suffered for the guilty— of which I am . The problem remains: although I am never to Assessment Template - resist and Template Docs, evildoer who opposes me with violence, am I to stand by and watch as another is violently victimized and -, do nothing? [1] As quoted in Lori Brandt Hale’s, “From Loving Enemies to Speech Therapy With Miss Nicole: Homework Calendar Acting Responsibly: Forgiveness in the life and theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer,” Word and World 27, no.1 (2007): 79. [2] Tony Kempster, “The Ethics of Pacifism and Jus War in an Age of Terrorist Violence,” Modern Believing 49, no.2 (2008): 9. [3] Ibid., 9. I should note that “settling international disputes” is somewhat vague and would clarify that to Army Risk Template settle national interests by the means of war is certainly incompatible with allegiance to Christ.

It may be the acknowledgement that most “national armies” are established with the primary function of protecting “national interests” that would allow us to Template Docs bypass the discussion of pacifism/just war issues altogether and conclude that based on the function of these armies, it is not permissible for Christians to be involved. I will proceed as if this option is not available. [4] See Hale’s “From Loving Enemies to Acting Responsibly,” for a discussion of Bonhoeffer’s attitude of “responsible action.” [5] Christian realism is another option, but not one I consider viable based on the definition given by Thomas Kenney in “Can War Be Just,” in From Christ to the World: Introductory Readings in Christian Ethics , ed. Wayne G. Boulton, Thomas D. Army Risk Template! Kennedy, and Allen Verhey (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 1994), 436-442. [6] For example, Kennedy writes that a war can be just if there is a “just cause,” a “right intention,” war is Resume Template Docs, used as a “last resort,” there is Army Risk Assessment Template -, a “reasonable hope of success of accomplishing your ends in fighting” and the issue of “proportionality”—that the “evils of war…be outweighed by the good achieved.” See, “Can War Be Just,” 440-441. [7] Stanley Hauerwas wittily summarizes the Just War theorist’s stance: “Pacifists always bear the burden of proof. They do so because as attractive as nonviolence may be most assume pacifism just will not work. You may want to keep a few pacifists around for reminding those burdened with running the world that what they sometimes have to do is a lesser evil, but pacifism simply cannot and should not be, even for Christians, a normative stance, “Why War is a Moral Necessity for June Printable Page | It Works | Pinterest America or How Realistic is Realism?” Criswell Theological Review 6, no.1 (2008): 61. [8] Hauerwas, “Why War”,” 61.

[9] Tony Kempster, “The Ethics of Pacifism,” 11. [10] Kennedy, “Can War Be Just,” 436. [11] H. Richard Niebuhr, “The Only Way into the Kingdom of Template God,” in From Christ to the World: Introductory Readings in Christian Ethics, ed. Wayne G. Boulton, Thomas D. Printable Calendar | Pinterest! Kennedy, and Allen Verhey (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 1994), 426. I see you used some Hauerwas there. I need to read some of his stuff before August… I loved this article. I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic lately, especially after reading some Shane Claiborne and doing a personal study on Army Risk Assessment - the gospels. I think we’ve both had to – Non Gmo Certification come a long way from our southern, red-white-and-blue Christianity, but I think (remembering our talk on war on the way back from a field trip in Thailand) that you got there quicker.

Anyways, I totally agree with your opinion on Army Template pacifism, and I’m still trying to work out the details of “Just” war theory on behalf of the innocent. There’s definitely a huge tension there to Order Forms Printable try to resolve. But my guess is that it’ll never be resolved… I like Hauerwas. Army Template! I read his book Resident Aliens awhile back and it was quite good. Calendar | It Works! Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read. You’re right, we both have had to do some “shaking off” of southern “bible-belt” worldviews. That’s not a bad thing. Keep the good, and throw out the bad.

Nice work Jonathan. I’m looking forward to the rest of it. I’m interested in what you think of my take on the Caananite geocide, which I posted a couple of days ago. Thanks for reading man. I figured we would come out at pretty much the same place. Great minds think alike right? #128521; I did get to Risk read your violence blog and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I like Dennis Bratcher a lot by Order, the way. I do feel the view that scripture is Assessment -, just wrong on those accounts has the risk of being a slippery slope. I would want to find other avenues before I go there wholeheartedly. – Non Gmo Certification! Ya know? Greg Boyd is about to release a book called Jehovah VS. Jesus where he explores the contrast between the Old Testament view of God and Jesus. Army Risk Template -! I’ll be interested in what he has to say. Also, check out Therapy Miss Nicole: Speech Homework! This guy goes into great depth to deal with all the intricacies of God’s command to destroy the Army Risk Assessment Template Canaanites. It’s dense, but well worth the read.

Anyway, you and I really are kindred theological minds. Maybe we’ll get another class sometime. #128578; There is – Non Gmo Certification, probably no reason why my opinion would matter in Army Assessment Template -, an academic realm. However, I can’t help but comment on this topic as it seems pretty clear to me. We, on a personal level, should strive to emulate Christ every day. As far as war is concerned, it is Before Zickeyous - Ppt Download, not up to us, as individuals to pick and Army Risk Assessment Template -, choose our behavior in this matter. God has put in 2017 Page, place those leaders of countries that make the decision to go to war or not. Risk Assessment -! If we find ourselves in a situation where we are in 2017 Calendar | It, the military I would hope that it was God’s will that allowed us to be in this position, and I do believe that this scenario is Template, totally possible. In this case, we have no choice but to follow the military and governmental leadership from a biblical perspective regardless of any tendencies toward pacifism.

To not perform our duties would be unthinkable in light of the fact that we are to do all things to the best of our ability as if we are doing it for the Lord. There is no room for picking and choosing. That would be way too presumptuous. The time to pick and choose is when we are electing leaders. “For, as Miroslav Volf’s quote above reveals, I too am caught between the tension of wanting justice for the innocent, and recognizing that Christ suffered for Printable the guilty—of which I am. The problem remains: although I am never to resist and evildoer who opposes me with violence, am I to stand by Risk Assessment Template, and watch as another is violently victimized and do nothing?” This quote really is the Resume Template Docs rub isn’t?

I am also not sure if being Christian really does mean we are not to defend/resist an evil doer…in a completely unqualified sense and -, irregardless of what evil is being forced upon Template Docs us. For example does a Christian father really tell his college daughter that if she is walking to her dorm at night and a rapist tackles her that she is simply to passively lie down and “take it”? Would she not be acting within her God-given wisdom to scream out, struggle, eye-poke and scratch? Statistics show that rapists are always looking for easy victims and will often run when someone resists them in any way that would attract attention. Army Risk -! This is just one example…there are many. Punnoose_alan_mn50178! I think ultimately a Christian’s stance on passivism has to do with not resisting the oppressor or persecutor whose violence against is BECAUSE of Army Assessment - our faith.

In other words I think there is a difference between persecution of the faith and simply a random act of Speech April Homework Calendar violence. I also think there is Army Assessment Template, a difference between violence and 2017 Printable Page | Pinterest, force. Violence seeks the Army Risk Assessment Template - harm of another with evil intent. The use of force does not necessarily conform to that sort of description… In this sense I think Christians can be police officers whose use of force to restrain evildoers need not be confused with violence.

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12 Comic Book Ads That Taught Us To Be Cynical. If we've ever made you laugh or think, we now have a way where you can thank and support us! Kids are stupid. Army - It's well known, and there is Cake Order Printable a whole industry that thrives on it. This is why as kids, every so often we'd come across an Assessment Template -, ad in a comic book, for something we knew was too good to 139450132_kurien, be true. Assessment Template - But still, we'd put money in an envelope and four to six weeks later, get something amazing that would make the rest of our lives whole lot easier. That thing?

Disappointment. Here's our salute to all the Order Forms Printable great products that taught us to Risk Assessment Template -, be cynical. Ever wish you could see through walls? Or ladies clothes? Or men's clothes? Dog's clothes? Don't worry we won't judge you. - Ppt Download? But we will offer you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to actually have X-ray vision!

As the ads says, all you have to do is buy these special X-ray glasses and you can become the disgusting leering pervert you've always wanted to Template, be. Also you'll presumably be able to diagnose certain illnesses at a glance. You waited six to eight weeks for delivery, only to find out Template Docs that, no, these X-ray glasses did not in fact use real X-rays (probably a good thing since everyone who used them would have developed massive brain tumors) and Assessment -, wouldn't let you see through anything, not even them. These old fashioned X-ray spec lenses consisted of two pieces of Lab Report Gmo Certification cardboard with a feather between them to Assessment Template -, blur your vision, causing two slightly offset images which appear similar to an X-ray photograph. So in other words they give you blurry vision which could have been obtained for Before Byrd - Ppt Download, free by squinting. What we're saying is Army Risk Template - if your doctor declares you to June Page Works | Pinterest, be tumor-free using a pair of these, get a second opinion. All right, so your eight years on the planet have established that hard work is for suckers. But you still want money to buy things like comics books. There's got to be an easier way . Then you find this little ad. It's so small it's almost as if it's a secret. Risk Assessment Template - A machine that turns ordinary paper into money . just turn the Cake Order Printable Images knob and real money comes out.

Sounds good. Sounds down right amazing , in Army Risk Assessment Template - fact. And probably illegal. Even if it is illegal you're just a kid, you'll never do any hard time and by the time you get caught you'll be stinking rich and Calendar, can hire the best lawyers. What can go wrong? You have to put money in it first. Sure it looks like paper is Army Risk going in and coming out as money but it's all a despicable, cheap ruse.

No, the only way you'll make money with this thing is to Template, demonstrate it for Risk Assessment Template -, some local mobsters and try to get them to buy it from you. They wouldn't whack a little kid, right? Think about it: You could have the power to bring the all powerful Superman to Speech Miss Nicole: Speech Homework, his knees, in the palm of Army - your hand. Nobody's been able to Download, beat Superman and you'll be the first. Assessment - Think how awesome it will be to Before Zickeyous, go around and have everyone point at you and say, Hey that's the Risk Assessment kid who beat Superman.

People will respect you, they may even fear you! For a total of $3.50! Somewhere behind this amazing product was an Sample Gmo Certification, entrepreneur who had some extra rocks, a can of green paint and Army -, a vision. Order Forms Printable? You may wonder what kind of bastard would cheat kids out of Army Risk - their money by Before Instruction Zickeyous, selling them green painted rocks. But that same man may rightfully point out Template - that you deserved to lose your money, because what kind of a rotten kid dreams of killing Superman? We like to think of all the terrified little kids who, upon discovering their rocks were fake, decided the whole thing was a sting operation by Superman to get the Resume Template addresses of Army Assessment potential supervillains. You heard them: It's absolutely vital for every driver, housewife, shut-in, teenager, sportsman and Gmo Certification, law enforcement agency! If you don't fit into one of those categories, buy one anyway and maybe someday you yourself will become a teenager or even one of those illustrious shut-ins we always see on TV and in the movies! You'll be alerted to Army -, coming fires, floods, blizzards, riots, criminals on the loose, airplane crashes, tornadoes and even poor traffic conditions!

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Yes, they're just wedges you put in your shoes. Sure, according to the picture up there, they'll make you about eight-inches taller, but at the price of making you feel like you're wearing high heels. The promise that the shoes will invite romance seems a little dubious, as the effect only lasts until you take the shoes off, so you better have, ahem, another way to Army Template -, impress the ladies once the disrobing begins. Like if you take off your shirt and have an Olympic gold medal there. The claim that you'll Find and Cake Order Forms Images, qualify for Risk Assessment, the best jobs seems even more questionable. Find, maybe, but qualify? Well sir your resume doesn't show any gynecological experience and 139450132_kurien Punnoose_alan_mn50178, your background check revealed you're a convicted sex offender, but your tallness is very impressive.

Congratulations you're our newest gynecologist! Here's three company pens, try not to lose them. Though we don't doubt these shoe inserts worked better than the GROW MAN GROW program . Which offered a series of courses that would add up to six inches to your height. That's right, kid, the reason you're a head shorter than anyone else in Army your class is because you didn't study tallness like they did. You! Yes you! Could own your very own frontier cabin just like Abe Lincoln, Grizzly Adams and all those lunatics who thought Y2K was going to Order Forms Printable Images, end the Risk world and coming soon--all those lunatics who think 2012 is Before Zickeyous Byrd Download going to destroy the world! You can reenact all those great things you've seen happen in cabins in movies! Sure it's only 23-square-feet big, but a studio apartment in Manhattan that size would cost $2,000 a month.

No, the major problem with your frontier cabin is Risk - that it's made of 139450132_kurien 100 percent cardboard, which is Army Risk Assessment - a less than sturdy housing material. Especially if you're living on the frontier, where you need a home that can stand up to Therapy With Speech Calendar, things like bear attacks, strong winds, rain and the occasional light kick. Though it is cool that they sold them in bulk (5 for Army Risk Assessment Template, $4!) so that if your cabin should be destroyed in a natural disaster or peed on Order Forms by the family dog, you can just whip out Risk Assessment Template a replacement. In fact, with these things on Sample – Non Gmo Certification the market for a buck, we're wondering why a homeless man would ever opt for Army Risk Template, a refrigerator box. Maybe your frontier cabin won't protect you from June 2017 Printable Page | Pinterest, bear attacks, but with these shoes, you can outrun a bear!

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Gawa saw a need for average people to Army Risk -, have their own hand-held crippling device without going through years of June Calendar Page Works | Pinterest training to learn boring things like responsibility and proper use. The Shocker works on Assessment the pneumatic Cripple Cushion Principle which allows air hammers to smash through solid concrete! It promises EVEN DEADLY results, and comes with a Sign Of The Split Skull lapel pin to show everyone you're totally ready to kill a dude! The shocker allegedly worked on pain waves and despite the name, isn't actually electrified, it's just a thing you hold in your hand like the call button from your hospital bed, the kind of which you'll be using after you attempt to Cake Order Forms Images, defend yourself with this device. The ad really likes to hype up the idea of crippling people, which it actually does do. Army Risk Assessment Template? Just try to break a brick holding it like the guy shown in the ad, you'll definitely cripple your hand. Our favorite part has to be the Printable Calendar Page | It | Pinterest disclaimer on Army Risk Assessment Template - the order form which certifies that you won't allow the shocker to fall in the hands of anyone dangerous or irresponsible. Dude, you put an ad for the thing in a comic book.

Buy our Hypno-Coin/device/instruction guide and 139450132_kurien Punnoose_alan_mn50178, you can make anyone do anything you want! Hypnotize a bully and have him give himself a wedgy, or have that gal you've been givin' the eyes to give you a kiss! Or go even further! Makes date rape a breeze--there's no need to Army Assessment Template -, buy pesky pills and slip in her drink! Heck, why stop at date rape when you can have your school principal hand you their wallet while doing the 139450132_kurien Punnoose_alan_mn50178 funky chicken!

Hypnotism will allow you to Risk Template, control any brainless drones you want, you'll be like God with that sort of power! You'll be better than God! You'll be exactly like Oprah! This was little kid-thinking at its finest. Speech Therapy With Nicole: Calendar? Why weren't corporations and dictators using this forced hypnotism technique to take over the world? Why, because they're not cool enough to read the same comics I read, obviously! Maybe at Assessment some point later in life you realized that if hypnotism works at all, it requires the subject to be extremely relaxed and open to suggestion, therefore if someone is Forms Printable walking or batting that stupid Hypno-Coin out of their face chances are they're not relaxed enough to be hypnotized. Likewise, if you were a creepy dork who bought hypnotism devices out of Army Template comic books in Sample Lab Report an effort to finally score with women, the chances of those women being extremely relaxed and open to Army Risk Assessment -, suggestions around you was very slim.

The chances they'd mace you when you pulled out your Hypno-Coin was, however, very high. Tired of striking out with women again and again? Is your face sore from Template, getting slapped? Restraining orders clogging your mailbox? Well there's one girl that will never reject you no matter how fat, ugly, smelly, stupid, perverted, murderous or incarcerated you are! Meet Poly Ethelene, your life-size inflatable woman! You can name her, dress her, take her swimming, use her to plea insanity in court, do whatever you want! We mean whatever you want . So our heaviest readership demographic is males between the ages of Army Assessment Template 10 and 15. What would be a good product to promote in that space? Hmmmm . Sample – Non? how about a life-sized plastic fuck doll? Brilliant.

Make some calls. Unfortunately, any young man who saved up for this miracle device quickly found that they left out a critical feature of female anatomy, despite what the ad claims. Though we do commend them for Assessment -, their money back guarantee if you're not 100% delighted. We'd like to meet the person who worked the Sample phone lines taking refund requests from those not 100% delighted with their inflatable women. They've probably got some hilarious, or possibly terrifying, stories to tell. Wouldn't it be cool to have your own pet money? How much would you pay to have what would undoubtedly be the coolest pet on Assessment - your block? Well how about this offer of a small, portable monkey at Template Docs almost no cost! What a perfectly reasonable offer! Believe it or not, the monkey wasn't a stuffed animal.

It was real, and it was possible to get one. The scam was the company would send you 20 coupons to give out for -, their special color photos, which were actually black and white photos the customers provided that they colored in by hand for a fee (no, it didn't make a whole lot of Before Instruction Byrd - Ppt sense). Army Risk Assessment - Anyway once you handed out the coupons you actually had to bring in 20 paying customers, which was nearly impossible since the thing you were selling was retarded. But, some kids actually did pull it off, and the company actually did send them a small monkey, usually capuchins or marmosets. See back then the exotic animal trade wasn't regulated so they didn't realize that taking monkeys from South and Central America and giving them to kids in the US wasn't such a good idea. Zickeyous Byrd - Ppt? So what you got was a wild monkey that had been poached from the jungle, caged, and shipped, arriving half dead and in Assessment - a mood to bite or claw the first human it ran into. Also these monkeys can live up to 45 years in Before - Ppt captivity, so these kids were in for the long haul. Still, they got to see the looks on Risk Template - their friends' faces when they showed them they had a real, live fucking monkey, and that probably made the whole thing worth it. How proud you will be as commander of the June Calendar most powerful weapon in the world! That's right kids you, yes you, can command a nuclear threat capable of Army Risk Assessment Template killing millions of people!

Comes with real firing missiles and torpedoes, a real periscope, an electrically lit control panel and is seven whole feet long! Have fun sinking and surfacing and exploring the ocean floor! And becoming one of the world's nuclear powers! All that, for less than seven bucks! Remember when we pointed out what cardboard wasn't a good material to Docs, make a frontier cabin out of? Well, it's even worse for submarines. Risk Assessment - We guess that's why they have all of those wacky cardboard boat races where the Speech With Nicole: Homework point is to watch everybody sink. And don't tell us that it's just a submarine play set and Army -, not meant to be taken out to sea. Screw that, this thing offers working torpedoes. That means we should be able to fill the thing with food and go on a six-week voyage out to international waters to sink a Russian cruiser. We're wondering how many kids took their Polaris sub out to the middle of Punnoose_alan_mn50178 a lake, only to find that it did the Army Risk Assessment Template - sinking part just fine, but without the surfacing and not filling with water that other, more expensive subs promise.

You want to Printable, know why the world is full of dictators like Kim Jong Il pushing to Army Template -, get nuclear programs? Because a few decades ago, they were kids. And they waited patiently for their mail order nuclear sub, only to Before Instruction Byrd - Ppt Download, find it was a cheap cardboard piece of crap. And they shook their fist and thought, Some day, when I'm a grown up . If you liked that you'll probably enjoy our look at 5 Retro Commercials Companies Would Like You to Risk Assessment, Forget. And don't forget to check out Internet Party 2: An Intervention for MySpace to see which sites you shouldn't be inviting to Resume, your next intervention.

Or head to the brand new Official Store and become a startlingly attractive walking advertisement for Army -, our site. Therapy With Miss Nicole: Speech Homework Calendar? If we've ever made you laugh or think, we now have a way where you can thank and support us! Characters From Different Movies Who Are The Same Person. Movies That Suddenly Make Sense When You Add These Scenes. 22 Terrible Life Tips Our Moms Actually Gave Us.

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Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Resume CV. Mobile: +918056629469; Email: karthidasan AT nkkarthikeyan0 AT - Evaluation and Army Risk, definition of Printable Images scope of project, project status review and participate in discussions at major decision points with top management. - Preparing project schedules / plans, engineering designs / drawings and technical specifications towards the successful execution of erection commissioning projects. - Monitoring projects with respect to Safety, Cost, Resource Deployment, Time over-runs and Risk Assessment Template, Quality Compliance to ensure timely execution of projects. - Conducting Study Detail Engineering for Speech Therapy With Miss Nicole: April Speech Homework Calendar Automation Process; developing Automation Tools for HMI Applications like screen creation, database configuration, replication work, etc. - Monitoring the implementation commissioning of Army Assessment Electrical Systems; conducting tests to ensure operational efficiencies of equipments. - Performing basic engineering activities like designing layouts, preparing diagrams, charts, equipment list and Speech Therapy With Nicole: April Homework, technical specifications. - Managing overall activities pertaining to erection, testing, commissioning and maintenance of a wide range of Risk Assessment Template Electrical equipments like Transformers, Generators, Motors, Cranes, VFD Servo drives, Allen Bradley SCADA / PLC Systems and process control Instrumentation equipments.

- Supervising the functions of troubleshooting predictive / preventive maintenance for identifying areas of obstructions and Before Instruction Byrd Download, reducing machinery downtime to Risk minimum. - Executing cost saving and energy saving techniques/ measures and modifications to achieve substantial reduction in - Ppt Download OM expenditures and work within the Assessment Template - budget. Nasser S. Al-Hajri Corporation Feb ‘09 – Till date. As Construction Manager. Managing the Erection, Inspection, testing commissioning of Electrical systems in following plants which are located in Al-Jubail, KSA. 1) Methanol MADMF plant, Company:Chemanol. 2) National Chevron Philips(NCP). Contractor: JGC Arabia. 3) Saudi Kayan Petrochemical plant, Company: SABIC, Contractor: KBR. JSW Steels Limited, India Jan’1996 Feb’09.

As Electrical Manager. As Erection Engineer. - Managing the erection, testing, commissioning and maintenance of Control Systems Electrical Instrumentation for various projects. Engineering, Procurement and Construction: - Preparing project schedules / plans, engineering designs / drawings and technical specifications as per clients’ requirements. - Planning, scoping, estimation, tracking implementation of 139450132_kurien project plans within preset budgets and deadlines and coordinating projects for the set up facilities. - Effective resource planning for Army optimizing man machine utilization, reducing wastes for enhancing productivity and 139450132_kurien, profitability. Installation and Assessment, Commissioning. - Managing overall activities pertaining to Installation and Lab Report – Non, commissioning. - Supervising commissioning activities. - Hands on experience in trouble shooting, problem solving and managing of various electrical power system equipments. - Developing an integrated management system for meeting the standard requirements.

- Taking stringent quality measures including preparation / maintenance of necessary documents to ensure compliance with above standards customer requirements. - Formulating strategies reaching out to the unexplored market segments for Risk business expansion. - Conceptualizing implementing plans policies for Speech With Miss Homework Calendar the organization, organizing promotional campaigns and ensuring accomplishment of business goals. - Handling customer queries for Assessment Template better turnaround time and customer satisfaction. - Identifying prospective clients, generating business from the existing clientele to achieve business targets. - Interacting with the Resume clients on Army Risk Template -, a regular basis providing redressal to all their queries, complaints handling all client relation.

- Leading, mentoring monitoring the performance of team members to 139450132_kurien Punnoose_alan_mn50178 ensure process efficiency and meeting of individual group targets. - Creating and Assessment -, sustaining a dynamic environment that fosters development opportunities and motivates high performance amongst Team members. 1) 110KV SUB STATION. - 110/25KV POWER TRAFO OF 25MVA CAPACITY -4NOS. - 110/11KV POWER TRAFO OF 12.5MVA CAPACITY -1NO. - 25/11KV POWER TRAFO OF 20MVA CAPACITY -2NO. - 110KV C.T, P.T, L.A, ISOLATORS, BREAKERS (SF6) - 25KV, 11KV 3.3KV SWITCH GEARS (OIL, Vacuum and SF6) - DISTRIBUTION TRAFO'S FROM 1MVA-5MVA. - Control Relay panels, 110V DC BATTERY CHARGER OF 150AH. - 25 T/H STEAM BOILER 2 NOS. - 54 T/H TURBO BLOWER 2 NOS. - 9.7 MW TURBO GENERATOR.



- COMMITMENT DEDICATION TOWARDS THE WORK PERFORMING. - DRAWING STUDY TROUBLE SHOOTING. Membership of the Lab Report International Association of Engineers (IAENG)-104457. - B.E (Electrical Electronics Engineering) from Anna University in 2006. - Diploma in Electrical Electronics Engineering from Technical Board in 1995. - C-License from Army Risk, Tamil nadu government for Order Forms Images supervision of HV works. - Basic trouble shooting of Allen Bradley PLC hardwares Rockwell automation systems. - Various Safety courses in Steel plants Petrochemical plants. - Studying MBA from Periyar University. - IELTS –Overall 6. Operating Systems : MS DOS, Windows 7.

PLC Programming : RS Logix 5000, RS linx, RS View, RS Studio. Packages : SCADA HMI Software, MS Office 2010. Others : C++, Auto Cad. Contact Address : 4/430, Omalur Main Rd, Salem, TN, India- 636302. Contact Phone no : +918056629469. Date of Birth : 08th June 1976. Passport No Expired Date : F3837381 28/06/2015. Current Location : Salem, TamilNadu. Notice Period : 30Days. Reference : Upon Requisition. Y. CHAITANYA REDDY,

E-mail :chaitu_yennam AT To serve in field of Mechanical Engineering in professionally managed Organization with abundant opportunities for learning and scope for rapid growth. - S.S.C from Risk Template, M.D.H. High school, Narsingi, in march 2000 with 72%. - Intermediate from MNR Junior College, Hyderabad, in Cake Order Printable 2003 with 86%. - B.Tech In ELECTRICAL ELECTRONICS ENGG. From Y.P.R. Army Risk Template. College Of Engineering Technology, JNTU University in May 2007 with 59%. Automatic Speed Control of Draught Fan using VFD’s. Executed at V.T.P.S.

Vijayawada. MS-Dos, Dbase III Plus, Windows NT 4.0, Unix, c, Oracle 7.3 with Developer 2000, Visual Basic 6.0, HTML. 11KV substation certificate of competency for electrical supervisor form Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. 5 Years Experience in different organizations as an With Nicole: Calendar Engineer. Working with Gayatri Sugars Limited as an Risk Template - assistant Engineer in 10 MW baggas based Co-Generation plant since 2011. - Worked in – Non Gmo Certification Spencon Service limited in Army Risk Uganda, African Continent as an Electrical engineer from June Printable Calendar Page Works | Pinterest, oct-2009 toFeb-2011. - Worked in GANAPATI SUGAR INDUSTRIES LTD. as an Assist Engineer for 2years as a shift in charge. - Handled 33/11KV substation in Army Risk Uganda. - VFD drives installation, commisionig and Speech Miss Nicole: April Homework Calendar, control wiring in LCSDcs systems. - Knowledge and Experience in operation and maintainance 15 MW Co-Generation plant.

- Operation Maintenance of 15MW, 2x3MW Turbo Alternators Maintenances. - Operation Maintenance of 132/11 KV Switch yard. - Knowledge of Army Risk SF6 circuit breakers ODVCB breaker. - Operation Maintenance of Sample Lab Report Gmo Certification 20 MVA, 2x3.152.15MVA Transformers. - Operation Maintenance of Up to Army Risk Template - 400 HP AC Motors and slip ring motors operationMaintainance. - Operation, Maintenance and Programming of VFD Drives. - Operation Maintenance of ACDC Drives. - Operation Maintenance of ACB and VCB breakers. - All Break downs are attended without delay and with minimum loss of 2017 Calendar Works | Pinterest production. - Maintenance of equipment within the planned budget.

Reduce Break downs thereby increase productivity. - Activities included day to Army Risk Template day Super vision, Reconditioning of old equipments, commissioning and start up of June Printable Calendar Page Works | Pinterest new equipments. - Review of maintenance results and discussion with G.M and other departmental heads. - Planning of Manpower in shifts. - Planning of Template Spare parts. - Implementation of Cake Printable Maintenance Management methods. Email : saifulislam1177 AT islam.saiful AT saifulislam15 AT

Skype id : saifulislam9070. Saiful Islam ELECTRICAL ENGINEER OPERATIONS. A challenging job in a growth oriented company in which my ability, training and practical experience can be fully utilized. - Knowledge in DOL, Star Delta Starter, Forward Reverse circuit design, troubleshooting, in auto and manual mode and Risk, Connected it in AC Drives for Therapy With Miss April Homework multispeed, PLC I/Os wiring connections and communicate with SCADA. - Ladder circuit design in RS LOGIX 500 Software of Allen Bradley PLC and SCADA Design in RS VIEW Studio software of the Army Assessment - Allen Bradley.

- Utility Operations (start up, shut down, emergency , breakdown and Test mode),monitoring and June Calendar | It Works, Control the Facility of Risk - VCB (33KV 11KV), ACB, Transformer 2.5MVA, DG SET 1250KVA,Bus Coupler ,Cooling Tower, Induction Motor ,EOT Crane. - Capable to Order Images understand the Electrical Power and Control Circuit Design for HT LT Panel, Interlock system. - Knowledge of Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) Quality check-up Procedure and Documentation. Predictive Preventive maintenance,TPM planning and implementation. Currently working as an Operations Officer (Control Room) involving in Risk - all Operations of entire Fuel Storage Plant from 139450132_kurien, Centralized Control Room at Indian Oil Skytanking Limited, Aviation Fuel Station of Delhi International Airport, New Delhi, Since 20th February 2010.

Indian Oil Skytanking Limited is Army Risk a joint venture formed by M/s Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (Mumbai), M/s Indian Oil tanking Ltd (Mumbai) and M/s Skytanking Holding, GmbH (Hamburg, Germany) with equal participation. The main objective of the Order company (IOSL) is to design, finance, construct and operate Aviation fuel facilities at Airport, including the establishment, maintenance and operation of related storage, hydrant system and Template -, into-plane fuelling services as per the international standards of Template Docs Quality Policy. - Facility Operations for the Pipe Line Transfer, Storage and Deliver of ATF(JET A1) at Risk Template, Airport by 33KV Substation, MCC,PCC, APFC ,PLC and AMF Panels,2.5 MVA Transformer, 1250KVA Gen Set with SCADA monitoring. - Planning and scheduling of plant equipment shut down and Calendar Page | It, start-up program. - Monitor routine plant and equipment operations e.g.start-up, shut down and Risk Assessment, monitoring. - Assist with routine shut down and shut down maintenance activities. - Monitor maintenance or construction work site for compliance with permit to work and company standard. - Prepare daily operations log.

- All record documents and log are maintained and update. - Product of Receipt and Before Zickeyous - Ppt Download, delivery are monitored, recorded and controlled. Worked as an Associate Engineer (Operations) in the Electrical Maintenance Department of Hyderabad Industries Limited, since 27th September of 2006 to 15.February of - 2010. - One of the top ranking PLC, SCADA VFD Controlled Automated Process Industry Furnished with Rockwell Automation of Allen Bradley, Fiber Cement corrugated sheet-manufacturing unit across the India with 350 TPD Which Brand Name is CHARMINAR and is a C.K.Birla Group of Companies located at SIDA,Sathariya,Jaunpur - U.P.INDIA. - Attend the Forms Breakdown Preventive Maintenance of the Plant which was furnished with PCC, MCC, PLC VFD Panels, DG SET, Transformer, Transducers, Hydraulic and Pneumatic System, Utility and other peripheral Control Instruments. - Operations Maintenance of PLC Controlled DOL and Star-Delta Starter including motor controlled with two separate directions in auto and manual mode. - Operations Maintenance of PLC and VFD Controlled motors with two separate directions with multispeed variation. - Drawing the Ladder Diagram in RS LOGIX500 Software of the Allen Bradley PLC and Execute it as per the Process need. - Designing the SCADA for the Field Devices visualization in real time trends.

- Worked as operations maintenance Engineer at Auto Lubes Engines, Allahabad since 20th September of 2005 till 10th September of Army Risk - 2006 that is a Genset Service Center of the Punnoose_alan_mn50178 Mahindra Mahindra Limited. - Attending the Breakdowns of Automatic operating Genset control Panel for AMF Applications for the Telecom BTS Services of cellular Towers. - Worked as Project Engineer at Automated Solutions, Faridabad since 15th October 03 till 20th August 05.Which is a System Integrator of Bhartia Cutler Hammer. - Commissioning of AC Drives with control panel. Computer Literacy - One month full time vocational training at 33/11KV Substation of the Army Assessment Template - U.P. Power Corporation, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow. - MS Office, AutoCAD, PLC and SCADA Programming.

- 3 Years full time Diploma in Resume Electrical Engineering passed with first division from Government Polytechnic Lucknow in 2002 conducted by U.P.B.T.E. - Pursuing B.Tech. Electrical Engineering from Karnatka State Open University. - 3 Months full time Diploma in Industrial Automation specialization in Assessment Template - PLC, SCADA, AC Drives and Panel Designing from 139450132_kurien, Prolific Systems and Technologies, Noida, since 5th March to Army Risk 4th June 2003. - Intermediate of Science (PCM) Passed with Second Division from U.P. Board in year 1994. - Matriculation of Science Passed with Second Division from U.P. Board in year 1991.

- Father's Name : Late. S. Abdullah. - Date of Birth : 1st January 1977. - Linguistic Proficiency : Hindi, English Urdu. - Passport Number : E4942359. E-mail :choosekannan21 AT To obtain a dynamic and challenging position in the fields of June 2017 Printable Calendar | It electronics, electrical, electromagnetic and telecommunication engineering in a reputed organization to enhance my interpersonal skills and also use my knowledge at the best. Apart from the above, analyzing and solving critical problems in Army Risk Template - day today work and interact with people of all professions with technical backgrounds are also my prime objectives. Supreme Hydro Engineering Pvt. Ltd(offshore company) : Maintenance Engineer :(present) Analysis of 139450132_kurien Punnoose_alan_mn50178 repetitive equipment failure.

Estimation of maintenance costs and evaluation of alternatives. Forecasting of Risk Assessment spare parts. Application of | It | Pinterest scheduling and project management principles to Army Assessment - replacement programs. Assessing required maintenance tools and skills required for efficient maintenance of equipment. Oversee the replacement of multiple usage processing systems. Developing and fostering inter-departmental relationships. Responsible for all engineering and Before Zickeyous Byrd - Ppt, administrative management functions. Responsible for rendering services, installation, repair and maintenance of Army Assessment electrical devices such as air-diving plants etc. Attained experience in handling electrical testing equipment, like multi-meter and oscilloscope, and Resume Template, how to use these skills in problem solving applications. Ability to Army Risk Template use the Internet and 139450132_kurien Punnoose_alan_mn50178, web services for planning technical research, specify the information collected in relation to engineering devices and hardware.

Achieved expertise in Army Assessment the use of basic hand tools, soldering tools and Forms Images, other electronic assembling tools. Have strong organizational, multi-tasking skills and excellent interpersonal and communication skills required in an organization. Worked for creating analog and digital hardware designs and for Template - assembling, wiring, testing new electrical and electronics devices. Created technical documents, and compiled their results prepared reports as a part of 139450132_kurien document. Service Engineer (2011-2012) Maintenance of HT breakers and suggesting/implementing various technical parameters for efficient performance. Operator of Army Template LT HT breakers.

Complete servicing of LT HT breakers. Various Field Experiences : 110KV SUB STATION. 110/25KV POWER TRAFO OF 25MVA CAPACITY -4NOS. 110/11KV POWER TRAFO OF 12.5MVA CAPACITY -1NO. 25/11KV POWER TRAFO OF 20MVA CAPACITY -2NO. 110KV C.T, P.T, L.A, ISOLATORS, BREAKERS (SF6) 25KV, 11KV 3.3KV SWITCH GEARS (OIL, Vacuum and Docs, SF6) DISTRIBUTION TRAFO'S FROM 1MVA-5MVA.

Control Relay panels, 110V DC BATTERY CHARGER OF 150AH. Operations Support Systems : TMN, TIRKS, TAS, SCCS. Telecom Switch Technologies : ATT, NORTEL. Training Networks : Ethernet, Novel. Network Environments : SONET, T-Carrier, ATM, LAN/WAN,

Multiplex Systems : Rockwell, Nortel. Software : Microsoft Office 2003,2007, 2010. B.E., Electronics Communication Engineering, Anna university of Technology (2008-2011) Marks scored 68.07 % D.ECE., Electronics Communication Engineering, Directorate Of Technical Education (2005-2008) Marks scored 92 % Entrepreneur Development Internship Courses. Central govt. of Army Risk India , Volley Ball : Represented inter university volley ball competition in Punnoose_alan_mn50178 Anna University, Trichy. N.C.C : Selected for Risk Template a combined annual training camp at Tirunelveli.

N.C.C : Awarded Gold Medal while studying in school for Before Byrd Download 100 meter Rifle Shooting. N.S.S : Attended a combined annual training camp at Trichy. Awarded Gold Medal by College Chairman for scoring highest marks in 3rd year during the Risk Assessment diploma course. Participated in two days National conference on “wireless technology”, Anna University of Technology Tiruchirappalli, Trichy, Tamil Nadu. Participated in National Seminar on Sample, “Digital Signal Processing” SRM University, chennai. Active member of InnovAutt (Innovation club of AUTT) and participated in Risk Assessment Template Poster Presentations.

On Wireless Sensors Network – Forewarning Time Signal for Land Slide and Mud slide. The objective of this paper is to design and implement a real-time slope monitoring system using Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) technology. Father Name : Mr. D. Velladurai. Mother Name : Mrs.V.Rajavdivu.

Date of 139450132_kurien Punnoose_alan_mn50178 Birth : 18.07.1990. Marital Status : Single. Language Known : English, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam. Available on request. Date of Birth : 29th August, 1954. Profession Specialisation Project Engg. Army Assessment. Maintenance engineering of electrical system of power and continuous process plant.

Email : utpal_20032003 AT 1. Graduated in Order Printable electrical Engineering from Bengal Engineering (BE) College, Under University of Calcutta in 1977. 2. Army. Member of Institution of Engineers (India) 3. Resume Template. Done course on Coal Mining Machineries from Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad. 4. Completed Computer Appreciation course from NIIT, Mumbai. Over Twenty Six Post Graduate Years in Army Risk Assessment - power Continuous process Industry including. 1. Co-Generation Plant (Thermal Hydro Combined cycle D.G.) 2. Waste Heat Recovery power generation. Management Experience includes. 1. Speech Therapy With Miss April Calendar. Budget Preparation.

2. Capital Equipment Selection. 3. Tender Evaluation. 4. Army Risk Assessment Template - On-site Design Modification. 5. Maintenance works Management. 6. Manpower Planning. 7. June Printable Calendar Page Works. Technical Evaluation and problem solving. 8. Feasibility Studies. Since December 2008 working with Tata Consulting Engineers (TCE), was posted inTATA STEELTATA POWER, Jamshedpur, as project cosultant at Thermal power plant of Tata Power. Army - Completed erection ,testing, commissioning and commercial operation of 1X120MW Unit.

From May 2010 posted in Miss Nicole: April Homework Calendar 2X600 MW,(with 400KV Switch Yard )Raghunathpur Thermal Power Plant of DVC and functioning as Lead Engineer of Electrical Inst systems responsible for project planning monitoring,Scheduling(by MS Project etc), coordination, and job quality assurance. Worked with Desein Indure Group (a leading consulting contracting Co) as G.M. EPC project.(Power). Responsible for preparation of Army Risk Assessment tender documents, bid evaluation, Project scheduling, management, progress monitoring, liasoning with Govt. authorities, commissioning, coordination, and final stabilization of power plants. March 2006 to march 2007 : Worked with M/s Fichtner Consulting engineers Pvt.

Ltd. (A leading indo German. Consultancy Company in the field of power generation and process plants), as Chief. Engineer (Electrical) responsible for looking after design review project planning M/s. Development Consultant Pvt. Resume Template Docs. Ltd. (D.C.P.L), a design and project execution consultant for Army Risk Assessment - many prestigious Power Projects in India and abroad. Cake. was posted in 4x135MW Captive Thermal Power Project site of Bharat Aluminium Company, Korba, Chhattisgarh, functioning as in Army Assessment Template In charge electrical Inst Section and Punnoose_alan_mn50178, responsible job quality assurance, Project Planning, Commissioning, Co-ordination, Design review and modification also associated with preparation of documents required for statutory approval of electrical inspectorate and liasoning with electricity board for grid synchronizing. Pyrites, Phosphates Chemical Limited, (A Govt. of India U.T.) Sr. Manager (Electrical Instrumentation)For functional as head of Electrical Instrumentation section and responsible managing the maintenance operational function of electrical system of fertilizer Plant, Comprising of 132 / 33 / 3.3 KV, 20MVA distribution sub-stn. 38.5MW turbo-generator, run by steam from waste Heat recovery Boiler, 6MW diesel generating station, HT LT Drives and control system, inventory control, equipment inspection (Elect, Instruments), Vendor developments also deputed as nodal person for liasoning with Electricity Board and coordinator for electricity related legal cases. Also looked after the Army - compliance of statutory requirements, planning execution, of maintenance activities, spare parts management and implementation of new projects. Indian Petro-chemical Corporation (A Govt. of India U.T.)Sr.

Project Engineer.Responsible for Erection, Testing(field tpe) and 139450132_kurien, Commissioning and post commissioning maintenance of 3x20 MW Gas turbine + 25x1 steam turbine combined cycle power plant of Risk Template KWU make with mark-IV control system, along 220/11 KV 100 MVA Distribution sub-station. Responsible for quality assurance design modification, project monitoring and Lab Report Gmo Certification, maintenance planning, inventory control, equipment inspection (Elect. Instruments) ,Apr. 87 to Dec. Assessment. 89. Tata Project Limited :Sr Engineer Construction. Speech With April Speech Homework. Erection, Testing and Commissioning 3x67.5 MW Thermal Power Plant along with 220/33 KV / 100 MVA distribution sub-station. Responsible pre-commissioning checks preparation of commissioning reports, project scheduling monitoring and co-ordinations on Risk Assessment Template -, site modification, also erect testing commissioning of 40 MW Reversible pump Turbine(#2) of Instruction Zickeyous Download DVC Panchet where employer was an EPC Contractor.

Mar. 79 to Assessment Template Apr. 87. Bharat Coking Coal Limited, (A Govt. of India U.T.) Junior Executive Trainee Engineer (Elec. Mech.) and Executive. Engineer Elect. Mech. 2017 | It. Operation Maintenance of 3x15 MW captive thermal power station along with 132/33/11 KV, 100 MVA distribution sub-station.

Responsible for Army Risk Template shift operation management, problem solving break down analysis, shut-down planning, load distribution management, spare part planning, spare parts equipment inspection. Mar. Lab Report – Non. 78 to Feb. 79. Usha Sewing Machine works : Graduate Apprentice. Army Risk Assessment. Took Training on operation maintenance of HT/LT equipment. Present Emoluments- 14.4Lakhs per annum.

Expected Salary -15.0 Lakhs per June Calendar | It Works, annum. I want to know that, my resume format is appropriate or not ,im sending this to you plz check it. Email id-prabhakarsharma22 AT To work in a challenging environment that provides many opportunities for learning, where i can put my optimum efforts for Risk Assessment Template - the accomplishment of Before tasks assigned to me. Job Experience : Total Industrial Experience : 2 Years as Service/Maintenance Engineer. 1) 12th March 2012 to till date : M/s Jyoti Power Engineers. Designation : Engineer- Service/Maintenance. 2) 2nd Sept 2010 to 2nd March 2012 : M/s Mahavir Spin Fab (P) Ltd. (Textile Plant)

Designation : Engineer -maintenance (Electrical/Instrumentation) - Working Knowledge of Electric Motors/ Starters/ Control Circuits : 3 Phase Induction Motors, Star Delta Starters, DOL Starters, Reversing starters, interlocking circuits, panel Wiring. - Servicing, testing of Army Risk Assessment JYOTI, KEC, BHEL and Sanelec Excitation make Alternator and AVRs Panel. - Calibration, testing of English Electric, Universal Electric and Gmo Certification, Alstom make protection relays and AVRs. - Working Hands on Process Instrumentation : Temperature Sensors (RTDs, Thermocouple), Level Sensors, Flow sensors, Proximity Sensors, Relays, Contactors, Thermal overload relays. - Working Maintained of the Transformers and Risk Assessment, DG Sets. - Servicing, testing and overhauling of up to Therapy Nicole: April Speech Homework 4000 Amp ACBs. - Programming Interfacing of Army PLCs : Ladder Logic Development, Wiring Troubleshooting of PLC’s (ABB, Allen Bradley) - Working Knowledge of Therapy Nicole: Speech Homework Variable Frequency Drives (ABB, Allen Bradly, Delta, Schneider) 1) Jyoti Power Engineers is one of the Economical and Best Service Organization for Army Assessment undertaking Erection, Commissioning and General Maintenance of 139450132_kurien Punnoose_alan_mn50178 Alternator, Testing Manufacturer and calibration of Relays, Avr Panel, LT/HT Indoor/outdoor Switch Gears, Control Panel, ac/dc Motors, DG/TG SETS, and APFC Panels. 2) Mahavir Spin Fab (p) Limited (MSF GROUP) is one of the Reputable Manufacturer and Exporter of Work Wear/Casual Wear Fabric and clothing .Company has its own production capacity 16.8 million meters of fabric and Risk Assessment Template, supply in India with a client base that spans leading spin companies in India, Europe and USA.

Examination Qualifying Qualifying year Board/ University Institute Division/ Class. B.Tech (Electronics Instrumentation Engg.) 2010 U.P. Technical University , Lucknow (U.P.) HCST, Mathura First. - Summer training on Industrial Automation Tools (PLCs, SCADA, VFDs, Electronics Sensors, Motor Starting Methods) in LOGICON AUTOMATION INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, Lucknow. - Had worked on the project “Fingerprint based Security System”. - Operating Systems : MS-DOS, Windows 98/2007/XP/Vista. - Application : Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point)

Date of Birth : July 18, 1988. Father’s Name : Mr Pramod Kumar Sharma. I hereby declare that the June 2017 Printable above information is Army Risk Template correct to Before the best of my knowledge and nothing has been concealed thereof. B.E. WITH 7 TO 10 YEAR EXPERIANCE IN TELECOM TOWER MAINTENANCE JOB. Copyright 2017 vBulletin Solutions, Inc.

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