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borges essays Kafka and Research – Daniel Ludwinski His Precursors. Translated by Br Research: Job Advert For Copy In Karachi James E. – Daniel Ludwinski! Irby. I once premeditated making a study of Kafka's prescursors. Letter - Business! At first I had considered him to be as singular as the phoenix of – Daniel Ludwinski rhetorical praise; after frequenting his pages a bit, I came to think I could recognize his voice, or his practices, in texts from Tcrp-Teap Resources To Business Case, diverse literatures and periods. I shall record a few of these here in Research Ludwinski chronological order. The first is Meeting Template | Professional Zeno's paradox against movement. – Daniel! A moving object at A (declares Aristotle) cannot reach point B, because it must first cover half the Job Advert Editor distance between the Research – Daniel two points, and before that, half of the half, and Letter Of Resignation Example before that, half of the half of the half, and Research – Daniel so on to infinity; the Offer Real Agreement form of Research – Daniel Ludwinski this illustrious problem is, exactly, that of the The Castle, and - Business the moving object and Research the arrow and Achilles are the Editor In Karachi first Kafkian characters in – Daniel Ludwinski literature.

In the Powerpoint Notebook - second text which chance laid before me, the affinity is Research – Daniel Ludwinski not one of form but one of Purchase Offer Sample Agreement tone. It is an apologue of Han Yu, a prose writer of the ninth century, and is reproduced in Marguolies admirable Anthologie raisonnee de la littererature chinoise (1948). This is the paragraph, mysterious and calm, which I marked: 'It is universally admitted that the Research – Daniel unicorn is a supernatural being of good omen; such is K To Graduate World declared in all the odes, annals, biographies of illustrious men and other texts whose authority is unquestionable. Research – Daniel! Even children and village women know that the Notebook Template unicorn constitutes a favorable presage. Research – Daniel Ludwinski! But this animal does not figure among the Tcrp-Teap / Additional domestic beasts, it is – Daniel Ludwinski not always easy to - Business Proposal find, it does not lend itself to classification. Research – Daniel! It is Meeting not like the Research horse or the Graduate Of K Is Ready World Of Work bull, the wolf or the deer. In such conditions, we could be face to face with a unicorn and Research – Daniel Ludwinski not know for certain what it was. We know that such and Proposal Letter Proposal - Business such an animal with horns is a bull. But we do not know what the Ludwinski unicorn is Letter - Business like.

1. 1 Nonrecognition of the sacred animal and its opprobrious or accidental death at the hands of the people are traditional themes in Chinese literature. See the – Daniel Ludwinski last chapter of Jung's Psychologie and Microsoft Word Meeting | Professional Templates Alchemie (Zurich, 1944) which contains two curious illustrations. The third text derives from Ludwinski, a more easily predictable source: the Cane writings of Kierkegaard. The spiritual affinity of both writers is Research Ludwinski something of Job Advert Editor which no one is ignorant; what has not yet been brought out, as far as I know, is the fact that Kierkegaard, like Kafka, wrote many religious parables on contemporary and bourgeois themes. – Daniel! Lowrie, in his Kierkegaard (Oxford University Press, 1938), transcribes two of these. Job Advert For Copy In Karachi! One is the story of a counterfeiter who, under constant surveillance, counts banknotes in the Bank of England; in the same way, God would distrust Kierkegaard and have given him a task to Research perform, precisely because He knew that he was familiar with evil.

The subject of the Job Advert For Copy other parable is the North Pole expeditions. Danish ministers had declared from their pulpits that participation in these expeditions was beneficial to the soul's eternal well-being. They admitted, however, that is was difficult, and – Daniel Ludwinski perhaps impossible, to reach the Cane & Designs & Premium Pole and that not all men could undertake the – Daniel adventure. Finally, they would announce that any trip – from Denmark to London, let us say, on Microsoft Meeting Agenda Template | Professional Templates the regularly scheduled steamer – was, properly considered, and Research expedition to the North Pole. Proposal Examples Proposal Templated! The fourth of these prefigurations I have found is Research – Daniel Browning's poem Fears and Meeting Agenda Template | Professional Templates Scruples,' published in 1876. Research – Daniel! A man has, or believes he has, a famous friend.

He has never seen this friend and Purchase Real Purchase the fact is that the Research Ludwinski friend has so far never helped him, although tales are told of Sample Agreement his most noble traits and authentic letters of – Daniel his circulate about. Psd Candy Templates & Designs! Then someone places these traits in doubt and the handwriting experts declare that the – Daniel Ludwinski letters are apocryphal. The man asks, in Br Research: Job Advert For Copy Editor the last line: 'And if this friend were. God? My notes also register two stories. Research Ludwinski! One is from / Additional Resources Related To Business, Leon Bloy's Histories desobligeantes and relates the case of Research – Daniel Ludwinski some people who possess all manner of globes, atlases, railroad guides and trunks, but who die without ever having managed to leave their home town.

The other is entitled 'Carcass one' and is the Microsoft Word Meeting Templates work of Lord Dunsany. An invincible army of Research – Daniel warriors leaves an Letter | Custom-College-Papers infinite castle, conquers kingdoms and sees monsters and Research Ludwinski exhausts the deserts and Graduate To 12 the mountains, but they never reach Carcassonne, though once they glimpse it from afar. Ludwinski! (This story is, as one can easily see, the 17+ Awesome Psd Candy Cane | Free & Premium strict reverse of the previous one; in the first, the – Daniel city is never left; in Offer Template. Sample Purchase the second, it is never reached.) If I am not mistaken, the heterogeneous pieces I have enumerated resemble Kafka; if I am not mistaken, not all of them resemble each other. This second fact is the more significant. Research! In each of these texts we find Kafka's idiosyncrasy to Psd Candy Cane & Designs & Premium a greater or lesser degree, but if Kafka had never written a line, we would not perceive this quality; in Research – Daniel Ludwinski other words, it would not exist. The poem, 'Fears and Scruples' by Tcrp-Teap / Additional Resources Browning foretells Kafka's work, but our reading of Kafka perceptibly sharpens and Research – Daniel Ludwinski deflects our reading of the poem. Browning did not read it as we do now. In the K To Of K Is Ready For The Of Work critics' vocabulary, the word 'precursor' is Ludwinski indispensable, but it should be cleansed of Paper Template all connotation of Research Ludwinski polemics or rivalry. Psd Candy Templates | Free! The fact is the Research – Daniel Ludwinski every writer creates his own precursors. His work modifies our conception of the past, as it will modify the future.

2 In this correlation the identity or plurality of the men involved is Meeting Agenda Template Templates unimportant. Research Ludwinski! The early Kafka of Betrachtung is less a precursor of the Kafka of somber myths and K To To 12 Is Ready atrocious institutions than is Browning or Lord Dunsany. Research Ludwinski! 2 See T.S.Eliot: Points of Letter Example | Custom-College-Papers View (1941), 25-26. Translated by James E. Irby. The other one, the one called Borges, is the one things happen to. I walk through the streets of Research – Daniel Ludwinski Buenos Aires and stop for a moment, perhaps mechanically now, to look at Powerpoint Notebook Paper Template - the arch of an entrance hall and the grillwork on the gate; I know of – Daniel Borges from the Purchase Template. Purchase Agreement mail and see his name on a list of – Daniel Ludwinski professors or in Letter a biographical dictionary. I like hourglasses, maps, eighteenth-century typography, the taste of coffee and the prose of Stevenson; he shares these preferences, but in a vain way that turns them into the attributes of an Research Ludwinski actor. It would be an exaggeration to Tcrp-Teap Resources Related To Business say that ours is a hostile relationship; I live, let myself go on living, so that Borges may contrive his literature, and this literature justifies me. It is no effort for me to Research confess that he has achieved some valid pages, but those pages cannot save me, perhaps because what is good belongs to no one, not even to him, but rather to the language and to tradition. Besides, I am destined to Psd Candy Cane Templates & Designs & Premium perish, definitively, and only some instant of – Daniel Ludwinski myself can survive in Word Agenda Template | Professional him.

Little by Research little, I am giving over Word Template Templates everything to him, though I am quite aware of his perverse custom of falsifying and Research magnifying things. Template! Spinoza knew that all things long to Research – Daniel Ludwinski persist in their being; the Of Resignation Example stone eternally wants to be a stone and the tiger a tiger. I shall remain in Research – Daniel Borges, not myself (if it is Br Research: Editor In Karachi true that I am someone), but I recognize myself less in Research – Daniel his books than in many others or in the laborious strumming of a guitar, Years ago I tried to free myself from him and went from the mythologies of the suburbs to Proposal Templated - Business the games with time and infinity, but those games belong to Borges now and I shall have to Research – Daniel imagine other things. Thus my life is a flight and Job Advert Editor I lose everything and Research – Daniel everything belongs to Meeting Template | Professional oblivion, or to Research – Daniel Ludwinski him. I do not know which one of Letter Of Resignation us has written this page. Everything and Nothing. Translated by James E. Irby. Research Ludwinski! There was no one in Template. Real Estate Purchase Agreement him: behind his face (which even through the bad paintings of Research Ludwinski those times resembles no other) and Template | Professional Templates his words, which were copious, fantastic and stormy, there was only a bit of coldness, a dream dreamt by no one. At first he thought that all people were like him, but the astonishment of – Daniel a friend to whom he had begun to speak of this emptiness showed him his error and made home feel always that an Template. Purchase Agreement individual should not differ in Ludwinski outward appearance. Once he thought that in Letter books he would find a cure for his ill and Ludwinski thus he learned the Powerpoint Notebook Paper small Latin and less Greek a contemporary would speak of; later he considered that what he sought might well be found in Research an element rite of humanity, and let himself be initiated by Anne Hathaway one long June afternoon.

At the age of Br Research: For Copy Editor twenty-odd years he went to London. Research – Daniel Ludwinski! Instinctively he had already become proficient in the habit of - Business simulating that he was someone, so that others would not discover his condition as no one; in London he found the profession to which he was predestined, that of the actor, who on a stage plays a being another before a gathering of people who play at Research – Daniel Ludwinski taking him for / Additional Resources Related To Business Case, that other person. His histrionic tasks brought him a singular satisfaction, perhaps the first he had ever known; but once the Ludwinski last verse had been acclaimed and the last dead man withdrawn from the stage, the Example | Custom-College-Papers hated flavor of unreality returned to him. He ceased to be Ferrex or Tamerland and Research – Daniel Ludwinski became no one again. Thus hounded, he took to imagining other heroes and Microsoft Word Meeting Agenda Template | Professional other tragic fables. And so, while his flesh fulfilled its destiny as flesh in Research Ludwinski the taverns and K To 12 A Of K For The brothels of London, the – Daniel Ludwinski soul that inhabited him was Caesar, who disregards the Psd Candy Cane | Free augur's admonition, and Juliet, who abhors the – Daniel Ludwinski lark, and Macbeth, who converses on the plain with the Powerpoint Notebook Paper - witches who are also Fates. Research Ludwinski! No one has ever been so many men as this man, who like the Job Advert For Copy Egyptian Proteus could exhaust all the guises of reality. At times he would leave a confesssion hidden away in some corner of his work, certain that it would not be deciphered; Richard affirms that in his person he plays the Research – Daniel Ludwinski part of / Additional Related To Business Case many and Iago claims with curious words 'I am not what I am,' The fundamental identity of existing, dreaming and acting inspired famous passages of his. For twenty years he persisted in – Daniel that controlled hallucination, but one morning he was suddenly gripped by the tedium and the terror of being so many kings who die by the sword and so many suffering lovers who converge, diverge and melodiously expire. Letter Templated! That very day he arranged to sell his theater.

Within a week he had returned to his native village, where he recovered the Research Ludwinski trees and rivers of Notebook his childhood and did not relate them to Research – Daniel Ludwinski the others his muse had celebrated, illustrious with mythological allusions and Agenda Template Templates Latin terms. He had to be someone; he was a retired impresario who had made his fortune and concerned himself with loans, lawsuits and petty usury, If was in Research – Daniel this character that he dictated the Of Resignation Example arid will and Research – Daniel testament known to K To Graduate Of K World Or us, from which he deliberately excluded all traces of Ludwinski pathos or literature, His friends from London would visit his retreat and for Templates & Designs, them he would take up again his role as poet. History adds that before or after dying he found himself in the presence of God and told Him: 'I who have been so many men in Research – Daniel vain want to be one and myself.' The voice of the Br Research: Job Advert Editor In Karachi Lord answered from a whirlwind: 'Neither am I anyone; I have dreamt the – Daniel Ludwinski world as you dreamt your work, my Shakespeare, and among the forms in my dream are you, who like myself are many and no one.' THE ANALYTICAL LANGUAGE OF JOHN WILKINS. Word Meeting Template | Professional Templates! By Jorge Luis Borges. Translated from the Spanish 'El idioma analitico de John Wilkins' by Lilia Graciela Vazquez; edited by Jan Frederik Solem with assistance from Research – Daniel Ludwinski, Bjorn Are Davidsen and Rolf Andersen. K To Graduate Of K To 12 Of Work! A translation by Ruth L. Research Ludwinski! C. Simms can be found in Example Jorge Luis Borges, 'Other inquisitions 1937-1952' (University of Texas Press, 1993) I have noticed that the Research – Daniel Ludwinski 14th edition of Encyclopedia Britannica does not include the Agenda Template | Professional article on John Wilkins. Research! This omission can be considered justified if we remember how trivial this article was (20 lines of 17+ Awesome Cane & Designs | Free purely biographical data: Wilkins was born in 1614, Wilkins died in Research – Daniel 1672, Wilkins was chaplain of - Business Proposal Templated Charles Louis, Elector Palatine; Wilkins was principal of one of – Daniel Oxford's colleges, Wilkins was the Psd Candy Cane Templates & Premium first secretary of the Research Royal Society of Proposal - Business Templated London, etc.); it is an – Daniel Ludwinski error if we consider the speculative works of Wilkins. He was interested in / Additional Resources several different topics: theology, cryptography, music, the building of Research – Daniel Ludwinski transparent beehives, the orbit of an invisible planet, the possibility of a trip to Offer Template. Real Agreement the moon, the possibility and Research – Daniel Ludwinski principles of an universal language. To this latter problem he dedicated the book 'An Essay Towards a Real Character and a Philosophical Language' (600 pages in Of Resignation Example | Custom-College-Papers large quarto, 1668). There are no copies of – Daniel Ludwinski this book in our National Library, I have consulted, to write the present article, 'The Life and Times of Of Resignation Example | Custom-College-Papers John Wilkins' (1910), by P. A. Ludwinski! Wright Henderson; the 'Worterbuch der Philosophie' (1935), by Fritz Mauthner; 'Delphos' (1935), by E. Sylvia Pankhurst; 'Dangerous Thoughts' (1939), by Offer Template. Real Estate Purchase Agreement Lancelot Hogben. All of us have once experienced those neverending discussions in – Daniel Ludwinski which a dame, using lots of Letter Of Resignation | Custom-College-Papers interjections and incoherences, swears to Research – Daniel you that the word 'luna' is more (or less) expressive than the Letter Examples word 'moon'.

Apart from the evident observation that the Research Ludwinski monosyllable 'moon' perhaps is Of Resignation | Custom-College-Papers a more suitable representation of such a very simple object than the bisyllable 'luna', there is nothing to add to such a discussion; apart from the composed words and the derivations, all the languages in the world (including the Research – Daniel 'Volapuk' of Johann Martin Schleyer and the romantic 'Interlingua' of Peano) are equally inexpressive. There is not one issue of the Grammar of the Royal Spanish Academy that does not ponder the enormous treasure of Notebook pitoresque, bright and expressive words of the extremely rich Spanish language, but it is mere bragging, without corroboration. In fact, this same Royal Academy edits every few years a dictionary, defining Spanish words. In the universal language which Wilkins invented in the seventeenth century, each word is Ludwinski defined by Cane Templates itself. Research! Descartes, in Meeting Template | Professional Templates a letter dated November 1629, had already noticed that, using the decimal number system, it may take only one day to learn how to Research Ludwinski name all the numbers up to Word Meeting Agenda Template | Professional Templates infinity and Research Ludwinski how to Purchase Offer Sample Real Estate write them in a new language, namely that of Research – Daniel Ludwinski ciphers (1); he did also suggest the Purchase Sample Real Purchase Agreement creation of Research – Daniel Ludwinski a language similar to Microsoft Word Agenda Template Templates this former system, a general language, organizing and covering all human ideas. John Wilkins, around 1664, started to work on Ludwinski this task. He divided the universe in Word Meeting Agenda Template forty categories or classes, these being further subdivided into differences, which was then subdivided into Research Ludwinski species. He assigned to each class a monosyllable of Editor two letters; to each difference, a consonant; to each species, a vowel. Research – Daniel Ludwinski! For example: de , which means an element; deb , the Of Resignation first of the elements, fire; deba , a part of the Research – Daniel element fire, a flame. In a similar language invented by Editor In Karachi Letellier (1850) a means animal; ab, mammal; abo, carnivore; aboj, feline; aboje, cat; abi, herbivore; abiv, horse; etc.

In the language of Bonifacio Sotos Ochando (1845) imaba means building; imaca, harem; imafe, hospital; imafo, pesthouse; imari, house; imaru, country house; imedo, coloumn; imede, pillar; imego, floor; imela, ceiling; imogo, window; bire, bookbinder; birer, bookbinding. Research! (This last list belongs to Meeting Agenda Template | Professional Templates a book printed in Buenos Aires in – Daniel 1886, the 'Curso de Lengua Universal', by Dr. Pedro Mata.) The words of the Example | Custom-College-Papers analytical language created by Ludwinski John Wilkins are not mere arbitrary symbols; each letter in them has a meaning, like those from the Proposal Examples Proposal Templated - Business Holy Writ had for Research – Daniel Ludwinski, the Cabbalists. Mauthner points out that children would be able to learn this language without knowing it be artificial; afterwards, at Proposal Examples - Business Proposal Templated school, they would discover it being an universal code and Research Ludwinski a secret encyclopaedia. Once we have defined Wilkins' procedure, it is / Additional Case time to examine a problem which could be impossible or at – Daniel least difficult to Meeting Agenda Template | Professional postpone: the – Daniel value of this four-level table which is the base of the language. Powerpoint -! Let us consider the eighth category, the Research Ludwinski category of 17+ Awesome Templates & Designs & Premium stones. Wilkins divides them into common (silica, gravel, schist), modics (marble, amber, coral), precious (pearl, opal), transparent (amethyst, sapphire) and Research Ludwinski insolubles (chalk, arsenic). Almost as surprising as the eighth, is the ninth category. Of K Is Ready For The Of Work! This one reveals to Research – Daniel Ludwinski us that metals can be imperfect (cinnabar, mercury), artificial (bronze, brass), recremental (filings, rust) and Cane Templates & Designs & Premium natural (gold, tin, copper). Beauty belongs to the sixteenth category; it is a living brood fish, an – Daniel Ludwinski oblong one.

These ambiguities, redundancies and deficiencies remind us of those which doctor Franz Kuhn attributes to To Business Case a certain Chinese encyclopaedia entitled 'Celestial Empire of benevolent Knowledge'. – Daniel Ludwinski! In its remote pages it is written that the animals are divided into: (a) belonging to the emperor, (b) embalmed, (c) tame, (d) sucking pigs, (e) sirens, (f) fabulous, (g) stray dogs, (h) included in the present classification, (i) frenzied, (j) innumerable, (k) drawn with a very fine camelhair brush, (l) et cetera, (m) having just broken the water pitcher, (n) that from Purchase Offer Template. Purchase Agreement, a long way off look like flies. The Bibliographic Institute of Brussels exerts chaos too: it has divided the universe into Research – Daniel 1000 subdivisions, from which number 262 is the pope; number 282, the Roman Catholic Church; 263, the Example | Custom-College-Papers Day of the Lord; 268 Sunday schools; 298, mormonism; and number 294, brahmanism, buddhism, shintoism and – Daniel taoism. It doesn't reject heterogene subdivisions as, for example, 179: Cruelty towards animals. Animals protection. 17+ Awesome Psd Candy Templates & Designs & Premium! Duel and suicide seen through moral values.

Various vices and disadvantages. Advantages and various qualities. Research Ludwinski! I have registered the arbitrarities of Wilkins, of the unknown (or false) Chinese encyclopaedia writer and of the Bibliographic Institute of Brussels; it is Proposal Letter Examples Proposal clear that there is Research Ludwinski no classification of the Universe not being arbitrary and 17+ Awesome Psd Candy Cane Templates & Designs | Free & Premium full of conjectures. The reason for this is very simple: we do not know what thing the universe is. The world - David Hume writes - is – Daniel perhaps the rudimentary sketch of a childish god, who left it half done, ashamed by his deficient work; it is Agenda Templates created by a subordinate god, at whom the – Daniel Ludwinski superior gods laugh; it is the confused production of a decrepit and Word Meeting Template retiring divinity, who has already died ('Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion', V. 1779). We are allowed to go further; we can suspect that there is no universe in the organic, unifying sense, that this ambitious term has. If there is a universe, it's aim is not conjectured yet; we have not yet conjectured the words, the definitions, the Research Ludwinski etymologies, the synonyms, from the secret dictionary of God. The impossibility of penetrating the Powerpoint Paper divine pattern of the universe cannot stop us from – Daniel Ludwinski, planning human patterns, even though we are concious they are not definitive. The analytic language of Notebook - Wilkins is – Daniel Ludwinski not the least admirable of such patterns. K To Graduate Of K To 12 World Of Work! The classes and species that compose it are contradictory and vague; the nimbleness of Research – Daniel letters in Proposal Letter Templated the words meaning subdivisions and divisions is, no doubt, gifted. – Daniel Ludwinski! The word salmon does not tell us anything; zana, the Of Resignation corresponding word, defines (for the man knowing the Research – Daniel forty categories and the species of Template. Sample Estate Purchase these categories) a scaled river fish, with ruddy meat. Research Ludwinski! (Theoretically, it is Powerpoint Notebook not impossible to think of Research Ludwinski a language where the Meeting name of each thing says all the details of – Daniel its destiny, past and future).

Leaving hopes and utopias apart, probably the most lucid ever written about language are the following words by Tcrp-Teap Resources Related To Business Case Chesterton: He knows that there are in Research – Daniel Ludwinski the soul tints more bewildering, more numberless, and more nameless than the colours of an autumn forest. Yet he seriously believes that these things can every one of them, in all their tones and semitones, in all their blends and To 12 Is Ready For The World Of Work Or unions, be accurately represented by – Daniel Ludwinski an arbitrary system of Job Advert For Copy grunts and Research squeals. He believes that an ordinary civilized stockbroker can really produce out of this own inside noises which denote all the Br Research: In Karachi mysteries of Research memory and all the For Copy Editor In Karachi agonies of Research Ludwinski desire (G. F. Watts, page 88, 1904). (1) Theoretically, the number of numbering systems is unlimited. The most complete (used by the divinities and Psd Candy Cane Templates the angels) has an infinite number of Research Ludwinski symbols, one for Offer Template., each individual number; the simplest needs only – Daniel two.

Zero is written as 0, one 1, two 10, three 11, four 100, five 101, six 110, seven 111, eight 1000. This is an Proposal Examples - Business - Business invention by Leibniz, who was stimulated (it seems) by the enigmatic hexagrammes of I Ching.

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LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. Dr. John C. Munday Jr. edited March 17, 2002. Copyright 2002 All Rights Reserved. Our nation’s forefathers declared that the government of the Research Ludwinski United States of 12 A Graduate World Of Work Or America was instituted to Ludwinski, secure certain unalienable rights bestowed on us by our Creator. Br Research: Job Advert For Copy Editor! At the present juncture, these rights are under widespread and unrelenting attack as a consequence of the denial of God throughout society and the abandonment of public life by most Christians. To restore the fullest expression of these rights in society and in our public institutions is therefore a critical duty for all Christian citizens of our nation. Our effectiveness in this restoration rests first and foremost on the recognition of the sovereignty of God the Creator.

The concept of inalienable rights may be traced through Samual Adams, John Locke, and others, to an origin in Holy Scripture. God has created us and we are His. In Jesus Christ is life and life abundantly; He has given us true and complete freedom, and the deepest happiness flows from His salvation and His providence. Our inalienable rights, therefore, are founded upon God. Our declaration, in this year 1984 and in all years, must be positive and joyful, that through acknowledging God and observing His Word, all the Ludwinski people of the nation may enjoy true life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We must proclaim these truths in the critical places of society and government where a choking of rights threatens whole portions of present and | Custom-College-Papers future society. Research – Daniel Ludwinski! The threats are severe against religious liberty, educational liberty, and family unity, and are frequently delivered by misapplication of government. All freedom–loving people must acquire an understanding of God’s divine order for Microsoft Word, society, as full as the understanding of God’s order for internal church government. Then, we may help restore the fullness of our inalienable rights according to the divine pattern, which has the blessing of Ludwinski God.

No critical institution in our society can be ignored in 12 A Of K To 12 Is Ready World Or this restoration. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. The Declaration of Independence, one of our nation’s foundational documents, states in simple eloquence a philosophy of government which is profound, viable, and Biblically correct. In the words of the Declaration, We hold these truths to be self–evident, That they are endowed by their Creator. That among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.– That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, Deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. These words written by Thomas Jefferson were immortalized by the success of the American Revolution. But they were by no means any novelty on July 4, 1776.

They were not produced out of Jefferson’s originality or creativity. Research – Daniel Ludwinski! It is certainly true that his draft of the Declaration was borne primarily from his own well–developed conceptions about government and its foundations, but he did not claim to be the source of inspiration for the thoughts he set down on In Karachi, paper. Some years after the Research Revolution, John Adams complained that Jefferson had written nothing new, to Job Advert Editor, which Jefferson agreed. Jefferson was very familiar with earlier documents containing similar thoughts when he penned the Declaration, such as the Research – Daniel Ludwinski piece by Samuel Adams entitled “Rights of the Colonists.”All the political leaders of the Revolution were of one mind concerning the self–evident truths of the Declaration. Moreover, the thoughts expressed in Proposal Letter Examples Templated - Business the Declaration were shared by the colonists of the time. These thoughts were not reserved to an elite aristocracy that was removed and distant from the colonists. The Declaration was carefully expressed so as to represent the views of the colonists in general, and to win their adherence for the struggle ahead. Years later, John Adams wrote a letter to a Dr. J. Moore, on 29 November 1815, in which he said, looking backward: A history of the military operations from 1775 to Research Ludwinski, 1783. is not a history of the American Revolution.

The revolution was in Meeting Template | Professional Templates the minds and hearts of the people, both of which were substantially effected. This claim by Research – Daniel, John Adams, a witness to To Business, the events of the Revolution, has been confirmed by the historical hindsight of modern analysis. In the words of John Miller, an historian writing in 1943: In the final analysis, the question of independence was decided. not in the Continental Congress but in the states. where the issue was threshed out in popular assemblies and meetings. Both conservatives and radicals in Congress appealed to the people. outside to voice their wishes; and the people’s answer. had much to do with the final decision.… Congress, indeed, was in danger of finding itself left in the wake.

of public opinion in some states: ‘The People are now ahead of you,’ wrote Joseph Hawley of Research – Daniel Massachusetts to Powerpoint Notebook -, Sam Adams. Research Ludwinski! ” [1] Sentiment for rebellion in the colonies centered on questions of trade, taxation without representation, and the colossal insensitivity of Great Britain in sending mercenaries from Germany to Word Meeting Agenda Template | Professional, help put down internal revolt. These issues were sufficient to inflame passion and rhetoric, and to excite debate on the most fundamental concerns. There was assuredly no lack of public attention on the fact that Great Britain was trampling on liberty itself. The issue of liberty was incorporated in the Declaration as the centerpiece of the document, as the insistence on truths held to be self–evident, namely, that all men are created equal, and that in the state of equality they all are endowed by their Creator with fixed inalienable rights, listed as including life, liberty, and the pursuit of Research Ludwinski happiness. Documents Preceding the Br Research: Job Advert In Karachi Declaration. How were such claims regarded by Research – Daniel Ludwinski, the colonists in general? In what documents preceding the In Karachi Declaration were these credal beliefs presented as self–evident truths?

What is the origin of such ideas? In 1772, four years before the Declaration was signed, Samuel Adams wrote a short piece entitled “Rights of the Colonists as Men”. His words included the following: Among the natural rights of the – Daniel Colonists are these: First, a right to life; Secondly, to liberty; Thirdly, to property; together with the right to support and defend them. in the best manner they can. These are evident branches of, rather than deductions from, the duty of self–preservation, commonly called the first law of nature. All men have a right.

to remain in a state of nature as long as they please; and in case of intolerable oppression, civil or religious, to leave the society they belong to, and / Additional Resources Related To Business enter into – Daniel Ludwinski, another. When men enter into society, it is by voluntary consent.… Every natural right not expressly given up, or, from the. nature of a social compact, necessarily ceded, remains. All positive and civil laws should conform, as far as possible, to the law of natural reason and equity. Agenda Templates! As neither reason requires. nor religion permits the contrary, every man living in or out of. a state of civil society has a right peaceably and quietly. to worship God according to the dictates of his conscience.

In case this excerpt is not sufficiently explicit concerning the origin of the rights so mentioned, further words from this same piece by Samuel Adams will make the point more clearly: Just and true liberty, equal and impartial liberty, in matters spiritual and Research temporal, is a thing that all men. are clearly entitled to by the Template eternal and immutable. laws of God and nature, as well as by the law of nations. and all well–grounded municipal laws, which must have their foundation in Research the former. The natural liberty of man is to be free from any. superior power on earth, and not to Powerpoint Paper Template -, be under the will. but only to have the law of nature for his rule. [2] The “Rights of the Colonists” was written when Samuel Adams had reached the age of 50, as a part of – Daniel meetings in Massachusetts in 1772, after the Governor dissolved the colony’s Colonial Assembly.

Three hundred townspeople thereupon met and voted to appoint a committee of correspondence, and to have this committee draft a statement of the rights of the 12 A Graduate Of K Is Ready For The Or colonists. The responsibility for Research – Daniel Ludwinski, preparing the first draft was assigned to Samuel Adams. Excerpts from the result, as quoted above, were in essence utilized by the Continental Congress in 1774, in a document called the Examples - Business Proposal Templated “Declaration of Rights”, and Research – Daniel Ludwinski finally in Letter Of Resignation Example | Custom-College-Papers 1776 in the Declaration of Independence. The statement of Research rights by Samuel Adams was not by Example | Custom-College-Papers, any means his first essay on liberty. In the year 1750, when he was only 28, he had written about liberty, that: In the state of nature, every man has a right. to think and act according to the dictates. of his own mind, which in Research Ludwinski that state, and can be commanded by no other power than the laws and ordinances. of the great Creator of all things.

He therefore is the Proposal Proposal Templated truest friend to the. Liberty of his country who tries most to promote its virtue. The sum of all is, if we would most truly enjoy. let us become a virtuous people.… [3] One of the influences on Mr. Adams’ thought is openly stated by his own words in the “Rights of the Colonists” concerning religious toleration: “Insomuch that Mr. Locke has asserted and proved, beyond the possibility of contradiction on any solid ground, that such toleration ought to be extended to all whose doctrines are not subversive of society.” [4] The link between Mr. Adams and John Locke is found more than once in Mr.

Adams’ writings. – Daniel! In 1771, in Job Advert a publication in the Boston Gazette, he introduced his topic with the words “Mr. Locke, in his treatise on government.” [5] Thus, at the least, the political philosophy of John Locke was one of the foundations of the Declaration of – Daniel Independence, and Letter - Business inquiry shows that the conception of inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of – Daniel happiness owe a great deal to Tcrp-Teap / Additional Related To Business Case, John Locke’s Second Treatise of Government published in 1690. The debt to John Locke is revealed by the following excerpts from Research, his Second Treatise. The title page says of the second treatise, “The latter is an essay concerning the true original extent and end of civil government.” The opening lines refer to Br Research: For Copy Editor, the Biblical Adam and to his “private dominion and parental jurisdiction”, given to Research Ludwinski, him by God, which clearly marks the presentation as based ultimately on Scripture, God’s Holy and Powerpoint Notebook Template Written Word. In sections 4, 6, and 13, Locke writes that: (A)ll men are naturally in. a state of Research – Daniel Ludwinski perfect freedom. to order their actions, and Word Meeting | Professional Templates dispose of their possessions. and persons, as they think fit, within the bounds. of the law of Ludwinski nature, without asking leave, or depending upon / Additional To Business Case, the will of any other man. A state also of equality . A state of – Daniel liberty, The state of nature has a law of nature to govern it, which obliges every one: and reason, which is that law, teaches all mankind, who will but consult it, that being.

equal and independent, no one ought to harm another. in his life, health, liberty, or possessions: for men being all the workmanship of one omnipotent, and infinitely wise maker; all the servants of Microsoft Agenda Template Templates one. sovereign master, sent into the world by his order, and about his business; they are his property, whose workmanship they are, made to last. during his, not one another’s pleasure. Every one. may not, unless it be to do justice. on an offender, take away, or impair the Ludwinski life, or what tends to the preservation of the life, the liberty,

God hath certainly appointed government to Tcrp-Teap / Additional Resources, restrain. the partiality and violence of men. I easily grant, that civil government is the proper remedy. for the inconveniences of the state of nature. [6] Locke does not always state the exact Biblical references for his ideas, but in most instances lacking a reference, it will be readily understood that there is a Biblical source. For example, his notion of the purpose of Research – Daniel civil government is derived from Letter - Business Proposal Templated - Business, Romans 13.1–6, where Paul declares that God has ordained civil government for Research, the purpose of restraining evil–doers.

On liberty, Locke wrote in section 22: The natural liberty of Graduate Is Ready For The Of Work Or man is to be free from. any superior power on earth, and not to be under. the will or legislative authority of Research – Daniel Ludwinski man, but to have only the law of nature for his rule. [7] (F)reedom of men under government is, to have. a standing rule to live by, common to every one. and not to be subject to the inconstant, uncertain, unknown,

Locke’s conception of liberty is that it is intimately bound up with life itself. In section 23, he states: This freedom from absolute, arbitrary power, is so necessary to, and closely joined with a man’s preservation, but by what forfeits his preservation and life together: for a man, not having the power of Paper Template his own life, cannot, by compact, or his own consent, Herein is the – Daniel notion that life and liberty are inalienable rights. Life and liberty are indissoluble, leading Patrick Henry to Proposal Letter Examples - Business Proposal Templated, say, “Give me liberty or give me death!” On property, Locke expressed many conceptions, but his central theme is Biblical: (I)t is very clear, that God, as king David says, Psalm. 115. 16. Research! has given the Microsoft Word Meeting Template earth to the children of men; And tho’ all the fruits it naturally produces, and beasts it feeds, belong to mankind in common.

there must of necessity be a means to appropriate them. (E)very man has a property in Research – Daniel his own person. The labour of his body, and the work of his hands, we may say, So that God, by commanding to subdue, gave authority so far to appropriate: which requires labour and materials to work on, necessarily introduces private possessions. In summary concerning these passages from Locke’s treatise, there exists a clearly identifiable conception of the rights of 12 A Of K To 12 World Of Work life, liberty, and property. Locke openly maintained that these rights were basic and fundamental rights of man, given by God the Creator. They are inalienable because they are established as part of the God–given law of nature, and thus are bound up in very existence itself.

In his frequent use of the phrase law of Research Ludwinski nature, Locke situated himself in a rich and time–honored tradition reaching back through history to the Bible itself. There is Word Meeting Template | Professional Templates, no doubt that Locke had in mind a Bible–centered view of the nature of man as created by God. One of the enumerated rights of the Declaration, pursuit of – Daniel happiness, is not found as such in Locke, who used the word happiness only three times in Br Research: Editor the Second Treatise, in quite restricted contexts. Locke concentrated instead upon the right of property. The right to pursue happiness, which is much broader in scope, is traceable through the Federalist Papers of John Jay, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton, written under the pseudonym Publius. – Daniel! Ultimately, the fullness of happiness as a concept will be seen in the abundant life promised to us through Jesus Christ.

The Spiritual Condition of the Colonists. Not only the colonial leaders in politics were spiritually minded. The entire society was disposed toward regular religious practice and diligence in worship. Affairs of the day were considered in the light of Scripture. This condition originated in the fact that the early settlers came to America to enjoy religious freedom.

The Puritans of New England came for the purpose of establishing a commonwealth centered in their Calvinistic faith. The first settlers in Virginia planted a cross on the shores of Cape Henry, and dedicated the land to the glory of Jesus Christ. But backsliding and decline followed the settlers’ zeal. The early 1700s saw lukewarm adherence to the spreading of the Tcrp-Teap / Additional Resources Related To Business Case gospel in the new world, to the extent that the renewal which followed, beginning in the 1730s, is called the Great Awakening. Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield, and other evangelists were mightily used by God for over 30 years, in a great outpouring of God’s grace to Research Ludwinski, redeem sinners. Consequently, the years preceding the Revolution were characterized by spiritual preparedness, which itself was God’s grace upon the nation about to be established. In this condition, the colonists generally were disposed to remain loyal to Great Britain until rather late in the decades preceding 1776.

This is the mark of a Christian society, which desires to obey God’s word in Romans 13 by being subject to Proposal, the civil authorities. As late as 1766, Stephan Hopkins in Ludwinski Rhode Island described the - Business Templated colonists as loyal subjects of the King of Great Britain, despite their grievances. Ludwinski! He noted that: (T)he first planters of these colonies were pious Christians, were faithful subjects. have kept all due order, and have supported a regular government; they have maintained peace, and practiced Christianity. And in all conditions, upon all occasions, and in every relation, they have always demeaned themselves. as loyal, as dutiful subjects ought to K To For The World Or, do.… [8]

The spiritual temper was to see events in Research the light of God’s Word. In contrast to our day, when few political leaders believe or confess the hand of God in the affairs of men, the people of Revolutionary days saw events according to the Biblical view, that God does ultimately control historical events. In the same 1766, Pastor Nathaniel Appleton of the First Church in Boston gave “A Thanksgiving Sermon on the Total Repeal of the Stamp–Act”. This occurred on the afternoon of Letter Examples - Business May 20th in Cambridge, Massachusetts, preceding evening celebrations by the people on that great occasion. His opening text was Psalm 30 verses 11 and 12: Thou hast turned for me my mourning into dancing, Thou hast put off my sackcloth, and girded me with gladness, To the end that my glory may sing praise to Thee, O Lord my God, I will give thanks unto Thee forever. In Pastor Appleton’s text, he advances a fundamental proposition about national political events.

In the Pastor’s words, “The great God has the absolute government of our affairs and Research – Daniel circumstances in the world, and Microsoft Templates opens the various scenes of life to us.” [9] This is so on Research – Daniel Ludwinski, the basis of Deuteronomy 32 and Isaiah 45, where God declares: I even I am He and there is no God with me. I kill, and I make alive, I wound, and I heal, neither is there any that can deliver out of my hand. I form the light and create darkness. Consequently, for Appleton, “Whatever sorrowful, afflicted or threatening circumstances we are at any time under, it is by the over–ruling providence of God.” As Amos prophesied in Proposal Letter Examples Templated chapter 3, “Shall there be any evil in the city, and the Lord hath not done it?” Thus, no matter whether affliction or blessing befalls us, we are to Research – Daniel Ludwinski, honor God by acknowledging His hand in every circumstance. We can no longer be silent, but may praise the Lord, “Who only doeth wondrous things.” At the present juncture, our inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are under widespread and unrelenting attack. This situation is a consequence of the denial of God throughout society, and the abandonment of public life by most Christians. The Christian in society is presently dull of hearing and seeing, and is sickly from Br Research: For Copy, generations of increasing isolation. God has breathed new life into His body in – Daniel recent years, but many members of the body are nearly like dry bones in Ezekiel’s valley.

Since judgment has already begun in the house of the Lord, the way back to Resources To Business, a restoration of inalienable rights will involve a painful and difficult struggle. With God, however, all things are possible, and with Him is joy forevermore. The path of Research – Daniel restoration can therefore be, despite the Proposal Letter - Business - Business struggle against the principalities and powers over this world, full of joy and happiness. To restore the fullest expression of our inalienable rights in society and in our public institutions is a critical duty for all Christian citizens of our nation. Our effectiveness in this restoration rests first and Research – Daniel Ludwinski foremost on the recognition that God is our Sovereign and our Creator. He endowed us with the Meeting Agenda | Professional inalienable rights spoken of in the Declaration of Independence. He has created us and not we ourselves (Ps. 100.3). The Biblical Expression of Research Life, Liberty, and Happiness. The root of inalienable rights, as traced here by way of illustration through the writings of Samuel Adams and John Locke, is in God our Creator. John Locke and Proposal Letter Proposal others saw these rights as flowing from existence itself as bestowed upon us by our Creator.

Two sources inform this understanding, as mentioned in the Declaration of – Daniel Ludwinski Independence in the phrase “laws of nature and of nature’s God”. Inalienable rights in the first sense are founded on the concept of the law of nature, as mentioned frequently by Locke and others. The law of Letter Example nature is illustrated in Scripture but has its detailed expression in the findings of natural science. The other source is the – Daniel Ludwinski Bible itself, where the laws “of nature’s God” are expressed in particular codified form. The opening Biblical text for such thinking is found in Genesis, which describes the creation of man as made in the image of God, and as established on the earth with authority to Microsoft Word Meeting Agenda Templates, subdue the earth and to exercise the Research – Daniel Ludwinski stewardship of Word Meeting | Professional Templates dominion. Research Ludwinski! Inalienable rights and their expression in the “laws of Resources Related Case nature and of nature’s God” has a very involved and detailed history throughout the church age, and is rooted in the natural order as created by God. Something more needs expression in our day, if a restoration of rights is to be successful. The Christian character of our early settlers, and of the colonists at the time of the Revolution, needs to be expressed in us to the full. We must win the hearts and minds of the Ludwinski people of Letter | Custom-College-Papers this generation, which at this point have been captured by ungodly religious and political philosophy.

To accomplish this involves renewal in us, as well as in the nation’s people for whom we seek God’s blessing. The renewal, ultimately, must be in Christ. Concerning life, Jesus said “Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent” (John 17.3). “The Son of Research Man must be lifted up, that everyone who believes in Him may have eternal life. For God so loved the world, that He gave His only In Karachi begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life” (John 3.14–16). Paul said to the Ephesians, “As for you, you were dead in your trespasses and sins, in which you used to live when you followed the – Daniel Ludwinski ways of this world and of the prince of the power of the air.

But because of His great love for us, God Who is rich in mercy made us alive with Christ” (Ephesians 2.1–5). Thus, the fullness of life is in us as Christians, and by living in response to the Holy Spirit within, we will show forth the glory of God to this generation. Truly, then, our words will be the words of our Lord, and / Additional Related they will bring life to the nation. Concerning liberty, Jesus said “If the Son sets you free, you shall be free indeed” (John 8.36). “If you continue in my word, then you are my disciples, and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free” (John 8.31–32). The Jews responded that they were slaves of no one, interpreting His words in a physical sense. Now it is Research – Daniel, true that the Bible contains many illustrations of the deliverance by God from physical slavery. The most celebrated deliverance is the Passover as described in Exodus. In the book of Job Advert Editor Leviticus, the Ludwinski year of To Business Jubilee every fiftieth year was instituted to free the people from all debts, and Research – Daniel Ludwinski restore the original distribution of land ownership. For the Israelites, property rights were permanently vested. Through the prophet Isaiah, the Lord promised to “bring out the prisoners from the dungeon” (Is 42.7), “to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of prison to them that are bound” (Is 61.1).

But the Lord’s deliverance is even greater, because He frees us from spiritual as well as physical bondage. The Lord says “I am He that blots out your transgressions for mine own sake, and I will not remember your sins” (Is 43.25). For the apostle Paul, the doctrine of the cross meant freedom from the bondage of Br Research: Job Advert sin. On happiness, our Lord is beautiful indeed, because it is Research – Daniel, His Divine Will that we be blessed and happy (Matthew 5). The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, and peace in Resources Related To Business an abundant life, complete in Him. Our situation in the Lord is symbolized by the marriage supper, a time of inexpressible joy and happiness, full of Research rejoicing and gladness (Rev 19.7).

Thus, life, liberty, and happiness are indeed rooted in Scripture, and Word Agenda have the fullest meaning for Christians. May it be our purpose to convey this bountiful meaning through every facet of our living. For any who have caught the vision to restore religious liberty in this nation, and who desire all the fullness of – Daniel Ludwinski Christ in His gifts of life, liberty, and happiness, now is the time to pray for Br Research:, the quickening and – Daniel comfort of God, in the name of Jesus. He stands ready to lead each one of / Additional Resources Related Case us into Research Ludwinski, a deeper walk with Him. Upon dedication and commitment, we will receive God’s anointing from on 12 A Of K To 12 Is Ready For The Of Work, high for the task of Research – Daniel Ludwinski restoration. We are reminded that the signers of the Declaration entrusted themselves, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to Divine Providence, and were gifted by God’s enabling to attain the Revolutionary victory. In the quote earlier from the letter by John Adams, he said that the Revolution took place in the hearts and minds of the colonists before the hostilities commenced. Proposal Letter - Business Templated - Business! It is of decisive significance to realize that the restoration we seek will be much more complicated than the Research struggle faced by the colonists. Why. because the hostilities in our day have already commenced, which indicates that powerful groups of people in the land have already had their hearts and minds turned against our view. Not only do we face a struggle in the body, but also for the hearts and minds of the people, who constitute the nation itself, rather than some foreign power.

Two reports are given as illustrations of the changed hearts. Proposal Letter Examples Templated! First, many will remember the Free Speech and war resistor movement of the 1960’s, culminating in riots at the 1968 Democratic Party National Convention in Chicago. – Daniel Ludwinski! The right of Letter Of Resignation free speech was violently abused by many protestors during those years, without repercussion on the right itself. In fact, it may have been strengthened. So great a change has occurred since then, that just a few months ago, at an abortion clinic in Norfolk, Virginia, a right–to–life marcher was arrested and convicted by Ludwinski, a judge for “verbal trespass”. No one except the Microsoft Meeting Agenda Template | Professional Templates Christian group involved has protested. Second, in Evansville, Indiana last fall, a young evangelistic preacher named James Gilles spoke on four successive days at the fall festival of a local civic organization. The crowd increased each day but a third of the Research Ludwinski audience grew increasingly unruly. The preacher was arrested and Example | Custom-College-Papers convicted on the charge of Ludwinski using abusive language, because he told people they were going to hell. The preacher was convicted by a jury. [10] Obviously, the public itself has begun to show open hostility against religious expression. Other recent events have been reported by the Christian Broadcasting Network, and include 1) a 12–year old blind girl, a Vietnamese immigrant, forbidden to say her rosary on a school bus, 2) a 5–year old forbidden to sing “Jesus Loves Me” while coloring Easter eggs in school, 3) a ban on the use of school facilities for a voluntary non–sponsored Bible study, 4) teenagers in school forbidden to pray and study the Bible before school because such activity was deemed by the judge to be “too dangerous,” and 5) schoolchildren forbidden to even bring their own Bibles to school.

It is clear that well–situated powers in society have views completely contrary to a Biblical view of man’s inalienable rights. At a convocation last fall at the University of Oregon, the speaker was Donald Kennedy, President of Stanford University. In his speech he claimed that “post–Darwinian thought” has consequences for “our most basic notions about freedom, rationality, and equality. Word Meeting | Professional! (T)he biological sciences have triggered a most extraordinary reordering of our concept of what it means to be human and to be free.” In effect, he says that even political arrangements must be rethought in view of an emerging “complementary relationship between our biological endowment and our social arrangements.” [11] Such a view is not new. It has resided in the nation’s system of higher education for nearly a century. In 1904, a political historian named Dr. H. Friedenwald wrote, concerning the foundational concepts of the Declaration of Independence, “And just as the political philosophy of the eighteenth century now seems outworn, and has been supplanted by the evolutionary philosophy, so the – Daniel latter will in all likelihood prove to be no more the final word upon the subject than its predecessor.” [12] The Fullness of the Goal of Graduate Of K Is Ready Or Restoration.

Committed to Ludwinski, the task of restoration, we cannot be fence–sitters, who succeed only in getting shot at from both sides. By God’s direction, we are to For Copy, “take possession of the land, and dwell therein, for unto you have I given the land to possess it” (Numbers 33.53). “The land which you are about to cross to possess it, a land of hills and valleys, drinks water from the rain of heaven, and land for Research, which the Lord your God cares. The eyes of the Lord your God are always on it, from the beginning even to the end of the year” (Deuteronomy 11.11–12). Full restoration of religious liberty is a matter of God’s blessing, in addition to our dedication.

His word alone is strong enough to overcome the unrighteous philosophies and For Copy heart attitudes arrayed in opposition. As Joshua and Caleb proclaimed, we are able to Research Ludwinski, go up and take the country (Num. 14), not to physically conquer but to win the land from destruction, not to call down judgment from 12 A Of K To 12 For The World Of Work Or, heaven, but to call down blessing. Religious freedom is central for avoiding judgment, because through the Research free exercise of our religious and spiritual heritage, the whole nation may hear of God, turn to Him, be forgiven of trespasses, and be blessed. All Institutions to be Restored to Liberty. The crucial role of religious liberty was recognized by our forefathers in the Constitution. In the Tcrp-Teap / Additional Resources Related Bill of Rights, the First Amendment in its first clause protects religious liberty from any intrusion by the civil government. Religious liberty was given first place. This liberty must be jealously guarded. There must be unhindered exercise of religion in Ludwinski all the God–ordained institutions of mankind: The individual must have liberty, the family must be free, so also the Br Research: Job Advert church, the school system, all voluntary associations, and all levels of – Daniel Ludwinski civil government. The family is the first social unit.

The state must not be allowed to intrude on or upset the family, especially the responsibilities of Word Meeting Agenda parents for religious upbringing of children, and parental control over children. The school is occupied in training the young, acting as surrogates of the parents. Parents, according to Proverbs, are fully responsible for all school and educational activities. Free religious exercise in the school environment is therefore a necessity if we are to obey God. For voluntary associations, including all private clubs and organizations, non–profit or otherwise, religious liberty means the right to hire employees, retain them, and promote them to leadership on the basis of Research godly principles.

It also means the financial conduct of business according to Biblical principles. For churches, there must be unhindered evangelism, unhindered assembly in homes, church–buildings and elsewhere, plus unhindered worship and unhindered finances. Caesar has no right to property reserved for and by God. Finally, for civil government, Caesar (civil government) has only that authority delegated to it by Letter Examples - Business, God. Ludwinski! It must not hinder religious liberty in any public setting, nor trample religious expression in the course of any of its mandated and God–ordained activities. Any of its laws and regulations contrary to God’s law are not true laws at all, but arbitrary dictates, and if such dictates abridge inalienable rights, they must be resisted. We must be consecrated to 12 A Graduate Of K World Or, the task of restoring religious liberty, and believe that this restoration will be instrumental in Research bringing God’s blessing on the nation, instead of a curse.

Liberty is equivalent to godly choice. God sets before us a choice. We must choose the Biblical rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We must reject death, abortion, the denial of private property, and the quenching of Biblical expression, because these are a denial of life, liberty, and the pursuit of 12 A Of K happiness. Because we have not been vigilant to preserve religious liberty in – Daniel its godly conception, God has allowed the enemies of Job Advert liberty to multiply and grow strong in the land. Research – Daniel! They have “become as pricks in your eyes and - as thorns in your sides, and they shall trouble you in the land in which you live” (Num.

33.55). Will we allow degeneration to Research – Daniel Ludwinski, the point foreseen by Letter Example, Samuel Adams? He recognized that natural rights were first wrested from King John at the Magna Charta, “sword in hand. And peradventure,” he thought possible, “it must be one day, sword in hand, again rescued and preserved from total destruction and – Daniel oblivion.” [13] In David’s time, men rallied to him as their king, even while he was pursued by Saul. It is said that coming to him were “the sons of Issachar, men who understood the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do” (I Chronicles 12.32). For Copy Editor! Do we understand the Research times? “Knowing the time, that now it is high time, to awaken out of sleep, for now is our salvation nearer to us than when we first believed. Example! The night is far spent, the day is at hand, let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and Research Ludwinski let us put on K To 12 A Graduate Of K To 12 For The, the armour of light” (Romans 13.11–12).

“Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free, and be not entangled again in – Daniel the yoke of bondage” (Gal. Microsoft Template | Professional Templates! 5.1). In the words of the hymn, Give heart and mind and soul and strength. May our prayer be unto God, that. God bless America, land that I love. Through the night with a light from Research – Daniel Ludwinski, above. From the mountains, to the prairies,

God bless America, my home sweet home. God bless America, my home sweet home. [1] J. C. Miller, Origins of the American Revolution (Boston: Little, Brown, 1943), 484-485. [2] Verna M. Hall, The Christian History of the Constitution (San Francisco, CA: Foundation for American Christian Education, 1980), 365-366. [6] John Locke, Second Treatise of Government , C. B. Macpherson, ed. 12 A To 12 For The Or! (Indianapolis, IN: Hackett, 1980 (orig. 1690)). [7] Quoted by Research – Daniel, Samuel Adams in his “Rights of the Proposal Letter - Business Proposal Templated Colonists.” [8] S. Hopkins, The Grievances of the American Colonies Candidly Examined (Providence, RI: 1766).

[9] N. Appleton, “A Thanksgiving Sermon on Research – Daniel, the Total Repeal of the Stamp-Act” (Boston, MA: Edes and Gill, 1766). [10] “Preacher Warning of Hell Convicted of ‘Abuse,’” Presbyterian Journal 42(43):5, 22 February 1984. [P.O. Box 2330, Asheville, NC 28802.] [11] D. Kennedy, “On Science and ‘Culture,’” Fall Convocation, Univ. Oregon, 1982. [12] H. Friedenwald, The Declaration of Independence: An Interpretation and Analysis (New York: MacMillan, 1904), 161.

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Faithfully adhere to the highest standards of hygiene, quality and K To 12 A Graduate To 12 Is Ready Or customer service. – Daniel Ludwinski. Aiming to leverage my knowledge to effectively perform a management position at Resources Related To Business Case your restaurant. RIVERSIDE RESTAURANT Chicago, IL. Food Service Worker September 2011 – Present. Memorized restaurant’s wine stock and the meals they should accompany, leading to daily wine sales averaging $150, fully 20% higher than company average Write patrons’ food orders on slips, memorize orders, or enter orders into computers for transmittal to kitchen staff in a 150+ seat restaurant Clean all work areas, equipment, utensils, dishes, and silverware and Research – Daniel ensure they are stored appropriately in accordance to state law.

Perform food preparation duties such as preparing salads, appetizers, and cold dishes, portioning salads, and brewing coffee in a fast-paced line kitchen. CARRABBA’S ITALIAN GRILL Chicago, IL. Trainee Food Service Worker August 2007 – July 2011. Present menus to patrons and answer questions about Br Research: Editor In Karachi, menu items, making recommendations upon request in a 70+ seat restaurant Assisted host or hostess by answering phones to take reservations or to-go orders, and by greeting, seating, and thanking guests Stored food in Research designated containers and storage areas to prevent spoilage and increase shelf life Presented wine samples for guests to taste and opened the bottles for them upon their approval Served food and Letter beverages to Research – Daniel patrons, and prepared or served specialty dishes at tables as required. Certificate in Food Handling and Safety, June 2008. Bachelor of Paper Template -, Arts Degree in – Daniel Culinary Arts, June 2007. Team worker who is able to Of Resignation Example | Custom-College-Papers adapt in Research highly dynamic and changing situations.

Excellent problem solving and communication skills, with a focus on / Additional Resources Related Case, customer service Familiarity with Point of Sale terminals Bilingual (Spanish/English) Candidate uses a Combination resume format to emphasize achievements and skills, beginning with a Professional Profile introduction to present critical and relevant information Candidate bolds key waitressing skill keywords in the Professional Profile section, and lists her achievements after them Candidate emphasizes her ability to “upsell” customers on alcoholic beverages. Three Key Server Waitress Skills: 1. – Daniel Ludwinski. Salesmanship: Ability to convince customers to make extra purchases by persuasively presenting entree wine pairings, selling desserts, and convincing patrons to return to the establishment. 2. Communication: Ability to Powerpoint - host, entertain, small talk, and Research – Daniel Ludwinski speak fluidly in front of Tcrp-Teap To Business Case, strangers at length. Ability to work together with other food service workers as a team, often working in pairs for bigger tables.

Ability to keep a cool head when dealing with irate customers. 3. Management: Ability to Research Ludwinski teach new hosts and waiters how to Graduate Of K Of Work Or present menu items, how to use Point of Sale (POS) Terminals, and test trainees for memorization of food ingredients. Project Execution: Implemented new menu introduction strategies, increasing customer purchases of wine by 10% on – Daniel, average Management: Assisted in the training of 6 new waiters, ensuring attention to detail and comprehensive understanding of restaurant methodology and Job Advert For Copy In Karachi practices Awards and Research – Daniel Ludwinski Recognition: Frequently praised for excellent service on Word Agenda Template Templates, restaurant online rating system Salesmanship: Deep and broad knowledge of wines and Research – Daniel Ludwinski appropriate entree pairings Communication: Fluent in English and Spanish – Excellent verbal and written skills. Familiarity with Point of Sale (POS) and common restaurant machinery Able to memorize entire menu within a day, including ingredient combinations Proven ability to “upsell” alcohol, dessert, and appetizers to customers Bilingual Spanish and English. Waitress | Los Angeles, CA | 2012 – Present.

Memorized restaurant’s wine stock and appropriate entree pairings, leading to daily wine sales averaging $180, fully 15% higher than company average Wrote patron’s food orders on slips, memorized orders, and managed food resources in Letter Example | Custom-College-Papers a 120+ seat restaurant Operated POS terminals to input customer orders, swipe credit cards, and enter cash amounts received Received in-depth training for proper food handing techniques, including proper freezer placement, appropriate soup temperatures, and equipment cleaning processes. Hostess Waitress | Los Angeles, CA | 2010 – 2012. Awarded “Employee of the Month” two months consecutively Bussed tables, presented menus, seated customers, and assisted waiters with drink orders Trained 3 new hosts in providing excellent customer service and conflict resolution techniques. Florida State University, Orlando, FL. Bachelor of Arts in English, May 2008. Three Transferable Skills for Food Service: 1. Customer Interactivity: If you have ever had any experience dealing with customers (whether you were scooping ice cream, greeting people at – Daniel Ludwinski a front desk, operating a ticket booth, etc.), this type of experience is transferable into any other customer service job.

2. Technical: Have you ever swiped a credit card, operated a Point of Sale (POS) Terminal, or re-stocked receipt paper? All of Notebook, these skills are transferable into food service. 3. Communication: Bilingual ability, especially Spanish, will help your food service career chances significantly. Research. If you’ve ever had a job where you’ve had to speak in Example front of other people, that kind of communication ability is considered transferable. 534 Shelby Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 24542 * (433) 623-6234 * [emailprotected] Superior salesmanship skills, consistently outperforming company peers Friendly, outgoing, and charismatic personality well suited for a fast paced, customer service oriented restaurant Experience with Point of Sale (POS) Terminals, with excellent basic math skills Working knowledge of wines, cocktail mixes, and other bartending skills Conversational in – Daniel Spanish. Awarded “Employee of the 12 A Graduate To 12 Of Work Month” for – Daniel Ludwinski consistently making achieving 15% above target sales Perfected menu presentation skills, providing customers a holistic understanding of the restaurant offerings, leading to more sales Trained 4 underperforming waiters in salesmanship methodology, increasing their sales to meet company average. Experience with 3 types of Word Agenda Template, POS Terminals, receipt roll replacement, and coffee machine cleaning Familiarity with common restaurant bread cutting machines, dishwashers, and knowledge of equipment cleaning processes Excellent basic math skills, able to calculate and split bills in the event of POS Terminal downtime. Consistently scored over 90% satisfaction rating on Ludwinski, customer feedback surveys Conversational in Of Resignation | Custom-College-Papers Spanish (able to take orders from Spanish speaking customers.) Possess excellent conflict resolution skills in the event of customer dissatisfaction.

University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC. Bachelor of – Daniel Ludwinski, Science in Marketing, May 2005. 4 Steps to Writing the Ultimate Server Resume. “Food service” encompasses many different roles within a restaurant, cafeteria, or other food service establishment, such as waiters and servers, line cooks, bartenders, hosts and Job Advert For Copy In Karachi hostesses, and busboys. A waiter takes orders from a happy couple. These roles fall into what are called the Research Ludwinski “front end” (customer service) and Notebook the “back end” (food preparation) of the Ludwinski establishments. This resume is relevant to those of you with “front end” server experience. We will teach you why this is an Word Agenda | Professional Templates, excellent resume, and how you can write your own in a similar fashion. As a professional food service worker, you may currently be writing your resume in order to:

Find a new working environment Earn more money Attain a managerial role. Read this resume writing guide to ensure you achieve your goals. By the way be sure to read our Resume Writing 10 Commandments to understand the major rules that all resumes need to – Daniel follow, including server resumes. Microsoft Meeting Agenda Template. If this seems difficult, you can always create a food service resume in Research – Daniel minutes with our widely praised resume maker. 1. Include These Key Server, Waitress, and Waiter Skills. For some quick help, here are the Microsoft Meeting Template | Professional Templates key aspects you need to include on a server resume. Restaurant hiring managers will be looking for these specific traits to decide if you’re a worthwhile candidate. Be sure to include these key server skills on your resume. Keep in Research Ludwinski mind that if you have any food service certifications, such as a Certification in Food Handling and Safety, you should place it at the top of Proposal Examples - Business Proposal Templated - Business, your resume. If you don’t have any, you can land more interviews and potentially increase your salary by earning one.

The National Restaurant Association offers certifications here. 2. Write a Convincing Career Objective. The first major section of your resume is called the Career Objective. This applicant’s Career Objective IMMEDIATELY puts her on the short list for – Daniel Ludwinski an interview because she included relevant information throughout the Proposal Templated - Business objective. There are four reasons this example has a strong Career Objective. Pay particular attention to the bolded parts:

1st: It immediately states years of Research – Daniel, experience: 7+ years of Br Research: Job Advert For Copy, experience in food preparation and service… 2nd: It indicates earned titles or certificates: Certificate in Food Handling and Safety. 3rd: It emphasizes deep knowledge of the Research business: Keen knowledge of wines, entrees , and the responsibilities of a successful restauranteur. 4th: It states the position she wants to fill: “Aiming to…effectively perform a management position at your restaurant. Job Advert In Karachi. “ In the eyes of a hiring manager, this applicant’s Career Objective IMMEDIATELY puts her on the short list for an interview because she included great resume builders throughout the – Daniel objective.

It is also well written, and targeted at the managerial role she wants to fill. Good news! Food service manager roles are projected to increase by 11% through 2022. It’s very important to remember that the Career Objective does not relate to what YOU want from the job, but rather what you can do for the company . In this way, the Letter Templated applicant makes a convincing argument that she’d be an Research Ludwinski, asset to the company in a managerial role. Our step by step Career Objective writing guide can give you concrete ideas about how to write your own. 3. Describe your Server Experience with Numbers. Adding numbers to Proposal Letter Templated - Business your job description bullet points will help the hiring manager grasp the Research Ludwinski size and scope of Graduate, your responsibilities, and give them a clearer mental picture of Ludwinski, your experience. By quantifying your resume, it will immediately become better than the vast majority of your competition. The easiest way to do this is to simply write how big your food establishment is, and how many seats it has. The applicant does this twice for the two establishments she worked in, as you can see from the bolded text below: Write patrons’ food orders on slips, memorize orders, or enter orders into computers for transmittal to 12 A Is Ready World Of Work Or kitchen staff in Research – Daniel Ludwinski a 150+ seat restaurant Present menus to patrons and Paper answer questions about menu items, making recommendations upon request in a 70+ seat restaurant.

Even by making this simple addition, your resume will immediately be better than the Research vast majority of your competition. If you really want to blow away the hiring manager, you’ll need to do more complex research, like this example: Memorized restaurant’s wine stock and Word Template Templates the meals they should accompany, leading to daily wine sales averaging $150, fully 20% higher than company average. Do you know how much you make in sales daily or monthly? You can expect to make an average of $47,960 per years as a Food Service Manager. Most restaurants — especially big chains — will track their servers’ sales statistics for the purposes of budgeting (and, of Ludwinski, course, to cajole low performers). You can ask your manager to see these statistics, and 12 A Graduate To 12 For The World include them on your resume. Even if you didn’t perform spectacularly (like the Ludwinski applicant), simply including this information in your resume will indicate to the hiring manager that you are self-motivated and hard working. This is Letter Proposal, called writing an Research – Daniel, “achievement oriented” resume — and these tend to Job Advert For Copy Editor In Karachi land the most interviews.

Bonus: Action Verbs for Research – Daniel Ludwinski Your Server Resume. 4. Include Relevant Additional Skills. Your Additional Skills section should not list your hobbies and Examples - Business interests, unless they are relevant to the job. Being bilingual in Spanish and – Daniel Ludwinski English is a valuable asset to have, especially for Template a managerial position. (For instance, a wine connoisseur would be a valuable asset to Research – Daniel Ludwinski a restaurant that sells wine.) Since you are a professional food service worker, regardless if you are crafting a server resume or one seeking a more supervisory role, you should definitely include these bullet points in your Additional Skills section to build a stronger resume: Familiarity with Point of Sale terminals Problem solving and communication skills. If you also happen to Proposal be bilingual in Spanish and English, that also tends to Research – Daniel Ludwinski be a valuable asset to have in a US based restaurant — especially for a managerial position. Candidate emphasizes having a Certification in Paper Template - Food Handling and Research – Daniel Ludwinski Safety Candidate places Education Section first due to having recent school experience Candidate mentions her high customer satisfaction rating.

Getting the Education Section Right. All entry-level candidate resume must begin with the education section. Although this candidate has had prior work experience, it was as a trainee, or as a part-time worker. The most important reason the applicant is Powerpoint Paper, considered entry-level is – Daniel, because she just recently graduated from community college . This applicant has educational experience related to food service (Certificate in Food Handling and Safety, BA in Food Science). Understandably, you may not — and that’s fine. If you have no experience whatsoever, you’ll need to write a very convincing cover letter that the employer should take a chance on you.

The education section on Proposal Examples Templated, an entry-level resume can be more detailed and whimsical than a professional resume , because it’s likely that you don’t have prior work experience. – Daniel Ludwinski. The hiring manager will be interested to know if you are generally an active person or not. Therefore, you can include information about: Clubs you’ve joined Greek life you participate in Relevant coursework GPA (if above 3.5/4.0) Other Good Food Service Industry Samples. Waiter – (Note: One of the few decent resume samples in this industry on the net.

The Professional Experience section introductory paragraphs are a bit overdone, and could instead use more bullet points. Otherwise, this is - Business Proposal, a great sample.) Waiter- (Note: A simple, but effective resume. Has a well done “Professional Profile”.) Cook – (Note: Overall an excellent resume, although the Work Experience section is not formatted very well.) Share Food Service (Waitress #038; Waiter) Resume Samples Our code geeks and HR experts are proud to introduce our new Free Resume Builder software to help you land more interviews in today’s competitive job market.

We provide HR-approved resume templates, built-in job description bullet point phrases to choose from, and easy export to MS Word and PDF. Get awesome job opportunities sent directly to your inbox. By clicking Send Me Job Alerts, I agree to the Resume Genius Terms of – Daniel, Use and Privacy Policy. Play the One-Minute Game That’ll Show You How to Improve Your Resume. Think you can judge the Related quality of a resume within 6 seconds? The answer may surprise you. Put your skills to the test, and Research – Daniel Ludwinski learn how to Br Research: Job Advert For Copy In Karachi make your resume 6 second worthy! 3 Reasons Why I Wouldn't Hire Tom Brady. Tom Brady’s resume is a couple yards short of a touchdown. Research – Daniel. There are tons of errors throughout. K To Graduate Of K World Of Work. See why.

How to Modify and Maximize your Resume Template. Need a resume template? Feel free to download one, but be sure to Research Ludwinski make small modifications to unlock your. Would You Rather Work for a Man or a Woman? Do people still care whether they work for a man or woman, or do most people simply look for a nice job. 5 Ridiculous Excuses To Calling Out Of Work That Were Surprisingly Successful. Every office is bound to have that one person that abuses the call-out policy. These people go above and. Resume Genius' builder, resources, advice and career tips are regularly featured on some of the world's leading online and offline publications including:

Our code geeks and Br Research: Job Advert For Copy Editor In Karachi HR experts are proud to introduce our new Free Resume Builder software to help you land more interviews in today's competitive job market. HR-proven resume templates, built-in job description bullet point phrases to choose from, and Research Ludwinski easily export to MS Word and Proposal Letter - Business Proposal Templated PDF.

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10 Most Inspirational Speeches In History. Sometimes in our modern era, it feels like great speechmaking has fallen a bit by the wayside. Watching the recent presidential campaign, I enjoyed some of the speeches I heard, but can I actually cite a single memorable phrase, even though it was only a month ago? I actually can’t—and yet I can recite bits of Research, speeches that were made decades or even centuries ago and which I never got to hear in person. Here are my picks for 10 of the Powerpoint Paper most inspirational speeches in – Daniel history. Even though these famous speeches were made in other eras, they still move us today. 1. King George VI Coronation Address. King George VI (Photo credit: Wikipedia) King George VI’s radio address to the citizens of Microsoft Word Agenda Templates, Great Britain following his emergency ascension to the throne. Research! This speech was not only Proposal Examples Proposal Templated, inspiring because it helped prepare Britain for war with Germany (possibly the only reason we aren’t all wearing Nazi armbands today), but also because he had to – Daniel, overcome his own terror of Br Research: For Copy In Karachi, public speaking to make it. This speech was so inspiring that it resulted in the Academy Award-winning film The King’s Speech , which came out in 2010. 2. Sir Winston Churchill #8220;We Shall Fight Them On The Beaches#8221;

Sir Winston Churchill (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Did you know Sir Winston Churchill was also born with a speech impairment? He overcame it to become one of the greatest military leaders in Ludwinski history, and inspired Britain to Br Research: Editor, forge ahead with the war in the darkest times with many great speeches. His most famous speech was delivered in the House of Commons on June 4 th , 1940. Research – Daniel! The speech is known as “We shall fight them on Proposal Templated - Business the beaches,” and declared that it the war wouldn#8217;t end without victory. At a time when Britain stood alone against the Nazi empire, it rallied a nation to fight on despite overwhelming odds. – Daniel! 3. John F. Kennedy Inaugural Address.

John F. Kennedy (Photo credit: Wikipedia) John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address (“Ask not what your country can do for you”) probably stands as one of the most oft-quoted speeches in history, but there’s good reason for that. It really was tremendously well-written and memorable, imbued with a kind of forward-looking optimism that has become harder and harder to find. Job Advert For Copy Editor! 4. Alexander The Great #8220;The Envy Of Those Who Return#8221; Alexander The Great (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Alexander the Great’s speech in 335 B.C. Sadly none of us will ever actually hear this speech, but the promise that he would make “those who stay the envy of those who return” was very powerful. It’s pretty tough to get anyone excited about Research continuing to march into Br Research: Job Advert In Karachi, battle when they already have plenty of Research – Daniel Ludwinski, (good) reasons to quit, but he certainly pulled it off. Of Resignation Example! 5. Patrick Henry #8220;Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death#8221; Patrick Henry (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Patrick Henry’s “Give me liberty or give me death!” speech is another one which the history books all remember, and which most of Research Ludwinski, us can still remember from Notebook, high school history lessons. There’s a reason that speech sticks in our minds. It says in the simplest way possible that there are some things that a free human being can’t stand for, and that some things are actually worse than death. How often do you find that level of commitment anywhere? 6. Jesus Sermon On The Mount.

Jesus Sermon On The Mount (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount” speech (“Blessed are the Research – Daniel Ludwinski meek for they shall inherit the earth”) is Powerpoint Template -, ye. t another speech that none of us will ever get to hear with our ears, but there’s no denying that it was the right place at the right time for this man to deliver words which irrevocably changed the lives of not only – Daniel Ludwinski, those who heard it, but the pathways chosen by future generations for thousands of years. Letter | Custom-College-Papers! 7. Martin Luther King #8220;I Have A Dream#8221; Martin Luther King (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream Speech.” This may very well be the first speech you remember hearing in elementary school; I think I first heard this speech in kindergarten. This speech is often overlooked in a way however because of its fame; have you ever actually watched it in its entirety? It’s well worth it. Research – Daniel! 8. Jonathan Edwards Sinners in Microsoft Templates the Hands of an Research Angry God. Jonathan Edwards (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God by Jonathan Edwards may not seem like the Microsoft Templates most obvious choice, but it’s the best example we have of the Great Awakening ideals which made religion more personal in the U.S. during the 18 th century. This was part of a larger movement toward religious freedom, one which also urged people to take personal responsibility for their actions. 9. Elie Wiesel Perils of Indifference. Elie Wiesel (Photo credit: veni markovski) Elie Wiesel’s speech against the Perils of Research Ludwinski, Indifference at the turn of the Microsoft Meeting Agenda Template | Professional millennium. Research Ludwinski! This speech, like the previous entry, may not seem like an obvious choice, but anyone who has ever suffered because of indifference knows that indifference can be an even greater obstacle to overcome than outright malevolence.

In many ways, indifference is the opposite of inspiration. Job Advert! Inspiration drives us to Research – Daniel Ludwinski, care about Br Research: Job Advert For Copy In Karachi something, but indifference represents the temptation to care about nothing. There have been many great speeches against evil, but not too many against indifference. 10. Neil Armstrong Moon Landing. Neil Armstrong (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Neil Armstrong’s “One small step for a man, one giant leap for Research – Daniel, mankind” speech is Br Research: In Karachi, one of the most inspirational speeches ever delivered because it was the first words spoken on Ludwinski the moon—and sadly among the last. The era of human exploration seems to have come and Microsoft Word Meeting Agenda Template | Professional gone, and Research Ludwinski why? Not enough of the kind of Word Agenda Templates, larger-than-life inspiration which all these great orators have delivered over the thousands of years of human history. Will we ever hear new words spoken from the Moon, Mars, or another interplanetary body? That probably depends on whether we become inspired as a species again. It’s interesting that if we look back in time and think about Research inspiring speeches, most of the Br Research: Job Advert For Copy Editor In Karachi most motivating and compelling examples of great oratory work we find happen amid great upheaval during wartime or times of civil strife.

Even Neil Armstrong’s speech from the surface of the moon was only possible because of the Cold War. Going forward, maybe the Ludwinski biggest thing any of us can realize is that we don’t need strife to Examples - Business Proposal Templated, motivate us — what we really need are people who truly are larger than life, who can be inspired to bring beauty and accomplishment into our lives even in times of Ludwinski, mediocrity. Maybe we’re not currently in Proposal Letter Examples Templated the midst of a world war or a cold war, but the indifference Elie Wiesel talked about is everywhere, and we can all go to war on that just by taking a few minutes out of our day to get inspired. So look up some of the most famous speeches in history! Who knows—one of them might just change the way you look at your own life. I#8217;d have to disagree with this list. I find it rather odd that someone who might not even have existed, Jesus, is on – Daniel this list, and Graduate To 12 Is Ready For The World Or one of the most inspirational men of all times is not, Bobby Kennedy.

What about his Ripple of Hope speech, or Mindless Menace of Violence or all his other speeches for Research Ludwinski, that matter? I agree those were incredibly inspirational speeches, but there are only 10 spots. Whether not Jesus existed, you would have to agree at least that The Sermon On The Mount has inspired many more people over Tcrp-Teap Resources To Business the course of history than any speech by Bobby Kennedy, as great a man as he was. Ludwinski! My favourite inspirational quote is Patrick Henry#8217;s “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”, if I had to live without my freedom, it won#8217;t be a life for Meeting Agenda Templates, me so I#8217;d rather die.

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Does Your Homework Help You Learn? Questions about issues in the news for Research Ludwinski, students 13 and older. New research suggests that a lot of assigned homework amounts to pointless busy work that doesn’t help students learn, while more thoughtful assignments can help them develop skills and Job Advert For Copy acquire knowledge. How would you characterize the homework you get? In the Sunday Review article “The Trouble With Homework,” Annie Murphy Paul reviews the research on homework: The quantity of students’ homework is – Daniel a lot less important than its quality. And evidence suggests that as of now, homework isn’t making the grade. Although surveys show that the amount of time our children spend on homework has risen over the last three decades, American students are mired in the middle of international academic rankings: 17th in reading, 23rd in science and 31st in math, according to results from the Program for Letter Of Resignation | Custom-College-Papers, International Student Assessment released last December. In a 2008 survey, one-third of parents polled rated the quality of their children’s homework assignments as fair or poor, and 4 in 10 said they believed that some or a great deal of homework was busywork. A new study, coming in the Economics of Education Review, reports that homework in Research – Daniel science, English and Resources To Business history has “little to no impact” on student test scores. – Daniel. (The authors did note a positive effect for math homework.) Enriching children’s classroom learning requires making homework not shorter or longer, but smarter. She goes on Job Advert For Copy to enumerate some of the aspects of – Daniel, effective independent assignments, like “retrieval practice,” which basically means doing practice tests to reinforce learning and commit it to memory, and “interleaving,” in which problems are not grouped into sets by type, but rather scattered throughout an assignment, which makes the Letter Examples - Business - Business, brain work harder to grasp the material.

Students: Tell us how effective you think your homework is. What kinds of assignments seem pointless? Which ones are confusing or frustrating? Which ones are most engaging and – Daniel interesting? Which ones are you fairly sure help you learn and grow? Students 13 and older are invited to comment below.

Please use only Tcrp-Teap / Additional Related your first name. For privacy policy reasons, we will not publish student comments that include a last name. Comments are no longer being accepted. “I see homework as a big part that helps me learn and grow” that’s what I always said up till I was moved to a different math class. My old math teacher made math easy and fun as well as understandable. But when I was moved I got confused easily, I found it boring, and I even found paying attention hard. Then there’s my English class. I love English with all my heart but my teacher makes me feel like I’m in Preschool!

She has hand signs for every rule and if we don’t do them we get more homework! She always puts us into groups and – Daniel so far every group I’ve been placed in I can’t get along in. One group wouldn’t let me talk and when I gave my opion they scolded me and said I was wrong though it was an opion lesson… Another group was lazy and Tcrp-Teap Related To Business Case since I ran out of my medicine that helps me focus, I was lost and told them I need their help to help me keep up with what’s going on yet they let me drag along! History was never my strong point from the start even though my dad is a History teacher. But when I got into Ludwinski a certain class I couldn’t stand it!

I was miles behind in homework and around every corner was either homework or projects! I asked for help and I got yelled at! I’m sorry but sometimes homework feels like slave work since I don’t get anything out of good grades except a smile and/or a pat on Resources Case the back and that’s it. Yes homework can be good for you but there is a limit of how much a student can handle before they collaspe underneath all of Research Ludwinski, that work! But I love it when teachers make homework fun or competive (which we normally do now and days)! Cause that’s when I’m having a blast! But when teachers get too interactive with their class I can’t help but feel creeped out by them. (Cough, Cough, English teacher, Cough, Cough) I do love school but right now…its like they don’t want us going out and | Professional Templates enjoying life…

Back at Research my old school I was drowning in homework! I just couldn’t get the / Additional Related To Business, chance to Research – Daniel sit back and be young! It was just too much! In every class I had homework! Study this, learn that, solve this, and every where in between! The bullying was no help either since they stole or destroyed my homework so I failing till I switched schools!

My suggestion to all you kids who don’t like homework….DON’T GO TO [name of school removed]. Especially if you’re like me and are considered one of the Letter Of Resignation, special kids since the teachers don’t flex to your needs! At my school , we all think that homework helps people learn in Research Ludwinski so many different ways. You do your homework to get better grades on test scores because some of the homework you get will have some stuff that can be on test. Another reason is that homework can get you better grades if you just hand it in. You can learn from homework. In my opinion.For example, I had to Proposal Letter Examples - Business Proposal - Business take notes in algebra yesterday for homework and only took 10 minutes it really help a lot the next day because we had a little mini quiz on it ! Doing my homework every night helps me learn because it helps me remember the lesson gone over in class that day. It also makes it easier to follow the next lesson, which is usually an Ludwinski extension from the lesson the day before.

Homework helps me learn because it’s a review of what we learned in class. Sometimes they give too much work though. I feel like it all depends on if you understand the Related Case, work. If a teacher taught you a new topic in class and you didn’t understand it, I dont think you would understand it if you did it again. If you understood it, It would help you because you are repeating the problems. I don’t think homework helps you learn, I think it helps you remember what you learned. Homework is more of a review of what you did in school during the day, rather than a new subject to learn on a whole. I personally am not a big fan of homework though, I think that some teachers don’t really realize that we have several other classes which also give us homework, and Research – Daniel Ludwinski we sometimes end up with a large amount by the end of the day.

But I’m sure that my procrastination has a lot to do with it as well. Homework definitely helps me learn. For Copy. By the time i get home from school some subjects become unfamiliar and homework help reinforce what i learned in class. Better students do their homework and teachers recognize that frequently. Repetition of your homework also helps memorize which you could benefit from on tests and Research Ludwinski other classwork activities. Depending on the subject or the K To 12 A Graduate Of K Is Ready For The World, assigment, homework can either be redundant or effective. Assignments which make you copy straight out of a textbook are redundant. These assignments are redundant because students hardly put all that much effort into it. By copying a textbook, people aren’t focused on the material, because they are just focusing on getting the assigment done. Straight copying is seen as boring or even in some cases ‘annoying’ by Research – Daniel Ludwinski students, which translates into them not learning what they need to learn. Assigments where students are interactive and 12 A Graduate To 12 Is Ready Of Work aren’t just being taught the textbook are interesting and that’s when students learn the most.

Writing samples when students are asked for their opinion and to have their voice heard are deemed the – Daniel, most interesting. Thus, being because students then have the ability to Powerpoint Notebook share what they’ve learned in Research Ludwinski their own words and also get to apply their knowledge in Proposal Examples Proposal Templated - Business their own voice. On the other hand, when homework is done effectively, the end product will be better grades. If a student neglects to – Daniel do homework, whether interesting or boring, it will show in their grades. K To 12 A Of K To 12 World. Students who do apply their strongest efforts into their homework will ultimately contribute to better grades. I think that homework is Ludwinski pointless when the teachers give us homework that is for fun and we have to waist our time doing little projects when we can be doing other more important things like studying. Resources Related Case. I think that most homework is important I just don’t like it when teachers give too much and it becomes over whelming and Research – Daniel I can’t have time to study because it would be too late and then I wouldn’t be able to Tcrp-Teap Related To Business sleep. If anything I think teachers should give us homework but give us one big homework a week and Research we work on it for the whole week which it would be due on Friday and then get a test grade for it since it was a big homework. If teachers wouldn’t do that I would love if teachers would give us only three days of homework a week and Fridays we would get a test. Homework is assigned so that students can practice what they have learned in school and see if they can remember what happened in Proposal Letter Examples - Business class.

Personally, the homework that has been assigned to me lately has been nothing but busy work that I feel is Research Ludwinski pointless. The truth is most of the Br Research: For Copy Editor In Karachi, modern day students don’t see the value in doing homework but the discipline and the practice for the real world really are fundamental. The most confusing type of homework assignments that we have come with little to no instructions. When teachers give assignments on things that they haven’t covered yet seems pointless to me since it really isn’t evaluating anything at all. Another type of pointless homework would be the ones in Ludwinski which there is so much repetition that it becomes pointless. In my personal life ive been faced with all types of homework. I believe homework is fundamental to the development of the mind and I will keep doing my homework. I go to Letter an American school in Bogota, Colombia.

Recently in my school I have been getting exaggerated amounts of Research – Daniel, homework, and Agenda Template | Professional most of it has no impact on my learning. I say this because the homework I am assigned is just “busywork” and keeps me up until late hours in the night. The homework I am given is also extremely long and Research not smart, it is just a very basic review of what we did in class that day. Examples Proposal. Homework like that is a waste of time since if the student is Research good and pays attention in class he should know all of the material and shouldn’t be forced to demonstrate it through homework. I believe that what should be improved in not the quantity but the quality of the homework we are assigned. I am not saying homework should be abolished but I am saying it should be changed. If a student is overwhelmed with homework his academic development would also be affected. For example if a student has allot of homework he will probably stay up at night doing it.

Maybe he will finish his homework around 10 or 11 in Of Resignation Example | Custom-College-Papers the night. The next day he will have to wake up very early and will only get about 5-6 hours of sleep. In order for the teenage brain to develop correctly a kid needs 8 hours of Research – Daniel Ludwinski, sleep. So. excessive amount of homework leads to Case a very tired, unmotivated and less active student. In my school I think the only homework assignments that help me learn are the math ones. Each subject is different and each grade in school requires a different amount of practice. For example, Math is a subject that I believe needs out-of-classroom practice no matter what grade you are in, or what topic you are covering. It is Research – Daniel Ludwinski one of the most essential aptitudes one must acquire in order to Proposal Proposal be successful in life. Language, whether it be english, spanish, or etc, is also a subject that is Ludwinski vital for an accomplished life. I believe that one must practice in Powerpoint Paper Template - order to Research become and eloquent speaker and writer, but i only think that a small amount of homework should be given, especially once one reaches the ends of high school. A subject that I feel doesn’t need practice outside of school is history.

For me, history is more like a gossip story with dates that “should” be remembered than anything else; therefore, I don’t believe that homework would be necessary to enforce a subject like that. The idea of having to work all night, studying for a billion exams the next day, getting the college applications going, and practicing a sport isn’t something strange for the average senior at / Additional Resources Related CNG. – Daniel Ludwinski. It seems as if the need to excel at K To 12 A For The Or everything might just be the COD of Research – Daniel, many high school students. As college admissions become more competitive, as more and more people take AP exams and Of Resignation Example | Custom-College-Papers admissions tests there is – Daniel Ludwinski a greater weight on our shoulders. But is it really worth it? I mean, even if everything goes the Of Resignation Example | Custom-College-Papers, way we want it to, was it really worth all our time and energy? There are just better things to do with my life.

I would prefer to go deeper into the sciences, write of some philosophical tendency I’m being carried into, do more social work, etc. But I need to – Daniel commit to Tcrp-Teap / Additional an organized agenda, learn the Standards I’m supposed to be learning and – Daniel show my progress through time. These are fancy ways of creating a level playing field so students can be compared. Br Research: Job Advert For Copy Editor In Karachi. Is this really what learning has become? Practice makes perfect some might say. There is no arguing about that.

Success in those specific tasks, such as doing homework or working on Research – Daniel Ludwinski a particular project that requires zero creativity clearly needs those levels of 12 A Of K To 12, repetitive practice and great memory. But are we supposed to do this the rest of our lives? I don’t think so. Research – Daniel. Harris Cooper, a professor from K To Graduate Is Ready World Of Work Or, Duke University dedicated to homework research states that “even for – Daniel Ludwinski, high school students, overloading them with homework is not associated with higher grades” (Cooper). I’m sorry, so isn’t homework even doing what its supposed to be doing? The counter-productivity of Letter Example | Custom-College-Papers, too much homework, especially in such a critical moment as in Ludwinski college application season, makes the whole educational system lose credibility. Are we being trained to Paper do something we aren’t going to really do or even need in the future? What is the real purpose of doing homework when we aren’t truly learning from Research, it? Don’t get me wrong. I do believe homework is critical in developing certain skills.

How were we supposed to learn basic arithmetic operations without those tons of Letter Of Resignation | Custom-College-Papers, worksheets and Research Ludwinski problem sets? Yes, homework is Powerpoint Notebook Paper Template a useful tool but only when used consciously. Statistical evidence seems to Ludwinski agree with this: “teachers in many of the nations that outperform the U.S. on student achievement tests–such as Japan, Denmark and the Czech Republic–tend to assign less homework than American teachers, but instructors in Of Resignation | Custom-College-Papers low-scoring countries like Greece, Thailand and Iran tend to pile it on” (Wallis). Research – Daniel. The need to assign homework, to put a million grades in Letter Of Resignation Example | Custom-College-Papers is too antiquated in my opinion. Research – Daniel Ludwinski. What’s the problem with guiding classes to a true educational experience and leave behind the limitations of grading, of classifying students, of making them lose all interest, worse yet lose passion for learning and generate hatred towards certain areas of knowledge while capturing valuable time that is needed to explore others? It depends on Template what type of homework and – Daniel Ludwinski the time that it takes to Of Resignation Example | Custom-College-Papers finish it. The homework that I get from English, history, science, and math benefit me and my grades a lot.

From my three band classes, and P.E. class, I usually do busy work. I love how the school is run… I learn a lot from the – Daniel Ludwinski, class just itself, and from school assemblies, etc. First, I have to learn before I get my grades… meaning, I don’t care what my grades are like until I actually know and understand the material and knowledge that I learned at school. What we learn from school and from homework are is different. We learn more at school and then apply what we learned in Template - our homework. So most of the time we don’t learn anything that much from homework. Homework assignments should be provided, but once a month. Research – Daniel. It allows children to have freedom, and actually feel like life is not all about Powerpoint study and Research – Daniel going to a prestigious university. Homework wastes our time, and in recent articles they say that school’s are killing creativity, and Agenda | Professional now there is an uproar about homework not providing learning material.

What homework should be is a subjet, say history, and children can choose one that interests them, and they could research it for a month. And after the – Daniel Ludwinski, month is up children can present in class, so that means the child knows thoroughly about their topic and can explain well to their friends, and also they will have an opportunity to listen to Br Research: Job Advert For Copy Editor In Karachi other peoples’ research. I wish we didn’t have homework, because the learning network is providing us with a great amount of resources that homework, in a year, can’t accomplish. 40 hours per week, 8 hours a day, is the Ludwinski, legal limit of hours an adult can work in California without being payed overtime. Br Research: Editor. An employee must be payed 150% their usual salary for every hour they work past 8 hours a day. I spend between 34 and Research – Daniel Ludwinski 39 hours per week at school, not counting homework (aprox. 10-15 hours per week). Related To Business Case. My suggestion is that any work assigned to students requiring them to spend more than 40 hours a week on – Daniel academics be graded with a bonus of 50% the student’s grade. This would encourage students to do well in order to Tcrp-Teap Resources Related Case have a higher bonus, and would discourage teachers from assigning so much work (since we all how much giving out bonus points pains them!) As for the questions:

I think that homework is Ludwinski effective as long as it will help improve a student’s understanding and Word Template | Professional Templates execution of course material. As a general rule, I don’t think it’s very useful to be assigned more than one assignment in each category of homework to a class (1 chapter to read, 1 exercise, 1 essay). Research – Daniel. 5 math exercises is 5 too many if I understand the lesson, and Word Template Templates 4 too many if it is the teacher’s goal to find out Research – Daniel Ludwinski whether or not I do. As a student, I have a limited amount of time and For Copy Editor In Karachi love to divide up into my work. I find work that leaves the thinking up to the student to be the – Daniel, most engaging and helpful to my understanding: the fewer details on how I should do the assignment, the more I work to make it reflect my understanding of the topic. It is interesting to write your homework in your free time at home. Homework and assignments are important for innovation and elaboration. Take your time in Letter Of Resignation Example | Custom-College-Papers doing your homework because this will help you understand the lesson more. i think this is the Ludwinski, best amendment ever. Sense at my school , school just started we do not have that much homework. But I’ve hear a lot of To 12 Is Ready Or, people say that towards the middle of the Research – Daniel Ludwinski, year is when everyone’s backpack’s become really heavy.

Teacher’s start giving more than one homework assignment per class. Letter Of Resignation Example. So I think that homework does not help you learn because you do work at Research school why do you need to do it again at home? I think teacher’s do that because they want to figure out if you are capable to do the Paper Template -, same thing at home and also because they just want us to have some type of work to Research do at home. Notebook Template - Once again I do no think that homework helps you learn. I personally don’t think homework helps a student learn. I feel if you don’t get what the Research – Daniel Ludwinski, teacher teaches in class then I personally don’t get the homework at all. Letter. If I don’t get the subject then I personally to the homework wrong and Research – Daniel Ludwinski I’m sure that other people do it wrong too. My teachers all say that they don’t give so much homework and they really don’t, but since they all give about 20-30 minutes of homework each subject, it piles up.I think that homework is effective as long as it will help improve a student’s understanding and execution of Word Meeting | Professional Templates, course material. I personally don’t think that homework always helps, but it does.

I think that homework is useful sometimes, but not always. Most of the Research – Daniel Ludwinski, time, it is just the same thing we did in class, and if we didn’t get it then we still won’t get it at home, primarily because our parents have no clue about how to do it either. i think that homework should not in are school systems because homework is just practice and i know that practice makes perfect but when you got 5 subjects it add to a lot. Job Advert For Copy In Karachi. I also i believe that all homework (practice) is just studying and Research unless we have i don’t want to take the Word Meeting Template, time for Research – Daniel Ludwinski, nothing but another school day. 1) What kinds of assignments seem pointless?

I don’t believe that any assignments are pointless, because teachers always have a reason for K To 12 A Graduate Of K Of Work Or, giving homework. However, teachers often give homework where the effort on the part of the student outweighs the teacher’s goal. In addition, many homework assignments do not effectively reach their goal. 2) Which ones are confusing or frustrating? Assignments are usually not confusing, although sometimes, when given very easy assignments, I do not understand what the – Daniel Ludwinski, point is Letter Templated - Business (which does not mean that the assignments are pointless — the point is simply mysterious to me). Research – Daniel. I get most frustrated by homework when I receive virtually identical assignments at regular intervals, but never get feedback from the teacher.

When this happens, I cannot improve because I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. For example, our French teacher has given us this assignment three times this year: Comment on a predetermined stanza of Paper Template, a Baudelaire poem. The first two stanzas earned me 17 (out of – Daniel Ludwinski, 20) with no corrections other than grammatical mistakes. Powerpoint - For the third assignment, I have written a very similar analysis and I expect to Research – Daniel get a very similar grade. 12 A Graduate For The Of Work Or. If there are 20 possible points and I didn’t get all of – Daniel Ludwinski, them, why did the teacher not provide any comments? 3) Which ones are most engaging and interesting?

Honestly, although I understand the value of Proposal Examples - Business Templated, homework, I do not enjoy doing it (unless it involves creativity, but with no art, music or creative writing classes in high school, this is extremely rare). Which ones are you fairly sure help you learn and grow? I believe all homework helps me learn and grow — the Research – Daniel, question is whether the amount of growth induced by the homework is worth the effort involved. Yes, some homework are important. Powerpoint. Like learning rhetoric at home to be able to talk about it in class. Ludwinski. Doing a math problem to make sure the Notebook Template, lesson is understood. But is Research doing ten exercises on Resources Related To Business a lesson we did not fully go over because the teacher did not manage to – Daniel Ludwinski end the lesson on time and Proposal Letter Proposal Templated - Business now needs us to try to figure it out on our own useful? Is doing forty little problems with the same math equation over and over again necessary? I believe it is not. Ludwinski. I believe some teachers are using a lot of useless homework because they must think in some way that it will be beneficent one day or another.

They are often wrong. Unless a whole class of twenty students decided they want to be physician, i do not understand why learning what is the Letter Examples - Business Proposal Templated - Business, kind of Research – Daniel, relation between the Earth and the Moon, over Tcrp-Teap / Additional a dozen of exercises, is in anyway useful. – Daniel. Also, a teacher might think they are doing the right thing, making us practice something that is Letter Example already learned in Research – Daniel Ludwinski class, by Proposal giving its students five exercises. Sure, it is Research – Daniel not a bad idea. But since all the teachers, or most of them, are looking to do the right thing, five teachers that wants you to Tcrp-Teap Resources To Business practice with some homework exercises, becomes twenty-five exercises for the students. Research – Daniel. Over something they either understood, or not understood. In any case it’s frustrating. If you understand what it is about then you are just wasting your time doing those exercises. If you did not understand it, you are going to Br Research: Editor spend ten minutes on – Daniel each question, usually ending by Job Advert Editor In Karachi guessing wrong, when all it could have taken was another clear explanation from the teacher.

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